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The Last Aisle Window Library Ghost

"Don�t go there", my friend Ajay said.

When I asked why again he replied, "Just don�t go there".

So we left the library and went to the front lawns to play some cricket. I was around 14 at this time, still living in the old college campus where we had a decent flat that was allotted to my mother, as she was a lecturer in the same college.

When I was growing up I heard a lot of spooky things about some specific places in our college campus, but I had never believed in them. The most popular story was about a lady behind the library building. Almost every person who lived there knew the story. Nobody knew from where the lady behind the library window came or what exactly she looked like, but old people strictly said not to go behind the library, and we guys also being a little afraid after hearing these spooky things told to us by the elders never ventured in that area.

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon when I went in the library with my mother to get see some of the new encyclopedias they had recently gotten. I was looking for material on badminton on which I had to write a big fat school project. When I hadn't found much information in the encyclopedia the librarian advised me to go to the second floor of the library and go on to the last aisle on the right hand side.

The 2nd floor section of the library was always deserted as only old and non-useful books were kept there. I moved to the last aisle, which had a window directly overlooking the backside of the library below. I ignored the window and started looking for a badminton book. When I got up and glanced slightly toward the window I saw a comb lying there on the other side of the window. I kept looking at the rusted but oddly shaped comb. After a minute I thought of leaving as I hadn�t found any useful material, but thought of giving it one more try and bent down again to look for more useful books. When I got up my eyes automatically went toward the place where I had seen the comb and as soon I looked there again a chill went through my body. The comb wasn�t there! But it wasn�t the disappearance of the comb that made my body go cold, it was the lady wearing brown rags sitting on the window sill and combing her black thick long hair. Her back was to me so I couldn�t see her face or the front of her body and I was glad about it. I ran from there at a speed which my body had never known I was capable of achieving and didn�t stop until I was in the middle of the college campus surrounded by many busy people.

I told a friend of mine about this incident. Even though I told him not to she told this to her mother. Her mother told me I was very lucky that I saw her back side only and that she (the lady in rags) had no idea I was present there behind the 1st floor�s last aisle window or as the fable goes somebody in my family would have died in the next 48 hours!

It was then I came to know the true story about the lady behind the window. It was said that she was a banshee, a banshee is an old mourning female and if someone sees her face it means someone in his family will die in the next 24-48 hours.

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