Utah's Skinwalker Ranch - Paranormal Activity And A Dimensional Rift

I have a craving. Maybe I can call it an itch. I am attracted to all things paranormal. I want to know the answers. I want to know the truth. I have three weeks off in October. Of course, I could sit on my couch, open up a beer and watch reruns of the Munsters. But, that's not me. I have to be active. I have to do something adventurous. I have been very curious about the Skinwalker Ranch. I have set a date to adventure out there with a few HPI investigators to see what I can find.

If you don't know about the Skinwalker Ranch, it's in Utah, about 150 miles from Salt Lake City. (NIDS) The National Institute of Discovery Science went to investigate and witnessed a few things that they can only classify as 'paranormal'. It is rumored that NIDS was once the OSIR (Office of Scientific Investigation and Research). It is said that NIDS receives their budget from the government. But, let's not talk about NIDS, let's get back to the Skinwalker Ranch. When the Gorman family occupied this ranch, they were tormented by a potpourri of unrelated and unfathomable weirdness. They encountered the following:

1. A multitude of UFO sightings.
2. A bulletproof wolf. Yes, they shot this wolf many times after it attacked one of their calves. After they shot this wolf several times, the wolf ran off into the wilderness. The Gormans followed the wolf's tracks and at some point of time, the tracks stopped. It seemed that the wolf vanished into thin air. Could this wolf have been an interdimensional entity of some sort?
3. MIB (Men in Black).
4. Poltergeist activity.
5. Ghostly hauntings.
6. Shadow People.
7. Multicolored orbs.
8. Bigfoot.
9. Mothman.
10. American Indian Skinwalkers (shapeshifters)
11. An RV that leapt over their fences, only to turn into a UFO and fly off.
12. Cattle mutilations.

Many books have been written about the Skinwalker Ranch. It is believed that there is a dimensional rift that is over this ranch that brings in an assortment of strange paranormal entities. How can I not investigate a place like this, when it has so many unusual and unexplained events occurring on this ranch? Now, I can't wait for October, let's see what HPI can find!

I get contacted by many people via email or by phone. The people that contact me want to share their paranormal experiences with me or they want me to investigate a haunting. They want to know my thoughts of their experiences. Some people just want to be assured that they are not the only one that is experiencing the supernatural. They want assurance that they are sane.

Debbie Sims contacted me and wanted to share her three paranormal encounters and merely wanted my opinion about her experiences.

I sat Debbie down and this is what she related to me. Her first paranormal experience happened in Placerville in 1996. This is what occurred. Debbie was living in a house that was known to be haunted. Debbie learns that a woman that lived in this house, shot her husband dead. There was also someone else that died near the house. That person was a badger hunter. People would call this hunter the Old Badger Hunter. He was known to set up traps near and around this home. On one unfortunate snowy night, he got his leg caught in his own trap that he placed out for a badger. He was not able to get out of the trap and bled to death. After Debbie moved there with her children, things started to happen. On one night she went to the barn and she could hear something dragging a chain on the floor and it scared the children half to death. Debbie felt the badger hunter was haunting her home. Debbie made a noose and hung it over the barn and told the Badger Hunter that if he did not stop scaring her children, she would use the noose on him. This apparently scared the ghost, because she was not haunted by The Badger Hunter for 8 years. When the noose was taken down by her estranged husband, the activity started again. Debbie and her children would again hear the dragging of chains. It was time to move out.

Debbie's next paranormal experience came in the year 2000. Debbie was hospitalized for a medical condition. Debbie during her stay at the hospital saw a white light and her deceased mother came to visit her. Debbie's mother asked her what she was doing in the white light. Debbie told her that she was going to stay with her in the white light and her mother said 'no', that she still had things to accomplish back in her own reality. Debbie felt her mother kick her in the behind. The next day the doctor discovered that Debbie had a black shoe mark on her bottom.

Debbie's next experience was in the State of Washington. Debbie was staying at her son's home. Debbie noticed that strange things were happening in this house. She noticed the pet cat had his back arched and was hissing at nothingness. One night while she was in the basement doing her laundry, she heard footsteps and heard the back door open and slam shut. Debbie later heard something walk through the back door and out the front door. The footsteps sounded heavy.

I asked Debbie if she felt these experiences were real and her answer is yes. From the story that she tells, it appears that her mother is very close to her and most likely protects her from other entities like the Old Badger Hunter. I don't think Debbie has anything to worry about as she heads home with the wind blowing in her hair and the sounds of Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen is playing on the car radio.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Ghostwriter & Demonologist
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor
Email: [email protected]
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
Copyright 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved.

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