Imaginary Friend - Imagination Or Ghost?

Do you know of a child who has an imaginary friend? Perhaps you yourself had an imaginary friend when you were young.

Is it possible for an imaginary friend to be a ghost? Most often an imaginary friend is a harmless product of a healthy, active imagination. However, there have been many cases where a child's relationship with an imaginary friend has proved to be problematic.

Perhaps you may remember a movie called Drop Dead Fred. This movie was a humorous look at the relationship between a young girl and her mischievous, trouble making imaginary friend. Although the movie was fiction the basic concept is actually true.

Here, on this page you will find various stories and articles about those cases when an imaginary friend was in reality much more than just a figment of the imagination.

If you, or a child you know, has problems associated with an imaginary friend our hope is that you will find help and advice here. Keep in mind that what you will be reading has been written by various authors, this way you will be able to take a look at the subject of children and imaginary friends from different perspectives

My Imaginary Friend Almost Killed Me
When I was around the age of 8, I remember that I used to talk to this little girl. I lived with my grandma and my mom. They just brushed it off as me having an imaginary friend...

A Doll And An Evil Imaginary Friend
It isn't unusual for a child to have an imaginary friend. There are many who would even say that it is good for the imagination, but what do you do when an imaginary friend turns out to be evil and it torments, disturbs and frightens the child?

My Daughter's Imaginary Friend Was an Evil Ghost
It's common for a child to have an imaginary friend. Here is one woman's story about her child's imaginary friend that was actually a ghost. She researched the history of her haunted home and proved that ghosts are real.       Author's Comments on her Daughter's Imaginary Friend

My Childhood "Imaginary" Friend Turned Out to be a Ghost
Have you, or your children, ever had an imaginary friend? Here is a fascinating true ghost experience that started out with a young girl meeting an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend turned out to be a real ghost.

The Imaginary Friend - A Real Ghost Story
Read about this family's experience with their young child and his imaginary friend. Did this child see and communicate with a real ghost? You read the story and try to decide.

Sparkle Friends - Imaginary Friends As A Small Child
When Brandi was a child she met some imaginary friends. The strange thing was that her imaginary friends were only in one specific room of her grandparent's house where she stayed from time to time. "They did not speak to me aloud, but I heard them in my head and would answer them aloud."

What if Your Child'’s Imaginary Friend is Really a Ghost?
Do you have a child that has an imaginary friend? Or maybe one of your friends or family members has a child who talks about their imaginary friend.

When a Child'’s Imaginary Friend is an Actual Ghost
They say it is quite normal perhaps even average for a young child to create an imaginary friend. Experts disagree as to exactly why children do this but all.

When a Child’s Imaginary Friend is an Actual Ghost
Victoria tells us about her little brother's imaginary friend who turned out to be the ghost of a little girl. The ghost made her presence known to all the family members during the time they lived in this haunted house.

Imaginary Friends A Haunting That Follows My Family
Here is the true ghost story about a family who had two imaginary friends follow them. The story teller describes the two imaginary friends she had as a child and how, years later, her neice now talks to the same imaginary friends.

Even More about Imaginary Friends and Ghosts
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What causes some children to create an imaginary friend? Is it strictly an exercise of an over active imagination or is there the possibility of something deeper? There are those who believe that children may often mistake a ghost as a 'friend' and subsequently be labeled as an imaginary friend by the adults.
Imaginary Friend or Ghost?

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