Why Was there Writing on the Mirror?

I was in the shower and when I got out the mirrors were all foggy from the mist from the hot water. I looked at one of the mirrors and it had all kinds of writing on it . Nobody was home and I didn’t find anyone in my house. Could I be haunted by a ghost?

Asked by Greg

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  1. Hi Greg,

    It might not be a ghost. Did you ask everyone in the house who had been drawing on the mirror? Sometimes what happens is people go to wipe moisture off the mirror, or whatever, after a shower, and leave the oil of their body on the mirror, so the next person gets ‘marks’ from the moisture of ‘their’ shower.

    Otherwise, what did the symbols look like .. because a few people on this site have been receiving symbols in visions and discussing them. Here’s the page:


    Love & Peace

    • the writings on the mirror were actual words. it said help me and to stay awaway from strangers.it also said a bunch of othe stuff but i dont remember the words,its crazy because my dog barks and growls at something in the corner of the room. even my kid is scared in the house .i know for a fact nobody was home with me so im wondering what did this and why.i think its a ghost or possibly a demon.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thank you for the other information. It appears you have a ghost who is asking you for your help. It could also be protective of you, or telling you that a stranger killed him or her. I am sorry you can’t remember what else was written, because they might have been clues to what happened to him/her.

    That being said. A ghost has somewhere far nicer to be than haunting you and your bathroom, and you really don’t need the harassment involved, nor do the dogs need to be upset by something you can’t see. You will have realised, if you have been reading other questions on the site, that I am not an advocate for leaving ghosts hanging around. We all deserve peace and healing.

    What I suggest you do is use the Michael Invocation on the page here, up on the right over ‘Newest Questions’ to clear the energy of your home. You do that by reading it through a few times to get an idea of how it works, and then changing the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ (not the word house), and then say it for yourself, in case whomever is haunting you is attached to you instead. After that the dogs should be fine, you will be, and so will the ghost.

    Any further problems, you can find me here, or through an email link on the Michael page.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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