Has Someone Put a Spell on Me or Have I Inherited Bad Energy?

I am starting to think that I may have somehow either had a spell put on me or inherited some kind of bad energies, I really am not sure about this but I once had a girlfriend that I know used to study witchcraft and used to threaten me to put a spell on me if I leave her. It took me a long time to get the courage to leave and since then I have not really had much fortune in most things that I try and do.

Apart from this my father has been said of by lots of people as being evil and I too feel this at times as he has no conscience and is very mean as a person. He also recalls when being young that he was visited by a ghost dressed as a a devil and his sister confirmed this to me as he was suffering from shock for a few days afterwards. Also once when my aunty took a a picture of him to show to a priest he was frightened and said get it away and that he is evil.

Can you please tell me what I should do so that I can get away from these negative energies and what you recommend me to do!

Thanks very much

Asked by Richard Sultana

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