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Scary Ouija Board Experience

Posted on May 10, 2008

I don’t know whether you’ll believe this story or not, but I can assure you that it’s true. I messed with the Ouija board and paid for that.

This incident took place about three years ago. I was in school and we were having our free period as usual. Then, one of my best friends called me and took me to a corner and removed something from her bag. She showed the Ouija board to me though I could not recognize it having never heard of it before.
She told me it was a tool to call spirits and that it’d be very exciting to do it.

I was initially very afraid but later I relented and allowed her to show it to my classmates. Each and every one of us was excited to do it.

We sat down near our school graveyard and started the ‘game’. In the first attempt, nothing happened. But in the second attempt, it happened, a fierce wind blew about us and the pointers started moving all by themselves. A first we thought that it was the wind, but as the wind slowly subsided, we came to know that there was something seriously wrong.

My friend, who owned the board, suddenly fainted. We got terribly frightened and I asked the board,”Is anyone there?” The answer was ‘yes’. We were terribly afraid and we all ran away from that spot forgetting my unconscious friend over there.

I don’t know what happened after that, just the news came that my best friend was found dead near the school graveyard.  ‘Til today, I can feel the after effects of messing with the Ouija board. I can feel someone standing behind me, I can feel that I’m being followed everywhere. My dog is a witness.

Whenever I am alone with my dog in a room, she starts barking suddenly looking at something invisible to me. I can also see dark shapes in the air, I can hear running water precisely at midnight. I don’t know who can help me out of this.

Please guys, don’t mess with the Ouija board. It is not a thing to be played with. It is a very dangerous thing.

Sent in by Katrina, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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519 Responses to “Scary Ouija Board Experience”
  1. Keisha says:

    I was told by my dad that when my grandmother (his mom) was a teenager that she and some of her friends got to together to use a ouija board. He said that one asked when she was going to die. The board just said “soon”. The next day the girl was involved in a major car accident and was killed. To this day my grandmother does not like ouija boards and when I got mine as a teenager I was not allowed to tell her, at all. I just thought that I would share that. I thought it was weird that the same thing could happen twice with a ouija board.

    • jessica says:

      when i was little i remember playing with a friend in the parking lot of my apartments, i remember it clearly. i did not use a oigui bored i played with for pencils. do you think that can affect you too????

      • Anonymous says:

        i dont know

      • *883452* says:

        Yes, playing with pencils is the same thing as using the ouija. They both involve the same concept in asking questions to out of this world objects. My suggestion is just to not mess with any of this and leave it alone.

    • elamcrosley14 says:

      This experience sounds similar to one that my cousin once told me. He is in his 20s now but when he was a teenager him and his friends decided to play with a Ouija board. One of his friends got in a freak accident the same night after they had stopped messing with it and he had left my cousins house.

    • Sara says:

      ******read right now!!!!!!!******The only reason why bad stuff happen to people who use the oija board is cause u guys have to look up and read the instructions!ur not supposed to leave the planchette on the board when ur not using it,don’t ask any questions about death and gods.never ask for a specific spirit…always have a silver item with u…ask if its from the moon or the sun the sun is a good spirit and the moon is a bad one.never play alone!if u contacted a bad spirit flip the planchette upside down and use it that way idemitadly!!!never let the planchette fly off the board or u opened a door for them….never and I mean never be rude to a spirit even if it’s from the sun…..never ever tell the spirit to prove it’s self by moving an object or say something or u have opened a door way for all spirits good or bad into ur house…never burn the oija board!!break it into 7 pieces or put holy water on it!and never show ur scared or unconfident cause then the spirit will take ur confidence….also never no matter who it is never let the spirit gain ur trust!!!

  2. Julia W. says:

    That probably only happened because you ran away without asking if you could leave… That can anger spirits… You probably got an evil one, too… If you want it to go away, well first try and find whether it wants something from you cant you can give, cause that way itll be happy and go away. Get paranormal psychologists and those sorts. Otherwise, get a Catholic priest to exorcise it, even if you don’t believe (i dont) because what i imagine happens is the represent good and purification, and therefore get rid of the spirit. Sometimes indigenous cleansing rituals work too, and if you’re really scared, get salt and make an unbroken circle of protection around you. the spirit can’t infiltrate it. Also, silver is a good purifier, and iron will keep spirits away. I hope this helped!! A million hugs, and whatever you do, don’t show the spirit you’re scared of it, and don’t acknowledge it, they relish that. Unless it were to be a good spirit, cause then they need that attention, but it killed your friend, so it most likely isn’t. GOOD LUCK!!!! and a cyberhug!!!

    • skylar says:

      im sorry but what you said to help her is wrong it wont work. i know your not into believes and all but the truth and im for real! the only way to make a evil or any spirit leave is by jesus christ. sounds stupid and all . your probably saying sorry i aint religous but its really true! if there is spirits and demons and those things there must be Jesus right? so anyways i wanted to correct you and say that ONLY ONLY JESUS can help . call his name and ask him to get rid of the spirit. all evil spirits by the name of Jesus will HAVE TO LEAVE!! NO MATTER!! THEY ARE VERY POWERLESS OF JESUS

  3. Liam says:

    Regardless of what anyone else says (priest or otherwise) the only way to complete this cycle is by laying hands on the ouija board you used that day, with at least 5 people present, and set the pointer to “Goodbye” (upside down of course)

    The only reason anyone would have been hurt would have been ill-use of the ouija board and not closing the connection properly.

    I don’t care what it takes, I urge you to find the EXACT (not a copy) of the ouija board you used that day and set the pointer to the “Goodbye” symbol, and do NOT do this yourself

    • charles says:

      Well i know it will be scary.cause my sister made one and it worked.but it was gone in a day or 2 cause i but holy water and salt around my house,good luck

    • charles says:

      Well i know it will be scary.cause my sister made one and it worked.but the demon was gone in a day or 2 cause i but holy water and salt around my house,good luck

      PS the board said d-e-a-t-h then gone 2 goodbye

      • brooke says:

        thats good it must have been scaryy what happened like what did it do in the time it was there???

  4. Jas says:

    I’ve heard SEVERAL ouija bord gone bad storys only a few with deaths though, Both people have very good ideas and will work, but to add to the list of things you COULD DO is holy water, just toss it all over you. They hate that stuff, I heard wild rose works but that sounds too weird. Saint medallons work often for people with ill faith, and if you scared, your faith is not strong so it should work…

  5. Sara says:

    Ouiji Boards are serious stuff. I agree with what you said, avoid those things at all costs, the problem is that you never know who or what you’re talking to, it’s like the shady chatroom of the spirit world! Hah!

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. And I’m sorry it seems to have attached itself to you. I go along with Liam with this too, try to find the exact board and close the connection.

    A friend of mine messed with a ouiji board in fifth grade and now in college it still follows her and bad things always happen to her. Spirits are relentless.

    • sayuj says:

      nice try sara. we all know that if bad things happen then there should be something good things also happen thats . its just an imagination . iam a famous guy who deals with supernatural things . iam a hindu too so i know all about these things .

      • bethblast says:

        well it doesnt seem like you are proffesional atall, you may study all this supernatural but ouija boards do react in different ways, and i would agree with sara because they are bad news, you maybe one of the lucky ones that doesnt get effected by them but not everyone. maybe you should start form the begining of study abi more better.

    • zainab says:

      OMG! i really want to play with the ouija board with my mates but im scared because, i heard once you play with it the spirits will haunt you for the rest of lives and you will be possesed by it

      • yra says:

        i know, i really really want too but i’m scared just like you. if i know all about theese things and excactly what to do i wont get effected. so i will study through google

        • Anonymous says:

          No thats not true, even if you know all about these things you could still get hurt. But if its a chance you want to take, then that’s your choice. If a spirit chooses to latch onto you they will, its not like they (the spirits) will be like “Oh, he knows about ouija boards and the things that can happen I will leave him alone”, that’s just a silly way of thinking.
          Thats like saying “I know all about kidnapping and things like that.” but walking around the bad streets of New York alone at night.

      • yrydt says:

        not always it will not alwayd follow u try to calmly play and have some fun best wishes

      • carly says:

        i agree, I found out about the ouija board from my mate , who had said that she was using it the other night .
        from her telling me that , i decided to look up stories & the online ouija board, but they do not work.
        some of the stories have really creeped me out , like deaths & people getting attacked.
        my advice is not to use it because it could end up with something really bad happening !

    • anastasia says:

      im 14 years old and have used a homemade Ouija board three times. nothing has happened to me and i never burned any sage or poured salt around the group but i ALWAYS, ALWAYS close the door by being polite and saying goodbye i then wait for the spirit to say goodbye. Your emotions feed the energies, demons feed off fear. Remember to always be polite and treat them with respect. But when I was 13 i did a seance. I jumped back screaming, three days later i awoke to footsteps right next to my bed when i turned on the lamp the footsteps continued but no one was there,i felt like i was being watched i saw flickering shadows on my mirror and was usually awoken by this bad presence for three days around 2-3 in the morning

      After the third night i was awoken again instead of being scared i stood up pointed to my door and said please leave you are not welcome here i repeated that a few times. I have never been bothered ever since. You cant let them scare you you have the power.

      Sometimed the board lies sometimes it doesnt you must use it carefully. And sometimes spirits just randomly follow you the last time i did a ouija board which was yesterday i was talking to a 25 year ld guy who said he followed me home coz he thought i was hot!! freaky ot wat???

      • taylor says:

        I didnt pay any attention to the rules clearly posted and my comment was full of profanity so it was edited. I wasted my time didnt I?

  6. sabrinna says:

    Dammnn..that would be soo messed up..

  7. Jackie says:

    I posted my ouija experience it’s called, ‘Get Satan Off My Back’ – look it up. A prayer to God saved me and i didn’t even believe in God then, but it still worked.
    Don’t know what would have happened had i not prayed as i was being attacked (or more likely being posessed) by something invisible a little while after playing with the ouija.
    Please pray rather than get involved with the board again – God is much more powerful in protecting you, if it worked for me then why not you.
    My story is absolutely true too and I hope people are helped by my experience and how the prayer protected me from further harm.
    Good luck, I’m going to pray for you. xx

    • jessica says:

      can i ask you a question??? would it be wrong to do it with pencils??

    • solja says:

      Amen Jackie!!
      I’m glad that you saw the Light, indeed God is very busy trying to save as many souls as possible, I believe your story and I know that as long as you walk with him, nothing will pluck you off the hands of Jesus.
      What people ignore is that the devil and his angels know that their days are counted and they are also busy misleading people… one of the way is through “games” such as the ouija board.
      Keep your connections with your savior.
      Stay Blessed

    • Bob says:

      I am so glad that you prayed.That’s what anyone experiencing these evil spirits should do…..God will protect you, but you must trust Him and not be using the ouija.It is an invitation for the devil and demons to overtake you. The Bible warns us about staying away from black magic and witchcraft.

  8. Colleen says:

    When my best friend and I were younger, we used to play the ouija board in a cemetary quite a bit and usually at night. we even had a few friends join us. Nothing ever happened ( to me ) and to this day, I am so glad that nothing did! The board belonged to my best friend and she kept it in a closet at the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor where all of the bedrooms were located. She told me that she was scared of it, so we stopped playing it. One night she was home alone and she heard the toilet flush and another night she came home to her sister (who was home alone) holding a butcher knife in her hand scared out of her mind because she was hearing things. It has been a long time since we have discussed the board. I will have to talk to her about it and see what she has to say after all of these years!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. You didn’t mention what she died of.

  9. carrie says:

    well for one you never leave the board open you have to close it without doing that you leave the spirit out to run free.You must close the session.Second after you close the sessio you need to have a cleansing done to rid of any spirits that may have connected themselves to you in some way. and Third NEVER NEVER mess with the board it is not only evil but very dangerous.

    • claudia vidal says:

      i left my quiji board open but hadnt used it, it actually moved by its self like wanted to be played. but i didnt ,it turned dark outside so i went to sleep.i woke up in the middle of the night for no reason(which is a lie, i wante to call my boyfriend so he can come to my house),anyways so i go to the livinroom and found my quiji board on fire. i scream stop and everything turned silent, the fire stopped but for some reason i fell to the ground and fainted i guess. i woke up in my room sweating and terrified, my heart was racing my head was spinning,and i look around the room and i saw a demon im not sure if was a demon or a spirit. i was knocked out again.REAL STORY GUYS NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!. never ever even have a quiji board at home please take my word!. thank you for your time.

      • Lucy says:

        I am very sorry for the events that have happened.
        Thee only way of getting rid of the spirit is to be friends with it.
        Youu should have got the board and asked it why it was torturing you , what you had done wrong and saidg goodbye before you SHUT IT… it is so important to know how to use one, they are sod dangerous iot is unreal. be nice to it.
        it will be hatrd to fix thuis situation now but niow you can help yourself andf others

      • Stephen says:

        Wow if that is real that is bad, i do believe you, really want to do a ouijia board but these stories are putting me off :(

        But if it’s fake you should definitely take an english course would suit you well :) )

      • deborah says:

        how do you faint in the living room and wake up in your bedroom?

        • Friend says:

          Deborah, if she was in the living room when she was knocked out, and she was in her bedroom when she woke up, then that is possibly:

          - The demon possessed her
          - The demon probably took her back to her room.

          • trey says:

            i did an ouija a couple times. the first few it didnt work. but about the 3rd i thoght i make one with one of my old friends schuyler. so i made one and we stared it with 3 candles going at around 2am. i asked if anyone was there and it went to yes. i asked when he/her died it said 1920. so then i asked his/her name and it went from m to no about 10 time increasing in speed each time. after that it started circling around the bored. i stopped it and said goodbye and havnt used it to this day but i made another one and i gonna try it soon.

            any tips on who this spirit could have been?? Please.

            • Vikki and Shannon says:

              Don’t use that new ouija board your going to make, do you really want to put yourself to danger ?, I used one once with my friends justin and natasha, first we opened the ouija board by saying hello and they replyed back hello, we asked if it was a demon or a nice spirit it replyed uknown we didn’t know what it ment and all of a sudden the pointer span round and each time it span it went faster and faster, we got so scared me and justin ran out of the room leaving natasha behind, after we ran out the door slammed and we tried opening it but it didn’t work she screamed to US AND THAT WAS THE END THE DOOR OPEN AND SHE WAS FOUND DED

            • Anonymous says:

              i do

  10. Keri says:

    Wow….that’s really sad. I’m sorry about what happened to your friend. I couldn’t really give you any advice on how to get rid of this thing, but you could try what Liam says because this same thing happened to us (except no one died). I was with my younger brother and older sister and we contacted Satin. He wouldn’t leave us alsone for months until I said “goodbye” properly. I always just said goodbye and didn’t give them time to say anything. That was why he wouldn’t leave us alone. If you can’t find the board, you could try using a silver cross, but be careful where you put it. I suggest to NOT put a cross on your neck as a necklace. Instead, try rounding off the corners and stick it in your pocket and keep it with you at all times in your house. You could also try a priest. Hope this helps!!!!!

  11. Danielle says:

    That’s really tragic about your friend. Does anyone know how to close the connection?
    Never relized how dangerous it was untill I used it. I have it under my bed. Its been giving me nightmares.and I wake up with cuts and bruises. I rarely get to sleep because I can feel them watching me and waiting for me to go to sleep.

  12. Miranda says:

    what ever my mom has been using ouija board since she was little anmd she is 48 nothing ever happened to her maybe the spirits were mad at her

  13. sammi says:

    wow!!! thats crazy . me and a couple of my friends play one all the time, and nothing bad has ever happend to us (not that i don’t believe ur story) we want to play one in a graveyard, but we don’t know what the results will be. we aren’t going to play until we know that its safe. if anybody has any suggestions, plz comment it!

  14. Jackie says:

    Yeah Sammi, don’t ‘play’ it, one day it could all go wrong and your ‘game’ could turn out to be your nightmare, it really isn’t worth the risk. Some people just think, ‘oh it’ll never happen to me like that,’ but one day it will, i’d put bets on it. I only played it once and i had a terrible experience afterwards.
    What do you mean, you’re not going to play until we know that it’s safe?
    It will never be safe.

  15. Erin says:

    ouija boards dont always tell the truth…they lie to me all the time like i asked when i was going to get pregnant and it said never i asked why it said infertile…not even a month later i found out im pregnant…the one that told me i was infertile is also jealous im with my boyfriend because he wants to marry me and be with me but he cant cuz hes dead..kinda creepy but he follows me around and watchs me and then when we play he tells my friends what i did that day without me telling them so they wouldnt know…its kinda scary and im worried for me and my unborn baby incase he gets to jealous that its not his and tries to cause a miscarriage…it know hes not fake because i asked it everytime my phone rang or had a text who it was and it said who everytime without me even looking at my phone…hes been following me for over a year before i even played the board because he likes the fact that i love and work with kids and he himself is only like 7 or 8…he loves to sit on my lap and whenever we talk to him the pointer moves really fast unless he cant spell the word then it always stops on G we ask him if he can spell it it says no then i ask if he can explain it and i know what it is…with anyother spirit it moves kinda slow but with him its like hes excited to talk and wants to just get it out and have us know what hes saying quickly…i dont want to get rid of him because he protects me aparently from evil spirits another spirit says hes my gaurdian angel but i don tknow if thats true…any advise?

    • demons lie says:

      That is not your guardian angel talking to you but a demon. I have used tarot cards often and once used the ouji board online. Each time the spirit answered my question the predictions turned out to be false. Demon are known to lie and mislead you into sin or worst lead you to death. Everytime I used both mediums that weird stuff would happen in my apartment. I have seen black mist, dark shadows walking around in my apartment. I would hear weird noises such as knocking sounds coming from my wall. I would wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning for no reason. Everytime I took a picture with my camera there would be orbs in my picture. I would watching shows and reading about the occult. I dealt with paranormal and played with the tarot cards and this is when all these weird sounds and dark shadows started to begin in my apartment. As soon I stop believing in the paranormal and starting opening my bible and opened my heat to god that all these weirds things that were happen to me stoped all of sudden stop.

  16. Raquel says:

    All time time I hear ppl telling me DO NOT play wi that kind of stuff so u no wat Im really freckin after hearing all these stories…I wont.Mi mom when she waz a teenager she played wit a board like that and she said that she talking to a old man that waz dead and nuttin happed but idc Im never gonna play wit sum thing like that :/

  17. Jackie says:

    At least for the sake of the kids you look after, please stop messing with the ouija board, you just don’t know what your conjuring up.
    Spirits from ouija boards lie to you, they tell you what you want to hear – it’s well known.
    As if your guardian Angel would come through a ouija board – think about it.
    Hope you’re OK.

  18. Ragini Pattni says:

    I agree with Jackie that you should pray with faith to get rid of the what is following you rather than going back to ouija board you used with your friend who died or even try to say goodbye. God is powerful.

  19. kitty says:

    I am gifted too. I have a connection to the spirit world and have a guide with me all of the time. They take care of me and I respect them. Ouija comes from the French for yes/no and should never be used unless you really know what you are doing. Sometimes bad spirits use them to come into the earthly world and cause as much trouble as they did in life. Sometimes you may have a guiding spirit who did many good things in life as they do in the spirit world. But as I advise under NO circumstances should you try a board out. I once took part in a ‘game ‘ like that as was lucky enough not to come to harm, but some are not so lucky. To you, Katrina, go to see a Medium, she will be able to help you. Then go to see a man of the cloth, and have him bless you. The spirit you have will leave you in the eyes of the lord and you will be free again. god bless Amen

  20. Vivi says:

    My frend Bry has a Ouija board and has been in contact with a ghost named Tuck for three years. He died in a car acident and is very nice to her (in a friendly way). In her case, the Ouija communcations with Tuck aren’t horrific at all, but I agree that people shouln’t “play” with Ouija boards. Keep safe!

  21. Vivi says:

    By the way, what kind of school is it that you attend that has it’s own cemetery?

  22. Alex says:

    OK well here’s something really spooky… About a week ago my best friend was spending the night and snuck her ouija board over to my house, (she had to sneak it over because my mom would have a heart attack if she found out we were playing with it at my house, because she swears it’s haunted) and we started playing with it and contacted a 15 year old boy who kept saying his name was C T
    and then i asked him when he died and he said 1913 and he was born in 1897. And then i asked him if he loved or had a girlfriend back then and he said he loved a girl named Alexandria and that is my first name, and then i told him that Alexandria was my first name and he said “yes” and then i asked him if i was the one he loved back then and he said “yes” and i asked him if i was reincarnated and he said yes and he could describe what i looked like that back then. The creepy thing is though before i started playing with the ouija i have had dreams and suspected that i was reincarnated and my first life took place sometime in the 1800′s. It was kind of eerie and then i asked if his name was calob which is my boyfriends first name and he said “yes” and he could even spell my last name that i never told him what it was. And then my friend asked him if he could see me and he said that he watches me every night. and then he said that he still loves me to this day and can’t wait to see me again. But the really creepy part was that a couple nights later i felt like something was watching me and i kept having shivers up and down my spine. And then to keep myself occupied i started to paint my nails and then all of a sudden i felt something tugging playfully at my hair and then i told it to stop and it did. And then i felt so scared that i got off my bed and looked out into my hallway and i swear to god saw this black shadow that looked like it was coming out of my bathroom and into the wall. I was so scared that night i ended up sleeping in my moms bedroom that night which i didnt even fall asleep until 4:00 that morning. And even right now i can feel as if he is with me right this moment. My advice even though this is coming from a 14 year old, playing with a ouija has it’s pro’s and con’s, just be careful and don’t always do it by yourself because you are more vulnerable to evil spirits then good ones. I was lucky enough to find a good spirit who knew me a long time ago before i really believed that i was reincarnated. And im not saying believe everything that spirits tell you because they could be trying to trick you into thinking your something your not. But in my case i think that everything “CALOB” told me makes a lot of sense considering what i thought before i ever talked to him.

  23. TiffanyNicole says:

    OK…. This is kinda confusein…. Idk if I sould beleave it or not….. I know that it is dangorous but ur stoy??? Hummm….. Not sure…

  24. Taylor says:

    I can belive this story because when i was like 6 or 7 i went over to my neighbors house and we used the ouija board and one of my neighbors friends (whos name was Alyssa) asked who are you and it answered your grandma! And Alyssas grandma had just died. Creepy! =]

  25. Ryan says:

    My dog died three years ago and I once used a Ouija bored to summon my dog (i had little knowledge of a Ouija bored and missed my dog very much and i still do to this day.) after i was done i became careless to close the Ouija bored. nothing really did happen as i guess it doesn’t really work with pets. (or am i wrong?) and to add im deeply to into Christianity and my mom is a Thai Buddhist we both at diffrnt times pray for protection (my mom prays at day and i pray at night) for my house and those we where close to so i also wonder if that has to do with anything or is it out of shear luck that the spirits were to busy at other peoples houses?

  26. Halloween Blood says:

    yu messed with the board and it got yu back
    i think the thing yur dog barks at is yur dead friend…

  27. Nicholas m. says:

    We haven’t used our board since 1978 when I was 14. At the time,my sisters friend came over and we toyed with it for a bit.Then a strange thing happened,the ouija spelled out the word bone. We laughed and put it away,but on the way home, the girlfriend found a small human leg bone that had broken off a science skeleton.It had been wired together in a lab and apparently, fell from some truck on the way to someplace else.I still have it til this day in a box in our basement.We never pulled out the board again, which also sets quietly in the basement.

  28. Jackie says:

    OK, i seriously don’t want to get anyones back up here, but the ouija board lies, it tells you things to make you want to keep coming back to it. There is only evil that deals with the ouija however people might think this is not the case.

    When i messed with the ouija, it spelt out my friend’s granddad was there, but it was totally untrue as the wine glass we used started going mad at times, crashing the scrabble letters we were using onto the floor. It didn’t feel like a good presence, if anyone has played this and it HAS worked by giving you some sort of proof as it did in our case, then you’ll know that eerie feeling that goes with the communication. I knew it was about to work and i didn’t believe in all this then, the atmosphere just changed into like a ‘time standing still’ kind of feeling and it was really eerie. How is that GOOD??

    Nothing good would ever communicate with you in these type of commuications as it brings trouble!!! Sorry, but the spirit telling you he was a long lost love is lying to you.

  29. amanda says:

    when i was around 5 i found a quija board in my house i think it is my moms when she was little. the first time i played it i played it with my older sister and my little brother we would always blame somebody for moving the pointer but one day i moved the board and it came off and as i went to go grab it it started moving twards the board we would play it alot of times….on day i was laying in my bed a loud banging noise woke me up and it came from the wall my bed was aginst the banging was right there by my head it lasted about 10 min and woke every one in the house my mom thought i was banging untill she saw that my body wasn’t even touching the wall i was so scared. till this day i see this one ghost over and over agen (a boy teenager with a uniform and a cap)
    im not shore who it is it might of been the boy i was talking on the quija board with. i cant rember his name (he told me it while we were playing the game )or it could of been my cousin that died in the war my mom has seen the same ghost and she finely belived me when i would tell her i have been seeing this ghost i know how scarey it is and i am 14 now and i still see him and here very wered noises and things moving by there self now i read the bible and say my prears almost every night and my best friend has experinced scarey things in my house every time she would come over………………………………………just lettin u no ur not alone in this perdictument….your friend amanda

  30. Katie says:

    Im sorry, but anyone who uses a Ouija board, is in for some deep trouble. Anyone who is knows a thing or two about paranormal activity knows that they are one of the most dangerous tools to use to contact spirits. The Warrens if anyone is familiar with them, are a couple who investigate and deal with hauntings, possessions, exorsicms, demons ect and they will advise you to never use a Ouija board. They make contact with spirits who are evil, and demonic, and will cause nothing but trouble for you. Even if you are convinced you are talking with a loved one or someone you knew, through the Ouija board your not.

  31. Carly says:

    Geez……..i think its terrible how your friend ended up dying….. ans ouija boards are so dangerous..i don even know why people would want to play with them in the first place..knowing that the results are going to be bad..

  32. mark says:

    i remember the first (and only time) i used a ouija board. it was at a frends house…and one thing i dont understand is……..WHY GIRLS LOVE DABBLING WITH OUIJA BOARDS! IS IT SOME SORT OF NATURAL ATTRACTION? CUZ I SWEAR IF I DIDNT NO BETTER THAT IT WAS!

    Thank you, THAT IS ALL

  33. jen says:

    ok if quija boards are so bad why after all these years they still sell them???IN TOY STORES! i work in paranormal ok not that fake crap you see on tv .ive seen three ghost they dont bother people one i saw just sat there and the other two walked on by like i wasnt even there

  34. Sam says:

    Just call on the name of god when you are bothered by the demon…. Jehovah!… the name of god will make them shudder in fear… its worth a try… I mean all you have to do is call out to Jehovah…

  35. Zack says:

    Get A Priest To Bless Your Soul, and house. he will get that demon off your back or some sort of evil paranormal ghost/spirt/demon Just get a priest dont let it get to you.

  36. Jackie says:

    Jen, they are still sold in toy stores because alot of people don’t believe that they are anything else but a toy, it’s only when you play with one, like i did that you find out that they are not a toy and ARE dangerous and do work. Not saying every spirit is dangerous, but you don’t know what you’re going to get when you play with the board, they could be good, or bad, it’s a bit like russian roullette. In the end you could be putting yourself in danger, it’s just not worth the risk. Wish i’d been given that advice before i dabbled.

  37. lyndon says:

    i do get the feeling that i have someone waching me but i triy to be positive and think its my gardian angel.
    anyway i was just wandering since im cristian will this change anything if i youse a ouija bored and why cant i youse a ouija bored on my own because i realy want to know.(P.S.thing about me is that i dont get frightened by theas supernatural things as easly as otheres but i can still get fightened so im not taking any chanses)

  38. Alexis T. says:

    Me and my friends used a ouija board once…It was on my friends dock (their is only litleraly 3 inches of water under) we asked if a spirit was with us and a huge splash came from under the dock…No fish could do that! it was also a full moon. CRAZY STUFF HAPPENS. if you use one just be carefukl and know when to stop playing…

  39. morgan says:

    i dont have problems with good and bad spirits cuz they dont scare me i live in a ghot filled house where everything is amiss and i have documented proof of me using a huge home made quiji bord and it worked,yeah,ou shouldn’ be scared they can sense it and then they’ll be after you i am quite inviting and i have tallked to more than 6 spirits and they are all very close to me

    love magz the super natural girl

  40. Warrior Priestess says:

    Please tell me that Katrina (the Author of this Story) is Still alive? Its been many months since her story was published… Just awful, this story is breif and sad, playing with a O-board is ONE thing, but doing it in a cememtary?? Thats the most reckless thing you could have done, Next to ofcourse playing the O-Board on a Native American buril Ground, or on Grounds that were actually Cursed, like Satanic sacrifice, Terrible things happen when you use the board on such places…

  41. Mark says:

    i asked a ouija board tonight when i was going to die and it said december 2012 and also it said i was going to die a sudden death. Im kind of concerned because of all the things pointing to that month during 2012. I dont know if i should take the ouija seriously , since my friends tried to summon satan which is stupid. then satan said hed teach me guitar lessons when i asked him lol. please send me some feed back

  42. Jackie says:

    Mark, look in The Snug and it gives alot of information about the O-board.

    Try not to worry too much in the answers it gave you, as these boards lie more often than not to people who do not protect themselves.

    Having said that, you really NEED to keep off them, especially when friends you play it with ask for saton.

    Are you the Mark that left a comment in The Snug a while ago when i was without access to the internet during this time? This was due to a house move and SP problems.

  43. Jessica says:

    I’ve been research alot alot alot people’s experience with the Ouija board.
    it was very interesting to know about their experience, but theres one thing, i still dont understand, how does Ouija board carry the spirit/satan since its only a FLAT board.

    i never tried the ouija board before and ALOT people told me not to try.!
    – to be honest, i do want to try Ouija board but i didnt want to go along all by myself and i prefer to have someone to play with me. well ive no fear of spirit or satan because we have to stay strong and defeat SATAN.! If we all defeat SATAN and then, SINNER and SATAN WILL BE ALL GONE.! all of us will become a HOLY PURE. sorry for getting off the point, but thats all i want to say. (: anyone who wants to comment back ?

    • Sknusr says:

      I confirm that we have to beat Satan. When I was small I promised to my self I will beat Satan in glorious battle. I hope I will have enough courage and energy to do that once the day comes.

  44. georgia says:

    Last christmas me and my boyfriend went to his grandmas to see all the family,and later in the evening we had all had a few drinks and all us younger ones and my boyfriends mum decided to play a ouija board, We asked it many questions, and have since realised they have all come true, it knew things that nobody could have known. I didnt even play it, i just watched, and i fealt sick and ice cold and if something was trying to enter my body, i was terrified, to this day i am still terrified, i feel as if some1 is watching me, chasing me. Please Please never play a ouija board, not even if your tempted. Dont even watch. they are terribly dangerous

  45. Jackie says:


    to not fear satan is!! – a little naive to say the least. If you ever encountered true evil as i have, then you wouldn’t speak of it in such a matter of fact way…

    Do not even test this. THERE IS EVIL AND THAT IS A FACT!!! I’m sorry that you all can’t be given this proof…don’t be sorry, be thankfull. Just take care with all this curiosity and leave it alone. Be warned and take notice!!

  46. Mark says:

    no jackie that was my first post, thanks for the advice i should probably listen to you

  47. mark says:

    just so theres no confusion between the two, that Mark above me is a different mark from me. ive been on the site for a while, so everyone know that when its all lower case its me and when its anything else its not me.

  48. Jessica says:


    you’ve got a good point.
    i got a one question to ask.. have you ever played the ouija board before?

  49. Wilko says:

    Has anyone used an online Ouija board, do they / could they work?

    • CASSIDY says:

      yes some work,but watever you do when playin w/ 1 , ceep a bible w/ u to ceep off the bad spirits that want to hurt u9(P.S. Try to use 1.some people cant go on without usin 1to get 1 online, google online ouija boards that work

      love kasidi & jesy

  50. NDOT says:

    Why do you lot play the ouijja board as it only brings bad experiences, i beleive that those who play it and have good experiences are going to blinded from the true fact, in which they will have a scary experuience…. the sad part is that when majority of people play the board they only learn it is bad once they have a bad experience and by then it is too late…. of course i beleive the practice of the board should be forbidden, however if a person wants to play it… they should be allowed… for these people will be questioned on the day of judgement…. because it does say it is a sin to contact the dead…..it is a form of witch craft….. Anyways… be careful and god Bless…..

  51. bianca says:

    i am curious as to know what would it be like to try a board buti cant because i live in a religious household. well i was wondering is it true if your name ends with a B or an A you will be cursed? i dont know if its true but i have been told not to mess with that because it will follow me throughout life. though i have not messed with with a witchboard i have had paranormal experiences since i was little but the strange thing is i am now a teen and havent been through any strange unusual experiences, its as if i grew out of it.

  52. jeff dreiman says:

    i am curious on weather or not this is true… i have 2 ouija boards i have a regular parker brothers board and a dream cathcer board that i s for good spirits… but iam going to a cemetary tonight to try it out for myself but thank you for the story and please let me no if it is true…

  53. Shelby says:

    That was an intence story,Why dont you get someone to get ride of them a phycic told my mom if you ask them to leave nicley they might leave you alone. I had one to in my room when i moved into my new house and the ghost was nice and left when my mom asked him to

  54. carnivore bunny says:

    Eventually you will want to get rid of your board. You can break it up and bury it with salt if you think the dog won’t dig it back up, or use this service: toxicshaman.com . Most people don’t actually call up anything but their own desires, but sometimes you’ll feel the need to take concrete action.

  55. Laura...x says:

    im really sorry to hear what happend to your friend and what you must have gone through and ar4e going through now,, im 18 and from the uk and i have tried doing a ouiji board when i was about 15 or so, it was’nt a real one, we made it out of a board i think lol, but it did’nt work, Its so unbelieveable and scarey wen i read your story and read the comments that you have been left, i didnt believe in anything like this really but after reading everything its got to be true… sorry, i did’nt mean that as if im doubting your story, its just like i said, so unbelieveabe….. Hope things get better for you xx

  56. Marissa Dunn says:

    Hi, I know why you are scared and you should be. There very well might be a demon following you. It sounds religious but the only way to be free is through Jesus Christ. By playing with the board, you opened up yourself to a very scary but true reality. It would take to long to give you all the details but if you truely wish to be rid of this fear and ‘stocker’ then contact your local christian church. Also read the Bible. It has many scriptures about dabbling with items to reach intothe unknown.

  57. Ali says:

    i used a ouija board nuthin happened to me

  58. heather x says:

    hiya i would just like to say that i believe in the ouiji board as my friends are in a situation with it now i have played it a few times with them and the last time i played was the scariest we have an evil ghost that comes and he calls him self the ” omen ” n when i was playing we didnt say good bye as we all got scared and 5 mins later the front door which was locked got slammed the reason we went as it keeps sayin that owa friend kayla is going to die and the night before this happend i get on getin weird imagery in my head and everything i seemed to watch or see that nyt had something to do with death and also the next day b4 it happend n i was tellin my friends that this was reli wierd so i wanted to play it agen with them as it myt have something to do with that and it did i am only 15 and have played the ouiji board alot and there are many different wierd stories that i could tell i wanted to ryt on here as proof if the stories this man tells us comes true soooo… it says my friend is going to die when she is 22/23 giving birth to a child and she will see her dead grandad before it happens xxx

  59. Benjamin "Favored Son" says:

    I tell you the truth with this comment: A ouija board is a dangerous object to possess. I am a man of the church. The one which I attend is of the protestant Christian faith. Communicating with the dead–also known as necromancy–is biblically an abomination before God. When one uses a ouija board, it is not the board itself which contains the evil spirits. It is the act of summoning such spirits that brings them about. A seance would be another example of this. The lying and/or false answers that many of you have received stand as strong evidence of the source of them: Satan and his minions. He is described in the Bible as “the father of lies” and as Beelzebub, which translates,”lord of the flies”. Flies scavenge amongst the dead–remember that. In reality it is the demonic spirits that are communicating with you, taking on false personas of deceased human beings. Denouncing Satan, surrendering to Christ, and then taking authority over the Devil to go (the Bible states true Christians have this authority and Satan must obey) in Jesus’ name will solve much of your “ghostly” problems. Talk with a pastor of a faith-based (as opposed to logic based) bible-believing church to further rid these problems from your lives. The word “pastor” means “shepherd”. It is their duty to help and guide those with problems as mentioned above. Best wishes.

    • chyna f. says:

      ive never played the Ouija board but im really curious and on the other hand im scared of what might happen. hearing these stories make me doubt trying it.

      • kasidi says:

        like we said before some cannot go on with out using a ouija. we are also christian but keep a bible with us while we use one.

  60. Allysa says:

    I dont have an Ouija Board and i have not tryed one… ive always wanted to try one time at least! But how do u contact someone u knew can, am i allowed to do that?

  61. Kai says:

    Well……I have one tip from the many that there are….
    Spirits are real enough….
    i can prove it from a story from when i was 14(im 24 now)
    me and a few friends got together after school one night and we used a ouiji board…..
    the same sort of thing happned to me my girlfriend kiley
    she asked what the worst thing of her life would be,
    it quiclky moved to no?
    we asked the same question again and it moved to d then yes again
    well we asked a few more questions and the door bell rang
    david wen’t to get some pizza we had ordered therefore breaking the circle we went to eat it and FORGOT to say goodbye
    later on in that week kiley hadn’t been going to school
    i got a call when i went home saying kiley had been hit by a speeding car it had clipped her side and spun her round and she had broken her arm and one of her rib bones
    I rushed to the hospital asap and it turned out there was no car? she was really badly hurt….she stayed in hospital for a month she eventually came out ok but when she got home there was a word scetched on the wall of her bedroom GOODBYE…. we got the ouiji bord and said goodbye . don’t make them angry =( but say goodbye…

    • Keir says:

      thats gotta suck, i feel for u guys, i am superstitious, i do believe in ghosts, spirits good and evil, possessions, in my 24 years i have never been possessed by demons or satan himself, why u might ask, well i sold my soul to God, and my guardian angel st.sieltiel, is watching over me as i carry my guardian angel cross.

  62. kate says:

    acouple of friends and i were at my house playing the ouija board, nothing has ever happened to me but i have seen ghost have come incontact with then anyway we were playing in my closet and i asked who we were talking to and it said ouija? i said thats ur names it said yes. I asked how it died, it said car accident changed my life. I asked how old it was it said 53 i asked how old it was now it said 851 and then it said do you believe in me? and we said yes as long as you do not hurt me nor anyone around me. that was a week ago and i just left the ouija board there in my closet without saying goodbye bcuz i didnt know how to, i mean we would get up and say thank you ouija goodbye but never the “proper” way. is this bad?

    • Pat says:

      Ahh. Did you catch that spirit in a lie? Cars didn’t exist 851 years ago. I am a believer in the paranormal. I am thirty and I have never messed with any oija board, nor will I ever. I have noticed that once one messes with the paranormal, that paranormal experiences almost never leave them. Take my wife and sister for example. Both messed around with a oija board once in their lives and are christians. We all live in the same house. Both of them claimed to have seen or heard things in the house. They claim to hear these even in my presence. I on the other hand hear and see nothing. I believe them though. I believe they opened up a door between themselves and the other world. I also believe that oija boards and all other witchcraft work and are dangerous.

  63. Amanda says:

    i asked the ouija board if me and my ex boyfriend would ever get back together and it say yes and it gave me a date and everything. I asked how we’ed get back together or how we would start talking and it said through kyle, his brother. think its true?

  64. Cedar says:

    Stay away from them. They are a danger to you spiritually and physically. You are contacting the souls who were cast out of heaven. Still think this is fun?

  65. asdfasdfasdf says:

    When i was younger me and my friend used to play with them…we asked to talk to our grandmas and when i was talkingto my “grandma” i found out that it wasnt her..it told me to “dye” and that freaed me out …. i woke up to haveing a poster wih a band i liked have little X’s over thei eyes and slashes through their necks……many other really wierd things happend i do not wish to talk about

  66. Casey says:

    Well, I’ve used a Ouija Board on this past Saturday night and ‘talked’ to a 10 year old boy who was born on August 5, 1910. He told me he needed our help quick, the next night we done it which was Easter sunday. We asked if someone was holding him back from passing on or whatever and he said yes. We asked who and he spelt out yaya and we asked if it was an evil spirit he said yes. We asked do you want us to pray to God? and He said Yes. So we did and continued talking to him and he wasn’t responding like he was. I asked if he wanted us to leave him alone and he said yes. Saturdya night he wasnted to talk to us and be friendly. We done the full Goodbye and waited for him to say bye after we did. I still wonder if he has passed over or if we angered him or something. I also recorded him on my phone the first time we done it and you can hear a faint ‘help’. I am NO expert on this. But at school today 2 doors in my classes have opened by themselves and a knock came on my window. I’ve paryed to God every night since this happened. I’m not really all that scared but I do get a little freaked for a few second/minutes.

    As for the story up there, I sorta don’t believe it. I’m very blunt fyi. What school has a cemtery? -_-

    If it is real, sorry bout your friend dude /:

    • Phoebe says:

      Personally I believe in the story. My school buildings used to be from an asylum in the 1960′s and there is a cementary close to it. Also , at night you get very eerie feelings. I talked to my aunt who is very spiritual and she told me there is evil in my school seeing as in the pond in front of the school they found a hand, and there is a jail a couple blocks from my school as well. It sounds like it would be made up but trust me it’s not at all.

  67. Tara says:

    i rekon the ouija bored is false.
    even thugh you all say “im telling the truth” rarara.
    i still think that his is not true like think about it, you couldnt have an actual convosation with someone who is dead.
    i dont know shit about the ouija bored, and i dont even know how to play it.
    but to be honest i dont really believe you guys, sorry.

    i should be ll clear, because i am a catholic and i go o church every saturday, and my rooms filled with crusifixes and all that stuff.

  68. Bianca says:

    sorry about what happened to your friend. no one should play with the board even if the spirit is a good one b/c you never no if it can haunt you for life. If you ever heard of the exersis she/he got possesd by playing the game if you never seen get a copy and see it. no afence only a complete stupid person would play it by a graveyard where there is even more spirits and of coures there is someone there if she fainted

  69. CMF says:

    Lost me at “school graveyard”, never known schools to keep them.

  70. JT says:

    Not all of the spirits or demons you might be talking to have to have been neccarillyv cast out of heaven, they couyld just be held back by something that you could probably help them with so they can pass on………………..

  71. Anonymous says:

    You all should repent. God is real!!!!

  72. Laurie says:

    I think that Ouija boards are bad if you look into them as being bad. If you are in fear of what it may bring then that is when your mind will take over. I feel as long as you stay level headed you will be fine. Don’t go into it thinking there is nothing but evil in them. If you seek evil that is what you will get. If you seek good then that is what you will get. This is only my opinion. I have played and haven’t had any demonic experiences.

  73. Rolly Polly says:

    I don’t believe none of it , i tried the board and it never worked.

  74. twilightlover says:

    well…um i have used a ouija board on several occasions but we always talk to this ghost named kc who died of cancer in the 1800s when she was 87 in my friends house (it used to b a doctors office) and has a daughter named olivia and theres this demon named omaz wellb4 we uever used the ouija board my friend was choking on nuthing just randomly started choking and when we did use the ouija board we were talking to kc and asked who choked my friend and she said it was omaz and then kc said tht she protects us and nuthing like tht has happened since then. but we talked to omaz without nooig it one time and the pointer went crzy we said goodbye and left but thts all soo i havnt had anything scary happen

  75. tamara says:


  76. Alexis says:

    I played with a Ouija Board once. It was a terrible mistake. Me and a couple of my friends were “playing” with it, and my friend asked if the spirits could love living people. The board said yes. Then, she asked if it (apperantly named Kyle) loved anyone in the room. Once again, it replied yes. My other friend asked who, and it spelled out my name. It kind of gave me a chill, but I wasn’t scared. Then, my first friend told it that I had a boyfriend. It got really, really mad, so we said goodbye. After that, almost everyday, I can feel someone grabbing my arm or my waist. Also, like most people, I can feel someone here, watching me. I can’t get this Kyle ghost person to go away. I’ve tried everything. Crosses, Holy Water, Priests, Cleansing Rituals, and Praying.

    • Ghost girl says:

      wow…a ghost in love with a living. it is exacly like a story I becan to write today. i thought I was imagining the “loving the living” thingy…but…

  77. Anonymous says:

    Kyle is most likely NOT the spirit’s real name. Every one of these spirits are evil to the core. This spirit is messing with your mind. How bad do you REALLY want this “Kyle” to go away? Here’s what you need to do: Surrender your life to Jesus Christ–make Him Lord of your life. Invite Him into your heart, and repent of your sins. Don’t be surprised if “Kyle” starts to push you around and do creepy things–fact is, all he can do is intimidate you. Don’t let his antics scare you. Next, get into a full-gospel church where they believe in exorcism, AND HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS. A church affiliated with Foursquare, Assembly of God, or independant non-denominational church should have a pastor who is well versed in this. They will know what to do.

  78. Amanda says:

    I am 21 yrs and I play the board very often and I have been playing ever since I was 12yrs. I have had some bad things happen but nothing like death and also I have found out some good information too. You play the board never make it upset. Always asked if it is in “good spirits”. Yes I have strange things happen but I know nothing is there to hurt me. I was sitting at the computer one day just me and the dogs there, I heard some water running. I got up and looked around which the bath water was running. I feel something touching me and watching me everyday. Also spirits will mess with you and sometimes they don’t give you the right name but it is all on what you believe. I love playing. Everyone tells me that the board is a lier. But this one time made me believe different. I was playing with my little sister and my cousin which the board called my sister to get on. So she did and the board starting talking about our family. And the board told us that my dad was mad at god because he felt like he took my grandmother too soon. Which we came home and asked him about. He had told us that if was true but he wasn’t mad, dad just didn’t understand why. To this day my mother will not let me bring in her house but I know there are spirits here. I don’t feel harm around them and yes they just scare the crap out of me. Sometimes I can be sitting here at home late, I can feel someone sitting beside me or touching me. I would never say don’t mess with the board but yes you do have to be careful of who you let out.

  79. meghan says:

    that happemed to me

  80. Stephanie says:

    You’re being haunted by the board because you didnt say goodbye.
    Whenever you use a oujia board, you have to move the piece to “goodbye” and flip the board over. This closes the portal from the spiritual world.

    My mom and dad played with a oujia board and never said goodbye. Our house was haunted because of it. I was around 7 when we lived in that house. And in the middle of the night, I would hear dishes clanking together.
    One time I was sleeping and there were these green dots that formed a gate-like thing across my door and I heard a voice that said “No you will never get out” and I screamed and ran out of my room and ran into my mom and dad’s room. I layed in bed with them and their door was open a little so I looked into the hallway and saw a beating heart on the wall.
    My sister saw a clown thing laying on the couch and it had sharp teeth and there were dead animals floating above its head.

    And this is the scariest thing that has ever happened:
    I was sleeping, and I open my eyes and saw my dog standing in front of my bed.
    The scary thing is that my dog didnt live at my house. He lived at my grandma’s house.
    A few weeks after, he died.

  81. lisa says:

    i played ouijja bored many times but with paper n a glass its with the good spirts the first time when me and brothers n siter n cusens played it. it was really scary we ask bare questions how old r we going to get married n stuff we ask 4 my brother n the ghost said his wifes name starts with D but we couldn’t figer it out few months later he got married and his wife start with D n it was true it dose tell us our furture but we aint allowed to play it anymore cuz my mum dosen’t allow it but nothing really happend to us.

    p.s if u play ouijja bored play with paper its much safer

  82. danielle says:

    i did a quija board quite often and the last time i played it told me i was going to die,nw im so scared cuz after i played with that i got locked up in a secure unit and the docs sed id gone pychotic i wanted to hurt ppl n i was hearing a voice n he sed his name was kyle so iv heard that name bin used be4.anyways i then strugled with alchohol n i then got pancritites n the docs hav told me i drink again im gunna die so bad things hav happened to me since messin with the board i did say bye n advice to everyone always ask if u can leave!!!!!

  83. Maddy says:

    When you were playing you should have thought positive thoughts like you were the boss of the connection with the spirit and you should have thought that God was protecting you and stuff.

  84. marie says:

    hi im thinking about buying one i lost my daughter in car accident 4 months ago she was 18 i would love to talk with her i miss her so much i will let ypu guys know what happens

  85. rebecca says:

    marie.. you shouldn’t do that.. i dont want to impose in ur business but just because it tells you things u would want to hear it doesnt mean its your daughter. be careful.

  86. marie says:

    hi rebecca thank you after reading this im not going to i change my mind enough evil in the world without me bringing out more.

  87. Iris says:

    I completely believe your story because spirits are real. One of my closest friends had a similar experience and her brother would feel spirits follow him and a dark presence. Heed my advice please!!! THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE FREE is by the FREEDOM of JESUSCHRIST!!! It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious or not if you go to church or not, just get on your knees and pray to God with all your heart! BUT SERIOUSLY my friend’s brother did so and he was saved, he felt relief and the only way these “spirits” will leave is if you cast them out in the name of Christ!! You have to mean it and get on your knees, you will need help but I’m going to be praying soo that you can experience this spiritual liberation. REMEMBER IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’RE RELIGIOUS OR NOT JUST PRAYY TO THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART TO SET YOU FREE!!! Here’s your answer and your escape it’s just up to you if you want to take it ;) God Bless? He’s there just waiting for you…

  88. Becca :3 says:


  89. shaylee says:

    My friend wants me to play with a ouiji board..and i dont know what to do.
    im scared thatmy life will not be the same…

  90. ty says:

    im gonna do it by myself so i know no one will move or tamper with it ? any advice

  91. Jake says:

    hey ty, PLEASE dont do a ouija board by yourself. scary things can happen and you could get possessed.

  92. Jake says:

    I think I’m going to make a ouija board out of paper but im not sure if i should use it or not cause i dont want any scary demons comin in my house.

  93. sarah says:

    omg! thats horrible im so sorry. ive never played and dont really know how to so i cant help you sorry. but i have a question what if youre just watching? can a negative experience happen then? or can i be possesed? and why does god look down upon it?

  94. sarah says:

    its me again,
    oh and does it really not work if someone in the room doesnt believe in it? cuz my friend didnt and it didnt move. the same thing happened to another friend, it wasnt moving and this girl left the room and said “that is so fake!” and then it started moving. good thing i never touched it and prob. never will after reading these stories.

  95. kiki says:

    hi every1 this is a reply to sarah above. my older sister was jammin in a room full of friends while they were at uni. a few of them decided to play the ouija board however my sis declined and just sat aside and watched. the next followind few days her friend came up to her and told her that strange things were happening- things were moving, her name was being called etc.. my sis never belived this ish and thought they were winding her up. it was only a few days after that wen she herself started experiencing those very same things. things were being moved, she could here a voice calling out her name. she went to bed only to feel a presence at de end pulling the duvet. she tugged at it and screamed, but as she screamed she could feel something pushing down on her throat as to prevent her from making ne noise. she told her mum bout this and took her to the priest. the priest informed her that she needed to start praying, because she neva use to, she was susceptible to the bad spirits. she indeed started praying and the strange activites stopped.


  96. John says:

    Ouija boards fascinate people because they seem to link this world with another dimension where there are spirits you can talk to and make friends with. The Bible says that “the dead know nothing”. In other words their concern with this world is over and they rest, oblivious to the doings of human kind. The Bible also says that our adversary the Devil, Satan is at large in the world and is like a hungry lion. He is described as the Father of Lies. He and his followers have no desire to aid your welfare or happiness in any way whatsover. In fact these evil entities want the opposite. It is difficult for them to harm you physically but they will severely mess with your head. Sometimes this is achieved quickly but frequently it is done over a period of time. The ouija board gives these demons a chance to tap into human mental energy and gain access to our world or more particularly the ouija board users world. They will tell things which prove to be true just to suck you in, then they will sprinkle in the lies. They will lie about your relationships, your life expectancy or that of your loved ones. They will pretend to be the human spirit of a child or a nice old lady etc. Lies, lies, lies. These ancient, “fallen angels”, envy our existence and our potential for a relationship with God that will one day see our physical rebirth from the dead. Let me tell you that I am no fanatical bible thumper. I do know however, that evil stalks the unwary of this world in many ways. Ouija boards are one means for these demons to gain entry into your mind and soul. You have been warned. If you are still drawn to this “game” ask the spirit this question, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ the son of the only living God, who with the power of the holy spirit came to save mankind from evil?” If you do get a reaction it will undoubtedly be vehemently blasphemous. Remember, not one of these entities is “good” and a quick prayer or turning the board upside down, or saying goodbye nicely, will have any effect at all, once you have let this evil being through.

  97. Rad says:

    You fools….i’ve attempted it several times when I was younger and it barely worked (moved….the planchette that is). If you people have read anything about the esoteric side of reality on this planet you would know that the pointer is a triangle ( look at the back of a US dollar bill ) or a pyramid and yes it’s a doorway, portal to the astral plane, one that is easiest to access is the one of the Elementals. Before I keep going i’ll explain what happened once where I was really convinced. One time a bought a glow in the dark Ouija board from Spencers ( i think ) and Yes oui means yes in French and Ja means yes in German. Took it to some friends house where there were let’s say 10 or 12 people there just socializing in various rooms of this apartment. There were 3 of us all guys participating in the so called game and one guy was just lounging around aside. The tri angle started to moved around really fast and accurately spelling out sentence’s and when the sentence would end someone in the other room or hallway ( our door was closed ) would either say or do the exact thing that the board spelled out as soon it was done the spelling bee. Yeah talk about Sylvia Brown. No there was nothing flying around the room the pointer or otherwise but If you would of seen this thing’s psychic abilities you would of been convinced ( unless one of my friends was psychic ). Anyways you don’t have to believe a word of this story and I don’t care but right there and then after so many failed attempts I was convinced for the 1st time. Back to the Elementals…..they’re entities that feed on your energy or fear or mind whatever it is. Where do I know this from well who else then Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board book I bought by J. Edward Cornelius. Read the book and once you’ve read it you’ll never touch the damned thing again if like me u have used it before. Maybe you people should read some H.P. Lovecraft and that will give U a better understanding as well even though all his stories are mystery horror but remember the line between fact and fiction isn’t too thick. So in order for you to protect your self you would have a source of food or energy in the corner of the room on some sort of pedestal so that the Elemental feeds off of it instead of you. You would have to be fully immersed in the Esoteric world like Crowley was ( he was a total Satanist and pedophile and sick man who was also deeply immersed in Secret Societies like the Masons or the Ordo Templi Orientis ) in order to stand a chance in really achieving some sort of progress when it comes to interrogating these Elementals in order to benefit U on this plane of existence. Best way is to stay away. Guys know Sylvia Plath? u know the poet? she suffered from deep depression and eventually killed herself? Her and her husband dabbled with the Ouija regularly and I think it was 1 of a few deciding factors that led to her suicide. Read a lot before U even attempt to venture into the unknown.

  98. wolffang says:

    i recommend talking to a priest, pastor or someone deeply religious they can help i have a ouija board but i think its fake my sister and i have tried it several times with no luck so we gave up

  99. elle says:

    im really scared after reading this. im terrified i feel really sick and im looking round the room at this moment. but i have never seen or touched one of these bords and i never will hearing some of these consequences

  100. Ashley says:

    Me too Elle…after reading all of this i have the “hee bee gee bees’. Ive played with a o-board before and did not have good experiences. But i think everyone is right, its addicting to talk to someone outside of this world and i think thats why everyone wants to or plays them..out of pure curiousity. Now, im wondering if the online o-board works..i googles “ouija bored online” and you could ask it questions and it would answer..i was busy at work though so i didnt bother with it, but has anyone ever tried the online one?

  101. Leah says:

    Me and my husband were playing with a home made one right before he went to work and a spirit came on urging me to help “Will” which is my husbands name it said that he was going to die at 1:35 am due to water but it didnt say the day or anything then a week later at 1:35 am my son passed away due to a surgery because liquid had built up in his colon he looked just like will so i think it was warning us of our sons death to this day i never want to use it ever again!

  102. Jenny says:

    When I was in my early 30′s a friend came over. The children were asleep and my husband was out of town. She proceeded to make a ouija board out of paper and a small top of a mayo jar with an arrow. Within minutes of using it I was contacted by an ex finace who was in an auto accident when I was 20 yr old. I had not thought of him in too many years to count. I did remember there was a mystery surrounding the accident. The night he died he called to say he went to a Bingo at a catholic school with a friend and was coming home early instead of going out drinking. I told him I was going out with my friends. He never returned home that night and I received a call that he was killed in an accident when his car went into the 17th street canal. Well, in the days that followed he told me what happened. That he was working with the police narcotic squad to assist them in making a large drug bust capturing the main people. He gave me names of the narcotic officer he was working with and the details of what went down at the lakefront. He also told me about how the bust went bad and he went to the boss of the operation and while he was leaving a van appeared behind him and pushed his vehicle into the canal. He wanted me to contact the police officer and give him some information, basically he wanted to get back at these people. I went to the library and looked up the date he gave and there was a drug bust at the lakefront, but the prime suspect was not found there. Also, when he communicated with me and my friend; he always told of intimate details of our relationship that my friend did not know. He wanted me to go to his grave and stated that he would appear to me, so I would know that this is real. When I asked how he would appear he stated that it would be like a statue. I did not remember where his grave was, so I called his Mom to find out. His Mom stated to leave well enough alone and stay away from the cementary. I spoke to my Mom about it and she toke me to a priest who said that I was like a receiver using the ouija board and to stay away from it because it is used only to contact evil. Needless to say I never used one again.

  103. imae!! says:

    okay caretaker we have some qoustions to ask you so if you could email us so we could talk to you and mabye you could give us some tips because WE NEED YOUR HELP!! SO PLEASE EMAIL US!! thanks love imae:)

  104. rebecca says:

    wow! jenny- do you truly believe it was him? and have you experienced anything else since?

  105. amy says:

    Once when i was 26 years old, me and my husband were playing with the board.And we meet a person that has the same nickname as my husband.Then we asked how he died. And he said that he was crossing the road and got hit by a truck.And the truck driver was named Tyler.The next day when my husband went to get the mail, he then got hit by a truck driver who’s name was Tyler.I was so scared that I have never touched that board again.

  106. Andile says:

    People do yourself a favour face the reality because there are no spirits that are moving around waiting to answer your questions.Ouija board is just evil and the demons are the ones who are around trying to deceive people.I read the stories of people who are trying to get help from other people who knew about about spiritual warfare as well,such people will tell you about psychiatrist who can’t help nobody.The only solution in all the situations in this world is Jesus.I heard friends who just born again recenlty and they were telling me how they can’t sleep because of the spirits tormenting them but right they’re sleeping like babies.

    For the fact that they can lie they’re not to be trusted.All of you who are scary because of ouija board make a bold move and receive Jesus and you’ll see that those spirits will never return to you.Find anybody who is a born again christian and asked him to pray with you and you’ll see the change in your lives because ouija board is evil and without Jesus it will continue having power over you but with Jesus in you there’s not even a chance for it.God Bless you all.

  107. Rob says:

    Back in High School 1988, we started to use the Ouija at a party. It didn’t work at first. After several attempts and different people combinations, it just seemed that it wasn’t going to work. Until this certain girl and I tried. The planchette started moving effortlessy. I thought she was moving it and she thought I was moving it. But neither one of us were doing it. We finally got a real spirit. The board would only work when she touched it. It took a great liking to her. We played often. In school, after school, and there was always a little crowd gathered around watching. One day, during lunch period at school, we decided to sneak into the Auditorium and play with only the red stage lights on. From playing so much, we knew that we had a male spirit. We decided to ask if he was ever married, it said YES. We asked what his wife’s name was. It spelled out C-A-R-O-L. So we asked if Carol was his wife’s name. It said NO. We asked his wife’s name again. Again it spelled out Carol. We asked again if this was his wife’s name. Again it said NO. This happened around two or three more times and out of nowhere a teacher came and busted us in the Auditorium and kicked us out. Threatening to get us in trouble……This teacher’s name is Mr. Carol. The drama teacher. The ouija was trying to warn us of him coming to bust us. This is just one of many events that happened with this Ouija board.

  108. Tajani says:

    My mom played with the ouija board once. She said she has never been so scared in her life. She said that every night after she used the ouija board she could hear doors slamming and people whispering. There was this silver. Coin that was perminantly sealed to the floor in the middle of her room and every night u could hear the coin moving around by itself. She also told me that she could hear loud banging noises on the third story of her house and once she ended up getting the courage up to go see what it was. Right as she’s about to open the door the handle on the door moves by itself. She says that the ouija board is very bad and never use it. DON’T EVERY USE IT!!!!!

  109. Katie says:

    i believe everthing ppl say about the ouija board
    my roommate uses it, i have used it but it seems not to work with me.
    i wanna mess around with it but i dont think i should

  110. Saya says:

    Hey guys, can someone give me some advise. Ok a few months ago my sister bought a ouija board and shes lets me use it, so ive tried it a few time, once at my hosue once at a sleepover, and another time at my best friends house. All three times we have never gotten a spirit. Well actually a spirit would come but it would jsut speak gibberish. It would goto random numbers and letters. Then it would just leave without saying goodbye. I REALLY want to talk to spirit really badly! So please tell me how to get a spirit to come.

  111. crystal feltner says:

    I had a quija board and played it for a few weeks a few family members came through to talk everything was going fine. Then the weird things started happening, The board began to move by itself. We started hearing voices doors slaming door knobes turning. I played with my aunt one night and we askeed what it wanted it spelled out my name. then i asked why? It spelled because” i pray on the weak”. My aunt said” too bad u cant have her”. We burnt the board but the strange things have not stopped. Who could possibly be after me and why?

  112. Anonymous says:

    my mother has had the exact same experience.
    i wonder if you know who she is at all, because i heard her tell a story about this.
    but i didn’t hear her mention anything about someone being left behind.

  113. James says:

    Remember the old saying, “curiousity killed the cat” the stories of using a ouija board are very serious, I understand that there are believers and non ones, but, regardless of this, if you want to make it a ‘safer’ environment during a seance, you should:

    1. Choose a suitable location (not your house)
    2. Make sure all are believers are around the table.
    3. Light some white candles (white symbolises purity and protection)
    4. Before beginning the seance, chant the loard’s prayer (Protection)
    5. Once done, make sure you say Thank You and close the connection accordingly

    What happens during a seance (whether it being good or bad) the consequences are usually fot the main person who did the seance (not always the case though) my condolences for the unfortunate incident though, if anyone has any problems, send a comment here and I will do my best to help:)

    Keep It Easy


    • jessica says:

      hi james i dont now if you would get this.. i have a question for you??? if you play it with pencils and you ask the thing that if its here to move the pencils.. well one day me and a friend, this was back when i was like seven or eight yrs old. anyways i started saying if someone was here with us, if it was then to give us a sign. well apenrently the dumpster in our apartment was lift up. we got scared and droped the pencils, ever since i been having bad lock, i been seeing the spirit outside my window, i felt scratches… please tell me what to do

      • jessica says:

        i had an experience before, i dont exactly now how to explain myself right now couse im terrified. aperently i have someone whos trying to get in contact with me. i have felt this person, he tells me how he feels by the radio. hes been giving me signs, he has scratch me, he has been in my bed i can feel it.. i scared please some one help me….

        • solja says:

          Hi Jessica,
          you do not need to be afraid anymore.
          Hi there, do not be afraid anymore.

          Just say this prayer:
          Lord Jesus, I come to you submitting my life to your lorship, I confess all my wrong doing(mention inviting evil spirits in your life) and I’m accepting you as my personal Lord and Saviour. I thank you for loving me and accepting me as your friend.
          By your death on the cross, you took away all my sins, my curses and my transgressions. I need you in my life now and forever more. Cleanse me with your blood and make whole. I renounce all my bad habits(no more playing games that bring spirits in your life) and ask that you forgive me, guide me and protect me.

          In your house, what you need to do is …whenever you see something abnormal, speak to whatever “spirit” in that room, and say ” the Blood of Jesus Condemns you evil spirits. I am a child of God, I command you to leave NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and don’t you come back again!”.

          You need to also join a praying church and submit your life to the Lord. He loves you and Cares for you…it is up to you to make that first move.
          Be Blessed.

          • Autrey says:

            For those of you who don’t wish to say prayers I have already instructed some things to do. Pour salt around doors and windows, burn some insence. and use essentiall oils to calm your self. I suggest lavender and cedar oil.

  114. E'vala says:

    that is a real sad story no scary movie could compared to something that really happened to someone

  115. mimi jess says:

    man you relaly need to listen to thoes comments they can save you man but dont do some stuff alone like already stated contact a priest yo

  116. jazzygirl says:

    I have a wegi board and have played it very many times. Nothin has ever happened that was scarey

  117. Caige says:

    I have a store-bought one and a home made one. They both work fine. To this day were all fine and dandy!

  118. Longfellow says:

    Is there anybody on here who has any experiences with a ouija board who isn’t Christian? I mean, what if I’m Buddhist? Do I have to convert just so I can get the spirits off of my back?
    Also, is there anyone here who takes a scientific view on this?

    I’m interested in doing this myself… When would be the best time of day?

  119. Betty says:

    A few years ago I was doing the Ouija Board alone trying to contact Lizzie Borden (I think she was innocent). Any way when the pointer started to move it said my name is Teach. I asked if it meant he was Blackbeard the Pirate whose name was Edward Teach. He said yes. I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted me to read Ezekiel 27 from the Bible and if I would do that he would tell me where his treasure was. I said I would read it but I didn’t want to know where his treasure was. No need in taking chances in having him hang around. Anyway I read Ezekiel 27 which I didn’t even know existed and you would be surprised how much of what it says would apply to pirates. Kind of makes you believe in the Ouija board. No nothing bad ever happened and I haven’t been able to contact anyone since.

  120. TTHERROR says:

    Well ouija board’s are a form of witchcraft and it is basically a trap.
    A ggod spirit would not use such a device to contact anyone alive,because if they are in fact good,then they have the power of God with them and need no witchcraft to converse.
    Evil will only harm you if you allow it by being weak or cowardly.
    Stand strong against it with confidence and a positive mind.
    Say prayer’s alot and tell it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Remember God has given us authority over evil and the only way it has authority over us is when we give it the authority.
    Fear no Evil and fear nothing and nobody but God himself.
    Fear the only being that could ever destroy your spirit.
    Laugh at demons,laugh at Evil and make them,make it afraid of you and make it run away from you.
    Become the master and never weaken.
    Later all.
    Everything I have said is good and that is all I wished to do here today.
    Later all.

  121. TTHERROR says:

    Oh and by the way concerning your friend’s death.
    I am sorry that happened to your friend.
    However I know there is a reason for everything and it was their time.
    I am sure your friend was not pure evil and I am positive that your friend is in a better place then we are.
    Remember this also.
    Whether you believe me or not God is always with you and even though he is not very apparent in this world,he is all there in the spirit world.
    Evil cannot do anything without asking him first.
    God is everywhere and we are never alone.
    Evil knows this,but it is hoping that people do not know this.
    When you fear them,you ask for their torment.
    Godbless all.
    Thee TTHERROR was here.
    Oh and stop by my Youtube channel and search for TTHERROR on Youtube.
    Later again.

  122. Dani de Lioncourt says:

    Ouija boards aren’t exactly safe or dangerous. If you know how to handle one, then it’s pretty safe, as long as you make NO mistakes. Don’t believe everything the board says, it will most likely lie.

    I’ve used a ouija board countless of times, for about three years now. I know how to use one, that’s why nothing has ever happened to me. Seriously,if you want to use one you should RESEARCH everything there is to know about a ouija board, don’t be a fool. It’s ridiculous how people blame the board for all the evil things that happened to them after using the board. It’s their own fault for being childish and ill-prepared. Don’t get me wrong,i’m a child, i’m 15 years old. But unlike others, i am a very mature. I don’t go around looking for a way to entertain myself that could hurt me. I studied the ouija board before using it because of my religion, me being Wiccan. And also, notice how usually the ones who get hurt through the ouija board are teenagers.

    Ouija boards ARE dangerous to AMATUERS!! There are numerous ways to prevent
    anything bad to happen to you all you have to do is RESEARCH. Many things can and will protect you from evil…..well that’s the end of my rant.

    I’m sorry about what happened to your friend.

  123. cesar f. says:

    i know many people that got killed after playin dat game. thnx 4 sharing

  124. the devils advocate says:

    i suggest doing a LBRP a lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
    once daily

  125. Wanda Carla says:

    I’ve used my glow in the dark ouija board a few times, most of the times by myself and nothing ever happened. Then I finally convinced my friend Kay to do it with me. Kay got her sister and her sister’s friend and we did it first at my house. We tried to talk to someone for about 15 minutes with no success. So after I begged Kay, she finally agreed to take it to her mom’s apartment while her mom (who hates ouija boards) was gone. Anyway we started the board once we got there and for about 5 minutes nothing happened. We kept asking questions over and over again, until fianlly the planchette started to move. It moved so slowly I knew it was one of us, so I started to accuse everyone. Of course everone denied it. So I thought I’d be smart and I laid my head on the ground until I was even with the board and with the planchette. I could see all the girl’s fingers hovering just over the planchette, none of their fingers were touching it. I was just about to sit back up when the planchette jerked about an inch to the side. I have never been so frightened in my life. I started yelling for one of them to turn on the lights. I was in an absolute panic. But even though that happened, we never got in contact with a spirit, so I’m still unsure what exactly happened. Or what moved the planchette.

  126. Kate says:

    PLEASE LISTEN TO LIAM. You must find that exact Ouija Board you used that day. Contact those that used it that day. You all must take your hands and put them on the Ouija board, place the pointer to GOODBYE, and then close the Ouija Board and flip it over.

  127. TTHERROR says:

    Do not even touch any ouija’s again.
    Like I said before the enemy of a negative spirit,is a strong positive spirit.
    Be positive listen to uplifting music,laugh at it and do not fear it or give any thought to it.
    This may actually be a test for you and I know that when we are at our lowest,when we are beaten or scared in life,we sometime’s find God through it.
    Maybe you should put your hand’s together and play pray.
    Why not?
    You spent time using a ouija board,you can give some time to God and the positive spirit’s now..

  128. bella says:

    me and my friend where in her bathroom and we had a Ouija board and we asked if there was a ghost in the ropom and itsaid nyes so we asked where her/she was and it said right in the middle of you both!!!! and we ran and where scared the howl time that night!!!

    love Bella, ^_^

  129. RetiredOuijauser says:

    All of your experiences sound oh so familiar, I’ve used the Ouija board in the past. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve used it. I think the only reason I stopped using it because I could not find anyone else to use it with, I was always afraid to try it by myself. I’ve have several personal encounters with the spirits using the board. One thing you must know that the spirits lie, they well tell you anything to get you to do things for them, please do not believe that you are talking with past love ones or that any of these spirits are your friends. Also make sure you are properly saying “GOODBYE” do not remove your hands until you have properly said “GOODBYE” I can not stress this enough. You will risk letting the spirit out and taking over. Now I would like to tell about one of the experiences I’ve have when using the board. One day while using the board with two younger females, we kept getting a message “Please help me”, needless to say we were interested to know why this younger female spirit needed help. She began to spell out what her problem was: She died while being rapped by her father, he was shot while being caught in the act on top of her. She spent her after life constantly “reliving” the day of her death. Feeling sorry for this young girl, we asked how could we help her, the young girl spirit began spelling out exactly what we can do to help her “LET ME OUT” she spelled out. How do we let you she ask, she spelled out “LET GO”. Neither of us understood what the spirit was talking about, so we began to ask her questions. If we let you go, where will you go? “INSIDE K” she spelled out one of the young girls I was using the board with. So I asked “K” if she wanted to do it, it was totally her decision. We continued asking the young spirit questions, and setting ground rules. We told her that if we let you out you can not use “K” for evil. The spirit then spelled, “PLEASE HURRY HE IS COMING”. When then asked her to explain what to do to let her out, she did not understand. Our next question was, do we just lift up our hands, “YES” she spelled. So we did……We asked “K” if she felt different, she said a little heavy like she had gained weight. We continued through our day, having regular conversation with “K” until the other younger girl I guess crossed the line. The spirit has suddenly taken over “K”, using foul language towards the other younger female, being as though I was the older female in the room I’m guessing the spirit looked to me as being a big sister, she began to tell us about her father and how much she missed him she wanted to go back into the board. The same way we let her out, we let her back in or so we thought. “K” life was never the same, I had heard stories of how she totally changed that innocent young lady turned into a rebellious drug using teenager, soon after becoming pregnant running away from home. I don’t think the spirit left her that night, I believe it used her.

  130. RetiredOuijauser says:

    Bella, No! You must say “GOODBYE” to that spirit, I know you might be scared but you and your friend must say “GOODBYE”, using the same board.

  131. RetiredOuijauser says:

    Longfellow, I’m not a christian or any labeled religion, my belief is truth and knowledge. Although I don’t suggest that you use the board at all, but if your interested please do more research follow advice of experienced user take heed to the warnings. The board will use your energy and that energy is always with you day or night. Once you’ve used the board it’s kinda like a drug you get addicted to it your energy is combined with it. Here is a test that the spirit or energy will always be in you: get a light weight object like a comb or finger nail file, place it in the middle of flat surface have you and your other user put a finger on it, if you have been using your board correctly you won’t have to ask a question, you won’t have to open your mouth, the spirit knows your thoughts, come back and tell me about your experience.

  132. DarStarr says:

    Wow. What a truly chilling story, and your advice to Bella is soo true. You HAVE to say goodbye, and once you do you need to get rid of it! They are nothing to play with, as proven by your story.
    What a terrible outcome for that poor girl – wether it be paranormal or something else. Such a waste.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, I hope it stops even 1 person from playing with these “games”.

  133. raven says:

    i am sorry about your friend but how could you forget her? the way that i know of to stop a spirit from following you is that you MUST MUST close the circle or it may get to the point of possession and that is never good becuase you will be force to do evil thing. good luck

  134. RetiredOuijauser says:

    I didn’t forget about her, I was much older than her so it’s not like we hung out, when she needed her hair done that’s the only time we saw each other and after that day we never seen each other again.

  135. Anonymous says:

    me and my friends were watching

  136. Jessie. says:

    Omg :O
    I played it last night . and lik eim so scared now, this guy named Nathan was from the moon and like he told us disturbing things ! O:
    Im so scared now . but tonight im gunna play and tell nathan to please go away.

  137. Amanda. says:

    I’m sorry about your friend but how did you forget about her and leave her?

  138. Robert says:

    Amanda – easy: there was never any friend passed out next to the board.

  139. shane says:

    My names shane sorry about your friend after hearing your tales i still want to try any advice where can i get one in opp alabama

  140. Adrian says:

    well of everyone’s stories here i noticed our mom used to play that… it might be a popular games back then with no internet… no warning on the effect of Quija board and leads them … which eventually happened to my mom as well. She was playing the Quija board with her friends in the school… i am not sure whether every Quija board has a standard design for it… but they just roughly drew on a piece of paper with words… used a coin and summoned the spirit out… at the end of the game, each of her friends asked for permission to leave the game… and the answer is Yes. My mom was left alone with the spirit, she asked for the same permission the coins just get off from the Quija board and drop on the floor… what? the spirit was messing with my mom even she asked permission to leave or to end the game. As if she needs to get the coin back put it on the board and plead again? I’m not gonna do that…. lools. And next, few years later she got into a major illness before she went into a college, she was experiencing NDE (near death experience) on the hospital bed due to SLE… she managed to live and within few months after her discharge, she had an unsound mind, mentally distracted, screaming, shouting and crying. She even said that there’s spirit running in the house. Well it’s so hard for me to 100% relate her situation with Quija board, because the effect only take place after few years, and the steroid for her medication could also be the factor that caused her mentally ill. She’s fine now. My advise is, NEVER MESS WITH QUIJA BOARD EVEN SOMEONE PUT A GUN ON YOUR HEAD AND ASKED YOU TO PLAY IT. you wouldn’t know what spirits you summon, you wouldn’t how long the spirit will stay, maybe for years to get their nasty plan work out on you…. and you might not even be sure if it’s the spirit working it’s plan on you because that’s so depend on whether they want you to know or not.

  141. angelina says:

    soo i have never played the ouija board but im very *VERY* tempted to do so on halloween which is about 32 days away!!! i have heard a lot of stories about this and how its bad and how things go wrong but i just cant get this sence of trying it for the fun away from me. WHAT DO U GUYS SAY??? SHOULD I OR NOT PLAY???

  142. Dza Dza says:

    Let me start with retiredouijauser,how old are you because you still encourage people to use the ouija board although you’re hearing some scary things.Secondly holy water never helped nobody but because of ignorance,people try to use all the things but they don’t want to follow God in the right way through Jesus Christ because it’s the only way either you believe it or not.If you don’t believe it let me asked you these facts,who ever died and rose again except Jesus,who ever walk on water except Jesus,who ever raised the dead except in the name of Jesus and who ever say”I’m the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father except through me”except Jesus.
    That’s the only advice I can give because the bible says”we dont fight (or wrestle)against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness.Stop these funny beliefs of spirits of people talking to you there’s no such thing ouija board is just demonic period.We just want to be ignorant in the fact that there are two places that people go after they died either in heaven or hell because poeple choose to ignore hell and believe only in heaven and that’s a deception as well.All the spirits of people are waiting for the judgement in their respective places which they were working for,there are no spirits except the demons who are trying to deceive people and let them believe that they’re spirits of poeple.Let me asked you why they want to take control at sometime and that’s the devil because he can desguise as the angel of light and later on he shows his true colors.The bible discribes him as the roaring lion seeking whom he may devour,so if you’re available he will devour you all who using this ouija board.I want to alert you so that if you used it you will know that there was somebody who warn you and advise you.
    People please I’m begging you don’t play with your life because you have only one life just try God through accepting His Son Jesus Christ and you’ll feel a joy and your life is secured here on this earth even if you died you’re still going to be with Him.Paul say “to live is Christ and to die is gain, because if I die I’ll be with the Lord”.
    If this ouija board kill people and you’re playing with it,you’re in danger just like those ones who play with it and die,so be wise and choose life.
    Once you tried Jesus and experience what I’m talking about,I’ll give you my e-mail and we will encourage each other in the faith.
    God Bless you All
    P.S The devil is a liar!!!!

  143. NeverAgain says:

    Yeah, my friend got one for her birthday when we were younger and we would always play it, but nothing too scary happened…Most of it just one of them faking it and makeing up stupid answers . I just remember it getting her younger sisters bday right. But then again we had our fingers on the thing, not knowing they were supposed to hover so anyone could of done it. But i do remember playing in her moms closet and asking if there were dead people in the lake. It went to yes and then the ironing board fell (it was hanging on the wall) we just ran out of the room. .. And no, no ghosts or demons taunt me or anything …

  144. Monti says:

    yea ok sO my mom used 2 read torrot cards alot and work at 1 of those shops she was actually pretty good with alot of things that would be in the loop of happening or whatever and nomatter how many times she used her czrds she aLwaYs warned me just 2 stay away from the board do anythng else just dnt touch it. im 20 noW and its almost halloween and i reallllly wanna try it out for the first time. my gf says she wnt come over anymore if i do it at my house and i almost got a couple of her friends interested 2 do it. what do u thnk? i believe and i dnt . . i wanna see what will happen.. i just saw the movieparanormal activitY and it scared me. its along the lines of a demon in this girls house and her boyfriend trying 2 help her or be with her through it.. its like blair witch meeTs quorintine.

  145. edward says:

    hi, everybody

    before you use the ouija board you have to cleance yourself with a bath of sea salt and water aftre that when u are airdry then u can lite an white candle put an glas water near the candle say the lords prayer and ask for protection speak to the spirit around you : tell them that only good spirit are welcome here .. we want only good answer for our questions in name of the Almigthy God who make everything .. .. then u can begin with the board .. it will be right to burn some sandalwood incense when u use the board after using u can burn some kamphor incense to clean everything in the air then again u say the lords prayer and ur thanksgiving words to God and the good spirits .. let the white candle burn out completly .. yeah u gonna tell me thats was the right thing to do so … thxx u have a nice day u all ….

  146. bewise says:

    Ouija Boards are evil and cause destruction and all need to leave those things alone and you need to read the original King james version bible which is the true word of God and fellowship with God and he will save you from all evil! Even those who say nothing evil has happened by using a Ouija Board you are deceived, you just don’t know it yet!

  147. James M says:

    Today is October 19, 2009…it is a monday. This past Saturday, my friend and I saw Paranormal Activity. A Ouija Board was used at one point in the movie. My friend and I are very strong believers in the paranormal and have gone on paranormal investigations before. We have evidence of spirits via EVP recordings. When I was 9 I played with a ouija board at a sleepover. Unfortunately, I cannot recall our questions or the spirits answers but I do remember waking up that night to a shadow figure standing over me reaching out for me. I know for a fact we did not follow “procedure” that night as far as closing the connection. I will 22 on October 26 and to this day 12 years later i still feel as if something follows me. Only on occasion does this thing make itself known, but i know it is there all the time. Tonight, my friend and I plan on using a ouija board. I am going to get to the bottom of this, and I am going to make it go away. I may not be using the same board I used that night 12 years ago, but i swear to you all with my strength of mind and body, and with the help of our Savior, Jesus Christ, this evil will leave me. It shall run away from the wrath of the Almighty God.

    Wish me luck

    And Lord, with your strength help me vanquish this demon

  148. bella says:

    hey this is bella thamks for all ur help!! me and my friends will say goodbye sorry if i didnt reply sooner have been really busy ghosthunting sorry ask me questions and il answer i have some interesting things i can help u with i have had alot of expereance thanks bye!! -bella!!

  149. bella says:

    thank u i will asy goodbye becuse he still ahunts my friends bedroom and he HOWL HOUSE!!!!!! what should we do and FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Raymond says:

    Hi, my name is raymond and i just got done watchin the movie alon and it scared me haha.but i just wanted to know if that game people play reall works?..and i did play it years ago when i was 9,and i can remember i throw it on top of my house because my mom did want it around us,but then the next morning it was on my dinner table.so that really freak me out so i burned it and beryed it..next thing u know its about 20 steps away from the are house in the woods..?

  151. Dean says:

    Me and my friend just used a Ouija board a few days ago and just today October 25 2009 i came home my room was a mess and there in the middle of my floor was the Ouija board with burn marks in it and my cross and rosary laying on top of it and a few other weird things to. So I just want to know what it all means

  152. Zachary says:

    Listen, all of you, DO NOT USE THE OUIJA BOARD. They are pure evil. I used to use them all the time in high school, they always told me of future events such as my aunt dieing, my high school crush asking me out etc. etc. all of which came true at the exact moment they stated it would. Ever since I started using the ouija board I have woken up in cold sweats, my bed would begin shaking violently with me in it even breathe on occasion, I also had countless close brushes with death, and quite often I would wake up in the middle of the night with something trying to possess me, I could feel my entire body go numb and I knew what words to say but the ‘thing’ would grip my vocal cords before I could. The only thing that was left was to beg God for intervention my praying in my mind. Every time this happened I would and every time out I would suddenly scream the words “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST GET OUT OF HERE” and the spirit would let go of me. I wanted nothing more than for the spirit to be gone for good. I prayed every day for it to go away until one night I had a dream. In the dream a Christian told me that I had to prove that I wasn’t afraid of the spirit and that I trusted God completely to protect me from all dangers both physical and supernatural. After that dream I began mocking the spirit, (wrong thing to do) I pissed it off on a number of occassions, it would slam things around but would never do anything to me directly. And finally that one night came. I was lying in bed when suddenly I had a strong erge to pray, and so I did, I prayed about everything I could think of but mostly I just worshipped the Lord, as I did I felt this righteous power grow inside of me I have never felt anything like it before or since then but it was true power. At the same time I could feel an evil ferocity coming from outside my bedroom I cannot explain what this feels like other than pure hate. I knew what I had to do with the lights off to prove that I was not afraid I boldly walked out into the hallway where that demon sat. I could feel it as if it were taunting me. I switched from prayer to just pure worship of the Almighty God keeping my eyes open the whole time. When I first stepped out into the hallway it was pitch dark I couldn’t see a thing. As I worshiped the hallway went from pitch black to completely visible. I felt the power of God rushing into my head and bursting out of my stomach. Ever since that night I have never had an encounter with the dark side again. All of my spiritual experiences have been enlightening and encouraging since that day.

    I am telling you people stay away from those ouija boards they are cursed objects. And if you have messed with a ouija board and regret doing so then the only one you can trust is Jesus Christ. Believe me I used to practice Wicca until Christ showed me a better way. He is the only one who can fix your past mistakes. Everyone I know that dabbled in the occult and has refused to embrace Christ are still haveing problems with unwelcome visitors. While those who have embraced Christ have no more troubles with sinister paranormal.

  153. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I just happened to stumble upon this website and I have also had some very bad experiences with the ouija board when I was a young child. It all started when I was in the 5th grade, I am the second youngest of six children, and at the time we were living in a heavily haunted house. One day my two oldest brothers brought home the ouija board to “contact” the spirits haunting our house, we wanted to bring them peace. Well we didn’t contact the spirits that we were hoping to at all. The first spirit was a woman that was very nice to begin with, until my brothers pissed her off and then she had threatened to hurt our parents while they were driving home from work. Other things also started to happen, noises at night, our beds would violently shake and just an overall sensation that the house was full of evil. One afternoon my brothers tried to ask the spirits to leave and they wouldn’t, when we tried to leave the house to go out for a walk we could not open the doors, when watching television in the living room windows would fly up all around us. It was really scary, I’m now a grown woman, and my brothers are grown men as well and we still get shivers just thinking about the experience.

    What really sends chills up my spine to this day is that we COULD NOT dispose of it! The board kept coming back! Multiple times we threw it away and a few minutes later or the next morning it was back inside the house! On more than one occasion we took it across town to dispose of it and it came back! Well my parents never new of this board becuase we new they would not want us to have it, but one day we were all so freaked out (my brothers were 16 year old football star teenagers) that we finally told my parents about it. After proving to our father many times that the board kept coming back no matter what he threw it in the fireplace…..the next morning it was on the kitchen table…..and no burn marks! My stepfather tried burning it several times, we tried telling the spirits goodby and nothing worked. A year later my parents sold the house and we moved, that horrific thing was still in the house when we moved because we could not get rid of it.

    When this was all happening my mom told all of us her own story of a ouija board and why she never wanted us to have one………When my mom was a young girl she went to a friends house for a sleepover, she was there with three other girls and one of them brought a ouija board. Durring the sleepover they all asked questions and they all got the correct answers, the spirit told my mom that she was going to have 6 kids, that her brother was going to die in a car accident and that she would only be married to her first husband for only a few years….this was all true! BUT within a year one of the girls was so huanted an evil that would not leave her alone that she was put into an assylum where she eventually commited suicide and the other girl died in a “fluke” car accident within two years. My mom said that she didn’t seem to have any evil haunting her after the incident but she only messed with it the one time, she also thinks the other girls messed with it quite a bit and made the spirits angry or let the spirits control them.

    Just writing about this is freaking me out all over again. Really ouija boards are evil, they are not toys, are not good portals….none of that. These boards are pure evil and should not be sold as a toy because they are not! If you have a board pray, go to church, get some salt, invite the preist over for an exorcism…..whatever it takes to rid the spirits. On another note, my brother is actually friends with the couple that bought the house from my parents and they sold the home just 5 years after buying it because of an evil prescence and becuase they also could not get rid of that board!

  154. Kim says:

    I have read and understood all experiences, i am 17 years old and i have just incountered one of the most paranormal experiences myself yesterday at approximately 11pm…..Me and a few friends..Ritchard,Lee,Chris and Adam decided to try our own Ouija board. After a night before hand talking for 4 hours about one and my own experience.
    Ritchard the main one who brought up the conversation also the idea in the first place and who was more eagar than the rest to try this, had never done a Ouija board before. I explained to him that they are in no way shape or form named as TOYS! he understood completely but said that he would deffinately love to give it go.
    Me being me, wanted to do this too, after doing it several times before a few month back in july 09 with my own mam who is a medium and clairvoyant. The next day after telling Ritchard to sleep on it, I asked him how he felt about doing one, but he was still eagar to try it.
    Come 11pm that night, we went along to his flat where we set the Ouija board up. We didnt have a proper Ouija board, the wooden ones…I got a sheet of A4 paper and cut it up into small squares, Big enough to write a capital letter on it, So writing A-Z on these squares I placed 13 letters on the top and 13 letters on the bottom of a rectangle shaped Coffee Table which sat in the center of his living room, Then again i cut some bigger squares, big enough to write the words ” YES” and “NO” on them, and I placed them in the middle of the table with atleast 50cm apart from eachother. I then placed a reasonable sized wine glass upside down in the center of both the words YES and NO.
    By this time sitting on the floor against the Coffee Table was Me, Ritchard, and Lee,…..Adam and Chris said they would join in a bit later on when we have a break and start again if things were to get out of hand. I was comfortable with doing this alone and with out my mam there because i watched closely at what she did that few month ago…..
    I lit a white candle and shut out the main living room light. sitting in a room with just a candle glow a table full of letters, the YES,NO words and a wine glass placed upside down had Ritchards and Lees hearts going within minutes. I was calm and collected because I was tought to be like that in a session of the Ouija board. I told them to concentrate and to free there minds and to really focus, no laughing, they understood….
    I welcomed the spirits, and we all placed one finger on the top of the glass. I then asked ” Is there any spirits here tonight that wishes to speek to anyone who is within connection of the glass?”, we waited a few minutes and nothing!!! I asked several times again and still no movement. I though maybe i was doing something wrong. I thanked the spirits and told Lee and Ritchard to do also. We took our fingers off the glass and I rang my mam too see if she would come up.
    Half an hour later my mam came, bringing with her to the flat a white and a red candle going through it with us properly. Adam and Chris turned up at the flat too being more comfortable that my mam was there knowing what she was doing. She asked us who would like to do the Ouija and everyone apart from Adam said yes, he was so weary about it and was happy to watch. So me Chris, Lee and Ritchard sat opposite eachother getting ready to do it….
    My mam lit the Red Candle and explained that this will bring the bad spirits in. We again shut of the main living room light and bagan!!…She welcomed the spirits and asked us to place one finger on the top of the glass. As I done this I had a nervous giggle and my mam told me to concentrate and take it serious. she then asked “Is there anyone here tonight that is in the room with us?” The glass surely but slowly moved with in a few seconds towards the Yes! Ritchards eyes widened with shock. I looked at him and raised my right eyebrow as if to say “I told you” Then we both glared at the glass again.
    My mam then asked would you like to make your self known by spelling out your name with the letters in the alphabet within the table. The glass moved a bit quicker this time to letters G-A-V-I-N. Then moved it self back inbetween the Yes and No. Concentrating on the glass I was telling him In my head to move back towards the Yes…and to much of my suprise it did….
    I never told anyone but kept on trying to connect with Gavin. I told him in my own mind again!! to spell out my name….HE DID!!! I was panicking with fright. My mam didnt ask anymore questions but kept on looking at me and nodding her head as if she knew what i was doing. I told him to move the glass towards my friend Lee and Chris then spell out my name again..It worked! K-I-M was spelt out perfectly, I could not belive what I had just done. My mam then asked..! Can you go to the person who your are listening to?…everyone looked at my mam, Thinking why would she ask that?, and just carried on playing the board. The glass flew to me with such force and speed….I was astonished and felt quite privaledged that i could interact with someone who i didnt know and couldnt see…..
    I began thinking with deep thought again and asked him in my mind to move the glass back and forth from me to my mam who was sitting at the opposite side of the table to me. It started to happen, I was telling him again “faster, faster” then to spell my name just as it left my direction, K-I-M was spelt again, I told him to stick at the last letter which was (M) ..waiting and counting to 15 i demanded that he had to bring the glass to me with high force and speed across the table, and for it to hit my right leg whilst dropping off the table…….It happened within seconds of me informing him to do it. I could not believe what i had just saw. My leg was not hurt but everyone heard it when it hit me, that little ting noise. I was petrifyed at what I had witnessed and everyone else for that matter.
    I jumped back from the table and threw my self on to Adam and cried uncontrollably, skaking with fear I felt the urge to prove what I had just done to everyone else in the group…So I asked my mam to thank the spirit (Gavin) and have break. So we all said thankyou and we would be back soon..Lee, Chris and Ritchard couldnt believe that there fingers came off the glass because of the speed and force that gavin had upon it, and asked why it spelt out my name twice?. I told them that I was to speeking to him through my mind, they just looked at me in confusion…
    My mam thought that i had some sort of gift….I wanted to explore more and wrote down on a sheet of paper…..MOVE THE GLASS TOWARDS RITCHRD THEN TO THE LETTERS A-B AND C…..I then folded the paper up and told my mam to hold on to it, I never showed anyone what I had wrote untill I proved my point…
    We started again, Only this time me and Lee were the only ones touching the glass, My mam welcomed the spirits again, and asked if Gavin was still present, The glass moved to Yes slowly, I felt relief that he was presen because I was hoping that he would listen to me again.
    From the word Yes the glass stood still and again I counted to 15 and before i knew it the glass was moving towards Ritchard then the letters A-B-and C……My point was finally proven, I thanked him in my mind and the glass moved into the middle, It was astonishing.
    We thanked him, took our fingers off the glass, sat back and with amazement my mam slowly opened the paper…..showed everyone what was written and they all were taken back by it….
    We cleared everyhting up from the table and left the flat within 10 minutes, Talking about it all, there wasnt a tongue rested after that….My experience was abnormal to me simply because of what i did….today i still cant get over what happened but i know one thing..Ouija boards are not for fun there serious objects that can in my own research about them cause mentally emotional issues within a person…..
    Im just lucky that Gavin wasnt a remotely bad spirit that could of seriously hurt anyone involved in a physical way giving the way he passed and was brought up.!!!

  155. DarStarr says:

    I seriously hope that you and your mam learned something from all of this, and I mean REALLY learned something! What bothers me is WHY would your mom bring a red candle and light it FOR EVIL spirits! What were the two of you thinking!

  156. Kim says:

    i completely learned somehting i knew it was bad and i know i shouldnt have took it to that extent..once i felt the confidence to have him follow my demands, because he was doing as i said…i should have stopped and thought to my self…this guy is a bad spirit he could be looking for someone to reach inside of..to take over…but i was amazed and had this power in me that i wanted to explore..if my mam is write and i do have some sort of gift. i dont think i want to learn and train it within depth, im far to young and nieve to have that choice……but that night was unbelieavable i certainly will never forget it……everybody has a time when they think they can do this and do that, but with me i was so focused and so into it i couldnt let go of this gavin guy…and as for my mam usung a red candle well we all wanted a dare….i knew the consequenses and trouble it could have caaused…but luckily things didnt get out of hand. and i have to live with the fact of me disturbing a bad spirit that didnt do any harm to me b4 hand havin him in my concsious and life. he could be following me during the day and sleeping with me at night. i tryed to be friend him…but what i thought was weird he only listened to me i cant explain why but something was between us…..

  157. christopher says:

    hello. my name is chris and i have a little story to tell about last night. me and a few mates thought about playing with a ouija board because we wanted to see what in the flat that i dont know about because i have recently moved in and there was blood all over the floor and i had scrubed it up. but that was a mistake. when we started to play our host began to call on the spirits and asked spcific questions like can i speek to any one who has recently lived here or every lived here. when we placed our fingures on the glass i felt a stong feeling that something was holding my fingure on the glass and i could even feel my index finger pulsating.
    we asked if there is any spirit who would like to talk to any one please go to yes, surely enought the glass went to yes and flung its self towords me, i got a bit scaredand started to shake a little then it went streight to the letter D without asking then to I then to E one after enouther then U then streight back to me then to the yes then repeted this again. then we asked if i had anoyed it and it said F**K U, F**K U, DIE then streight to me. then the glass started to spin on the spot untill all out fingers got intangled but still span under our fingers and then flew off the table and hit me, i am shaken up about this and would like to know what this means? and also when we asked what the name of the spirit it replied no then spelt out no then back to no. lastley we asked what has he doneit replied he knows, but at this time i was thinkin because im in his space and his home. please can u anser what all of this means, but be for sure im not going on the board again!!!!

    • yra says:

      when the glass moves away from the board, the spirit is released. so i’m telling ya – not good not good, baad..

  158. DarStarr says:

    I’m sorry for being short with you and I understand your reasons for doing this, but I guess I am angry at your mother for encouraging all this and as I said, bringing the candle to INVITE in evil!
    I don’t know how old your mother is, but she needs to re-think some stuff and maybe grow up a little.
    I don’t mean to be harsh, but read some of these horrible stories and you will understand. You are a young woman that had to learn something the hard way, and be thankful that it wasn’t worse!
    Take care honey, and be strong!! And maybe talk to your mom about stopping what she is doing. You play with fire – you get burned

  159. christopher says:

    by the way im sorry for messing with it, and never will. im even scared to stay in my home. and i just got back from work and the flat was clean when i left and when i got back from work i found a plate on the floor with 2 wooden spoons crossin. please help me, i cant live like this, i was imature and dum, and now i have lernt my lession, im pleading with u to help.

  160. DarStarr says:

    Oh, Christopher,
    You need to contact someone. Maybe talk to a paranormal group, or someone that could possible clense your flat. That might be a start, AND PRAY! Pray that whatever evil is in your house is not welcome there and must leave!
    I’ve heard that burning Sage helps, perhaps try that too.
    God will not punish you for a mistake made when you were young, He is there for you, all you have to do is find him!
    I hope this helps you.
    God bless.

  161. christopher says:

    thank you im goin streight to a preist, i have m8s round right now for help, would it help if i tryed to contact them with out a board, and will it listern to commands if i tell it, like tell it to leave right now when its has done something,

  162. Izzy says:

    Hi im izzy and im 13 years old and im a muslim. Umm well i played ouija board with some friends and i got to ask first I asked Is anybody there? It moved to yes. I got freaked out so i just ran away then after that day i have been feeling an addiction to play. please help someone is it a demon? Or is it a Spirit wanting to tell me something?

  163. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Izzy, From what I have heard and from my personal bad experience only demons are linked to the ouija board. I would not play, if a nice spirit wants to contact you then they will, the ouija board is a demons playground to suck you in then terrorize you. In my experience my spirit started very very nice, but then proceeded to terrorize myself, my brothers and even my parents with their prescence. Do not let that urge manipulate you or take you over, deny the urge to play and hopefully the demon will get tired of trying to mess with you and just leave you alone.
    I have also heard of many stories of demons following those that have played the ouija board so be very careful. This is not a game, caution is strongly needed.

  164. Elizabeth says:


    It sounds like your in a lot of trouble. I am not an expert on any of this, I have just encountered many ghosts and messed with the board myself when I was a young child. Have you tried looking up the history of the house? I would go to your library or contact other media sources and look up the history of the house, that could potentially help. I would also contact a preist and paranormal group. Maybe even pour salt around the perimeter of your house (not sure if this works but it may). I am not a freak, but I have also seen a lot of paranormal things throughout the many places that I have lived. Talk to a preist, learn some prayers. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe and do not let it take over your life.

  165. kyle smith says:

    Hi my name is kyle i am only 16 i know im kinda young but i have came across these sites and was doing alot of reading. I have had so many experiances with the ouija bored like yours. and i will admit they are dangouris very but i wanted to tell you somethings that happend to me. My first time ever messing with a ouija bored was last summer at first i thought it was fun untill my mom moved into her new aprtment i didnt have my friends ouija bored no more so i made my own and it works. But after playing it the first time in that apartment was kinda scary because nothing was the same it always felt like someone was there behind you. The first time ever playing the one i made it didnt work at first but about 10 minutes later of asking if anyone was there it finally went to yes so we just started talking to it not thinking it was evil untill after we had him leave the bored but we was just asking random questions and he would answer. We as in me and my sister asked its name it spelled I-s-s-a-c. We thought ok well we will just keep talking well nothing happend we asked how he died and he went to good bye. So we put it away and nothing happend till that night I was in my room trying to go to bed and i felt like someone was in there it felt so weird so i went and slept in my sisters room. We was sleeping and her clock was getting really loud and it was above her closet so i looked over and there was a pair of red eyes in the closet so we ran in the front room.

    Still today i am not affraid of playing the ouija bored but i am very caushous about it i only ask sertian questions and if they are evil i talk to them untill they try something but if you want to hear more just email me and i will email back promise i will look it up again but one last thing dont be stupid like i was and talk to satin if the bored spells that name make him leave and put it away for a hour or two and try again because i talked to him and i think he is messing with me alot i can never sleep because i have dream of killing or something but if that ever happens just keep thinking good and god he will leave but the best thing is ignore it its working for me so far

  166. name says:

    Very HelpfulHow Do Yo uDo that? ,

  167. Ashlei. says:

    Hey, me and a few of my friends tryed a ouija board tonight, we are all around the same age (about 16).
    so a few days ago we started discussing the subject and decied that we would do one. we all took it rather lightlythinking that nothing would really happen. it was about half past four and seeing as it got dark early we decided to go to a building site and do the ouija board. Nothing seemed to happen in the building site so we moved to a house that is being re developed and abandoned. again nothing happened so we though what the hell we can just keep doing it right?
    Wrong. we went to an industrial estate where there as a shelter filled with boards of mdf. we got the ouija board out and started playing the first time we done this there was seven people doing it. we thought that if you truely beleive in spirits then you should do it. so three of us stopped and four of us carried on. me and my best friend was two of the four. to our suprise the cap (our glass was too big) started to move once i asked if there were any spirits there. we all thought that it was our friends mucking about moving it with their finger. we asked how old the spirit was and it replied it was 63. the glass didn’t move much after that so we asked if we could stop several times but there was no reply, two of us let go and then the remaining two held on, the cap started slowly twisting round in a circle. we eventually thought that we should stop so we did so. we started to play again just to check if it was real (we couldn’t really beleive it). another one of our friends joined in, we asked if there wasa spirit there and it replied yes. i didn’t tell us it’s age or name. we asked if it was a good spirit and it replied no at this point we were all terrified and decided to stop. we asked to leave and it said goodbye. after this we decided to leave the site and go into town as nobody was around. we decided to go to the back of the local library and do another game. the five of us asked if there was a spirit it said yes. it told us it’s age was 0 and it’s name was oto. we then asked if it was a good spirt, it replied no. immediately the cap started rushing towards the letters on the edge of the board, as we were told that if it went of the edge of the board the spirit could be released so we shouted we are leaving, goodbye. it replied good bye quickly. but it slightly went off the board which scared us alot as we would release a bad spirit. Then we progressed onto a local doctor surgery, we placed the board on top of a bin and began. we were told there was a spirit there and that it was a bad one, this immediately scared us so we asked to leave and it said goodbye. we tried this game again and it told us goodbye straight away. we assumed it didn’t want to talk to us and didn’t try again.

    our friends were freaked out majorly and one broke the board in half, we left it on the ground and left.

    Me and my friend came home (i was staying at hers the night) and were very scared. we started reading stories about the effects of ouija boards (even though we were told not to) we came across this site, read the stories and decided to publish ours.

    Please let us know what you think.

    • yra says:

      i think that it’s gonna get baaad, did it happend anything at night or at the morning?

  168. carolyn says:

    once day i played this game.. and nothing ever happened!

  169. strangegifter says:

    i played with an ouija board once and it was an evil spirit coming to harm us. i continously played with it because i had more questions to ask. same each time, i will harm you and your family. nothing happened. so i played with it again and this time it spelt K-I-L-L, D-E-A-T-H you know stuff like that but here is the sad at least a week later my older cousins died of a car crash accident. was this demon warning me of something?

    • yra says:

      i’m not quite sure about the part that he where trying to warn you, i actually think that he/she was causing the accident

  170. Adrianna says:

    Im a 19 year old college student in New Mexico and I recently had my first expirience with an ouija board. I really regret it now………. http://www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/my-first-ouija-board-experience/

  171. hari says:

    hello ,
    my self hari krishnan from Mangalore India . Me a BBM student yesterday night i had an experience ..it was an unbelievable experience in my life . i had done this with my room mates Kiran and Ranjith .
    yesterday night i had talk with 2 sprits one guy was from Tamil Nadhu his name was Abijith age 54 and he was died by accident . then other guy was from Australasia name Ardenl age 32 .he was died on 2003 , i had ask him about my future and about my lost mobile . he said that was taken by our worker . then i asked about my girl frind name and sum thing personl like my passwords and my ex lovers name….i was shock
    guys this is really real…

  172. Ben says:

    hey dudes, reading all of these stories through a few times….its pretty saddening to think that all of you associate these dark/horrible feelings with satan or demons, being a satanist, i have learnt that satan is not evil, nor are his higher ranked demons that he cherishes so much.

    All of the catholics on this page, i just want to ask you this … heaven is supposed to be about a commitment to god yes? well…obeying god whenever, where-ever, however…immediatly as he tells you to do….isnt that slavery?

  173. Rachell says:

    hey this is a past experiences with ouijia board
    i am 13 i had 2 expieriences with this. i talked to a lil boy who was at least 9 who was bad, he said that something bad was gonna happen to me at 4:00 in the moring
    i freaked out and so i stayed up and my friends were there witnessed it.
    well at 4:20 it happened there was a bon fire and suddlendly smoke tried to kill me it follwed me, then it stopped then it came back. And my next one is i talked to a 6,665 old pig on thanksgiving, i did this with my family and he was sacrficed by the natives, and he was saying that there was 4 people in the room. but there was only 3

  174. nicole says:

    to every one on this board looking for an answer to help them rid of the demons you let into your life, the answer is simple. jesus christ. i am a christian and i want to ask you a simple question, if you have ever played a quiji board, and you have experianced strange stuff happening in your life since than, surely now you believe in sata, because you cant just believe in demons and not sata, than surely if he does exist than god, the creator of everything must be here as well.. right? trust me, only through god can you defeat your demons. just call out to him, give up your life and live for him. just look at it this way, the maker of the stars is holding you heart and life in his hands.

    NOTE Email address and request for contact has been removed please read the rules before commenting :)

  175. nicole says:

    dear ben.
    after reading your post i have just one question for you,
    If these experiances are not of satan and his demons, than where do they come from?

  176. ben says:

    hey nicole,
    satan and his demons are completely misunderstood, many of them were ancient egyptian gods, and there is proof to be had, if only you would only open yourself up to our god satan….i believe the evil beings created in ouiji playing are merely human spirits that have had a violent death, and are vengeful/hateful and want to make others suffer….all of the demon gods and satan himself are angels, and beautiful in appearance.

  177. nicole says:

    Dear Ben,

    I believe in my God, Jesus Christ only because I was once a slave to satan until God set me free and broke the chains off me, and ever since than my life has radically changed for the better.

    Surely if satan exisist than so does God, right?

    And where does your proof stand?

    here is the definition of a demon
    1. an evil spirit; devil or fiend.
    2. an evil passion or influence.
    3. a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel.
    4. a person with great energy, drive, etc.: He’s a demon for work.
    5. a person, esp. a child, who is very mischievous: His younger son is a real little demon

    surely if you admire the demons, than by definition you admire something wicked and or evil, correct?

    I do not deny that satan and his demons are beautiful as in the christian bible it said they were and are beautiful, but i am not decieved in believing that beauty is alway a good thing. looks can be deceiving right?

  178. ben says:

    hey nicole

    i was like…a really good catholic, prayed rosary every day, went to church every sunday, as good as you could be, my whole life dedicated to god…..and when i really needed him, when my gf was in hospital with cancer….dying….i asked for one thing, just one thing in my life, which was to make her better…and did god help…no…did he answer me in ay way…no, he let her die….he did nothing for me after i’d given my whole life to him…what kind of god is that.

    being involved in satanism was the best thing i could ever have done to myself, they helped me, comforted me, taught me things……and what did god do..what did jesus do?

    • yra says:

      sometimes you have to handle things you own, some things are just ment to be. and there is nothing you can do about it except making the travel easier.
      i’m sorry for your lost though. i’m not christian/catholic or anything like that, i’m more a sort of wiccan.
      wish there was anything i could do .

    • Anonymous says:

      ben, when my loved ones were about to pass i prayed too, just like you and everyone else. its not that our prayers werent answered or heard. it was just their time. after both of my grand fathers died i was bitter at god. but i realized that perhaps i was selfish because i didnt want them to go. i wanted my grandfathers to get better, but moreso, i wanted them to no longer suffer. i dont mean to offend, but i guess what im saying is you shouldnt turn your back on Him just because you didnt get your way. i believe what happened was all a part of His plan

  179. Savanna says:

    I agree with Nicole. I am a strong believer in Christ, our lord. He is the only one that can provide freedom for us. Demons are evil, but I do belive they are real. Beauty is a decieving thing created for people such as you to be tricked into a false sense of hope. I wish i could help you on your journy to Christ but that is for the lord to decide. God bless

  180. strwrz says:

    to Nicole and savanna- demons do not only exist in Christianity but in all religions therefore Jesus is not the only answer. this is just a hypothetical question, a man who gives to charity and is loved by all his family and friends is plagued by a demon but is a Buddhist. does this mean that he has to suffer for the rest of his life? surely not. I believe that demons are attracted to the dark so as long as you cover yourself in light ( whatever that light might be) you should be safe. Jesus is only 1 of the answers there are many more don’t forget that

  181. strwrz says:

    to caretaker u could have changed my spelling mistakes so i dont look like an idiot lol. i’m addicted to this site been on here for 4 hours and counting

  182. DarStarr says:

    Your post is very true! I think that no matter what higher power you believe in – the answer is that you JUST believe!
    I belive in God and Jesus, but isn’t Budda just another form of the same thing and vice versa? No matter what you call our Creator, he is there. The Native Americans call him The Great Spirit and so on.

  183. strwrz says:

    darstarr- thank you for once someone can see the bigger picture and not be ignorant enough to think they wat they are told must be true. a persons spiritual well being ahould not be governed by wat religion they follow but how they follow their religion.
    strwrz out

  184. nicole says:

    Dear Strwrz,
    How many of those Gods, came down from there throne 2,009 years ago and died for us?

  185. jack says:

    very very very cute ps ouija boards will kill you not joking

  186. george says:

    katrina is that true am sory about your freind anybody know what is a school graveyard

  187. shyla says:

    OMG! i wish i would have read this before i played this game with my friend… :( uggh i thought it was just a game but its not, from what everyone is saying. and this is really creepy!! i am parnoid! :s like it feels like there is someone always with you , and its just freaky.. i am trying too forget about it, and pretend i am just thinking it all up.

  188. jole says:

    Ben,Jesus loves you.i do not believe we have to pray to any higher power.you think God let your girlfriend die?the question is,who killed your girlfriend?i think you have joined the wrong camp;the one who killed your girlfriend. satan.death is on the earth because of him and he tries to fool us into thinking God is behind it yet the evil,death,AIDS,cancer,accidents are all caused by him;satan.for all who have been having a bad time because of ouija boards,seek Jesus christ and pray to him.Also read his word.it is the only way out.dealers in the occult will only deceive you into thinking the evil has left you but it actually hasn’t.it will manifest at the time you least expect it and may claim your life.i am happy that zachary is free of this evil.nobody is forced to follow christ.those who chose satanism are free and so are those who choose christ.

  189. twist says:

    I’ll start by saying, “Don’t mess around with an Ouija board”. After having about 30 sessions with an Ouija board I asked the owner of the board (a friend) to get rid of it. To burn or bury it. During our final session of the Ouija board I posed a question to the spirit that we had contacted. It was, “Show us a sign”. WRONG QUESTION to ask. We immediately heard a loud WHUMP on the front door. Sounded like someone punching the door with a catchers mitt. This was followed by a long slow raking noise on the door from top to bottom.. Raaaaaaa…….kkkkkk. My friend, a very brave guy, ran to the door and opened it. Nothing was there, nothing. This was the last time we got near an Ouija board.

  190. junbug20 says:

    Right on Jole! put the blame where it really belongs, with satan. His days are numbered, God’s word say’s so, you can count on it. One third of the angels where foolish enough to listen to him, look what became of them, if people choose to follow him, your days are numbered too. so don’t be a fool.

  191. tasha says:


    after i read ur comment. i completely understand how u feel abt god didnt answer ur prayers. i had been go tho what u did. im 17 right now will be 18 soon. i never had a good father figure. i only have my mother on my side everytime i need her. i love my mother dearly! we have a open communication we cld talk about everything! i love her i never thought she will leave this world. until that day ded 11 2007. my mother died when i was 15. i was angry with god for took the person i truly love and need in this world. i hate god. i dont worship him anymore. i was depressed and angry with god bec i feel so lostt and i have a little sister who need me when i have unfit step father who doesnt know how to cook and complain abt everything. after i heard abt ouija board. i want use it. my best friend had it. we use it one night. i called her and we talked abt everything. i started crying bec i miss her so much. she told me it was time for her to leave this world and begin new world in heaven. she said god did this to test me and make me stronger. i couldnt understand my mother. she told me to move on. i respected her. then she said this will be our last time to talk then she said she loves me very much then she quickly said goodbye. it was over really fast. i finally moved on.. ben, sometime death is a test or a better choice for you. i know this sound weird but it is true.. maybe u want talk to ur gf in ouija board. it might make u depress or get better. sometime u have to make a choice that will have conclusion..


  192. tasha says:

    again, i did tried use ouija board to call my mother. she didnt answer or anything. i believed she keep her word that that was our last time to talk. Ben, i start believe in god again and im doing better now. i got college accepted and goin to graduate soon. Maybe ur girlfriend died for purpose to u to learn something new like be stronger than before or depend on urself and learn how to move on.. bec i learned lots after my mother’s death.. :)

  193. PantyCricket says:

    Please tell me what city and state this happened in so I can see the proof of this story. No one ever gives any proof for these stories. Why is that? Because there is none. If you have lost a friend, I am deeply sorry. I too have lost a friend. But I would never make a story like this up. And as Zachary says these boards are pure evil, dont you think they would make it where you have to be this old to buy, or a warning on the box or something? Please this stuff is so fake.

    • yra says:

      pantycricket, why do you think this story is false?
      as someone else said before me, try one out and tell us what happend

  194. Brooklyn Foresaw says:

    I agree with PantyCricket, if only because she left a comment that was actually intelligible. Where did you learn English? In Internet chatrooms?

    In any case, you all make poor arguments. You’re making the rest of the Christians look bad. Not that they require any assistance in that endeavor.

  195. nicole says:

    pantycricket, how do you know that the stories a fake?

  196. kyle smith says:

    i am so sorry i didnt get back to you sooner and the story seemed really crazy and scary just remember make sure you dont leave the bored unless it goes to goodbye cause that means the spirt dont have to leave

  197. Junbug20 says:

    Hey pantycricket, buy a board and try it out, let us know what happened.

  198. Leya says:

    i hav read through all of these stories and i am not saying they are not tru but what if they are not and you are kind of letting your fear that this might actually tru take over yourself.
    the other day one of my friends mentioned an ouija board so so we did it nothing seemed to happen at first but then it just flew around …. we didn’t say goodbye but now i feel kind of wierd like there is something always following me or looking at me. its like i can feel their eyes on my back. we only made an ouija board out of paper but i wanted to buy a real one so my parents told me not to coz bad thing cud happen

  199. roland says:

    im 14 years old and im not sure wheather to play it i been having dreams of it and i think someone out the other world wants me to play it….any advise

  200. Nana says:

    To roland,

    NO!!! Please don’t try a Ouija Board. I tried one and I was so afraid, I could feel them watching me, I could feel their presence and I could see their shadows. Even if you have had dreams about it, its almost guaranteed to end badly. Please, please, please don’t try it.

  201. Ash says:

    Sorry to hear what happen with you, always pray to god, God only can help in this regard, suggestion there is one goddess Maa baglamuki, who is very powerful, Can ride on this demons, spirit etc, I have feel this holly power.

  202. Muslim Girl says:

    ok i am telling you one thing that these wild creatures that you think are spirits are not they are jinns they want us t take the wrong path but we should belive in allah because this religion (islam) is th only religion that makes sense so if you dont want to go burn in hell the convert to islam it will not harm you at all so if you can please say this :
    Laillaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah…….

    P.S if you cant read it then dont read by

    • Anonymous says:

      jinn? you means demons. allah? you mean god. religion= MAN MADE or not created by god

  203. werewolf999 says:

    this could be your friend (if she was mean to others she is now a demon, but probably not) or a demon. do you remeber the ouija spirit’s name? it is probably them. never pplay with ouija boards. they are not a game. the are a one-way ticket to death. pray, pray, pray, is the best you can do. wear a saint necklace around your neck (st. lucy, st. cecilia, st. raphael, etc.). go to church often, and always recieve holy eucharist. amen, god bless you.

  204. werewolf999 says:

    Muslim Girl, we all have different beliefs and religions, and we are free to choose our own path. i am a catholic so i believe in christ our lord. if you are muslim, then you believe in allah. we all have our own opinion in life, and yours is that. allah may be the only thing that matters to you, but christ is the only thing that matters to christians. and your religion makes more sense to you because you are. please don’t fight about this, as we all have a different religion and belief.

  205. werewolf999 says:

    ben, your gf’s death might have been better for you than you think. god our lord above has a plan for each and every one of us. this was god’s plan for her and you. he is good in all ways. if you trust god he will be good to you. amen god bless you

  206. tasha says:

    i agreed with werewolf too, im catholic myself too. i agreed with his word

  207. rachel says:

    I have only one experience with the ouija. i was at camp, and a group of girls brought a board along, so i agreed to try it out with them. the girl that owned it, kelsey, started and asked a few warm up questions. i was only half convinced, because i knew they very well could have been moving it themselves. the “spirit” was very cooperative and nice, answering our questions as kesley asked them. she asked who it would like to talk to, and it gave all four of her initials correctly. after a while, it started going “k, k, k, k, k, k, k, k…” kelsey asked if k meant anything, and it said yes. she asked if it stood for someone in the room, and it again said yes. when she asked if it stood for katie, another girl there, it said yes much more quickly than the other times. kelsey asked katie if she had anything to tell us, and eventually katie admitted something big that had happened to her that no one knew about, but had been really bugging her.

    not much else happened that night, and i’m still not completely sold on the idea of it really working, but i’m definitely cautious about it all…

  208. Anonymous says:

    Today i had never used a ouija board before i thought it was all a con. then today me and my mates were trying to take it serious but ended up neglecting it. when i got home i found my grandad was in hospital and im off to go see him today. now ever since i used it i can see images of ghosts or people and i saw 1 exorcist looking women i didnt know what to think and ignored it. please guys dont do it really aint worth it. remember i was a non believer.

  209. Casey riley says:

    today me and my mates tried to use a ouija board with guide from another person. after a while we started negelecting it and laffing about it. when i got home i found out my grandad is in hosp and im off to go see him today hes in a bad shape. just after i saw figures off people and foot stes. and one exorcist looking women but only art of her body. i dont know what to do. and right now i still dont feel alone….. any help or advice on this ?

  210. christianwarrior101 says:

    casey riley messing with a ouija board and anything like it is opening the door to evil it might not work every time but when it does it is very very real first and for most do not be affraid fear is fuel for demons and no matter what they looked liked thats what they are demons and you dont want to mess with them please i have been around this a lot the only true way to fight these things is jesus anytime you see anything feel affraid or dont feel alone command it to leave in jesus name his name is the power ok say over and over say it firm and command it to leave i dont no if you belive in jesus but the relationship with him is what will set you free from these demons if you know a christian that is familiar with this stuff by that i meaned called to do it then you can ask them to help you if you any thing at all just leave a message on her and i will help you ok have faith in jesus trust in him and you will be fine remember they might try to act like god is not gonna help you or he is not that strong they will do what they can to get you to doubt your faith but no matter what do not doubt ok he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world god bless keep me informed

  211. Anonymous says:

    I belivee you 100% , the reason why you feel that way is priobably because you guys never closed the chat with the other part so its gonna constantly follow you no that you havnt closed the chat maybe get all of the friends that you were with and re open and and make sure it say good bye with out falling off the board, it may frighten you but it will probbaly work

  212. Anonymous says:

    Hey BEN.GOD has his resons for everything.He took your G.F because he needed her 4 a purpose.Thats no excuse 2 switch 2 SATAN man.Please face GOD and Tell him how you feel strait up but do not worship SATAN because it may be 2 late 4 u.GOD has your G.F in Heaven and If you want to c her you should worship our Saviour Ben.Just My Opinion but i understand your mad because you went 2 Church your Whole Life.GOD is Testing u i Believe.I Love Him SO MUCH no matter What.

  213. Samoan Bulldozer UMAGA R.I.P says:

    Hey Everyone.I Personally have never seen an Ouiji Board and Plan not to.I can Tell These Stories r true by the way theu r written.These r awsome stories and If i used one “Just Saying” I Plan on Going Head to Head with the demon beacuse im a strong Believer in GOD and Jesus name is all i need.Also Because us SAMOANS Never Backout of a Challenge put in front of us.When Something or Someone tries to intimidate us We Simply go SAVAGE on Them Even Mentally not Physically Against a DEMON.Thanks Everyone For Their Stories and p.s Demons Have tried to posses me Before but my SAMOAN WILL and Gods Help is Just 2 POWERFULL

  214. Anonymous says:

    Okay guys , you can believe me if you want but;
    4-5 months ago me and my 2 bestfriends had a sleepover at my house, me and hannah pretended there was a ghost named penelope and where scaring eachother before we whent to sleep , and the next day we did a ouija bord, we asked it questions, like move something or tap something, and everytime we asked the corner of the room knocked, and we asked , "if your name is penelope, move the chimes" and the chime moved.
    since then, my dog got locked in my room and wouldnt go back upstairs, my life has been turned around, and the other day i turned my tv off at the wall and walked out, then to hear it come back on , i checked the plug and the switch was still off.
    i used to see figures in my room when i was young, and they would move my door, and turn my light on, once they shot a light accross my room, i couldnt sleep for weeks.

  215. D'jah says:

    Burn the board!

  216. jayb says:

    Pray to God, ask him to come into your life and believe in him, and know that he died on the cross for out sins, and you will have nothing to worry about. What could it hurt?

  217. Leah says:

    In the fifth grade, my friend, Nikki had a Halloween/Birthday Party. It was all going well and very fun until we started telling ghost stories. I was having fun because I find scary stories very fun. One of the girls then told us about a Ouija Board, and Nikki then remembered that her mother had one. So we got it out and started playing it. We talked to good ghosts and bad ghosts. When we asked the bad ghost if there will be any deaths in this house soon, and the planchette moved to the picture of a dog…We got confused and then remembered about Nikki’s dog outside with the adults. We ran down the stairs and outside but it was too late. There was Nikki’s dog bleeding on the road and her mom crying…Nikki and her mom always heard the dog’s bark, and evil laughing. People the Ouija Board is NOT a game or toy you can just mess around with. It’s a very dangerous tool and it can cause serious tragedies…I beg you not to use it unless you really know what your doing. Good luck, and God Bless~

  218. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of u… this is a very dangerous game….. dont attempt it or u’ll end up in misery….i would like to share an experience….i played it with my coleagues at work place… we started at 9…but an evil spirit came ….my frens said that looked possesed ….v tried our best to say gudbye…bt it didnt want to leave…….then one of my fren asked a vry WRONG question!!! she asked…”what do u wan”/…..n the board replied….”YOU”..

  219. Beck says:


    You’re very lucky that the demon did not try to come after any HUMANS in the house. You should not ever use that board again, and dispose of it in a way that makes it disappear. Throwing them away does not seem to work, sometimes burning does, sometimes not, or you could give it to a priest or religious figure who could bless it and dispose of it. I would research how to get rid of it and try every way, because having it in your house may invite the demons back. If YOU don’t have it in your house then give this advice to your friend, and if you begin to encounter demons or have very frightening experiences then you need to pray hard and cast the demon out. Sometimes you can have a priest do it, sometimes you have to do it yourself. I made a post in a different story on what I did to get a ghost out of my house, I will posted here:


    I hope this helps you a little bit. Sometimes it may take perseverance to cast an entity out of your home, and sometimes they may threaten or cause damage to your property or person, but the only way to truly be rid of them is to hold fast and not let them have authority over you!”

    Additionally Katrina, you should try this as well to remove the demon that is impersonating your dead dog, it may work. For anyone thinking of trying to use a board to contact a lost loved one:

    PLEASE Think about it LONG AND HARD and remember that there are no “Good spirits” that will contact you, only DEAD or EVIL ones. Evil spirits can lie about anything, in answer to ANY question, and can know your past. They cannot know the future, however they can threaten you, frighten you, and if you let them, possess, hurt or even kill you. Remember that Satan is the father of all lies, and he is very convincing. If you DO use the board you may be letting ANYTHING into your home and even into yourself, even if you feel you are protected by rituals or spells, even prayer cannot always protect you from evil as you are willfully disobeying God’s commandment (Lev. 19:31, 20:6, 20,27 and Deut. 7:26) to stay away from witches, mediums, witchcraft, and related objects and books and to keep them out of your home. If you are STILL ok with that, then unfortunately whatever price you pay is on your own head, and you have to learn from it by yourself. If you get anyone else involved then please warn them about the dangers of using this object first.

  220. Beck says:

    I mistakenly said dead dog, mixing Leah’s story and Katrina’s, what I meant was that you should pray and fast to cast out the demon that is terrorizing you. FIRST you MUST remove all objects related to the occult or that you have ever used in occult practices, such as candles, cards, pens and papers, the board (the Bible recommends BURNING them all!) You MAY have to bless the whole house, room to room, tarting at the furthest room. You may use oil or salt water or even holy water if you would like, and anoint each window frame on all four sides and each door frame the same way, pronouncing that they are protected and no evil can enter through them. As you bless each window and before you do the door by which you will exit, renounce any spirits that may be residing there. Tell them in the name of Christ that they must leave and there is no room for them within your home. Continue with the entire house, including the basement, doing the ground level last and ending with an exit to the outdoors.

    I hope this helps. Some spirits that have attached themselves to you through the Ouija Board may be VERY difficult to remove and you may have to repeat this more than once and pray constantly. As in the case of a neighbor of mine, however before we finished blessing her apartment she became drained of energy, actually we all did, and she decided to quit, and the demon never truly left. It DID go into submission for a while, but since has torn her apart, making her a mean, ugly person who physically attacks her boyfriend and whose children are constantly afraid. She decided to cut ties with me and my sister before we could redo the ritual and fully cleanse her house. Her demon has been attached firmly to her side (it often shows up in pictures of her on her left side, the left side is commonly associated with evil) since she was in high school and practiced Wicca.

  221. Leah says:

    Thankyou very much for you help. You honestly DO know what you are talking about, and I will take your advive, and tell my friend about you and what you said.
    (and I do know now not to mess with another ouija board…)

  222. Yuki says:

    hey guys i got a couple of questions and a story
    one i played the ouija(one of those glow in the dark ones) a couple of years ago in a pitch black bathroom with my friend. we started playing and i looked up and i swear it was NOT her face i called my friends name and said why are you smiling at me??? she said im not smiling i jumped up and turned on the light!! i said that was not your face i was looking at !! she thought i was just lying so she let me hold her cat and said please just try it one more time so i did. when i turned off the lights and bent down to play again this time she wasnt smiling she had the look of pure death in her eyes like she wanted to rip my throat out and watch me die!!! i jumped up and said i wouldnt play anymore i was done. i havent played since that day….
    my question was if you play with the ouija board will you not be able to go to heaven ??
    and can you really die????

  223. lani says:

    I do believe things do happend with ouija boards but i dnt believe its ghosts or spirits
    i think the mind is so powerful that we actually use our minds 2 move things or make things appear , ive had an experience of seeing a ghostly presence of my friends mum who was not dead and living in the same house how culd there be a ghost of sum1 who hadnt died ….

  224. Junbug20 says:

    Spirits are real, once you see one you never forget it and it’s not projected from your mind like lani suggests, I believe the ouija board can be a used as a tool, it depends on what’s hanging around at the time you use it, so why take the risk? you may not want to give permission to any spirit to communicate with you, I asked a ouija board years ago when I would die, it said “96″ well 96 min went by, 96 hours went by, 96 days went by, the year 1996 went by, so that leaves 96 years old! I guess I’ll believe it then if I live that long! anyway, it was foolish, I haven’t messed with one since.

  225. beckie* says:

    me and my friends , are thinking about going to the grave yard or the school beside it and bringing a ouiji board , i read every single one of these comments and i still actually want to do it . but then again i dont . but im really curuiouss and so are my friends . so . i was wondering , will you forsure be haunted? or anyone? will something forsure go wrong ?
    CAN you talk to a nice spirit ? or are every single one of them demonic ?
    im pretty sure i know every rule to this ouiji board thing but iv never actually done it . but iv bin reading alot of stuff about it , and it realy interests mee . so , if anyone is like . really smart with this stuff reply to me because i have alot of queestions ! thanks :)

  226. Karen says:

    What a load of crap all of this is. Beck, first of all, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for trying to scare the living daylights out of people and going on and on about this nonsense. The board is just a board. If a spirit wanted to possess you or communicate with you or do something terrible to you…it doesn’t need a piece of cardboard and a plnachette to do so. It doesn’t need your permission to do so. It doesn’t need a portal made by Parker Brothers. It just needs a reason and no person has any control over that reason. Furthermore, there is little or no true scientific evidence that evil spirits actually exist. All people have are their stories and the fact of the matter is the vast majority of people will embellish and add to their story to make it more fantastical and entertaining. Why? Because they like the attention and they like reliving the exciting moment.

    The original story in this post is a complete and utter lie. If it were true the author could have easily verified it and given details to prove her claims. She did not. There are no names, no locations and no obituary of the supposed dead friend and yet you have thousands of people logging in saying “omg I’m so sorry for your friend blah blah blah”

    It is utterly ridiculous. Think people. THINK. Can a piece of cardboard ruin your life? Does a spirit need permission or a lit candle and a game board to come in to your house and wreak havoc? If you were an impish spirit would you wait for permission to mess with someone? Or are 99.99999% of these stories made up by people who had really lame experiences with a Ouija and just HAD to add to them to make it seem more exiting to their friends?

    • Ellie says:

      i tell you what, if u dont believe in it, then why are u on here making a big fuss?
      i have done it, and have spoken to my own grandad! yeah maybe it is a bit hard to believe when people are telling you, but when u do it! omg it can be the best experience of your life, but do it wrong.it can go to a desaster! :/

  227. Ape Skin says:

    Hello, Karen. First of all everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ouija works differently for different people, and I don’t really have major belief in spirits, & things like dat, but I played the Ouija in an abandonded church right beside a graveyard. We asked if it was ready to speak, & it said yes. Then we asked it a bunch of other questions. Apparently it was a 9 year old girl, whos name started as ‘MAR’ (thats all she gave us, rofl) who was apparently the first one to have died there, and after all the ‘contacting’ crap, we all heard a scream. We all left, finding ourselves walking up to ONE grave in the graveyard, stating. ‘Margrette Evans – 1946 – 1955. So… obviously the Ouija works differently on other people. No, ‘Beck’ it probably won’t be dangerous, unless you obviously sdtate you want a demon to come, ROFL which I’m sure you wouldn’t attempt, unless you’d like to peace it to death? c; PEACE.

  228. anna says:

    i cannot believe you left your friend there.thats a dissapointment,you guys WERE friends.and maybe the feeling someones there or following you is your dead friend.if it sounds like i am being mean maybe i am.when ur dog was barking in the room maybe that was her.no offence i hope you think about what you have done.

  229. Karen says:

    Ape Skin, people may be entitled to their own opinions but they are not entitled to LIE or yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

  230. Big Chief says:

    Whoah!!! Karen, how do you know that this story is a lie and made up. Were you there personally? How can people who were never present to an event tell someone that they are lying or making up something that they personally witnessed. Also, why are you same people who don’t believe in these things always talking about this scientific evidence needed to back up the existence of spirits,demons and such. First of all, most scientist don’t believe in spirits so their only goal is to disprove the existence of spirits or demons. They don’t really want to see if it is real or not as their only goal is to disprove the existence of spirits.

    Karen, maybe you and all other non-believers should invite yourselves to ouija sessions with people who admitt to having real sessions. Maybe you should go to those sessions as a outsider, asking the questions and such, and see if the ouija or spirits or fake or not. Nothing will ever make you a believer unless you personally witness it yourself. You should invite yourself into a session from someone who is willing to make you a believer.

  231. junbug20 says:

    I’m with you there Big Chief! if anyone has ever seen a spirit knows that there is no way you can scientifically prove it because there is nothing on earth to compare it too! It is a energy form that cannot be duplicated in any lab or controlled setting and yes you guessed it, I did see one, by accident really, it behaved like; Oh-oh do you see me? you’re not supposed to me, and totally avoided me, I pretended like I didn’t see it, I was scared to death! and got the hell out of the room! that was years ago, now with the ouija board you could be communicating with anything lurking around, mainly demons, maybe not all are menacing but could mimick a “human” spirit for all you know and really screw with you, why give them the chance? I wouldn’t do it, no way.

  232. Karen says:

    Um Big Chief? I can smell a like like this a mile away. I am not as gullible as most of the responders on this page apparently are. The OP gives NO proof and she could have, should have, very easily. Places, times, dates, names….all are absent. The story is a flat out lie.

    I never said I don’t believe the Ouija board can work. I have had my own experiences. I just don’t believe 99.99999% of what is claimed about them. And I think people like Beck who run around with all kinds of ridiculous fear mongering about Ouija boards need to get a grip!

  233. Junbug20 says:

    Karen, What kind of experiences have you had??

  234. Karen says:

    JunBug, when I was 16 I did the Ouija alone and I asked it who I was going to marry. It spelled out the last name of the man I ultimately married nearly 10 years later. Was this a spirit? Or was it my own psychic energy? Seeing as I consistently test 11 or better on the Rhine ESP test, I am inclined to think I channeled my own energies. 3 days before 9/11 my girlfriend and I and James Nichols of Decker, Michigan had a seance with a Ouija board to call on the spirit of Timothy McVeigh in the very bedroom he slept in while the authorities claim he planned the OKC bombing. This was exactly 3 months after he was executed. We got some interesting answers, most of which we recorded or wrote down. This was on 9/9/2001. For the following 2 days I unable to sleep or function because I felt a “hounding” on me constantly for 48 hours. It felt as though something was urgently wanting to get me to understand something. Exactly 2 days later we were attacked on 9/11/2001 and I slept like a baby that morning. I was awoken to the sound of my phone ringing off the hook and was greeted by the horrific images on the screen. Was that a spirit? There is no way anyone can prove it. It may have again been my own psychic energies.

    I have had others, most not as exciting as that. I have read numerous books on the spirit world and have always had a fascination with it. The bottom line for me is there is NO PROOF. It is a matter of believing and personal experience. It irks me when people LIE in order to frighten other people. It irks me when people try to come off like specialists or know it alls regarding the spirit world because none of us can have any comprehension of what it is really like. None of us have died, seen it all and come back to tell the tale. We only have our hunches and our own experiences. People sit here and say “oh don’t burn the Ouija!”-which is such a load of crap. Many people have burned them and they did not “scream” and evil spirits weren’t trapped in their homes.

    The Ouija is a tool just like anything else. It isn’t the devil, it isn’t a portal and it isn’t going to lead to anyone’s death. Nobody has ever died because they used a piece of cardboard with a planchette. Is there possibly some strange coincidences where people were stupid enough to ask when they were going to die, got a date and it came true? Possibly. But it is my contention it was probably their own psychic energy and they were going to die anyway. Everyone dies, eventually.

    Look, I am just tired of finding this sort of fear mongering on the internet regarding the spirit world. I think people should pursue their interest in it without all of this baggage. There is no scientific proof, but there is enough personal experiences to certainly validate people doing their own experimentation, I don’t discourage that at all. I just draw the line at people saying they know things proof positively and then using their own “stories” as blatant lies to get attention through FEAR.

  235. Cooki3 says:

    I want to try the Ouija Board out…but all of you pretty much convinced me not to play with it..
    Thank You

    My Advice: When you think the spirits around dont rush things or scream..let things go smooth and let go of the spirit slowly.. Because i think if you suddenly rush things the spirits might get really pissed off and will not leav eeven after much persuasion.

  236. anna says:

    curious-why does it work on some ppl and not others when playing the board?anyone can anwser that,that would be good.

  237. Captain Catholic says:

    I tried a ouija board after reading some of these stories. I bought the board from a hippy shop in the city centre. A couple of friends and myself tried it out last night, I acted as the medium. I asked if there was “anybody there?” several times but got no reply. After several minutes we were starting to think that it was all rubbish until we finally got a reply. The board answered “yes”. When I asked who was there it spelled out the letters “E, L, V, I, S”!!! I know you probably won’t believe me but i swear it’s true. The only problem was that when I aked if it was THE “Elvis Presley – The King”? The board spelled out “Uh Huh Huh! But he’s just left the building”. Do you really think Elvis was trying to communicate with me?

    • Anonymous says:

      i dont know.could maybe.see some or maybe it was just a ghost playing a trick on you.dont they do that sometimes.ppl say dont try it and ive always say the same thing even though ive never tried itmyself.im not scared just …ya i would love to see ghost or spirts but not demonsand in order to do so and the only way for that to happen is by using the board forget it.i”ll just hear stories from everyone hear that have done it but anyways do you think elvis tried contacting you.how do ppl know that its not there friend moving the piece.im just curious in that.if i didnt anwser ur question sorry.

  238. Karen says:

    Anna, I think it is because as I said-you are channeling your own psychic energy when you use it-more so than you are channeling good or evil spirits.

  239. Captain Catholic says:

    I’m not really an Elvis fan to be honest, I’d rather have contacted Bruce Lee. Do you think it’s possible to request to speak to a certain spirit?

    • anna says:

      i wouldnt see why u cant channel who you want to speak to but if i could for one day talk to one person and be done with it after i would 1000% would use the board.i have never tryed so but i would think so.and im not an ELVIS fan if i could talk to any spirt it would have to be..hum… hum…hum…hum…u know what i dont know.cant think of one right now.

  240. Brendan says:

    okay first of all i believe the story. I have always wanted to use one to get into contact with my nana, but i dont think that it would actually be her. I think that if you just call upon god then he will save you. You guys keep sayin say goodbye and stuff and yes that might work but god is much more powerful then a oujia board. God saves people, he makes the blind see he created everything around you. If he can do this i am sure he can save you from a spirt… oh ya that HE CREATED! have trust in the lord.

  241. eliza says:

    it sounds like you had a bad experience with it. It’s illogical for a spirit to just kill your friend when all you did was pick up an ouija board.

  242. browa006 says:

    i really whant to do one but after hearing all these storys they have really freacked me out and were would you get a ouija (weegie) bored from. if there that bad they should stop them all together

  243. Taylor says:

    Hi, Im 13, my names Taylor.
    I lost my sister
    She was 1.
    She would be about 2..6? if she were alive right now
    Her name is Daniell..
    Is it possible if any of you…possibly talked to her?
    I want to
    I played ouija board on paper and nothing happened, maybe because we didn’t have candles.
    My friends have played it and all of them had their candles blown out.
    Im a ghosthunter, What I mean by that is I love reading posts like this and wanting to know more about spirits.
    Please respond or reply, I will try to write back(:
    But I might get my own personally…(I know its dangerous, but Its my decision) But im not sure.
    I am a believer in Christ, and trust him, im trying to grow more into his works, but please…I want to try to talk to my older sister…

    • anna says:

      maybe she went into the light already.im sorry to here that ur sister passed away.i wouldnt want to play with the ouija board ive never played but u hear all these things that happened and what ppl would say is if u play with the board u might not get to talk to your sister it could be a demon pretending the demon is good and pretending th demon is your sister so please dont play or dry it again.i dont know just talk to your sister she could probably hear you even though she cant contact you.like i said im sorry for what happened.

  244. eliza says:

    It’s just like a pay phone for the spirit world. You call it, you just don’t know who will pick up. It’s just like newspapers, they always tell you about the murders and stuff, but they never tell you about the really good stuff that happens (only sometimes). Same here, ouija isn’t bad, these are just bad stories.

  245. Saunders29 says:

    never do a oiuja board !!!! Once you start you open a door to possible evil spirits & once they arrive they won’t leave :/ u will end up being haunted for life

  246. eliza says:

    When I did ouija board, it didn’t work. :(

  247. Alex says:

    I used the ouija board, and it worked.I just got it.Here is what happened,so me and my grandma(her being the only one having experience,as she used it to talk to her father when she was younger.)used the board and i kept trying to call famous people but nothing happened,Then I asked is there anybody in the room with us and after a while it spelled out “This is new”we later asked it some stuff and he/she said they were looking for peter,we said where is peter?he/she said visiting peter junior.My grandma asked,Why are you looking for peter?He/she said so i can tell him im sorry…We promised him/her we would help him/her*sorry i am only saying him/her for mystery.*then we said goodbye.after that day,I had seen moving in my closet,It came to nightfall around time to go to bed and i saw a pale woman glaring at me,I rubbed my eyes to see if i was still tired and it stood there..I screamed so loud i woke everyone up and my mom was like Alex calm down,its nothing,so a few days ago I went to use it in daytime,it was very bright.Me and my bro used it,i asked if anyone was there and it immediately responded yes,i asked what was it doing and it said looking for peter.I asked,can you tell us your name and it spelled out C-A-R-L i was pretty sure it was a boy but then it moved to Y,spelling out carly,i said is your name carly she responded yes,i asked have you been hiding in my closet,she said yes(not verbally of course)i asked can you tell me why and she put yes and then spelt out B-U-T A-M S-U-R-E Y-O-U-R N-A-M-E I-S A-L-E-X I asked her if she knew what my brothers name was and she put no,i asked where do you live she responded carolina,I said ok i have to go but i will talk to you when i get back,she responded GOODBYE,yesterday me and my grandma went back on it And we found out her name was Carly Fupa,She lived in south carolina,once again I asked,why have you been hiding in my closet,it responded R-E-S-T-L-E-S-S and my grandma said,do you know you scare my grandson when you move around in the closet,it spelt ou S-O-R-R-Y i asked, why are you restless and she responded I W-A-N-T F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N-E-S-S and we answered a few more question before ending the session,I am not making this up,im only 16 and i want to know am I talking to the same spirit I first talked to or a totally different one…I just want to figure out how to make this go away so I can go to sleep with lights off,Btw I am terribly sorry for your friend but a good friend would risk their life for a friend,I value my life deeply, but I would get myself shot trying to save a family member,and friends eventually become family,did you ever think maybe your friend was unconcious and woke up dead?Maybe they are not even aware they are dead so they hang near you,trying to communicate but once again,I am deeply sorry…

  248. Junbug20 says:

    Those are not dead people, there fallen angles, there mimicking a human person and they are restless because some of them want forgiveness from God for rebelling against him. They also know that we are going to be there judge , believe it or not, all this is explained in the bible.! find out for yourself.

  249. James says:

    There are many stories to which different people have said, experiences or seen. Originally it was used to contact spirits that have passed on. Bad experiences do occur when people dabble, known as ‘dablers’. There are various steps to which you can prevent these occuring, if you wish to know, there is information on google, just be careful what you look on.

    Any worries or questions, just ask and I will try to help:)

    My condolences to people who have had any bad experiences with the board such as a family or friend bereavement.

  250. Anonymous says:

    i asked my mum and dad if i could get one, after what they told me what happend and what they saw i changed my mind suddenly !! im only fourteen at the moment so i dont think like adults but after what they told me i could have cried, seriously dont get one !.

  251. Unknown says:

    Quija boards are a very mysterious thing.i think it all relates to wether you or the other person your playing with truly beleives in it. But for me its pretty freaky.

  252. Nami says:

    Im very Sorry tto hear what happend to your Friend, But..
    Using the board in a Graveyard is VERY disrespectful,and oudid not close that session you careessly ran away, without saying godbye that lets the Sprirt you were talking with Roam free.
    If You think he is following you, use Holywater.

  253. Big Chief says:

    Hmm. There are several ways that you can test to see if your ouija communication is authentic. You can ask several questions as an outsider that nobody knows the answers to but you..You can also ask the spirit to read your mind as an outsider viewing the session. You can also place light items on the board (like a piece of paper) and have the spirit move it. Also, I don’t believe that most people are talking to non-human demons. I believe that most are talking to human spirits and in a few instances they might run into a non-human demon..Its not that easy to summon non-human demons.. If it was that easy then there would be no need for magicians,witches, sorcerers, demon/jinn conjurers.. Any nitwit could conjure a non-human demon at anytime from a Toys-R-Us board..

    I believe that most spirits that come through the board are weak human spirits which would explain the slowness of the planchette and also the horrible vocabulary of those spirits. I recently had a friend use a ouija board with a piece of paper on the board as the planchette. The spirit easily threw the paper around the board during the session without anybodies hands on the paper or the board. When my 2 friends put the original planchette on the board to communicate with the spirit the planchette barely moved during a 10 minute session. The spirit was too weak to even move the planchette with 2 peoples hands on it. Now, could a real non-human fallen angel be so weak that it could barely move a wooden planchette with 2 humans hands on it. What kind of weak fallen angel is that??

    If you read ouija stories about real non-human communications through ouija boards you would see that entities like Zozo, Zaz, Zaza etc.. have excellent vocabularies, spell very fast, abbreviate words and the planchette moves crazy wild around the board. The ouija members can barely keep their hands on the glass/planchette during the session. There is a unique distinction between human and non-human contact on ouija boards. I believe why the Bible says the dead can not be contacted is to prevent people from communicating with spirits because it is dangerous..

    • James says:

      There can be many different views based on religious, or non religious people, bearing in mind that when someone uses an ouija board (with 2 or more people preferably) they are letting the entity use their energy to help move the planchette to the right letter. Using another object on the board aside from the plachette can be seen as you provoking the spirit as to say that you are calling it weak, in your case using a bit of paper.

      Also, let us not distinguish that there are weak or strong forms of spirits, any spirit even a young boy/girl can move the planchette providing that:

      1. You and your friends place your fingertips on the ends of the planchette
      2. No-one is pushing, bearing in mind that, in the unconcious we can ‘push’ it without realising.
      3. Everyone in your group must believe, I cannot state that as much as it is needed, even if one person even slightly doubts, it will not work. Think of hive minds(working together as one)
      4. Everyone in your group is strong emotionally, mentally and physically (sometimes help)

      I am not having a go at you between BigChief, just giving you a bit more of an understanding about the human mind and the factors involved before assuming what is what and who is who.

      Remember, when you start a ouija board, think of it as opening a door, when you are finished, say ‘GoodBye’ think of that as closing the door, it is the same in real life,

      • Big Chief says:

        You don’t have to believe in spirits for the ouija board to work. That’s a myth. The friends of mines who did the paper experiment didn’t even think it was going to work and thought that they would be staring at the board and piece of paper all night. The board they had was printed from off the internet on a long sheet of construction paper. The spirit moved the paper, indicating Yes, when asked if it liked the paper method better than the original planchette method. There are no little children talking to you through the ouija. If they say that they are a little child they are lying. They’re more likely an evil spirit pretending to be a child. Here goes the ouija experiment by the way on youtube. It has 11 parts to it:


        • James says:

          I am sorry mate, but, me and many others will disagree with you about not believing in spiritrs to make it work, spirits need energy to manifest themselves whether it being through the board or in the real world, using a piece of paper maybe a good method, but, there are many flaws with the paper method, such as wind blowing it, or even your breathing affecting it.

          you want to know what the steps are to using a ouija board session properly? here it is:

          I will make a video one day of how to do a proper ouija board session and show you using the steps from the websites how to do it properly using the right atmosphere, right equipment etc.

          Also, quoting you from your line about “The spirit moved the paper, indicating Yes, when asked if it liked the paper method better than the original planchette method” you cannot always think that a spirit understands you correctly.

          • Anonymous says:

            Pure nonsense. There is no proper way to do a ouija board. Ouija boards were done by many peoples for many centuries before organized religions. Every culture had their own methods of communicating with spirits. There is no proper way.. That’s nonsense. You can pray for all the good spirits you want to come but that will not deter the bad ones from coming and pretending to be good… The windows were closed during the paper ouija session and nobody was blowing on the paper to manipulate it. Also, spirits are not stupid. They can clearly hear everything your saying. Sometimes you can say it in your mind and they will hear you. They’re not senile.. There are no flaws with the paper method.

            You can easily have a 3rd person at the session, whose not facing the ouija board, asking the questions. The paper method is better than using the planchette because you eliminate the ideomotor effect and possibility of you or any participant moving the planchette subconsciously.. It is also easier for spirits to move paper than planchette. Planchette takes up too much energy, especially for weak spirits..

            • Darkness_Freak says:

              Who came along and made you expert? lol, No-one knows for sure what happens, every method has flaws, no matter what you do. James and Unknown as he did not want to show his name, they are a matter of opinions, the fact of the matter is that it will never be solved what happens, as ther world is made up of opinions.

              So, stop taking shots, this website is for people with experiences with the ouija board, vidoes are nonsense as again it is opinions, if I could use capitals would lol.

              Every method is different, don’t believe everything you see on a video or form other people, face it yourselves.

  254. Carlos says:

    Yah this and other similar stories are why I dont play games with the hereafter or otherside or forces of evil if you will.I have an interest in hearing other peoples true accounts,stories,or dreams that they share with me of the weird and the paranormal,but I dont dabble in evil such as messing with these or summoning spirits with a seance.I dont mind a few creepy chills from stories once in a while but I dont want to experience anything and be scared to my wits end.

  255. sarah says:

    I lost my mother 18 months ago after she had been sufffering for years a dreadful disease, we were very close and best friends. yesterday I had an overwhelming need to contact her, I tred to get an appointment to see a medium but was unable to get one unti the end of the month. In desperation I set up a ouiji board on my table with hand written letters, me and my partner then started to call for spirits, after about 30 minutes someone came to me and said it was my mother, she told me things only she would know, she aslo spelt out the password that we both agreed on before her death, (to confirm it really was her, in these circumstances or through a medium) , it was a very comforting experience and it felt very intimate and personnal, she also moved the glass around in a way that was mimicking her stroking and soothing me. I think I was very lucky as it was only her who came through, but it does show that ouiji is not always bad.

  256. howie says:

    ouija boards are satans toys and these “spirits” are actually demons messing with people. you think your talking to some dead guy or women but your not. Demons like when people are scared, they can come around you at anytime. have you ever had a dream that your laying in your bed paralyzed? i have many times, its a demon attacking you. you cant move, you cant speak, or yell. its really scary because it hasnt happend to me in a long time. now its been going on for 2 days. the reason why there in my house is because my step dad was praying the native american way and invited demons, im native but im not a traditional one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmm, and how do you know that your not talking to a dead human? How do you know that they are actually non-human demons?

      • Howie says:

        because dead people cant communicate with the living. there either in hell burning or in heaven at peace. duhhhhh!!!!!!!

        • Big Chief says:

          The dead can communicate with the living. Other cultures have done this for years far before the first page of the Bible was written. Many cultures and civilizations have done this and written about it as well. There are many realms. Not just heaven and hell. If there is only heaven and hell then what happens to those that are not good enough to go to heaven but not bad enough to go to hell?

          • AnNa says:

            really i never heard of that.i thought theres heaven and hell.you learn something new everyday

            • howie says:

              there is only heaven and hell. but hell is getting full so some souls from hell roam the earth, but they are still being tourmented. i just found that out and i also found out that we are gonna start using the united nations flag and getting rid of the american flag, oh and obama is gonna be killed by antichrist after the rapture

              • AnNa says:

                were did you get the info about obama?and hell i cant see it beening to full for bad people.well what about heaven is it getting to crowded for good people too then?

                • howie says:

                  a prophet, well hell is like a body it has arms legs head heart. theres alot of people that die everyday. and most people dont repent because they were never told of god or other things. read this book its called the divine revelation of hell by mary k baxter. it scared me because it tells you what hell is like. it is true. read it, its really good but scary

              • Big Chief says:

                Where in God’s earth are you getting your info from? Who is this prophet that you speak of?? How is hell full? Hell is never full and it will never get full. If hell is full then what about heaven, is it full too. Maybe that’s where the good spirits come from on the ouija, from heaven as heaven is so full that those good spirits must squat on earth.. Pure nonsense. At first you were pretty adamant about there not being any human souls roaming the earth as you said that the Bible says so. Now, you say that there are souls roaming the earth because a prophet told you so. My God.. Make up your mind!!!

                So was the Bible lying when it said that no souls linger on earth or was hell not full when the Bible was written?? Also, this Martin spirit that the man in the video is talking to, where is he? Hell? Heaven? Earth? Is he a demon or human spirit??

                • howie says:

                  cheese and rice dude calm the fudge down. you will find out wat im talking about soon. and no the bible aint a lie. your friend martin is most likely a demon if your talking to him from the board

                  • Ellie says:

                    how would he be a demon just because you talk to him on the board?!
                    any spirits can talk to you! it depends where you are, and what kind of past the place had! you would know if he was bad or not, ask him a few questions, you’ll soon find out.

                • howie says:

                  where you here when god laid the foundations of the world? were you here when god created all things? i rather trust my god jesus christ who is the truth and the light of this world. many wont recieve him cause there blind themselves in false gods and want to rely on there ideas or other peoples knowledge. depart from me i never knew you lord says, i dont ever want to hear those wrods spoken to me or anyone. gotta get strong anf have courage to face the days of evil. you will bow down to name of the lord rather it be in this world or in the next world. may lord have mercy upon you. god bless you

          • Ellie says:

            ghosts that ‘dont follow the light’ are still on this earth to do some unfinished buissness! from someone who knows, trust me! all my life i have experiencing ghost activity!

          • sharayah says:

            lol :) there is only good and bad there is no gray just black and white with God. and you can talk to the dead but God tells us not to because they make us unclean. it’s in the bible why not take the time to read it people.

  257. Beth says:

    This is bad. I’m in year nine, i don’t know what that is in America, but we’re 13/14year olds. We live in Bristol uk. Basically, there is a big castle type thing called Dower House, built 450 years ago. It used to be a mental instituation. Apparently (according to ghost hunters in Bristol Area), Dower house and its grounds are haunted. The Grounds of the house are public feilds. Stories say a girl died there a long time ago drowning in a icy lake, that the m32 was built over the top. Another girl also died there from falling off of her horse, there is a meomorial stone for her though. Right so, my friends, about 20 of them, are all chipping in and getting a ouija board. They are going to camp out on the grounds, and play the ouija board, they’re also bringing other ghost stuff. I’ve tried telling them it’s a bad idea, but none of them will listen. I want to go on the other hand, shall i?

    • Howie says:

      to be honest i would go so i wouldnt be up all night wondering if there ok. when they fall asleep i would find the ouija board and the other stuff and get rid of it. but its all up to you.

    • Rianne x says:

      beth, its rianne dont do itr it is pretty stuipid doing it outside a verry old house which was a mental institusion if it was somewhere else,, maybe but that will mess with your head.
      i really wanna do it too but apparently its really scary but i would do it somewhere else. if you decide to do it dont do anythink stupid becaiuse it will end up bad!! and if you dont dont stay up worrying because it will make you panic. your decision babe xxxx

    • Ellie says:

      alright beth, tbh ive done the ouiji board many times before, and yes it did work!
      because my mum used to own a haunted pub i am used to all the activity!
      i would do it by the old castle seeing as i live there:) as long as you dont say the wrong things and our lot dont mess about! ive once done the ouiji board on my own, and spoken to my great grandad. my whole family do it alot to see how our relations are. but we have had some uninvited guests, you just keep calm talk to them normaly, remember they was once humans too! if they tell you to leave you go, with saying goodbye. they can get to you and may follow for the rest of your life, its not a joke my mum has a follower called JB and he hasent left her side since she did the ouiji board when she was 16! trust me, it may be scary but if you stay calm and show the spirits your not here to waste their time, they will respect you! x

  258. Hannah says:

    Beth DONT if i were u i would rather fall down the stairs then go with ur friends if you were really their friend just let them go theyll figure it all out on their own let them risk their lifes but dont risk yours. if they invite u 2 go with them say no it is 2 dangerous but if they call u a wimp or something like that say id rather be a wimp then be a retard like they r being! <3

  259. Junbug20 says:

    Anonymous, Howie is right, The bible explains that there are two kinds of spirits that exits, angels and fallen angels, fallen angels became demons, and that here are no humans souls roaming around the earth, humans have no idea what’s going on on the earth at all, we are like being asleep, now demons on the other hand mimic humans that were alive for example; sightings don’t seem to be with humans in no older dress period than 100 years old, otherwise we would see “caveman” ghost or ancient romans and lot of them , but we don’t, they do that to fool us into believing that there is immortal life waiting for us, there IS, rest assured, but not right away, all this is in God’s word the bible, there for us to know, we just need to read and study and find out, yes it takes time, but the answers are there for you to discover and much much more…..and YES demons can mess with you! they hate humans, the bible explains why also, we should not let them have access like the ouija board, you just don’t know what’s lurking around at the moment and ready to pounce….. yikes!

    • Big Chief says:

      How is Howie correct? Has he played with the ouija board or the occult to find out or did he get that from the Bible? So tell me Mr. Junebug20 and Howie are fallen angels aka demons weak or strong. Are they stronger physically than human beings since they been on earth before human beings? If fallen angels are the only ones that you talk to through the board then tell me why a fallen angel who my friends were talking to on the ouija could barely move a wooden cursor. 2 people were on the ouija board for approximately 10 minutes and the so-called fallen angel was too weak to move a wooden cursor. The cursor barely moved when the friends of mines did the ouija board.
      They put a piece of paper on the board and it was flying all over the board but when they used the wooden planchette it barely moved much. Are fallen angels weak? Can they not move a simple planchette with 2 people touching it? What kind of fallen angel whose supposed to have so much power not be able to move a wooden planchette? Why can’t some fallen angels on the ouija board not spell for nothing? Are there stupid illiterate fallen angels as well? Your speaking on something which you know not!!!

      • Howie says:

        demons are patient to steal a soul and even if it means to act weak it sneaks in to your mind and body. demons rely on fear and a person who does not know the full understanding of a demons. humans are stronger than demons we have the power to cast them out by faith in the word of god. there are so many ways to come in contact with fallen angels. just like the ouiji board its a lie

        • Big Chief says:

          Hmm. There is a guy on youtube that has like over 50 ouija sessions on there. He has been ouijaing for over 20 years and he said he has never had any bad experiences. He had one experience when his spirit guide (A Native American) warned him that it was too dangerous for him to ouija because of “demons” that were around. He was ouijaing in an old abandoned haunted house or something. His “spirit guide” said that he was a Native American and he lived and died in American. Proving that he was a human spirit.

          Many people who have done ouija for years will tell you that “spirit guides” are just human spirits that have lived and died on earth before. If you can talk to “spirit guides” through the ouija and those guides are human spirits that once lived on earth, then tell me how can no one else talk to human spirits through the ouija. In fact, human spirits can be contacted through ouija but it depends on where they’re at. Not all contact through ouija board are non-human demons. You think any ole kid off the streets can get a ouija board from Toys-R-Us and actually contact a non-human demon.

          If that were so then there would be no need for demon conjurers or wizards or sorcerers or witches or demon summoning books/rituals. One could simply just go to Toys-R-US and purchase a ouija board to summon non-human demons. Its not that easy!!! Most of who you contact on the ouija are weak human spirits. You want real bad strong demons you have to know what the hell your doing (summoning). By the way, the guy who I’m talking about name is MadHobbitt and he’s on youtube. Here’s a link of one of many of his ouija sessions:

          • Anonymous says:

            i understand your situation.
            Go, stay calm, respect the spirits and dontt mess around.
            many of my friensds have done it and they get very emotional and scared.
            as long as you say the right things and dont waste their timee, they will not hurt you.

  260. Junbug20 says:

    Big chief, Don’t know why some demons are weak and why some are strong, the bible does not address this and I’m not a demonologist you are right, all I know is what I have experienced with demons (not many, thank God!) and with bible study,, you encountered a weak one, and lucky you did so, you sound like you want one to encounter, think carefully, you may regret it.

    • Big Chief says:

      The weak demons are actually human demons. Humans that are in hell and are now called demons. That’s why they are so weak. Do you actually believe that a demon who was once an angel with God and was on earth before the 1st human being is now so weak that he can’t barely move a piece of wood on a ouija board. A big bad demon who was up there with God as a previous angel can’t even move a piece of wood with 2 people touching it. Are you kidding me??? I see why that angel would have fell from grace. He was too weak to probably stand up on his own 2 feet.

      The Bible you have my friend is not the full unedited Bible. The Bible today is heavily edited and missing alot of information. Some things were purposesly placed in the Bible and others were purposely taken out. Most of the spirits you encounter through the ouija board are weak and can’t do much of nothing.

      • howie says:

        the bible hasnt changed they just copy them over the years, that morman dude added his own stuff into it but its in the book of morman he thought god told him to do but it was the angel of light (satan)

  261. Big Chief says:

    Also, look at part 2 of this same video. Notice how the boy Martin talks about dogs were at the church. He said negative energy (demons) took the form of six evil black dogs. Those dogs were outside watching the session. The Spirit Martin is not in heaven cause there are no evil demon dogs in heaven. This shows you that human spirits not in heaven can communicate through ouija. Martin is in limbo (still on earth) and he communicated through ouija,. Human spirits can communicate through ouija like I said before and many people who use ouija extensively will confirm this. Its only the people who never used the ouija before that will say that you can not communicate with human spirits. Evil and good is in the spirit world. You can contact good and evil through the ouija board. Not all of them are demons and evil. That’s a myth..

    • howie says:

      its a video dude yes demons can take any shape or form of anything. i have used a board so many times, it worked yeah but i had demons attacking me in my sleep even during the day so im telling you it aint “human spirits” there dead people either in heaven or hell, and some souls roam in earth cause hell is getting full but it doesnt mean they are the ones that your talking to on the board. i know what im talking about. you will thank me later

  262. Sophie. says:

    I’ve never used a Ouija Board, i want too but i’m to scared baha xD
    but anyway, my mums friend’s friend had a loger staying in her house for a few days & he did a Ouija Board in one of her rooms in her house &+ then a few days after, he left. My mums friend’s friend got back to her house one day and she tried to get into this room to clean it but, the door handle was red hot & it burnt her hand everytime she tried to go in the room. When she was in the kitchen, something would open the cutlery draw & start throwing knifes at her & stuff. Turns out she had a poltergeist in her house & she had to have her house excorsised =/

  263. junbug20 says:

    Big Chief; Did you know that there is a seven fold curse from God with all the plagues mentioned in the the bible to anyone who “edits” or adds anything to it? it’s in the revelation chapter, somethings have been kept out though. The king james version is the first that was translated to english from greek and hebrew it took ten years to do, I believe in the early 1700′s. -enjoy

  264. suzzzi says:

    The stories over here are very unrealistic nd untrue.Please dont believe this. These stories are self made.Ouija board doesnot harm you and it is not true tat it will call spirits..Please be matured enough and dont write all these non-sense..

  265. Keston says:

    Go and speak the Jehovah’s Witnesses they will give you the best help, TRUST ME.

  266. lizz says:

    i messed with a ouija board when i was 14 and since then we never closed it properly and there was 5 of us that were using it and since then im the only surviver and and each year 2 people that i know die., the evil spirit folows me and i dont know where the exact copy of the ouija board is and i dont know how to let the evil spirt go that follows me and it affects me and everyone around me., i will never mess with he ouija board ever again and i encourage anyone not too either, ppl say that there fun but if u do not kno wat ur doin it can mess your life up.! && im serious about this!!

  267. Darkness_Freak says:

    Lizz, your best bet is to try and retrace your footsteps about where you last played it, where you may have been when you put it down, do you friends have it etc.

    As for the spirit, again, your best bet is to speak with a priest and get your house ‘lifted’ you can do it yourself, but, it is much better with someone of a religious sense (so to speak) This must be either be a molevolent spirit or you may have angered it is some way. you must try and think, it is easier to say this than do it, but, you also must try to act confident against spirits, remember, negative and negative, do not make a positive.

    As for the ouija board itself, I have not had any problems with it, but, I do know that if you dabble, bad things can happen.

  268. Anonymous says:

    I pray that you will get this sorted with the best thing, a preist, aswell as usual prayers :D I truly hope for you :D

  269. Anonymous says:

    I recently bought a ouija board, i left in in the back off my car, went to the river and threw my wet cloths on it, the board is now all wrinkly looking, more creepy then it already was and smells. ( if that effect the board and spirts?)

    This friday me and my friends are going to play it at the cementary,,,

    we played it twice nothing happend,
    im not really a believer,,,
    we’ll see what happens.

  270. Anonymous says:

    i have never played a Ouija board but i believe in stuff like this but i think ur imagination makes things worse, you may start to think your being haunted and could even end up killing yourself, for your own safety, i wouldent mess with these kind of things but if you do, ask the spirit if he is ok with you speaking to him/her, if not, close the board immediatly.

  271. A person. (: says:

    I actually used the Ouija board when I was only in 3rd grade! I had some older cousins that convinced my sister and I to play with them. I went with one cousin into the bathroom with all the lights off, and my sister and other cousin went somewhere else. (They had two boards obviously.)
    My cousin I was with burnt some candles and we talked with it for hours. Of course only being 8 years old, I asked it some pretty dumb pointless questions.
    It claimed it was a phoenix, and it was very kind to me, actually.
    Sometimes I’m convinced it was just my cousin messing with me the whole time, and other times I think I could have been talking to a spirit somewhere.
    It’s always weird to think about. I’m just thankful I had a safe experience with the board.

  272. Anonymous says:

    wow thats really weird. in the house my family just recently moved into, the house history is a little disturbing. apparently the husband went crazy and shot his wife. then killed himself all in the same room. the blood stains were so bad they had to put in new carpet. while he was on his little killing spree, his 13 year old daughter was waiting outside for the parents in the car. she heard the shots and ran inside to fide both of her parents dead. i was acctually considering useing a Ouija board just to find out what the whole story was, but now that i have read these stories i’m thinking twice.

  273. AnNa says:

    my sister whos 22 yrs old said she tried and first time nothing happened to her and second she said something happened but she thinks it was her friend.

  274. Katie Gibson says:

    in my experience there was me and my friend, only 2 of us. We had a ouiji borad and decided to try it out. We played with it in my house and as soon as we asked the first question ‘is anybody there’ the lights started flickering and the pointer quickly pointed to ‘yes’ over the next month we played with it constantly, but one night at 11pm we contacted an evil spirit that threatened us. the next day we went to a spiritilist and she told us that my friend was going to die whilst playing with the board. the next night we got out the board again and asked more questions such as ‘how did you die’ the spirit spelled out ‘ouiji board’. we asked ‘what happened’ the spirit said ‘spirits dragged me into the board’ my friend was quickly dragged into the board by a hand of fire. we must of been talking to a deamond. my friend was never see again. i was sent to a mental home after witnissing this horriffic inident. i was released 1 year later, but now the deamond is still after me. every night when i go to bed i hear bannging on the window and scratching sometimes i think its my dead friend trying to talk to me. i started hanging around with new friends and we did a ouiji board game again, but nothing happened. my friend must of just been unlucky

    please dont play with ouiji boards they really work. sometimes you can contact nice spirits and evil ones. they pretend to be your long lost realtives so they can find things out about you. please dont do a ouiji board because they trick you into saying personal things.

    thanks for reading


  275. Anonymous says:

    im only about 13 and me and my friend recently purchaced an ouija boared from spencers, we tryied to attempt the spirit to answer our questions but it wouldnt budge. no one would say anything and the pointer wouldnt work…wouldnt move. my friend told it it wass stupid and fake. so we put the boared away. the next morning we went into the liveing room and the puija boared was opened and the pointer kept moveing all over in the senter makeing bunches and bunches of 8′s. i didnt know what this ment. i put the pointes on the goodbye sighn to make it stop, and it did. i took a shower and when i got out the mirror had a smudged hand print on it. i ran out screaming my mom an to me and told me it was probably a prank. that night i couldnt sleep. finally when i got to sleep i woke up to my door creaping open. i got up slowely walked out and nothing was there. i went to the liveing room to find that my ouija boared was and the pointer were together again, the pointer moveing feircely around the boared. i was stoned and i couldnt move. i felt a breathe behind me not moveing. i asked what do you want. i got up my nerves to take note on what it was saying. help me help me. over and over. none of my family believed me. so i went to my neighbors. she told me to burn it and to make sure it burns with the pointer. she helped me. but it wouldnt burn. each flaaim just comes off like air. im terrified of everything. each time i try to get rid of the boared it always comes back. we even moved and i left the boared berried in our old back yard..and it was back on my bed the 1st night in our new house. i cry myself to sleep at night. this has ruined my life..and please never mess with them..i wasnt the one even insulting the boared yet im the one to pay.

    • yra says:

      Ooh, no sweetie! This is bad, i don’t know how you can get help, i’ve read about this, she was never able to burn it, she at least didn’t write about it. I’ll pray to the gods and goddess’s that you will be able to burn it and move on with your life. I give you hope of all my heart!
      All i can come with in this situation is to advice you to talk with a REAL psychic about this. What i mean with real is that some are just acters who steal you money.
      i’ll try to find something out for you.

      May the gods and godess’s be with you, blessed be!

  276. yra says:

    I’m so sorry, you changed my mind totally, thank you for telling me this!
    I’m still so sorry, i feel sad for you all for knowing that you all forgot her there and for her i feel sad cause she died and missed alot of opportunities
    i feel sad just by thinking of how much this must have hurt you..
    I almost cried, and i don’t do that very often if i didn’t get hurt.
    It’s like a horror-story for us, for you it must be a nightmare you can’t wake up from.
    i feel great sadness in every part of my body, it almost hurts. i wish i could help you.
    My advice is to go for a psychic, but some may just take your money so be careful not to say what you problem is, let them figure out themselves if their really psychics.

    once again i feel great sorrow for you, i wish i could help more. May the goddes’s and gods be with you and help you through this hard stuff and to get rid of the bad energy around you. I bless you as amny times i can, i shall pray for you every time i go to bed, i wish you all good luck in the world!

    Blessed you be!

  277. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry i can help you the same thing happened to me when i was 10

  278. Darkness_Freak says:

    Dabblers beware, using an ouija board can have catastrophic consequences, those who do not believe in the paranormal perhaps may get away with nothing happening to them, but, do NOT push your luck.

    If you have had any problems, or if you are going to use an ouija board, at least surround yourself and the board with white candles as a symbol of protection, I don’t care what anyone says.

    A priest is the best one to talk to if you feel that your friends or family are going to judge you, he can also, ‘lift’ the house as I previously stated.

    Keep posting your comments and I will try to help you if you are scared of confused or anything.

    “Consider Carefully and Act Accordingly”

  279. Anonymous says:

    Hey you guys, just need to pray to god, and ask for forgiveness, because that’s only the devils game. Pray to God, tell him to keep u away from evil, and i can assure u God is the only one, who can defeat all the bad things u may be going through. God Bless Everyone :)

  280. Anonymous says:


    first of all please know Ouijas are very dangerous.

    it was a few weeks ago, me & my friend kaley had just bought an ouija board. We both come from very religous families, so ofcorse they didn’t know. kaley’s parents wern’t home & we decided to take it out then. before we placed our hands on the ouija we recided the “Our Father” prayer. it took a while before we got anyone to answer us back. we started by asking a few random questions, nothing important. later we were starting to think it was all a bunch on mumbo jumbo so we decided to put it to a test. “ring kaley’s doorbell” we asked. WELL IT DID. we quickly said goodbye(not waiting for an answer) and hide in under her treehouse. the next day kaley noticed a white hair laying beside her on the pillow. she called me over and we decided to ask if it was ‘ryans’. KALEY HAS NO ANIMALS, NOTHING. we brought it out, said the prayer and began to ask. he replied with yes, it was his. we had asked why it was beside kaley. he had said he slept beside her that night. IT SCARED US. we started asking “why this blah blah blah” and it suddenly spelled out “L-E-A-V-E-M-E-N-O-W” we asked “why??” aagain it repeated itsself. kaleys dad pulled into the drive way and we said goodbye. that night i spent the night at kaleys and a black shadow moved over us. we hid under the covers and screamed. kaleys mom came in and we told her everything, we had to bless her house. we felt the evil leave when we burned and threw it away.

    Note from admin – Your comment here was edited but the next time you post a comment using profanity it will be deleted.

  281. alfredo says:

    debrah, the same thing happened to me. ):

  282. Barrett says:

    I personally used a Ouija Board for a long time and I know first hand that the spirits follow you… they don’t just stay with the board. Evil is all around the world in the first place, but once you allow yourself to be open to something like that, you are setting yourself up for a world of hurt. I’m not some one time Ouija Board user that had a bad experience and got scared. I had a friend of mine who introduced it to me and I watched as he slowly became obsessed with it and went crazy. I was skeptical of the board at first because every story I had ever heard sounded illogical and downright stupid. I had some very BAD things happen to the point of feeling hopeless and like I could never get out of the situation I had put myself in. I knew that using the Ouija Board was a stupid thing to do. The only place I knew to look was to God. The one true God. The God tat the Bible teaches us about. I had no idea how much raw power God has over all things and certainly no idea how much He loved me and wanted to help me. I didn’t deserve help, but God loved me enough to help me anyway. God also loves YOU. There is nothing you can ever do no matter how bad that can cause God to love you any more or any less. One of the worst sinners of all time got saved and became one of the best preachers of all time. His name was Paul and he wrote 13 books of the Bible. Jesus has all power over evil and all power to save you… even from yourself. You have to personally ask Jesus to come into your life and be your personal savior. If you are sincere He will. Despite what a catholic priest might tell you holy water is not real. Its just water. It has no power… The bible does not EVER say anything about holy water… Not unless you get some bible that only the Catholics use… which is not the real bible. The Ouija Board is a means to talk to Satan and his demons. It can’t be trusted because Satan is a liar. Jesus talks about Satan in John 8:44 Jesus said “He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Any time Jesus encountered evil spirits they would bow down to Him and beg for His mercy. Why would they do that if Jesus did not have ALL power? Satan does not have ANY power over God. In Matthew 8:29 Jesus encounters some demons and they show respect the minute they talk to Jesus. Matt. 8:29-8:31 They began screaming at him, “Why are you interfering with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torture us before God’s appointed time?” There happened to be a large herd of pigs feeding in the distance. So the demons begged, “If you cast us out, send us into that herd of pigs.” The name of Jesus Christ has great power. Phillipians 2:9-11 “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”. If anyone is having trouble remember everything I’ve said here. God loves you and He has all power. If you are seeking God get a bible and read it! Don’t get a King James version that you can’t understand. Get a New International Version (NIV) or a New Living Translation (NLT) . These are both wonderful translations and are true and accurate. There are a lot of misunderstandings on what it means to be saved and how someone can be saved. Baptism DOES NOT save you. Going to church every Sunday does not save you. Being a good person does not save you. Being baptized is a visible symbol of having your sins washed away but it does not save you, just like a wedding ring is a symbol of your marriage but the ring is not your marriage. Baptism is not your salvation. If you are wondering how to be saved you must accept the gift of Jesus. Jesus took your punishment on the cross so that you can accept the gift that God has for you which is a personal relationship with you. God does all the work and you accept His gift of salvation. How?

    1. Admit that you are a sinner. Romans 3:23 “For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”
    2. Be willing to turn from sin. (repent) Luke 13:5 “I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish”.
    3. Believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and paid the debt for you sin. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”

    Pray to God and He will come into your life. How do you pray to God? Its easy! Just talk to Him as you would your best friend. God does not care about fancy prayers or how poetic you can make your prayer sound. He cares about whats in your heart. “God help me” is probably one of the most effective prayers of all time.
    This is the sinners prayer: “Dear God, I am a sinner and need forgiveness. I believe that Jesus Christ shed His precious blood and died for my sin. I am willing to turn from sin. I now invite Christ to come into my heart and life as my personal Saviour.”

    I was not a child of God when I first used the Ouija Board but I am now and I want to share with everyone what God can do for people. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to give you an answer. I hope yall have some! Thanks for reading :)

    • solja says:

      God Bless you Barrett.
      I thank Him that you have seen the light. I agree with all you’ve said and the only way to get out of the boundage of spiritism is Jesus! His name is enough to shake Satan and all his angels !!
      I love Him because I know He’s protecting me and fighting all my spiritual battles.
      Some people will find playing with a Ouija as a “fun thing”…I wish they knew the implications…

      Keep up the good work for the sake of God’s Kingdom.
      God Bless you.

  283. Bekah says:

    Schools have graveyards???

  284. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys.

    Playing with the Ouija board is a classic scary pastime for teens – that dosen’t mean its a great idea!

    Just setting up the board and asking is there anyone there? is akin to opening your front door in the middle of the night and inviting the nearest stranger into your house.

    There are all kinds of folks floating around out there, and, well, its like a box of chocolates..you never know what you are going to get.

    If you must!!

    Before using the board do a protection ritual. Imagine yourselves enclosed by a white light bubble, sealed with a symbol that is meaningful to you, Calvary cross, pentagram, whatever. Ask your God to protect you, ask that no harm results in your actions.

    This is the minimum you need to do really. And that advice is only for those who are just going to do it anyway, those who have a real interest.

    ‘Dabbling’ is always a rubbish Idea. It usually happens at pyjama parties where everyone is excited and scared and no-one knows what they are doing. If you ARE going to do it – do it properly, read up, get wise, protect yourself. People don’t change that much when they die, and the ones that you are likely to conact are those who are ‘stuck’ – folk who haven’t made it back to where they are supposed to go because of unresolved issues on earth.
    Dosen’t mean they are bad – but they are likely to have ‘issues’.

    So wise up and play safe if you have to explore this (and it is much better to get on with living, believe me) and protect yourself with knoweledge and forethought.

    Take care!

  285. J. says:

    Hiya; sorry to hear about yourt friend :/
    Im 14 & I would really like to do the ouija board but hearing all the bad experiences with it is really starting to put me off… I have heard loads of bad experiences most of the involving death. But my mum has done it before with a home made board and it wasn’t really a bad experience, the ouija board spelt out the name “Sister Dominic” she was a nun. My mum and her friends continued to communicate with this spirit, she said she was a good spirit and to show that she was real she told my mum and her friends where her Grave was… the next morning my mum and her friends went looking for the grave and they found it. My mum stopped doing the ouija board after another experience she had; The glass started moving on the ouija board and someone asked if there was anyone there, the answer was yes… Another of my mums friends asked if the spirit was good, and it answered No, then someone asked if it was human, it said no, then someone asked if it was animal, it said no. Someone then asked what the spirits name was and there was no answer, then the glass launched itself across the room and smashed. this scared my mum, i think it was a warning telling my mum to stop doing the oujia board.

    • solja says:

      If I were you, I’d stay away from that, DO NOT MESS with spirits, they are deceiptful, liers and very manupilative. Inviting them in your life, is the worst decision you can make, they can take control of your mind and make you things you would otherwise not do…
      They hate Jesus Christ for a reason…because He cares for you and gave His life for you. those spirits enjoy hurting people just because they know that Jesus Loves you and all the humanity..for they it is a sweet revenge to hurt mankind.

      That’s why God Warns us of some practices and messing up with the ouija is one of them;

      Deuteronomy 18:10-11 (New International Version)

      10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in [a] the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead.

  286. Darkness_Freak says:

    You must be careful when using an ouija board, like I said previously about pushing your luck. Unfortunately, spirits, demons, human ghosts, whatever you may call them. You NEVER know what will lay awaiting for you.

    Everything has a reason for existing, regardless of what anyone says.

    As someone said previously as well, before doing a session, use protection symbols or spells and get other useful accessories like white candles to symbolize purity.

    Note: Following spirits instructions, orders or anything can be very risky. You must be aware of what you are doing, who you are talking to, where he/she is leading you, what their actions are etc. Please becareful, deaths can occur with following orders as well.

    2nd Note: Here is a little hint to make sure you know who you are talking to, sometimes, there have been cases in which a ‘friendly’ spirit or entity has been able to help some humans living on earth, anyway, here are the hint(s):

    1. When you start the session, once you have asked “Is anyone here with us?” and you have had a response, remember what his/her name is, before you ask his/her name.

    2. If it is the same spirit, ask some more questions, such as their age, where they lived (past tense) relatives?

    3. If details are correct, then, try and ask him/her something more personal and who they have helped (if relevant to you own personal being)

    4. If everything goes as planned, I would say it is reasonably safe, but, always make sure you keep asking him/her question to ensure that he/she is still who they say they are, and no other entity or spirit has taken over the board. (it does happen)

    5. Most Important, when done with the session(s), say your goodbye’s and move the planchet to ‘GoodBye’ this will ensure that the connection is secured, also, sometimes it helps to take the planchet of the main part of the board and put it in the corner and turn it upside down (the planchet).

    Under NO circumstances should the board be left open, always close the connection, even if you are late for an appointment or anything, you are responsible for your own actions, no-one else.

    Be Warned Guys, any problems, message here

    • J.A says:

      Hey mmm me and my friends tried playing the ouija board but nothing happened and we just got board so we just started laughing. how can we make it work ?

  287. solja says:

    I’ve got the answer…
    you first need to know that some pratices disgust God and playing with ouija is one of them. I have attached a link in the Bible and also a testomy of a friend who has gone through that experience and he is providing ways of getting out of that. This fellow expereinced a near death experience, and had practiced black, white magic, etc.
    but Jesus Christ rescued now, now he is sharing the Good News of the Lord to the whole word.
    Those spirits, ghosts, etc can’t stand the name of Jesus or the Blood of Jesus!!You don’t need a catholic priest..just say that name, abandon those pratices and follow Jesus, and those evil entities will flee from you.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-11 (New International Version)

    10 Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in [a] the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, 11 or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead.


  288. J.A says:

    OK so i really want to play or at least try the ouija board but every expirience i had heard ended up in death or being posed even weird stuff happening what are some tips for not being posed of DIE !!! PLEASE HELP ME PEOPLE I NEED HELP…..!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darkness_Freak says:

      ok ok, so, you want to try an ouija sessions eh? fair enough, you want to avoid negative effects? good to hear, if you want a guide to help, try the link above in my previous comment

      That link above will give you a good idea on how to do one etc, as for protection, I suggest some white candles around all of you (including the board which should be infront of you) this will act as a symbol of purity, also, before you begin, chant the lords prayer, starts with ” Our farher who art in heaven, how would be thy name”, and continue.(Optional, but, can work)

      Also, another thing, before starting, make it clear that you want NO negative energy present or within the board.

      Good Luck, Keep me posted.

    • solja says:

      Do not let curiosity take a hold on you…you don’t need the ouija! you can’t go and mess up with those evil spirits and expect protec tion from God at the same time. I’ll request you just leave the ouija alone, that is if you want to live.
      God Bless

    • Autrey says:

      It is really simple. For me atleast. First you will want to meditate and clear yourself of all negative energies. Clear you chakras.

      Wear a clear quarts stone. Light five candles and place them around you in a circle. Fill a bowl withwater and add some lavender and/or cedar oil if possible. Pour salt in a circle to connect the candles in a circle ( while doing this you may want to chant ” Goddesses of the Earth and Moon, I ask of you, please protect” . You can use stones instead of candles if needed. Then you are ready to begin. Start out by stating that you don’t want to be posed and are not looking to cause harm. Be very polite.Not all spirits are bad. The Ouija board doesn’t attract demonic power. When you end thank the spirit, the Earth, and the Moon. And don’t forget to blow out the candles You can add some salt to the bowl of water and put it by your bed to keep you safe while you sleep. Have fun. Don’t do anything disrespectful.

  289. Anonymous says:

    Im Sorry 4 What Happened but What You Need To Do Is Talk o Your Local Priest ANd Be Blessed and your house does to

  290. LuLo says:

    I’m just reading some of the posts relating to the bible and religion, heaven and hell. I respect other’s opinions, but i also challenge the idea of such polarised views of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – every human being has both good and bad in them, no one is just good or just bad.

    To assume you have to be one or the other is too simplistic.

    While ‘demons’ may be spirits so lost in their darkness they appear to be evil, people, and their spirits being destined for heaven or hell just doesnt work for me. I think everyone ends up where their state of mind takes them, and the murderer from Newcastle helped shaped my view of that – he didnt know how to find his way out and find a better place to move onto while understanding his behaviour while alive – he wasnt ‘put’ there from how he described it.

  291. Anonymous says:

    A lot of the replies say that they’re still trying out the Ouija Board even though countless reasons are given not to do it. Curiosity killed the cat is what I say.
    Being a firm believer in the Mormon faith and witnessing what this horrible thing can do to people’s lives, I say to not even go playing with such a thing. The board isn’t what’s evil, it’s the way of communication that makes it so bad. There might be spirits that answer personal questions and seem to be nice, but you can’t trust that. They might as well be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Even if the Ouija Board “doesn’t work,” you’re opening a doorway to let spirits that aren’t necessarily friendly into your life, and the repercussions from that poor choice can ruin your life.
    My friend’s father has experienced the horrors of letting evil spirits into his life and has told us stories about them. He hasn’t told us much though, because what he has experienced is too horrifying for him to bring up. Believe me, it’s not worth it to toy with dangerous things.
    If you have unfortunately let such things enter your life, my recommendation would be to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Just pray even if you don’t really believe in it, because my friend’s father has tried it and it has led him out of a dark point in his life. It helped him, and I believe that if you do the same it can point you in the right direction on how to escape and even dispel such evil spirits.
    I hope my information helped.

    • Autrey says:

      If something “evil” does enter your house mix together some salt and garlic powder. Pour some at all the windows and doors in your house. You can also light some incense. Also, keep a bowl of lavender oil, water, and salt next to your bed and place a large stone in the center.

      • solja says:

        Jesus Christ Loves you and died for you. Renounce misleading the children of God.

        • Autrey says:

          I don’t find my information “misleading”. I don’t believe in God and many other don’t either. I believe in witchcraft. Everyone is free to believe what they want. I think if God is all loving that he should be able to accept small magic just to protect one’s home. I didn’t say she should conjure demons I gave her simple tips. Lavender has been proven to have calming effects and salt has healing properties. Salt is believed to be lucky by many. When you throw spilled salt over your shoulder it is to get bad luck away from you. Garlic is thought to be evil ridding in countless areas and religions. I find it very calming to watch the smoke from burning incense. I never said don’t believe in God. I just stated my beliefs. I will not renounce it.

          • solja says:

            This video is a friend who was practicing witcraft… Thank God he saw the Light and now he is serving the Lord and delivering through Jesus Christ others who were practicing what you’re doing. I don’t know how “far” you’ve gone but no matter what level you may have reached in witchcraft, Jesus is able to Save you.
            The name of Jesus is more powerful than any name; no principality, no power can outstand that Name. Where would you want to spend eternity? there’s only one place where witches are destined, unless they turn away from their practices.

            Here are some verses, you may wanna consider reading,

            “There shall not be found among you any one who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, any one who practices divination, a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For whoever does these things is an abomination to The Lord; and because of these abominable practices The Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before The Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 18:10-13 RSV).

            “Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, party spirit, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” (Galatians 5:19-21 RSV).

            “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8 RSV).

            • Autrey says:

              What if I do not believe in “God’?

              • solja says:

                It doesn’t matter wether you believe in Him or not. He is very much Real and one day you’ll face Him. The question would be…where will you pass Eternity, in hell or in heaven? He is coming soon and every eye will see him and every knee will bow before Him. I hope you take this warning serious and give up your old ways… He shed His blood so that you could live. Seek Him while He can still be found. You never know ….maybe He is the one talking to you through me. He is willing to receive you, it doesn’t matter how deep in sin you have gone. He is willing to wash away your sins, restore your life and make a covenant with you.He is calling you His child. Come just as you are and let His spirit dwell in you.
                Jesus Christ is His Name.

                • Autrey says:

                  I am following what I beleive is right. I only offered advise to some one who asked. I’m not saying that other beliefs are wrong or that they should come join my religion, unlike some other people such as yourself.

  292. Tanya says:

    me and 2 of my best friends had a ouija board 1 time.i lived downhill from a cemetary and we took it up there one night.i dont think that any1 should play with a ouija board cuz what happened has made me so paranoid.when we were up there we heard wispers,saw things,and i lost my best friend when i heard 2 days later that she was found in the woods behind her house.i now am scared when im alone because i still hear things,i have nightmares everynight,things move by themselves,and at mightnight everynight every electronic in my room goes off by itsself so i dont like that stuff in my room no more,and i see things that most people dont.i dont care who believs me becuase i know that it is true and i dont want to see kids do the stupid things that i did

    • Autrey says:

      I am not trying to be rude, but if you are so horrified by your experience why are you on a site like this? If I were you I would avoid anythiing to do with a Ouija board.

    • solja says:

      Hi there, do not be afraid anymore.

      Just say this prayer:
      Lord Jesus, I come to you submitting my life to your lorship, I confess all my wrong doing(mention playing with that board) and I have accepted you as my personal Lord and Saviour. I thank you for loving me and accepting me as your friend.
      By your death on the cross, you took away all my sins, my curses and my transgressions. I need you in my life now and forever more. Cleanse me with your blood and make whole. I renounce all my bad habits(no more playing with that board) and ask that you forgive m,e guide me and protect me.

      In your house, what you need to do is …whenever you see something abnormal, speak to whatever “spirit” in taht room, and say ” the Blood of Jesus Condemn you evil spirits. I am a child of God, I command you to leave NOW inthe mighty name of Jesus Christ and don’t you come back again!”

      You need to also join a praying church and submit your life to the Lord. He loves you and Cares for you…it is up to you to make that first move.
      Be Blessed.

    • AnNa says:

      did you take the ouija board to the cemetery?if so why?thats a bad move.im sorry for your friends loose.but you shouldnt go to the cemetery if your not paying respect to a loved one.the cemetery is for the dead.i dont know how many time i say it but its up to you if you want to.a spirt came with you or maybe your friend just to let her know shes with you.tell the spirt to go,you dont belong here.at least you learned your lesson.(i hope)i dont mean to be a b!!!! about it.

  293. Darkness_freak says:

    Alright, it seems that despite numerous warnings, people still decide to use the board in stupid places, if you want to do a session, did you not follow my link to do a good session?
    Of course you probably did not, I do not show sympathy for fools, but, when something bad happens, I will give my greatest sympathies.

    Now, this info on religious purposes, although it is useful, It will always be a mystery as to whether there is a god or not, I am not knocking anyone who does or does not believe, I am one for sitting on the fence. but, all that aside, isn’t this website for people experiences on the ouija board? please try not to preach, it can sometimes have a negative effect on people, (as in make them curiousity increase).

    I am on here to give advice based on the situation, not just say to get your house cleansed or use various crystals etc. spirits can come in many forms, some dangerous, some not, it is a matter of finding out.

    Please, if you want to end up with good results, take a peak at the link I provided a few paragraphs up.

    Any problems, give me a shout and I will do my best to help, same as everyone on here is doing their best to help without being a bit full on. Sorry if it seems I am being mean, I promise I am not.

    • solja says:

      God DOES Exist. if this site is about experiences from people who used the board or intending to use it, it should also be useful to explain to them the dangers they are putting themselves into. What you call “preaching” is indeed a warning. You don’t know the pain and suffering of those who died and went to hell as a result from playing with that board. I have friends who experienced a near death experience and because their lives weren’t straight with the Lord, they had a feel of what hell is.
      Playing with the board will take you straight to hell in case you don’t repent and give your life the Jesus Christ.
      Check this video

  294. Anonymous says:

    I have a Ouija board and nothing happend to me..

    • Solja says:

      Nothing “happened” doesn’t mean, nothing will not happen. stay away from it and ask God to forgive you for having it in the first place.

  295. Junbug20 says:

    Wow Solja, that was powerful and thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t it amazing how merciful and gracious our God is? Imagine if Jesus Christ didn’t die for our sins, what would had happened by now to those who try to “experiment” witchcraft….just remember what happened to the Israelites in the desert when they decided to worship idols rather than the True God. I thank God for this Grace period we’re still under…but the Lord is coming soon, and the righteous will inherit the earth and all the wicked will be cut off and thrown into the lake of fire. Many people will laugh at this post..but sadly it is True…there’s a heaven and there’s hell. only the pure at heart will see God.
      My friend we’ve got to be strong in this last hour of this generation, may the Lord Finds us ready and takes us home to rejoice with Him forever and ever.
      Stay Blessed

  296. Anonymous says:

    me and my mum dona the ouiji boared i am 11 years old now and when we done it strange things happened my bedroom light turned off and on and we were sitting in the living room and a glass went flying and we also heared bleathing noises and my mum seen shadows it was freaky and about 20 mins ago my plant fell at the top of the stairs and it landed with out breaking and it landed just like it would be sitting.SO NEVER OUS THE OUIJI BOARED!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Sarah says:

    Get an exersim…i know your not possed but it could help.

    • nathan says:

      You CANNOT get an exorcism unless you are possessed… an exorcism is defined as a removal of a possession, and you can’t remove what isn’t there.

      If someone is antagonized by a spirit but NOT possessed, what they need is a blessing.
      There’s a huge difference.

      One such difference is that with a blessing anyone can do it who knows how… with an exorcism you have to apply with the church and after months and months of meetings and decisions they decide whether or not to send a priest out to exorcise.

  298. Autrey says:

    I just want o say that many people say they play with the ouija board. You shouldn’t “play” with it only use it.

  299. AnNa bites back says:

    people will play with the ouija board weather or not we say dont.curious is what they are.

  300. Michael says:

    Well I got one myself too but I really treat it with great respect and fear. The problem with me is that fear. Whenever I try to relax myself and start even thinking about going back to my Ouija I get shivers and my mind is not calm. That’s the problem. You shouldn’t feed spirits with fear.
    Anyway my board is made out of wood and has black paint letters. Nothing like Parker Brothers though. I like it. It’s all wooden, including planchette. I bought it in a special shop in a hidden alley and once I got it I felt so attached to it. It became very mine like. It has nice yet hypnotic scent. Kind of India scent. The wood smells so pretty.
    I made two contacts by myself.

    1. The spirit introduced herself as ‘HENA’. I asked about her age etc. regular stuff (shame I didn’t took any notes). Now the weird stuff. Each time I asked Hena question the candle would flicker (no windows open, no airconditioning). After the goodbye just a few minutes later around 2:00 a.m my phone rang and it was my very troubled friend. The phone scared the shit out of me at that hour. My friend is kind of medium though. I never admitted to him I have the board. He wouldn’t like that.

    2. Second time the spirit introduced himself as ‘FILIP’. Phillip in english I guess. (I’m not English). Actually I made contact with Filip two times. Each time I’ve asked him how can I help him he said: ‘whistle’. I didn’t have guts to do it. And I’m sorry beacuse I wasn’t able to help Filip. Those two times he said goodbye and didn’t act rude. However for three nights after that I couldn’t sleep well. To add I slept for three nights with lights on in my room.

    Since then I stopped. I really feel though terrible for not helping Filip. Perhaps I should but I was too scared that if I whistle the strange stuff might happen. I don’t know if I’m eager to take a risk. Should I ? Damn I’m such a chicken shit. LOL.

    • nathan says:

      Unless you are a professional paranormal investigator, you always must treat a ghost like someone you don’t know.

      You do not know Filip and you don’t know what could happen if you whistle to Filip. Maybe he has dormant wicked powers you could enable for him. Maybe he’s a nice spirit who just wants to hear whistling.

      The problem is now that you’ve made contact you also don’t know what could happen if you don’t and Filip gets pissed off. A spirit that wants something it doesn’t get can turn nasty.

      Do nothing. If things start happening you are uncomfortable with, most religions have people who can help you.

      Above all, be very careful with the ouija board. It is a tool used by paranormal investigators who know what they’re doing… it is NOT a toy. People have died using them.

      • Michael says:

        Thank You for reply. Oh I don’t treat it as a toy for sure. Nothing like that. I know it’s not a toy. I am simply fascinated with beyond but too scared of it in the same time. Nothing is happening. Though you scared me a bit when you said that spirits who don’t get their way can get nasty. I guess Filip was kind enough not to harm me in any way than just making me lose my calm sleep for three days. I’m not sure if it wasn’t just my subcounsciousness, excitment, scare and guilt or Filip. I’m not a professional ghost hunter for sure. But there were no strange sounds, nothing, yet I was in strange state of mind. Lot of fear and rushed thoughts. Now it’s all okay, I think.

  301. PJ says:

    Do people never learn from their mistakes?

    Someone up there posted a message that they used a Ouija board, had a bad experience… and later did it again! Sheesh!

    Anyway remember, Catholic priests have centuries of experience in exorcisms. Wiccans have some experience too – though a Wiccan High Priest or High Priestess is probably best (but check they aint just randomly declared their self to be a High Priest(ess)

  302. nathan says:

    As with all things, it is a tool. If you treat it as a toy you’ll have a bad experience. If you take an unnecessary risk with it you’ll open doors you don’t know how to close.

    The ouija is a very handy tool for paranormal investigators like me, who know how to use it properly.

    • Michael says:

      Nathan, may I ask you a few more questions ? Well I made a contact with totally new person. She introduced herself as ‘GIW’. It’s strange. Is it possible that spirits have such strange short names or was it because of bad spelling and misunderstanding between me and her ? Anyway Giw died 80 years old and said she’s from the sun. She was very polite, nice even I dare to say chatty and very funny at times. Certainly not a prude for that 80 years old. For the first time I didn’t feel any fear. I’m overwhelmed with positive feelings actually. She said she likes me. Than I made a round of questions. She new exactly my name, my age, my mother’s name, the date I was born. I needed to test her so it was a bit silly but I asked “How many comments now my videos on YouTube got ?” She said: “0″. I asked her kindly for a short break and she agreed. I checked YouTube it said “0″. Wow, that was amazing. I asked her if she didn’t mind my computer on. She said “NO” (that is strange because I thought electric things disturb them though I completely forgot about the rule. Silly me !) I asked Giw about more things. One of them was “Can you see me ?” She said “YES” and then I asked her where is she. She spelled “HEAD”. I asked if it was my head and she said “YES”. Strangely my head was feeling quite heavy ! Nathan is this my mind ? Or did I made that contact ? It felt amazing but I was also kind of exhausted after that. This time I took notes. She gave me some names and dates for my other more specific questions. If they all turn out to be true or at least few I’m seriously will be in shock !
      Waiting for some reply and advice.

  303. Junbug20 says:

    Michael, There is no one from the sun, Giw is a demon messing with your mind, they can read your mind, like we know we can measure brainwaves by a machine for instance, because there are electrical pulses emitting from our skulls, like a broadcast if you will, you must tune it out, ignore it, it’s full of lies and destruction, your destruction, if you continue to hear voices you could be suffering from an illness and need help with a doctor, I say this because I care and no one should be messed with or suffering, you don’t deserve it. May God’s love be with you always.

  304. Anonymous says:

    Heres my story. Most dont believe till they try

    I was told about ouja boards by a friend and i became obsessed with them id sit in my room and watch videos and research for days one day i as sitting on my bed and i saw a brigt flashin light. i didnt know what it was bt it scared me i ranout of my room and slept downstairs for days. Like i sad i was obsessed it was al id talk about and my friend called me sayin his mom bought him one and him his mom and 2 other kids i knew wre gonna play it that night. Around 2ish he calls me saying him and his mom want it gone now so they drove 45min to my huse and gave it to me for free. I only played 3times but heres what happens. Me and my friend go to an abonded school and plaay it and we ask if somone his here and if so let their presents be known. The school bell rang. We left to a diffrent location and i remeber right when i touched the little triangle i was dizzy and felt sick i let go and back to normal. i asked it questions and it replied and it freaked my out. i kept it in my garage snce my mom and dad dint know about it and i wuld hear stuff going on down there sinc my room in right about it. One day i was gonnaplay with my girl and i brougt it inside and my dogs freaked out and ran awa when i had it they hid in my parents room under their bed for hours. but the thing that pushed me over the top was one night around 3-330 i wen downstairs cause theres no restroom up here and asi was walking upstais i hear somethin i turn around and see a face standing there. the next da i threw it away and everythibgs been fine since. DONT MESS WITH I

  305. Anonymous says:

    i feel bad for you for expieriencing something like this… im 15 and i have always been interessed in ouija boards..til today acctually.. my mom told me something, something she have not wanted to tell me for 15 years finaly came out. When she was 16 she used an ouija board with a couple of friends, she asked a question inside of her head. The ouija board started moving and said the exactly correct answer, which none of her friends could of known cause it was a thought.

    The night one day later she woke up in the middle of the night, and in the corner of her room she saw two red eyes staring at her.. She got so afraid. she was shaking of fear while she hid under the duvet, i can only imagine how scary it was when i get scared just to hear about it. at that moment she believed in god and prayed, and then suddenly something calmed her mind, and she got to sleep.
    She was lucky that the demon didnt follow her, and that this was all that happend.

    I know its hard for people to believe, but atleast im convinced. my mom would never make something like that up. never

    Still though my passion and exitement of the fact that there is another world and dimension thats beyond our reach turns me on :D but the negativities that you’ll also find is a big turn-off, so ouija boards.. neh after all theese stories ive read and heard nope. its just not worth it.


  306. josh says:

    me and my friends have been playin with the ouija board for a while and today for the first real time it all went wrong. we decided to do it whilst watching paranormal activity and nothing bad happened until i had left.
    i came back and an hour later everyone was in the corners crying.
    i looked at the strais(this was in my friends house) and a shadow was walking down the stairs.
    i heard banging and whispering, we all did. then my friend started to shake uncontrolably and stare into space, calling herself the beast, 666
    then my girlfriend said that she was gemma ( the girl we always chat to on the board) and didnt even no who i was. they were both kicking and throwing things at us. we all freaked and everything started again when we went back home, the dog was starring in the corners where the ghosts were.
    im not sure what happened but this still wont put me off the ouija board, it is a great device if used properly, and im addicted to it.
    also one frien cut her hand from top to botton. blood everywhere, to try and remove the spirits.

    • Caretaker says:

      Wait… your friend cut her hand to try to remove spirits? No one should ever cut themselves like that!

  307. vinny smith says:

    you guys know that Ouija boards were completely disproven by Houdini 100 years ago don’t you?

    Genuinely, they are toys, and are meant to bring out your subconcious by using the ideomotor effect so you move the object without realising it.

    It’s all science, boys and girls

  308. lulu says:

    Hi all, I’ve read some of your stories and some I feel have been exaggerated and dramatized for effect.
    Anyway, I have always been intrigued and fascinated with the Ouija Board and the spirit world. I always felt the need to try it out but never had the guts to do so. Reason being, I genuinely believe that if you happen to make contact, in my opinion, you are in touch with demons as oppose to human spirits. They mimic a relative, a friend that has passed. And they will be as convincing as ever to make you believe that you are talking to a human spirit when in fact its all lies. They will tell you things that you know, and fascinate you to lure you in so you will continue to converse with them and come back for more until they have sucked you in and its too late.

    I would advise people who are planning a session to think twice. Even if you have not had a bad experience, its a matter of time. Do you honestly want to risk it? I have heard people that have gone insane from doing Ouija’s, paranoia takes over, and you feel like something is after you constantly, watching you. Is this a life you want to live?
    I was quite cynical in the beginning thinking, ahh, what’s the worst that could happen from a toy? But truth be told, I have heard a lot of crazy stories from people that have been involved.

    The reason I have had some self control to not participate in Ouija sessions is becuase I have
    A strong faith, and believe in god. And I know, we are not meant to mess with spirits/demons as it is clearly stated. So why go against this? Its like witchcraft. I’d rather live a happy, free life than live in the dark and in constant fear
    wondering what’s going to happen next.

    Please think twice before you do. Its really not worth it.

    I had this conversation with my sister, and she knew someone that died from it. He was a Ouija addict. She didn’t go into the ins and outs, but said that this guy was missing for days, and he was always withdrawn.
    Until they (his friends) went to visit him one day, and there was no reply. Eventually, worried, they called the police
    And they found the mans house ransacked with his lifeless body sprawled on the floor. I think he died of a hearth attack.
    I then said maybe he was burgled, but nothing was taken, and they found a Ouija board on the table. Anyway, that’s all I know.

    I also know of a friend, who has weird happenings in her house. They constantly see things in the house. Shadows and all sorts, but she swears she’s never done the Ouija board but I think otherwise. Not long ago, this persons sisters husband was getting ready to eat, as soon as he sat on the table, the table, started shaking vigorously and then the table collapsed. Weird.

    Anyway, just a warning, really think about the consequences before messing with the Ouija board. I will reiterate, your not talking to human spirits,
    Its all demonic, and the board is just a way to open a portal to communicate with you using your energy to enter our world.

    Take care and god bless.

  309. Anonymous says:

    i know the quiji board is a demonic evil game i would advise you do not play

  310. Ava says:

    me and two other friends played the ouja board last night we didnt do exactly what wee are told though we didnt put it in tthe light before we played or sit on oppisite sides of eachother. but it moved im not sure if it was one of my friends who was moving it but werid freaky stuff has been happening to me. someone help? what do i do? i wana play again to see what will happen if it was reall? what should i do?

    • Autrey says:

      Take the nessicary precautions and try again

    • Solja says:

      Hi Ava,
      that “game ” isn’t really a game it is a portal to invite demonic forces in your life. they will haunt, make you miserable, crash you even kill you. They are very manipulative, sneaky and full of hatred for God’s creation mainly the human race. My advice to you: stay away from that board.
      stay blessed

  311. anonymous says:

    hi. Last Friday, me and a friend made a ouija board, since i didn’t have mine with me. We were having a fine conversation with a spirit that continues to follow us ever since we began ouija-ing. After a short break, where we stopped the connection then re-opened it, something weird happened. A few weeks ago, some of my other friends told me about several ways that a ouija board can curse you, such as if it touches the four corners of the board or counts down from 9 to zero. When we re-opened the connection, the cap we were using moved to the bottom left corner, top left corner, top right corner, then started moving toward the bottom right corner. I panicked, and immediately and repeatedly yelled Goodbye, and the cap stopped, then moved to goodbye before hitting the last corner. My friend was unaware of the possibility of being cursed by ouijas. we tried again, since we felt that breaking the connection so abruptly may not have completely closed it, and we wanted to ensure that we had not offended the spirit. when we reconnected, Carl was there again. we asked if he tried to curse us, and he told us that somebody else had. Suddenly the cap jerked to 9, then started moving down the numbers. We rushed to goodbye, removed the cap off of the paper, then turned the paper over. We don’t know if we stopped the connection, and are unsure if we were cursed or not. we’re too scared to reopen the board, but do not know how to properly dispose of it. we said a prayer, but are both extremely worried. this took place 47 hours ago, and according to my friends the curse is supposed to kill us in 48 hours. Should I be worried, and how do we dispose of the board?

  312. Helppleasehelp says:

    Please help please it wont stop PLEASE i tried everything

    • Autrey says:

      Please state your problem

    • Solja says:

      Did you try Jesus? speak the blood of Christ on whatever is harrassing you…and depart from your evil ways.

      • Autrey says:

        I think I speak for all of us when I say calling us and our ways and beliefs evil is not helpful at all. Do you live to insult and annoy people?

        • Solja says:

          sorry if you felt insulted, that was not my intention. I am not worth to call God’s creation evil for everything He Created was Good including us who were created to His own image, you are His creation (that is if I am interacting with a human being). it is the fact of playing with the board I’m refering to as EVIL. I don’t live to insult or annoy people but I live to share the Good News of the mystery of the Cross. “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2: 20.
          Stay Blessed

  313. Anonymous says:

    The ouija board is not a toy to play with, you can never get rid of it, dont ever try to burn it at all, if you do it will leave the portal open for “things” to get through. I have exprecend this with my friend she bought a board after i told her not to mess with them and shes been experiance poltergeist actity on and off. I learnd a alot about majick because my grate grandma was a white wich and her grate grandma was a white wich and so on, it runs in my family. My friend her grate grandma was a black witch and so on with that. so we know alot about this kind of things.

  314. Anonymous says:

    A friend that currently doesn’t have access tothe internet has askedme to research something for her. About 20 years ago her fiance and her were playing with a ouija board and failed to close it. her life since then had ben filled with all sort of negative events, starting with the death of her fiance in a car accident. The board was a paper homemade board and has long since disappeared. My friend believes that what has happen in her life is related to the ouija board. She believes in God and believes that her deceased father is trying to help her. She is at wits end. Her friends/family that are close to her have dismissed this as nonesence. I have known her to long to discount what she believes. So, does anyone have any ideas on how she can bring closer to this.
    Thanks and God Bless.

    • Solja says:

      here is what the bible says about consulting the dead. If she truly believes in God:

      1. Leviticus 19:31: ‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’

      2. Deuteronomy 18:10-13: “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God ”

      Tell your friend that her deceased dad can’t communicate with her but rather demons will deceive her into thinking she is talking with her passed dad.

      2 Corinthians 11:14-15: “But I am not surprised! Even Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. So it is no wonder his servants can also do it by pretending to be godly ministers. In the end they will get every bit of punishment their wicked deeds deserve.”

      2 Thessalonians 2:9-10: “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.”

      Pray for your friend so that the Lord may recomfort her and shines His Light upon her, she is valuable in His sight.
      Stay away from the ouija board, it is NOT a game rather an entry door for evil spirits.
      God Bless u

      • Apostleled says:

        Here is more truth from Gods word

        Isaiah 8 – 19When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? 20 Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. 21 Distressed and hungry, they will roam through the land; when they are famished, they will become enraged and, looking upward, will curse their king and their God. 22 Then they will look toward the earth and see only distress and darkness and fearful gloom, and they will be thrust into utter darkness.

        Jesus is the only peace and the only comfort so rest in him and be blessed!

        • Solja says:

          Amen to that!! May the Lord Helps us to turn away from our evil practices. May this generation seek Him while He may be found. (Isaiah 55: 6)

  315. Darkness_Freak says:

    Isn’t it amazing, I have written out previously about how to do an ouija board safely, people either ignore it or just thionk they know. Solja, I understand your opinion about your beliefs in god, but, why do you keep preaching?

    Human Curiosity is something that will never be stopped, no matter what anyone does or say, it is human nature. Anyway, Here are some simple solutions to some problems or some obvious ways to prevent things happening;
    1. CLOSE the ouija board, it is simple, just say thank you and more the planchet to ‘Goodbye’.
    2. Should you play it, don’t play it drunk, disorientated, or drugged up.
    3. Light some candles (white) around the board, for purity, and state that you want no negative spirits to enter your circle.
    4. Everyone MUST believe, cannot state that enough.
    5. If you make contact, NEVER ask for physical contact, (you can ask them to move objects instead).
    6. Treat them with RESPECT!
    7. Mediums will be able to give you advice or cleanse your house if it is haunted.
    8. Still hauntings? If it does not work, consult a priest.
    9. Don’t ever try to do this yourself, unless, you have a ‘gift’

    I swear if anyone does not bother to look at any of these, then I have no sympathy for them, unless of course, it is related to a death of a spouse or something, but, Just be careful.


    • Autrey says:

      I just wanted to say thank you

      • Solja says:

        Of course you won’t have any sympathy when people will be into the ditch. Talking of curiosity, people who become crack addicts respond to “a curiosity” urge as well…
        None of the solutions you’re advocating is neither effective nor provide a lasting relief to the problem, worse you are misleading people either intentionally or by ignorance. evil spirits are not loyal in fact they prey on on their “human friends”.
        I’ll remember you in my prayers, may the Lord shines His Light upon you and may you see His Glory.

        • Darkness_Freak says:

          The solutions i suggested are not for long term use, it is for short term to be used there and then when it happens, Solja, have you ever used a board, or do you just preach?

          What I said are very effective ways of dealing with and preventing problems, how do you figure that I am misleading people? everyone makes a decision, I provide a solution. The way you are rationalising it, is incorrect, I am a psychologist, I know what I am talking about when it comes to people.

          Now, enough about that, curiosity is part of life. If anyone is having problems? state them and we will try and solve them.

          You are welcome Autrey:)

          • Solja says:

            A psychologist? I really doubt. the type of psychologist who would advice his/her clients to use crack to curve the urge, all in the name of providing short term solutions. As far as an experience with the board, I thank God for opening my eyes and helping me seeing the light. He has redeemed me and brought me back to life. My life is a testimony to His Glory.
            have u ever been haunted by the thought that God is very interested in you? well just to let you know, he knows every single deed or thought you ever had. You are precious to Him and He is not giving up on you inspite of whatever you’re doing or ever done. He is reaching out for you…
            There are two main ways people come to the realisation of God, one being after a blessing or just by realising how awesome he is through his creation or any positive event such as a miracle healing, etc. The other way, however, is through what I always call “Grinding”. This happens after a tragic event or a major catastrophy… the choice is yours. Do you wanna surrender to Him now or you’d rather wait until the evil one scraps your life. The choice between Life and Death is in your hands. I’ve chosen Life.

            • Autrey says:

              Solja, how do you know what advice we are offering is not a perminant solution? And do you actually try to help people or do you just preach?

              • Solja says:

                Refer yourself to your pal’s post, dated 29th Dec. He clearly stated that the solutions he was suggesting were NOT for long term use. My approach is simple and straightfoward: Quit playing with fire before you get burned. it is a long term solution, call it preaching if you want but it is common sense, Do not give a lighter to a pyroman if you don’t wanna see your neighborhood in flames.
                I am advicing people to stop altogether messing with things that could get them in trouble. The Word of GOD is crystal clear, Ouija board and its likes are evil games.
                I pray that your resolution for this new year is to quit as well and turning to the One and Only who created you.
                God Bless you

                • Darkness_freak says:

                  Ok, ok. I can sense that this debate is really not getting anywhere, Autrey and myself are doing our best to help people, by giving advice on problems that can or will occur when using an ouija board.I am afraid you cannot question myself as to whether I am a psychologist or not, as I clearly am, to call what you say common sense, is incorrect, it is in face a BELIEF and YOUR opinion.

                  Let me outline this once and for all:

                  Autrey and Myself are giving advice to people who have used the board or are going to, since you cannot prevent people using it, as once again, it is human nature to be curious.

                  You (Solja):

                  You do nothing but preach and give the same tedius advice over and over again about GOD (No debate please). this is a website to give advice about solutions, not to carry on talking about GOD.

                  Forgive me if it seems like I am coming accross as being harsh, I am just trying to keep to what this website is about, Ouija Board Experiences.

                  • Solja says:

                    I’m really concerned about your “approach” in the name of helping others, when you clearly said earlier that when someone gets into trouble you would care less, and there you go encouraging innocent people who may not be aware of the dangers of connecting with the spirits through this evil game. I’m really concerned.

                    Life as a teacher: when a person who is in trouble, after exhausting all other venues for help, the last resort is…? Look at the people with terminal illnesses where the doctors can’t do anything more, the psychics/mediums and other healers have failed..those .people run to Jesus. I am a living testimony.

                    The solution I am giving to people is a LONG term solution, which is turning to JESUS! People who are demon possessed, sick or under the yoke of the evil one, JESUS Delivers them all! they become free, just go into a church where the Spirit of God is at work and experience first hand how God touches people, heals people, rebukes evil spirits, etc. And if this site is about suggesting solutions to individuals who are oppressed by the spirits because of an experience with the board, then my approach should not be ridiculed or downlooked upon. I dare you to step into the reality of the Almigthy and see if your life will not change.
                    You aren’t helping people, you are indeed MISLEADING people and there is a heavy price to pay if you don’t turn out from your deeds. I ain’t preaching, I’m sharing a reality.

                    • Autrey says:

                      This is not a “game” you do not “play” and if people are coming to this site they either know about the dangers or are trying to find out.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      With a name like “Solja” and the things you are saying I can tell you’re on here for no other purpose than to annoy people. Everything you say is an attempt to insult someone and act better than them. A true “man of God” wouldn’t go on to a website to insult people and tell them about how much better he is than them. Personally I think that the use of one of these boards is a bad idea and that nothing good could come from it, but I guess people just can’t find any solace in the fact that their family members are resting in peace. It’s their choice, which there is nothing wrong with.

                • sharayah says:

                  maybe they can understand God’s words because they have not been called. so all they know is what their flesh wants. :(

                  • Solja says:

                    To “Anonymous”, as a human being I’m not perfect and I’m not here to show off or annoy anyone; the only Truth is that through the Blood of Jesus Christ, all my sins are washed away and I can step into the presence of God knowing that He will receive me. I am not perfect by my own but through Jesus Christ I am.
                    You don’t have to believe a word of what I say but I know Jesus is very Real and He is coming soon and very soon… Do you wanna keep on encouraging people to play this evil game? Think twice because your rewards also awaits you.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks a lot for your knowledge and simple warning. I am a newbie to Ouija and do not make a lot of contacts but I keep in mind safety advices.
      I can confirm that if you respect those few steps for safety the contact goes pretty well with out side effects. I got many curious answers and was impressed but I never made it for fun nor to make fun of it.

      Thanks a lot. I’m just shaking my head when you write: Don’t ask physical contact with spirits and right after that I see excited teens writing how they asked the spirit to touch one of their friends. Duh!

      • Solja says:

        My advice to you, if you play with fire do not be surprised if you get burned. entertaining spirist ormaintining any form of communication with them is a ticking bomb..just a matter of time before they crash your life. keep off from the ouija board, it is a portal for evil spirits in your life.
        Check this testimony:

  316. Rhiann17 says:

    i had a experience with the Ouija board me and about 5-6 friends made our own and my friends house has had quite a lot of past used 2 be a mental hospital and houses before had and now new ones we had a few spirts. but there was this one man kept being rude or should i say mean and after a while he went away as we said goodbye and took our fingers off and blew inside the glass and later since i didnt think anything of it since this was my 1st time, he came back again pretending 2 be someone else and in the end we caught him out and he was swearing basicly and we managed 2 get out of him he lived in house before hand before the new houses was built and he was 24 when he died so in 2001. he said hes been watchiing us, and during talking 2 him he said im behind you. and my friend said go 2wards the person your behind and it was her and started saying u have a nice neck and about her bruise she had. and i thought it was my friend pushing it after a while as she moved it a bit by herself once and twise messing around so i said some thing i cant quite remember but was messing around i think it was will u give her a hug. and he replied tonight and then he said goodbye, and that nite i dunno if it was because i was scarred or if paranoid i felt like someone was on top of me and i couldnt say anything 4 a sec and was awake was so scarry and i went and told my mum as soon as i got home and she said they can follow you and now im even more scarred i keep thinking hes behind me or touching me. i dont like it. is there anything i can do and actually works to keep him away? and with the salt scatter anywhere like have some in a bowl in your room????

    • Michael says:

      You should never ask for physical contact! It’s safer to ask if the spirit can make a noise or move something for you, still not perfectly safe. Don’t give them control, you must control the board and events. When you let them make too much of their own you lose control and they possibly leave the board outside. Yours probably left. You should read about four corners of Ouija board, number 8 and other stuff. For your own safety.
      Also don’t do it when you are scared of it. You feed them with fear.
      Get prepared, contact him and try sending him away in a proper way. If he refuse you send him away anyway. If he does not harm you you just try forgetting about it if not you might need a priest or some religious ritual to scare him off.

      • Rhiann17 says:

        Thanks 4 the help and he aint hurting me just feel like hes watching me. :)

        • Darkness_freak says:

          Rhiann17, you must be careful when you choose your location, to do an ouija session in a place where possible suffering has taken place can be very dangerous. As said previously, never ask for physical contact, sometimes, even to make noise can be dangerous, easy way if you do use one, choose a ‘suitable’ location, look at your surrounding, objects falling etc.

          some other ways can be to surround yourself or the board in white candles, to symbolise purity, always be careful on what you ask, and how to spirit or entity reacts to your question, if a situation occurs and the board does start to get a bit rude or offensive, close the sessions immediately.

          P.s. Don’t ever let the Spirit run through the number or the alphabet backwards, as it is a way of getting out, and always say thank you and move the planchet to goodbye when finishing.

          Any problems, drop a comment:)

          • lauren says:

            also, its never happened to me but i read darkness_freaks comment about that you should never let a spirit count backwars or thru the alphabet so what if it tries to then what do you do?

            • Michael says:

              You say: PLEASE STOP, the pointer should stop. You let them know YOU control the board. I had only once a going through alphabet and did the same. It stopped and I asked my question again. Some say that other spirits may want to take place of the initial one (that answers questions).

  317. John says:

    Thank you all for your advise and opinons in regards to my friend and closing the board after 20 years. Pray, I have been praying for her. I have talked to her more and found out that she and her fiance did said goodbye the last time they used the board, but never recieved an answer/goodbye back from a GADY. They had to leave and never returned to the board again. I believe the answer is with God and herself, but if someone has any other ideas that relate to using the board it would help me put a plan together to help her put this behind her. Thanks again, hope to here more good information.

  318. Anonymous says:

    For some of you here — instead of using a Quija board, maybe you should be using that time to study. Your spelling and grammar is more horrific than the board itself.

    I’m sorry dear, but, I don’t believe your story. To the other poster that lost a friend …. I don’t believe you either. Quija boards do work. I’ve dabbled with them on and off. Thankfully nothing bad ever happened. They also lie.

    I think that if someone is going to use it they must be emotionally stable. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Calob, is lying to you, sweetie. I suggest you stop messing around with the board.

    I also don’t believe you should go to a psychic/medium for help. See a Priest instead.
    I don’t really believe in psychics and mediums, but if they do have “powers” ….. it is NOT a gift from God. The Bible says not to go to fortune tellers, use tarot cards, pyschic’s etc. If it’s a gift, it’s from Satan.

    God Bless.

    • Caretaker says:

      You also need to learn to spell :) and your grammar isn’t perfect either. It seems like it never fails that when someone puts others down for spelling or grammar that they are guilty of the same thing. Remember, the stories here are NOT written by professional writers but by “regular” people from all over the world. Having perfect spelling or grammar is NOT a requirement.

    • Apostleled says:

      But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. If you want to speak blessings speak of the things of God. Much love

    • Autrey says:

      I’m not trying to be rude but I find it amusing that you are on a site that says Ouija all over it and yet you mannage to spell it wrong and criticise our spellling. I’m not saying I’m a perfect speller but I I make sure I’m am right be fore I critices someone.

  319. Darkness_Freak says:

    Hmm, this website is for ouija board experiences and someone comes on here for spelling? Is it worth making a comment about, more than likely not.

    This talk about God and that, I am not wasting my time anymore in debating with you.
    I have already siad that everyone is different in thier beliefs, my method I say do work, (whether you believe it or not) so, as far as i am concerned, if you are going to try it, then, seek advice from people on here who are here to help:) if not, then, don’t say anything.

    Anyone having any problems with the ouija board?
    Please, share your story, as that is that this websites is for.

    Curiosity is part of life, no debates needed.

    • Solja says:

      Evading the topic on God, and becoming more and more defensive of your own approach that’s enough to tell me that something is disturbing your soul. You feel trap in your own “reality”, you have exposed yourself to lot of evil practices and you feel trapped, and the only way to consol yourself is to drag as many other innocent people as possible in that same reality.
      You don’t need to reply to my posts anymore but I know they will make you reflect on your life and the very much essence of your being: what’s the purpose of your life?
      Just as much evil spirits are real so is Jesus. Jesus is not just a belief is very much REAL and ALIVE. One day you’ll cross His path, I hope it is not the hard way.
      To the opposite of those evil spirits you contact, God is merciful and full of Love. He will forgive you for all the harm you’re causing to his children. He is able to turn your dark past into a very bright future. He hasn’t given up on you and you are not beyond redemption. I will be praying for you so that His Spirit may hover over your life…watch!.

  320. Shhhhuttttt says:

    me and my mate were doing the Ouija board and we got the ghost called fiona and then it started counting backward which we looked up to be a bad thing and then we said goodbye to it then we decided to go it again and we got fiona back and it spelt to us Im going… then it was heading to the t so we got scared because i felt like it was going to write im going to kill yous. so we said we’re going to go now can you go to goodbye and we said goodbye.
    (i hope we said goodbye right) and then we said a prayer and then ripped up the board (because it was just a home made one)

    • Big Chief says:

      That’s it? You should have kept playing to find out more info on “Fiona”. You ran away scared without getting much info. Why do people do this? Go all the way or don’t go at all.

    • Solja says:

      Please just stay away from that board and turn your life to Jesus, that is if you care about your eternal Life.
      Depart from evil and do good, So you will abide forever. For the Lord Loves justice and does not forsake His godly ones; They are preserved forever, but the descendants of the wicked will be cut off. Psalms 37: 27 – 28.

  321. lauren says:

    i’ve done a ouija board a few times, the first one didnt work. the second time was in a graveyard by my friends house and it worked and i spoke to my dad and my friends mom. the last time was the worst. i was at my friends brothers house which is haunted and even if your a non believer as soon as you walk in the house you get a chill, anyway me my friend and her brother decided to do a ouija board. a man came through and said his name was mark hill, he instantly took a liking to me and was being really rude (dirty) so i took my finger off and i said ‘i dont want to talk to you if your gonna be rude’ an the lid went swishing all over the place then came right in front of me as much to say put your finger on. so i did and even though he was being rude i stayed on and tried to make communication with my dad. my ‘dad’ came through and was very convinsing untill it spelt out something very rude i was really upset cause it made me lose faith in the fact that all the other times it probably wasnt him, my friend went mad and ripped the paper up and then we burnt it but ever since then ive been freezing cold to the touch on the one side whenever i go to bed. ive lost a lot of people in my life so i know there watching over me and im not scared, i dont know why but im not. also when i asked for my nan to come through they said she was ‘sleeping’ and couldnt speak? what does this mean???? anyone know?

    • Darkness_Freak says:

      hmmm Lauren, when a spirit is being rude or malevolent, the best thing to do it is to thank it for it’s time and move the planchet to ‘goodbye’. Do NOT under any circumstances provoke it or do anything negative or that could cause a stur. as for the sleeping thing, hmm, is your nan ill at all?

      could be signifying something like that, she has not passed on has she?

      • lauren says:

        my nan was really ill for years before she passed away, but me and my nan were always close thats why i wanted to make contact with her the most. i’ve spoken to my dad and he answered lots of questions that only he could know the answers to but after this experience im not sure whether it as him and if i should ever do one again?

        • Darkness_Freak says:

          Lauren,you can do it again if you feel your needs or your curiosity for the ‘truth’ has not been fufilled. one thing I will state, is don’t do it too many times as people can become obsessed with it, this is when things will tend to go wrong.

          Remember, when you do a session, ALWAYS use white candles around yourself as a form of protection, and state that you want no malevolent spirits to enter your circle. also, Make sure you do not do it by yourself.

          as for contacting the same spirit, ask questions that you know only that

          • Darkness_Freak says:

            *Continueing* the person you are trying to contact will know, so, more personal questions.

            I hope this info is of some use for you.

            • lauren says:

              thanks it did help
              but do you have any idea why they would say shes ‘sleeping’
              and do you honestly believe you can contact loved ones through the board?

              • Darkness_Freak says:

                there are too many situations which can include the meaning of someone ‘sleeping’ to say what it exactly means, I cannot as I don’t think no-one can, when you talk to spirits, their language and term of use can still vary based on what age or century they lived or died in. I would say ‘sleeping’ can mean things like someone being ill, if they passed on, perhaps being exhausted from something (e.g. an activity) etc, based on this day and age.

                Yes, I do believe you can, I have done one before and made contact with a loved one, I did have a video to show as proof, but, unfortunately, it was deleted when I had to reset my laptop.

                As there is no possible accurate way to make contact, you have to take a few steps to try. Always seek guidance first though:) try not top dwell on it, as it could perhaps not even have a meaning at all.

                Any problems. may it here:D

              • Solja says:

                Hi Lauren,
                I know that it is hard to have lost your dad and your nan. I know you are missing them and in the process you have made yourself emotionally vulnerable, and that exactly what those spirits prey on…you may think you are talking to your dad or your nan but the truth is, you are talking to a spirit that has impersonated your loved one; they will manipulate you and finally will cause you more hurt on top of what you are already facing.
                If I were you, I’d stay away from anything which involves talking with the “deads”. I don’t know anyone who has consulted with the “deads” and had a bright future, the ending of the story is always horrible.

                Here is what God say about talking to spirits or consulting the “deads”:
                - Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them (Lev. 19: 31)
                - I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.” (Lev. 20:6)
                - They forsook all the commands of the LORD their God and made for themselves two idols cast in the shape of calves, and an Asherah pole. They bowed down to all the starry hosts, and they worshiped Baal. They sacrificed their sons and daughters in the fire. They practiced divination and sorcery and sold themselves to do evil in the eyes of the LORD, provoking him to anger.” (2 Kings 17: 16 – 17).

                Your hurt is already great, it is not worthy it to make it worst. there is a good reason to why God warns us about such activities.
                May Jesus Comforts you for your loss.

                • lauren says:

                  thank you solja, your reply has probably been the most helpful and insightful, people should really listen to you on here instead of questioning you and insulting you for trying to help others.
                  would it be possible to go along to a church and be blessed so no spirits can contact me or be near me or anything, i know it sounds silly but if so which type of church would be best?

                  • Solja says:

                    Hi dear,
                    Jesus Longs for anyone of us who was created to the image of God; that’s why He came on Earth, took a human form and accepted to die so that anyone who Beileves in Him will have eternal life, He paid our ransom. By His death, anyone who Believes in Him is no longer into boundage of any sin (including being hauted or harassed by evil spirits). The first step is to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, it is as simple as saying this prayer(Please say this prayer and believe it in your heart) :

                    Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God, I believe that you died for me on the cross, I believe that you rose again and that you are coming soon to take your beloved ones, I know that you loved me first and still looking for me. I have decided to follow you, please come into my heart and I will make you my one and only Lord and Saviour. Forgive me Lord all my trespasses, wash me with your blood, make me whole again and renew my spirit. I want to follow you from now on and live a life that is pleasant to you.
                    Please receive me as one of your beloved one and walk with me every day of my life.

                    If you say this prayer and believe it, the Bible says that the whole Heaven rejoices when someone gives their life to Christ. and the Lord will be your shield, your refuge, your strength, your hope, your everything.
                    Next step you’ll have to join a True Christian church where you will get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit. I will recommend (not limited) an evangelical church, you can talk to the elders in that church and they will assist you and help you grow in the Lord Jesus. As far as being haunted is concerned, once you give your life to Christ, No evil can stand you, because God will Protect you (2 King 6: 16). Do not be scared any longer (Psalm 27:1). Read Psalm 91 and remember this verse too Isaiah 41:10 every night and whenever you feel that evil presence is near you, but most importantly Invoke the name of Jesus and He will save you. Renounce to all sin, including consulting spirits… get yourself a Bible and join a community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

                    Christ is the only one who can set you free, if you read carefully what others have been posted on this site, especially those advocating the use of the board, you will find a pattern …when you will be in trouble, no one will be there for you.

                    May the LORD Bless you and keep you; may the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; may the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace (Numbers 6:24 – 26).

                    I will remember you in my prayer.
                    your brother in Christ.

  322. cool person says:

    yo this sounds really creepy…. but i am really weird so i want to try one out.

    • Solja says:

      At your own risk dude, this isn’t a game…try it and you may get burned. This is a friendly warning, never invite evil spirits in your life.

    • Autrey says:

      I finally tried it when i felt that way. Just take the necessary precautions and you should be fine.

  323. Darkness_Freak says:

    I feel as if I have come onto a prayer site as opposed to a ouija board experiences website.

    So, how has everyone been going with the ouija board then, anything interesting? drop the comments, that is what this site is for. Solja. please do not go on about your beliefs again, people will be people, deal with it and accept that everyone is different, I am sorry for aiming this at you, but, it is becoming increasingly annoying. The bible is a load of different stories written at different times, that contradict one another in some way, shape of form.

    Done another sesssion last night, was very interesting, good results as well:D
    Good Luck with the sessions everyone:)

    Remember, be safe.

    • Caretaker says:

      I have already expressed my thoughts on that elsewhere. I agree that there are those who want to change the entire topic to their own religious discussion or even a pulpit. It is OK to talk about religion as well as other topics (Wicca, Satanism, Atheism, etc) but when comments become nothing more than preaching without any real connection to the topic at hand they are often deleted. Nothing personal but part of my task is to keep discussions on topic with the story or article as much as possible.

      • Solja says:

        I don’t think that talking on the dangers of playing with the board is off topic, you can’t just have one side of the coin and pretend you’ve got it all. As much as other people feel free to “advocate” the use of the board, I also think it will be unfair to impose censorship on those who advocate against. If you’ve got to be fair, everyone needs to be heard.

        • Caretaker says:

          There are almost 500 comments on this story and there are many many of them which are religious and at some point it all becomes repetitious. You have given your warning that the board is dangerous and that everyone should follow your religious beliefs. No one stopped you from expressing that opinion/philosophy.

          If you look at the comments already here you will find that in no way is the site being “one sided” not even close. The comments here are written by different people from all over the world.

          You say “I don’t think that talking on the dangers of playing with the board is off topic” well that is mighty slanted because that isnt anything I said or inferred so why argue that with me? This page is full of ” talking on the dangers of playing with the board”.

          What I am saying is that this will not be turned into a pulpit for preachers (of any religion) and when the comments are nothing more than that they generally are not approved.

  324. Darkness_Freak says:

    It is nice to see someone who finally is able to tell it as it is and what it should be.

    It is like I said before, I don’t want to have a go at anyone, only help them, hey caretaker, you ever done an ouija board, if so, what results did you get?

    *Disappears into darkness*….creepy.

  325. Anonymous says:

    Your all trolling everyone!!! Everyone always talks about doing it and getting legit experiences, but I’ve tried it a couple times at “supposedly” haunted places in Nevada and it never worked for me. I don’t know what you have to do to get a forreal experience.

    • Darkness_Freak says:

      Ok, Here are some ways in which helps session to work;

      1. It helps to BELIEVE, everyone using the board has to believe
      2. Don’t choose a haunted environment or a place where you feel uncomfortable
      3. Use white candles as a sign of purity and state that you want no malevolent spirits or entities to enter your circle(depending on how many of you there are).
      4. Move the plancet or glass around to warm up the board (not sure about that one)

      those are some ways in which you can increase the chance of getting a better session. there are more, but, just some to help.

      Happy Sessions.

  326. suze_knowsit says:

    actually……dont think me mad but i have learnt about ouija board….when i was free…its like its nothing its you who makes it work….its not a tool to call spirit..its a tool which can make you mentally unstable…it works with your unconcious side of your mind…..

    • Darkness_Freak says:

      ah yes Suze, I have heard this debate going on loads before, ask yourself, if your mind is really ‘controlling’ the board, then, you would get answers that would either reference to yourself, your family or friends yes?

      Now, lets say you do an ouija session, you are with 3 friends from school for example, all your hands are on the planchet and you ask some questions and get a result. (I am summarising this is between)

      You Ask: Is anyone there and their name?

      Reply: yes, and say John, but, you don’t know any john, but, your friends dont say anything

      You Ask: How did you die and where?

      Reply: 1972 and say it died in your house(or what it used to be before your house was made)

      You Ask: Can you move or do anything to one of us? (never should ask for physical contact in between)

      Reply: *Silence*….Your mate screams and takes her hands of the planchet and shows you a scratch on her legs.

      Now, the idea of the unconscious is to protect us from our traumatic thoughts, feelings, experinces yes, how do you explain a scratch marks on your mate if your unconsious is meant to protect you to an extent and you and your mates hands were on the planchet?

  327. Anonymous says:

    Recently I went to a sleepover with 13 other friends. We made aboard out of paper and a shot glass. We turned all the lights off and lit 2 candles. We tryed it sevral times but then on the 7th time the shot glass moved by its self around the board. We said if there were any spirts there to make the tall candle go out. Just seconds later the candle flickered rapidly and then went out. We screamed and ran into my friends room. Then one of my friends said that we have to tell it goodbye or else it would haunt us. So we got enough guts to ask if we could leave. The shot glass moved around the board and spelled L-P-J P-L-E-A-S-E Q-U-I-T. We left the room screaming again, but never said goodbye. That night all of us heard footsteps outside of the room and what sounded like a blow dryer. Even as I am writing this now, I feel like someone is watching me. When I go to bed I feel like someone is right beside me


    • Darkness_Freak says:

      Ah Anonymus, I am sorry if this sounds like I am aiming this at you, but, I have put up ways before about how to do a session, maybe not properly as everyone is different, but more, accurately.

      You made a board which is fine, generally, ( I don’t need a debate in between) I glass, plancet cannnot be moved by itself as it needs energy to use. Anyway, one of the major mistakes you made is to not say ‘Goodbye’ failing to do that, does leavee the board ‘open’ for whatever feels like coming through as you have no control.

      Judging by it saying p-l-e-a-s-e q-u-i-t, could have been a warning for something about to come through, but, cause you did not, it got through, you want to stop it if you feel threatened or are being physically hurt? you can either use the board again and try to find out what it wants or get a priest in and get your house lifted, you can do it yourself, but, it is not recommeneded.

      Hope this helps

  328. craig_24_uk says:

    hi, i’ve decided to have a go of the ouija board, my friends sisters brother has 1 and he’s going to let us use it tomorrow ( 1-4-11) , i can’t wait to see if anything will happen, anyways i’ll keep yous all posted on what happens, proberly nothing though but we’ll see eh?

    i’ll be back on sunday cos i’ll not be getting back from friends untill then…

  329. craig_24_uk says:

    well guys i didn’t end up doing the ouija board that night lol but i did have a go by myself last night but nothing happened, maybe i need to do it with atleat 1 person? ah well looks like i’ll have to wait abit longer….

  330. sam says:

    I never had a real experience but my dad, aunt, n 2 uncles did the ouiji board and they all tell me to NNEVER use it they got very scared but they said they spoke to an OLD family member so im guessing it wasn’t a bad spirit so thankfully the ghost didn’t follow them home or anything it went away, but also i think they did put the ouiji away properly. im sorry i dont have much info on how they did it cause they don’t like to talk about it they say when they do they feel a little creeped out.

  331. Tamra says:

    Do you really believe what you’ve done? You have invited someone unwantedly into your life…I’m an Indian. My family has a divine gift from mother (Goddess Adhiparashakthi).There’re many incidents where I’ve prayed for my friends and they get healed and cured. There’s nothing greater than god power. If you really want to get out of this, when you feel scared, ask amma (mother) for help. She’ll help you.There’re other people who’re asking for suggestions. It somehow occurred for me to reply to you. Believe me. Say this chant “Om sakthiye! Parasakthiye!” everyday morning and night. I assure that nothing can touch you. Bless you!

  332. sheza says:

    to autrey and the others, im on your side, just bypass the preachers text and ignore them. great advice keep it coming.

  333. sheza says:

    thankyou to you to tamra

  334. kaitlen says:

    a couple months ago me and my friend and her 2 foriegn exchange friends from china played with the ouiji board. We all put our hands on the spinning thing, we asked it nice questions like who were gonna marry and how many kids will we have. My boyfriends name is david and we asked who was I gonna marry and it said David and we asked for his birth date and it got it right, and we asked it my birth date and we got it right. My friend tried to tell me that we were moving it with our mind and that it’s not real but I think it is. Nothing weird has happend to me, but some times things don’t happen.

  335. Caroline says:

    This must be the longest coversation ever; it took me over an hour to read it, and all the different opinions are fascinating.

    My parents gave me a ouija board for my eighth birthday. I must have asked for one, because I can’t think why else they would do that, but it does indicate that they didn’t see the board as evil or dangerous.

    We neighborhood kids played with it pretty frequently for a couple of years, all over my house, in the yard, even on the roof once, although we got introuble for that! My best friend and I had the most interesting experiences; she always tried to contact the spirit of her older sister, who had been murdered. We were all kids and no one ever told use any “rules” and we never used any precautions. My friend would always ask her sister’s spirit when she, my friend, would die, and the planchette would just circle the board wildly and never answer, although it would answer other things. Many times we would persist with the question, and the planchette would leave the board, a couple of times even shooting off across the living room floor.

    Around sixth grade we began to get bored with it and started to pay more attention to other things. The board still sits in its box in my current home.

    My point is simply that there are no visible ill effects from all this uncautioned ouija use–we used no candles, didn’t pray, didn’t form a circle or assault my mom’s salt canister. We asked the “wrong” questions and the planchette left the board. I don’t know if we properly closed every session. No one ever said we had to.

    So it is possible to just goof around without sacrficing yourself to demonic forces. Maybe some of it has to do with expectations: if you are afraid you might encounter a malevolent spirit, you can attract one, or if you believe in demonic forces, you are more mentally susceptible to seeing demonic signs. If you are going to use a board, the advice on this site may help protect you, or help you feel protected. Go canny, go wary–but it’s okay to go open-minded.

    • Autrey says:

      I agree with you. My friend thinks the exact same thing and she has been less susceptible than others.

  336. sally love says:

    now you know not to mess with that game and go to a prist and ask is he would bless your home n’ ur’ self

  337. Anonymous says:

    hey can ouija board tell the future??

  338. Karlee says:

    I have had no expiriences with the ouja board but this story might help This may sound unreal but it’s true. 1time I lost my phone I could not fins it anywhere I prayed to god I could feel someone whispering bathroom bathroom. I went to mybahtroom. I had Alredy checked thee and It wasn’t there but now it was. 1 time I fell down an elevator shaft no one knew how to get me out I prayed to god. There and thenmy mom pulled me out I was alive. I am a Christian but if u believe that u have been cursed possed or feel like a spirit is following u cuz of the ouji board pray to god even if u don’t believe. All u have to say is this dear god please forgive my sins and make spirits not follow me anymore (I believe or I don’t ). But I know u can help me I love u please forgive my sins you died on the cross for me and I love u (for that or just in general). Please make me be not possed anymore I your name I pray amen. God fixes everything pray if u have been possed by the ouji board. Hope this helps bye!!!!!

  339. anonymous says:

    Lol its all fake a ouija board cannot communicate with the afterlife, If you can contact good spirits then you can also contact evil ones right? WRONG, I proved this when I was alone and tried to bring in an evil spirit or satan himself nothing happened, there is no good or evil no heaven or hell just life and when we die there is nothingness at all, so enjoy your life and don’t be mislead by religion or the paranormal because its all rubbish….

  340. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like you might have got a demon attatched to you from the incident. Only a Catholic priest trained in this area can help you properly. Go to the Catholic Church nearest you and they will be able to steer you in the direction of the dioceasean excorcist. Every Catholic diocese is supposed to have one.
    Good luck and God Bless and Protect you,
    Also, if you know how to pray the Hail Mary prayer, just start saying those and the demon will probably go away. If you don’t know the prayer you can find it online. Mary always chases demons away for those who ask her help.

  341. Autrey says:

    I tink there is a spirit of a mother in my house. She contacted me for the second time the other night. Both times it happened at around three in the morning when I was texting a dude. Different dudes. What’s weird is it never happens when I text girls. Anyway, I really don’t think it is evil in anyway. It tried to posses me each time. The most recent time I was texting and I kept hearing footsteps walk in and out of my room. Then my door slammed shut. It got cold and I told who I was texting to keep talking so I could resist it. However, he kinda sucks at it and I ended up seeing stuff. I couldn’t decifer any of them but after it happened I looked at my fone and I had actually typed things. What is said was:
    put the dandelions in the furnace,
    the waves are washing away the clay,
    we play ring around the Rosie just like you,
    fire from the sky,
    help. The arrows
    I have no idea what any of it means. After it was over the door opened and my cat went tearing out like crazy. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

  342. Anonymous says:

    I have been tring to use the quija board and wqe keep getting the same illiterate spirit. I would like to know how to get rid of this particular spirit so that we might talk to one that can actually spell and have a conversation? I have had lots of luck in the past until this board and this spirit. Advice, please?

  343. Autrey says:

    Have you asked t to leave? It usually works for me if you just say you would like to speak to another spirit. If this doesn’t work close the board and before you start say you don’t want to talk to that spirit. Hope this helps

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