Why Was My Son Seeing Things That Weren’t There?

My mum passed away a month ago today, and all last night my son was awake seeing things that weren’t there, can someone help me?

Last night around 2ish my son was awake in his room so I called him into mine and he laid down for a few minutes and said, “mummy I can see glitter flying all around your room.” I said its ok go back to sleep and it will be gone when you wake up.

Then 30 minutes later he said he could see a bird flying. He was shouting mummy look look. but still I saw nothing. He said the glitter was all still flying around too! and even when he closed his eyes he could still see it.

An hour later he sat up and said “mummy what’s the dog doing there?” I was shocked like there is no dog. He said “yes mummy a big one standing on your draws look.” I got him to lay down and even I was freaking out. The whole time the top of my leg was completely numb cold and goose bumpy while the rest of me was normal.

I am so scared and don’t know why because I know its only going to be my mum but her death still doesn’t seem real to me so this is petrifying. Since she passed I have felt scared even to be in the house on my own at night I don’t know why I feel like it, and last night was the first night my boyfriend has slept on the sofa to get a decent night sleep as my baby girl keeps waking up.

Can anyone help explain why I feel this way or why my sons seeing things?

Asked by Laura

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  1. Hello Laura,

    I am so sorry about your mother passing over. She could be, at this moment, trying to get a message to you.

    None of the things your son saw are harmful, just weird – and yes, weird can be frightening when we don’t understand what is happening. Children are so much more connected to the spiritual planes than we are, before they pass the age of seven, and many of them are staying connected after that age, which is good – but also a problem if they see ghosts and it frightens them.

    The fact that you were feeling cold makes me wonder if mum has been worried about you and might not have passed into heaven yet. Was her death very sudden? That can throw both and living and the recently passed into confusion. She might simply want you to know that she is just fine.

    What you can do for your mum, and to settle the house down again, is two things – the first is to make a request of your guardian angel (and yes, we all have one over our right shoulder) to ‘FIND’ your mum (by her full name) and ‘TAKE’ her into healing. The angels know exactly what to do then. They will literally find her and say hi and make sure she’s just fine. You can just ask this out loud, or loudly in your mind, at any time. You don’t have to believe in angels to do it.

    The other thing is called the Michael Invocation and clears the energy of you, your family and your home, depending on how you word the third sentence. The link is here, as are the instructions


    If you have any questions please ask me.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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