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Ghostly Recording

When I was in school and still living in my parents house some strange things happened. It was a home they had built themselves and no one else had lived in. I myself was there for the step by step construction of the house itself.

It was located near the end of a tiny gravel road in a small country town in Texas. The house was two story and lovely. I would often visit the site and sit on the ledge, that once constructed, would be my bedroom window.

I say this because I have never known a house to be haunted for no good reason, and to establish the fact that this was a brand new house in a seemingly great location with no history of anything haunted.

My parents had even had the land blessed before the building began. Now my grandmother had passed away shortly before the move, and once we began moving in (the end of my senior year of high school) I would always smell cigarette. She was a smoker, so I just assumed she was watching over me. The funny thing was that no one in my family smoked, and it was never allowed in the house, much less a NEW house! The smell only existed in my room and parts of the Kitchen. My mother even later admitted to smelling it. I had the room next to the attic and for some reason I always felt a little unnerved!

Years passed and I went off to college. When I was about 22 I returned home for a while to live with my parents while my husband ( who was in the army) was deployed. I had been trying to learn guitar and would often record myself playing. My room had been built with a lovely walk in bathroom that had amazing acoustics, so I would record there.

One day while I was home alone I began recording. I spilt a cup of soda shortly into the recording and let loose with a string of cuss words that would have got my mouth rinsed with soap had my mother heard. I thought nothing of it until I played the recording back. Just as I started to cuss you could clearly hear a woman's voice talk over me. It was not menacing, but simply scolding, saying my name HOLLIE! It was as though they were shocked to hear my language. It sent chills down my spine. I rushed to show it to my mom who never believes such things and even she got goosebumps.

Shortly after that I began sleeping on the couch when I would stay with them and one night as I was just about to drift off I heard a voice yell in my ear! It yelled my name again loud and clear. I jumped startled and almost toppled off the couch. I thought I had dreamed it, but when my mother asked me the next morning if I heard a loud noise the night before, I knew I hadn't.

I have also had the feeling that a man was standing over me, because I could feel his presence and smell an older man's cologne (like old spice?) so strong... even though I knew I was alone. I guess I have detected the presence of two different "spirits".

I have yet to actually encounter these "spirits" but I am sure they are still there. I am very curious now and have thought of trying to record again. Would they talk to me again?

Contributed by Hollie and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

What you have read about in Hollie's story is known as an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Visit our page on EVPs to learn more about these strange recordings and to hear some examples.

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Ghostly Mist

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