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The Arrowhead

Posted on December 11, 2011

Hello! I’m a little hesitant on sharing my story, well actually it was a dream I had one night, late September of 2009. Right after I had this dream I didn’t pay attention to the details and the symbolism. I strongly believe it holds meaning to my life. I have been thinking A lot about it lately. And I thought I’d share it with you.

First I’d like to tell you a little about myself and my history. I’m 25 years old and I am half native American. My teenage years for me have been hell. It was hard for me to make friends. I was struggling with my identity, (sexual identity).

Life at home wasn’t easy, my mom was the selfish type. She would never have you believe that. She and I never got along. My dad was always working out of town, except on weekends. So I spent most of my time reading, writing, and daydreaming.

Alright this dream I had started out with me in a third person sense. I knew who I was looking at was me. I saw myself in a heavily wooded area. I was surrounded by trees and I heard the sound of birds chirping, animals running through the woods.

You know the kind of sounds you would expect, being in the woods. Then I saw that I wasn’t alone, I was standing next to this beautiful girl. I was standing across from these two people knowing that I was the one standing next to this girl. It was strange.

I saw that these two people were deeply in love, it was an overwhelming feeling like this love that they shared could stand against anything without being broken. Suddenly, I sensed a feeling of overwhelming fear. After being alone together and being at peace with each other. They took off running hand in hand. I lost sight of them.

For some reason I didn’t go after them, I went the other direction. I was curious to see what they were running from. I then saw two groups of people. People of separate tribes.

Instantly I knew who these people were. On one side was the girls family, the other side was my family. Strangely, I did not recognize any of these people. Their faces were faces of anger and rage. I knew this was directed at the fact that their loved one is in love with someone they absolutely did not approve of.

After seeing this I woke up from being asleep in the dream as the boy. I sensed it was early morning, minutes before the sun was supposed to come out. I noticed that I was in a native American type of structural home. There was a fire crackling and I noticed the warmth of the fire burning.

I then saw an opening of the building, I got up and looked through it and I saw a figure of a man in the distance. A sense of fear and nervousness came over me. I looked again and I saw clearly who this man was. I recognized this man to be the father of the girl I was in love with.

His appearance and his demeanor was evil. He looked like he was prepared for war. His hair was long, black and it was sort of covering his face. His face was painted black with specks of white. He was wearing dark animal skin but he looked half naked.

I noticed that he was holding onto something, it was a weapon. An object that strangely stood out to me. It was a huge arrowhead. Tied to his right hand, he held it upright as he was walking.

It was dark silver, with very sharp edges. As I looked on, I couldn’t move. I was frozen in shock and horror. I knew he was coming for me, but strangely it never occurred to me to run.

He was coming closer and as he got closer he was inside. Words weren’t exchanged. Suddenly he grabbed me by the neck. Once he grabbed me by the neck, I was looking on, as a third person.

I saw him lift me up, once he lifted me up I started kicking. Right when he lifted me up, he pulled his left arm back and sliced my head off. I saw it as it was happening. I saw my lifeless body drop to the ground.

After slicing my head off he walked out and disappeared. Then I woke up. After dreaming about it I have never stopped thinking about it.
The next day I told my cousin about it and he suggested that I turn it into a lengthy story. But after thinking about it, I decided not to.

Thank you for reading. I hope to read your thoughts on my dream. I know that in order to interpret ones dream, it has to be a detailed description. I just thought I’d share it here.

Sent in by Vin Calabaza, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “The Arrowhead”
  1. Anonymous says:

    maybe it was a past life you were dreaming about. i had a dream like that it freaked me out. i saw how i died and why i have a fear of water and heights. anyway what i got from it was to get a way from the guy i was with. u have to learn what the message or warning is. GOD BLESS

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Vin,I have read that we are every person in our dreams,antagonist,protagonist.Victim,assailant.I enjoyed your freaky dream story,I can see why your shaken but it’s your dream, your life.You have had a couple of years to digest.What do you think?Thanks for the story..Jim

    • Vin says:

      Hi! Thank you for reading my story and sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you. But to go into all the detail and symbolism and to compare em to my life? It would take me all day. lol

  3. David says:

    Hi, that sounds like a pretty horrific ending to your dream. No wonder you can’t stop thinking about it. My teenage years were also difficult for me (for different reasons than your own). When I was a young teenager and I was in bed going to sleep, I used to have these very vivid images of people’s faces. Quite often they were faces of native American indians. Sometimes they were just ordinary people. But the images were so clear, a bit like a sepia type photograph. They seemed like real people, but who knows. Was it my imagination or was there more to it? I just don’t understand why these images of native American indians would suddenly appear in my head. I also feel some sort of affinity or closeness to native American indians of days gone by. I’m not even American, I’m British in fact. Perhaps something to do with past life. Don’t know.

    • Vin says:

      Hey David,
      Thanks for sharing your interesting experience. It is a curious thing, how the mind works. I wonder, do you ever see em anymore, or did it stop? And thank you for reading.

  4. Rosie says:

    I was born in the late 60′s in China. There was a war between Japanese and Chinese in the 1930′s-1940′s. Japanese soldiers killed Chinese just like Hitler killed the Jews. Instead of shooting at people, they liked to cut off people’s heads or stab people to death. For whatever reason, whenI was a kid, I had the same nightmare for years as if I was chased by the Japanese all the time, the fear and nervousness stayed with me and every night I didn’t feel relaxed at all. I felt as if it was my previous life. Year later, the nightmare is gone. By the way, I have a very selfish mother as well. It hurts me a lot. I know how you feel and I hope you are doing well.

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