Why Me and Why do They Want Me Out?

Recently, my husband and I have had a few disputes. More so than normal. After working through one of the very negative, but not violent disputes, we were made aware of several guests in our home watching us.

We were sitting on the couch, and like clockwork, we both turned to look in the same direction. He is not normally one to believe, but he took photos of 3 children, watching us, and a lady in blue with them. I distinctly saw the children, but not the lady.

2 days later, our disputes started again, he was not with me in the basement, but out of the blue, I decided suicide was the only answer. I was immediately directed to the pills, and words poured into the letter to him. This was not me. Some of the wording of the letter is stuff I would say, but a lot of it comes from elsewhere.

Since I have been in hospital, the lady has been back, and my husband doesn’t notice the children with her. What do we have lurking that wants me out? I have to go home when I am healthy, and my husbands and my issues are completely resolved, and were nothing that would render a person suicidal to begin with.

I’m at a loss. I have saged, and had the house blessed before, but this is out there.

Asked by MissyG

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  1. Hi MissyG

    Any chance of asking CT to upload that photo on here?

    How long have you lived in your house?
    Is there anyone else living there apart from you and your husband?
    Do you have any knowledge of the house’s history? People who used to live there? If its a new building, what was on the land before the house was built?


    • My neice lives in the upstairs and so does one of my hubby’s buddies. They each rent a room. My husbands family has ownwed the home since the early 70′s, no idea of the one previous owner. We are ending our second year here, and have had visitors before, but nothing this out-right. The previous visitor was a man, middle age- late 40′s and he was not inclined to do more than get into stuff in the garage.
      I might add, all of my animals have also perked up, and stared at various times when our guests have been present. They have not shown any fear, but were more attentive then normal. I am on my way home today, and nervous. my husand has not been able to leave the house on time- has slept through alarm clock and lost 2 job contacts while this is going on. says alarm clock just doesn’t go off.

      • Hi MissyG

        Animals are very perseptive and will sense things just as we do – if not more so. The difference between us and animals is that they only think of spirit as threatening if they are actually directly threatened by it. Otherwise, they tend to accept them as ‘part of the family’. We, on the other hand, feel threatened by it before it has done anything to actually harm us.

        On reading your posts, it appears that different spirits come and go, rather than having resident ‘guests’ connected directly to the house. Am I correct? Or have I misunderstood?

        If my assumption is correct, then it could be that someone in the house is acting a bit like a ‘beacon’ which is attracting any spirit which comes within range. A bit like moths are attracted to the light. Most likely they are not aware that they are ‘switched on’.

        As there are quite a lot of people living in the house, is there anyone specific who you feel might be more psychically open than the others? Is there someone which seems to see or feel these entities around, more than anyone else. Is there a specific person which seems to get ‘targeted’ with the ghostly pranks?

        As Ama said, something might be feeding off of someones negative energy, by creating negative situations.

        To help with the negativity thing going on, have you ever looked into Feng-shui? This is about placing objects in certain areas of a room / using specific colours in certain rooms or areas / placement of mirrors or chimes in strategic places, so to increase the flow of positive energy. There are loads of books out there which assist with the DIY approach to Feng-shui, if you can not afford to have a professional do it for you.

        I used a book by Sarah Rossbach titled Interior Design with Feng Shui (ISBN 9780140193527). It is really easy to follow and great for the DIY-er.


    • the photo didn’t email to my ipad at all, not sure, but will try to get it to transfer. it is on my hubb’s ipod, and is clear. when emailed to me, it gets blacked out.

      • Maybe your husband should go somewhere with WiFi and upload it directly, or, if you have a computer, upload it to the computer and then to the web. Worth a try! :D

  2. Hi MissyG,

    AJ’s questions are very good. I would also be interested in seeing the photo, but in the meantime …

    My name is Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends – please check me out) and I have had a lot of experience with ghosts and other nastier energy most of my life. I work as a spirit rescuer (ghost buster) and a demonologist (when the need arises). One of the things that was developed since I joined the internet over 15 years ago is an Invocation that clears all sorts of negative beings out of people’s energy, and their houses. It’s been solidly tested and proved to be very useful. You’ll find the link here:


    Please read it over a few times, then say it out loud (in a determined manner), and also ask your husband to say it, to clear his energy. If he won’t, for whatever reason, you can make the ‘request’ for him, but its better he does it for himself. If you have small children, you can say it for them too. For yourself, do it once for you, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home”, to clear your house.

    That being said – from your description, the ‘lady’ you have been seeing probably committed suicide and she has been influencing your behaviour by her presence. Did the kids you saw look like her? Did they seem to be her children? They might be the reason why she did what she did to start with, if they died before her? Did she seem aware of their presence? The Invocation will also cross them over, or remove them, depending on their natures. And if they need to be reconnected as a family, the angels will do that.

    Please tell me how you feel afterwards. You can either do so here, or from an email link on my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • Sorry, I should have added this …

      The lady, if she committed suicide, might be trying to tell you that she did so, because she would be looking for help … but mostly what lost souls are looking for is energy. They will haunt people who have similar energy (made up of issues, fears, beliefs etc) to them, appearing to them to frighten them, or when there is great negativity around, eg, when you and your husband are arguing. They might even try and make the arguments happen, just for the energy they can take from the situation. They can, sometimes, unintentionally cause a great deal of harm, or occasionally deliberately, as might have happened to you. In all those cases it is best they are crossed over into a healing place in heaven, and the sooner the better for every person, living or dead.

      If you have any other questions please ask me,
      Love & Peace

    • I have to thank you for this you helped me greatly. I have 1 question how do I close a beast gate. I did not summon it but I feel it when I go on walks 2 the library

      • A beast gate?

      • Hi Joel,

        Not sure who you are thanking, but if its me, you are welcome.

        Please describe the situation with the beast gate? Where, when, what, etc.

        Love & Peace

  3. Hi Ama,
    I did as you suggested while re- saging the entire house when I returned home. I feel it helped, but may not be over. My neice has decided to move out, which is a good thing and I will be repeating all of this again. I really appreciate your help. My husband and I enjoyed the first calm evening together last nigth, just sitting around watching our favorite tv shows and playing with our animals (2 dogs and 6 cats), first time we’ve been completely relaxed and able to laugh T the animals antics for a long time. We even had more stress due to finances come barreling at us, but were able to maintain, and still relax. It was a wonderful feeling. Once my neice is gone, and I rid the house of some furniture that may of been the entry for our guests, I will be following up with more sage, some oils, and a repeat of your wonderful invitation to “pass on” and “continue your journey” for any residual guests. I believe our original guest, a working class, older man is still here, but the lady and her children (I now feel that they were in her care, although maybe not hers biologically) seem to have moved on. I had a strange dream my first night home, that she was a nanny of sorts, and there was a “triangle affair” with an older man, presumably the man of the house. I really feel, although I am not good with dream interpretations, that this was the explanation I needed.
    Thank you all for your assistance, and I will follow up in a week or so, when I have completed this.
    Blessings, MissyG

  4. I apologize I didn’t see AJ’s response. To answer, yes, my neice. She has been targeted by children in her sleep, she told me once that a little girl had approached her and needed to tell her something very important. She was not able to remember what that was. She has also woken in the night by a warm breeze and has witnessed the older man watching her sleep. My husband was more privy to the pranks. His painting room/man cave was always experiencing oddities such as missing paints that would re-appear later, and tools strewn all over when nobody had been in there, yet we were home. ( not like someone was entering while we were away and getting into stuff- also, before we had the other people living with us.). I believe that a mirror we accumulated via a yard sale for scrap was the culprit for bringing the man to us. I have decided, though I don’t know exactly how I came to the conclusion other than my dream, is that the lady followed him. She was probably drawn by the negative energy stemming from mine and my husbands ongoing stressers, but my neice was enabling. I attempted to have her say the “house blessing” and she would not. I did sage her, and say it for her, but she will be opening more doors in her new residence if you are correct. She will let me knowmI’m sure, as she blames the house and me for her awakinings.
    Blessings, and I will keep you informed.

  5. I read your story and thought about a book I recently read called “the Influence”. It was written by Barry Fitzgerald and Trisha Fettig Ryan. They claim that there are entities surrounding us that influence our behavior (you mentioned about you and your husband arguing and they influence feelings of discontent and whatnot and you also mentioned feeling suicidal and these entities are very active in influencing that sort of behavior!) It might be worth looking into. It seems that negative feelings, depression, etc make us susceptible to their “influence”. These energies (or whatever they are!) attach to people and objects. It’s probably a good idea whenever bringing something into your home that is old and previously owned to cleanse it (sage?) and clear it of negative energy. I think envisioning something surrounded in white light (the forces of light chasing the dark forces away!) and asking for God to purify it can certainly help as well! Also, when I feel threatened in any way, I envision God’s protective light surrounding me and keeping me safe! It never fails. Our imagination is pretty potent energy and can be used for our own good or detriment! Sending many blessings your way!! Hope the negative energies go away and the light angels surround you with love and happiness!

  6. Hi! I just wanna ask if how can I avoid seeing “them”? i dont really want to see stuffs like ghost or any other elemental entities. Don’t want anymore of them. Theyre not bothering me but I am. So much bothered and creeped out because I see them everywhere, everytime and it seems that few people believes me. Ill wait for your response. Have a good day!

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