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Myths and Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area over the Atlantic Ocean that many have speculated is the cause of several mysterious disappearances of air and watercrafts. Some experts believe that the Bermuda Triangle stretches from parts of Florida, to the Azores, to the Bahamas. Others maintain that the area covers all of the Caribbean, while others even include the Gulf of Mexico to the area that the Bermuda Triangle affects.

Bermuda Triangle Background

Christopher Columbus first wrote about the Bermuda Triangle in 1492. As he and his crew sailed the Atlantic, they came across mysterious light patterns in the sky near the Caribbean Sea, as well as bizarre compass readings while in this area. It wasn't until 1950 that the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle would surface in mainstream media. It was during this time that several authors began to document and publish articles and books highlighting the disappearance of several ships and planes. All of the crafts written about were never seen again.

Bermuda Triangle Major Events

Flight 19 was the first incident that was heavily reported on, bringing the Bermuda Triangle into the spotlight and under speculation. In 1945, Flight 19, a small aircraft containing 5 U.S. Navy bombers set out over the sea on a training mission. The plane was being flown by an experienced pilot, and for reasons unknown to this day, just vanished. Neither the plane, nor the crew aboard was ever found.

As eerie as Flight 19's disappearance was, it was just a prelude to whatever happened to a Douglas DC-3 aircraft that disappeared without a trace over the Atlantic on December 28, 1948. The aircraft vanished without a trace sometime during its flight from Puerto Rico to Miami. Inexplicably, no wreckage, or any of the 32 people onboard were ever found.

These disappearances sparked an interest in what some were calling the Devil's Triangle. Research on the area also pointed to the biggest loss of life that the U.S. Navy suffered that wasn't related to combat. On March 4, 1918, The USS Cyclops and its crew of 309 vanished without a trace sometime after leaving Barbados, an island in the Caribbean. Though many theories suggest everything from bad weather to an enemy attack, nothing has ever been proven to explain this mysterious disappearance.

One of our True Ghost Tales writers has put together a thorough description of the details behind the disappearance of Flight 19

Bermuda Triangle Theories

Researchers and scientists have developed a host of theories to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Many point to irregular and infrequent weather patterns, the Gulf Stream or rogue waves that crop up over the ocean and are difficult to predict. Other theories indicate man as the cause of the disappearances, suggesting error in reading compasses or flight tools, or even acts of violence such as piracy.

As theories may point to a natural or explainable reason for the mysteries in the Bermuda Triangle, there are other theories that point to phenomena that cannot be easily explained. Many believe that the Bermuda Triangle sits over the spot of the lost city of Atlantis. Another supernatural theory is that UFOs frequent the area over the Bermuda Triangle, and that the victims of these vanishings have been abducted by aliens.

The Bermuda Triangle continues to be a source of intrigue and mystery for many. As most of the vanishings that have taken place here remain unsolved, the mystery widens.

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"In 1945, Flight 19, a small aircraft containing 5 U.S. Navy bombers set out over the sea on a training mission. The plane was being flown by an experienced pilot, and for reasons unknown to this day, just vanished. Neither the plane, nor the crew aboard was ever found. "

When reading, and when read outloud to friends, this seems to indicate that the flight was a single plane, possibly carrying the bombers inside it, and flown by a single pilot?

The phrasing here would be incorrect as flight 19 was 5 separate planes, flown by 14 total crewmebers (although few account say 13).

There has also been some debate on the commander of the squadron actually having been experienced in that area, as while most of the pilots in the flight had done that same pattern before, the commander was new to the area, and so a lot of blame was placed on Taylor.

Thank you, Darkwolf

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