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A Ghost in The Fog

My husband and I had moved up to Kentucky from Tennessee, and we were staying with my mother until we could get moved into our own place. She lives about 6 miles outside of the Morehead city limits on a road called Bluestone. Her house backs up to a huge expanse of a field that has a rather large subdivision of houses owned by the more financially well-to-do folks in the area on the other side behind a thick stand of trees.

We hadn't been there for more than a week when we noticed something wasn't right. We first noticed that we were tired and felt drained all the time when we were at mom's, but we would feel fine as soon as we left and went to town, or out to see some others of my family.

Then, we began to notice that Max, our dog, wouldn't go near the field after dark. That's when we started really paying close attention to the area when night came.

There was always a fog around once night fell, but it didn't behave like a normal fog. First of all, there weren't any bodies of water around big enough to help create the kind of pea-soup fog that would start creeping up from the ground on the far side of the field. It would always start from this one certain point on the ground and then it would slowly creep around and spread out.

One night, as my hubby and I were standing outside waiting for the dog to perform one of his many nightly 'potty' runs, we watched the fog start. There was a light breeze blowing, but this fog was moving against the breeze, and that put us on the alert. Then Max started making this weird 'huffling' noise like he was trying to whisper a bark. It was so funny that we almost laughed, but Max was shaking. He was frightened.

My hubby and I looked up, and the fog had swirled it's way very quickly over the field and right to the edge of mom's yard. Then one of the most freaky and horrible things I've ever seen formed out of that fog. The fog in front of us started swirling and Max started growling. We watched it form a ghost like figure that had the appearance of a corpse. It had what looked like long, wildly flowing hair and the face was skeletal with sharp pointed looking teeth. The ghost or spirit formation in the fog looked like it had a dress that was ragged from rot. It tried to reach a skeletal hand towards me, but we were already running towards the front door, Max faster than either of us. We were shaking, trying to get a grip on what we had seen.

After that night we never went toward the field when night came and Max wouldn't budge an inch towards it if we tried. We looked for a source for that weird fog trying to see if there were any logical explanations. We never found any. I don't know if it was a ghost or not, but I know for certain what we saw that night.

Contributed by Simone Mefford and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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