A Ghost that was Blue in Color?

Has anyone ever reported seeing a ghost that was blue in skin color?

My daughter who is 15 years old has had experiences with spirits, entities, ghosts and dark shadows since a young age, as well as I myself have. During a brief time while staying at her aunts house she was having encounters with a tall man who she says was blue in skin color. She also said he tried to offer her tea and seemed sad when she said no. But also would say curse words often when she was alone with him in the room she stayed in.

Has anyone ever reported seeing a ghost that was blue in skin color? She called him the “blue man” and this was before we had ever heard of the “Blue Men Group”.

I also would hear a man and woman arguing softly and the woman would often cry. I would always think it was my sister and her husband arguing, but they would be asleep when I would check on them.

There was always a foul odor in between the doorway from the kitchen into the living room. This is where my daughter says he was standing there when he had offered her the tea and that when I left the living room to go into the kitchen, not knowing what she was experiencing, she said I walked right through him.

The TV in the living room would turn off by itself at different times after 9:00 p.m. This television was a very old TV and there was no sleep timer on it.

Asked by Danah

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