Why Do They Keep Following Me?

The other night I was in bed and I looked to the back of my closet and I saw little faces but didn’t think much of it so I went to bed again and it felt like someone was laying beside me and touching my leg.

I looked up and there was this sand feather like stuff in the air. It didn’t fall at all but I put my fingers through it, it was the weirdest thing. I did that for a little while then went to bed kinda thinking it was the Ativan I took and if it was a ghost kinda cool. Then I felt like someone was sucking on my nipple so I rolled over and later I saw it again so turned on light and sat on my bed.

There were two different boys sitting in parts of my room plus the girl in closet but when I looked at them they disappeared. I tried to talk to them and say why are you hear? can you talk? and stuff like that. I told them to leave but they wouldn’t go so I got my grandma and she didn’t believe me because they wouldn’t show themselves to her. She kept thinking I was crazy and we argued for hours they would do things behind her that I would notice and she couldn’t see. Or I’d see the air moving kinda fuzzy.

I was taking a shower and two faces showed up in the shower curtain so I rubbed them away and they came back. I was sitting on couch and the pillows looked like they were looking at me and had faces and when I’d walk around house other things looked like they were moving.

My grandma took me to hospital and they let me go. When I got back one of my garbage bags with clothes in it had a face and eyes just looking at me so ignored it and tried to tell them but they didn’t know what I was talking about and made me go have a nap. I went under the blanket texting and I looked up and it was a face so I quickly flipped it off me.

My mom took me later that day to our storage unit and I swear one came along. I saw it in the back speaker and when she got out it went in the head part of the seat like little sands or something and it made a really detailed constantly moving picture. It went through the air thing in the car and out side where I saw it moving around in the wind then it looked like it got bigger and turned into a grim reaper type thing very large and long but no one else was around, then we left and it didn’t come with us I don’t think.

I’ve never had anything like this happen before and its really annoying that nobody believes me, they think I’m psycho. My mom took me to the hospital again later and we were in this room and I was crying and looked the chair she was on behind looked like another grim reaper type thing and white film started laying out beside it in the air and some bird like fluttering thing was in it but it was on the side so again nobody but me saw.

Laying in the hospital bed looking at the walls thousands of spirits came flying at me and around even going into my feet and body trying to lay themselves, all different shapes sizes and types. Then when I got in the car I looked down at the dark floor and it looked like a bunch followed me, when the light went on they were gone.

I went to bed and turned off light and there was a bunch of creatures and spirits and ghosts in there. Some that didn’t seem like they were too nice and my cat even caught something in his mouth and was eating it and it was kinda fluttering and stuff so I grabbed it from him after he bit some of it and went to show my dad and it went invisible. They all think I’m hallucinating but I know I’m not, this is real and its scary. I just want them to go away they’re wrecking my life please help me. I don’t know what to do and why they keep following me.

Asked by Tess

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  1. What are you on?

  2. Hi Tess,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I see odd things too at times. I know a fairy in a human body, as strange as that may sound, and my daughter knows many others, because some of them have been born into the generation that runs between the ages of 20 and 30 .. do you fit in that age group, or are you younger? The younger generation are being born with the ability to see the elemental world, and ghosts as well. It can be very confusing, and often very frightening for them.

    I can understand your family being worried you are hallucinating, and it might be that you are, but if you aren’t, it might be a good idea to clear away all the entities that are around you that are not there for your greater good.

    To that end I have this invocation, its a request to your angels for their help in sending into healing any ghosts that might be there, like the kids, and the other entities you see.

    You’ll find it here: //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/

    The site is mine and I can generally answer any questions people have.

    You can look me up from here on this site. I am listed under Friends,
    Love & Peace

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