Why Do Lights Near Me Go Out ?

Quite often, wherever I may be, an external nightlight or streetlight near me will just go out and stay out then seemingly come back on when I go to leave.

Is this just coincidence or is there a meaning to this?

Asked by BJG

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  1. Hi BJG,

    Some people can make this happen .. its called ‘SLI-ding’ (Street Light Interference). It has something to do with the electromagnetic energy produced by your body, it disrupts electrical signals .. do you fritz other equipment too?


    Love & Peace

    • this happens to me with just about anything but not at any random time i did take notice it has to do with my emotion’s being negative or positive. can this become a problem if the electrical force keeps increasing. or even if it is possiable

      • Nah, not really….I mean, I think Snow was kind of joking about the EMF. Maybe I missed something. But I often say my wife is plagued by EMF, despite. Unfortunately for the purposes of the joke, Faraday’s law of induction is the pooper to the party….and the Lorentz force doesn’t outright deny the possibility of outside influence….just doesn’t really factor metaphysical concepts in to the Maxwell equations, from the best of my knowledge. :)

        Telekinesis, however, is the word we use to describe unexplained manipulation of electromagnetic forces and electrostatic fields. That one has always fascinated me.
        But if I see a light go out, and then I can’t move a pencil with my mind directly afterwards, I know I’m not telekinetic……well actually, I more get depressed and watch X-Men again…..

        It’s neat to think we have the ability to throw a closed-circuit from it’s electromagnetic baseline….and if we hear that’s not remotely possible, we sink a bit. So try this on for size……you may still have powers:

        Most streetlights have sodium vapor bulbs. These start to go bad or overheat and the light will shutoff, cool down and relight.

        1) Notice I didn’t personally rule out that human energy “could” interfere with the sodium vapor filament or the EMf, but if this were the case you would notice a lot more things dying/restarting around you. If this does indeed happen, then I’m pleased to be wrong, as I’m tired of buying batteries for my tv remotes.
        No, seriously….you would have to output substantial unnatural EM fields….enough you would notice….probably every time you tried to shake hands with someone else…..

        (btw: my control experiment for this is streetlight vs. lamp in your house. When a light goes out at home, it never relights….I end up having to change the bulb…..streetlights, on the other hand, do come back on….in my experience)

        2) If you are anything like me, you think the most misunderstood gift/ability is sensing space-time itself. So, if the light didn’t go out because of your EMF output…..isn’t it just as noteworthy for you to simply have arrived just in time for the bulb (or other electronic gear) to go out? It’s not a direct affect (emf put out light) but rather a waypoint in time progression that you were drawn to (I walked by at the exact time of the light weirdness). We want to discount laws in electromagnetism and thermodynamics, yet they are pretty strictly governed……space-time, on the other hand………yeah, space-time is not. In fact, it’s still barely understood. Therefore I find it more interesting the light goes out “when it does” not “how it does”.

        Despite my obvious killjoy-ing…..I do like to think about this one quite often. My biggest problem: If we have the ability to interfere with electromagnetism in the way the OP suggests, then the most pensive meditating monk would have accidentally destroyed our universe long before now. :)


        • (HEHE)

          Hey .. EMF’s can be ‘read’ .. go get a K2 they are fun to play with. (Don’t we ‘love’ jargon ..not).

          Translation – the electromagnetic field can be sensed by a little machine called an EMF reader which you can buy at the hardware store. Now, if you are a ghost hunter who likes toys you can also buy a machine called a K2 (and I have no idea why its called that) with flashy lights on it that also measures EMF’s. I have never met a person who puts out EMFS but microwaves and tv’s do. And so do ghosts. We’ve had a few interesting conversations with ghosts via a yes/no signal with the K2.

          I shall now retire stage left, taking my toys home with me. LOL

          Love & Peace

          • No Ama, don’t go!
            No reason to leave……we all like our science toys.:)

            You got me thinking, though. I want to do some research on this once I get half a chance.
            My concern with K-II is that EM fields are pretty much everywhere. I mean, literally, they cover the entire spectrum (pun absolutely intended)…..from visible light, to non-visible light, to sound, etc….

            So using a K-II, I would think, could be likened to walking a Geiger counter through Chernobyl on April 27th 1986.

            So what are “EM sensors” picking up? Have we solidified the “Ghost EM field”? If you have articles, please send.
            But again, understand my stance on most things in reality, Ama……until I witness/experiment myself, I find it highly irresponsible of myself to be a skeptic. I will never discount anything I haven’t seen for myself, just as I wont validate what I haven’t scrutinized.

            So I wasn’t saying I don’t believe it’s possible……I simply have more reason to disbelieve at this point, based on a deficiency of information otherwise.


          • No, its not like that at all Siddle, and I’m fine with your point of view. I was a skeptic too, and saw them in action before Tom and I got our own. It must only work in a very narrow band (and I’m wrong, they say its a wide band?) because I went through the house checking everything for a signal, and the conversations happened before an audience of at least 6 people, two of who didn’t belong to our group, in an old house on a large property well away from other buildings. It had electric lighting and not much else .. no fridges, freezers or microwaves (not that it reacts to the first two). And other people were asking questions, and the ghost was reacting to questions from each speaker. It was very interesting, and well worth repeating .. only not with one particular ghost because I booted him into healing after we found out what he ‘did’ and what he wanted to do to all of us.. friendly soul (not).

            Hmm.. I did a quick search under ‘how does a KII’ work and came up with Moari proverbs and their english translations? Hmm…

            Also this: http://www.kiimeter.com/description.php

            The one I really want, if I ever get an IPhone, will be the ghost radar. That works too. We tested it at Altona Homestead in Altona Victoria on a number of occasions and I had fun pointing out ghosts to people, and then checking on the radar .. which confirmed positions to the unbelievers in the group. It was a ghost tour and I was playing at being the medium.

            I might get to do that again in January, at another haunted house, and then an assylum I haven’t been to yet, at Ararat, Victoria. :-)

            Love & Peace

  2. Everyone has an electromagnetic field surrounding their bodies. Some people have higher than usual electromagnetic fields. This higher magnetic field can affect lights and cause them to turn off. Although its kind of unusual, it’s normal. A friend of mine has an extremely high magnetic field and makes street lights go out as drives past. Once she’s gone, the lights blink right back on. She’s also fried every watch she’s ever worn lol. If I remember right the term for it is “electric people.”

  3. Like the friend SnowWolf mentioned above, my mom has the same problem where watches will simply stop working when she wears them. I’m not sure if she has a problem with lights but, come to think of it, I suppose I do buy an abnormal amount of bulbs compared to most people.

    I was going to refer to STI but, Ama beat me to the punch ;)

    Just wanted to let you know that this doesn’t mean anything bad, nor are you weird. It’s just one of those oddities that happens to some of us.

  4. It’s Thor!!!!
    Well, according to Douglas Adams. In “Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul”.
    Dirk Gently discovers that Odin imbues Thor with the ability to accidentally transmorgrify objects when he is angry. In the book, this is shown with someone walking past a lamp post and it going out.

    Honestly, it happens to me all the time. I don’t think I have powers because it only happens when i’m not thinking about it. If I walk past a lamp and it goes out, then I think about Thor and laugh….but any attempt to relight said lamp is only met with failure to correct.

    Snowwolf also mentioned EM fields around folks. I’ve seen evidence of this too. My wife has the uncanny ability to kill any computer she is around for more then a few hours. I bought her a static wrist strap last christmas…….she didn’t think that was funny. Actually she did but was mostly still mad that her new gaming PC was wrecked within 4 months…so that might have clouded the moment a bit.

    So….my money is on Thor…..unless my wife’s powers are growing beyond the local area….in which case, sorry about that. :)


    • I’m for Thor.

      Do you think he’d let me borrow his hammer?

      Love & Peace

      • Yes, the Mjolnir would be mighty awesome. I’d use it at work. But if I were in contest with Lokki to make a nifty talisman or weapon for the God’s of Asgard, I much prefer imbuing my keys with the power to return to me, rather then a hammer. Levelling mountains is also neat….finding my keys in the morning is a tad bit more pressing, however. :)


        • My keys are in the bottom of the my handbag, and if they aren’t .. arrrgh!!!!’

          Loki is not friendly. I ‘met’ him once, or an entity pretending to be him, but that’s another story.

          Love & Peace

  5. Hey guys, I really don’t think that EM fields themselves can do all this. I was an electrical engineer and I can’t conceive of a machine consuming any reasonable amount of power that could do these sorts of things. Something much more subtle is going on. There are the basic equations that describe EM fields, and we have the basic equations of special and general relativity, from which Maxwell’s equations can be deduced, and so on. But killing electric lamps reversibly? Damaging a computer by the way is very easy so we won’t talk about that. PK? Teleportation of macroscopic objects? Non-corporeal entities? No way. We don’t have the theory yet, by a long way to fit any of these into a ‘Standard Model’ so beloved by physicists. But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen, don’t exist, in the sense of being occasionally observable. You bet they do. The universe is just stranger than we can imagine . . .

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