Aliens and UFOs ~ How Long Have They Been With Us?

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UFO sightings and alien encounters have been a part of humanity for thousands of years. Is this a paranormal subject? Well, yes it could be. Since there are many that believe aliens may be our creators and are actually angels and demons UFOs could fall into the realm of the paranormal.

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Some even suggest that "mythological" creatures such as gnomes, fairies, elves and even leprechauns were actually alien beings. (For more information on that subject see Fairies and Elves) This is an interesting thought if you consider that many people believe that other "creatures" such as Demons and Angels are also what we see as aliens today.

I believe that humans can only interpret what they see from where they are. In other words they will describe encounters based upon their own culture and knowledge. Based upon that assumption I think the aliens (whoever, or whatever they are) might appear differently from one time to another. This would be even more plausible if the aliens were spiritual, or interdimensional, rather than from several light years distant.

How long has the belief or knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrials been with us?

Back in June of 1947 strange, unidentified objects were seen in the skies above Washington state's Cascade Mountains by Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot. He described the objects as flying saucers. This term quickly picked up in use when discussing unidentified flying objects and became a fixed part of our UFO vocabulary.

Oddly enough it was only a few weeks later, in early July, when scattered debris was found near Roswell in New Mexico. There were at least eight documented UFO encounters or sightings during 1947. Why were there so many and so frequent during that time? ( See Did Aliens Crash in Roswell in 1947? )

Many people might think that this was the beginning of the appearance of UFO's on Earth. In fact, there are quite a lot who explain UFO's as being craft built with our own secret technology and not extraterrestrials. Myself, I believe this to be true for many so-called flying saucer sightings, but I do not believe that it accounts for all of them. After all there is plenty of evidence to show that aliens, or travelers from space, have interacted with humans for thousands of years.

The oldest known evidence of strange flying objects is from some cave paintings that were found in areas of Spain and France. Sometime around 12,000 B.C. the inhabitants painted what looked like flying discs in their caves. Strangely enough, these caves were discovered in 1940 just a short time before the well known Roswell incident.

Recently, a German scientist discovered a star map recorded within one of the cave drawings. Evidentally the cave dwellers were aware of the Pleiades Star cluster and had the knowledge needed to map it. Not only that, but they also understood what we now call the zodiac. The map was discovered in the Lascaux Caves in an area known as "Shaft of the Dead Man"

You can read more about these prehistoric star maps discovered in the Lascaux Caves.

There are many other encounters that could be mentioned during the thousands of years that span from the cave paintings to Roswell and on to today. One thing that we can be sure of is that mankind's fascination with UFO's and space travelers began long before Roswell and even before the Industrial Age.

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