Why Do I Always Fail at Contacting Spirit Guides?

Why do I always fail at contacting spirit guides, even in workshops when everybody else who tries succeeds?

Why do guides and angels ignore me when I ask for help and guidance? Why don’t they want to help me?

I used to have so much faith in them but they have consistently let me down and not helped me or answered any of my prayers. They do not come to me when I ask for their help. Why?

Asked by Tara

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  1. Hi Tara,

    No one is ignoring you and the guides and angels never do. They are not there to answer questions or give us what we demand. It’s not their job. They talk to our subconscious minds all the time, reminding us of who we are – one of the Creator’s children. They guide us in ‘right’ choices, not ego ones .. and quite truthfully, having sat in on many ‘guide’ workshops, and run many of them .. there’s two reasons why you don’t connect.

    1) you try too hard and lack faith in yourself
    2) it has nothing to do with you .. many people invent things, or imagine things. When we get a true ‘guide’ connection our hearts open up and, most of the time, people get all teary. Otherwise they connect to a ghost or other entity .. usually by the name of White Owl, or Black Elk, or Lee Ching or something else exotic, rather than any Tom, Dick or Harry, and get ‘profound messages’ based on nothing of any practical value.

    Oh dear, don’t I sound jaded. I worked in the new age industry for six solid years, and have been on the edge of it for the last six. I have seen so many people delude themselves and end up hurt and untrusting .. because they cannot do whatever so many other people seem to have done .. but not everyone is supposed to have a clear connection to their guides. We are supposed to make our own decisions in life, not rely on others to make them for us. The guides ‘guide’ they do not chat, they do not have long conversations, nor do they often channel long messages – generally starting with ‘beloved, we have come to tell you how wonderful you are, and how important you are in the plan for the earth’s profound future’ ..

    So here are some questions for you – do you trust yourself? Do you pay attention to your gut feelings (intuition), do you occasionally get a fleeting thought in your mind that tells you to go somewhere or do something or say something that helps someone else, or that keeps you safe? Do you sometimes know what other people are feeling, or seem to know when they are sad, even if they don’t show it? Do you sometimes feel you ‘know’ something even if you are not sure why you know it?

    And then try this. Sit down quietly and listen to some quiet and gentle music and stop worry about stuff. Say to your angel “I want to know your name, but I don’t hear very well. Help me here you more clearly.” and then ask ‘what is your name’ .. and the first word that pops into your mind .. don’t double guess it or argue with it .. let it be the name. And if that doesn’t work the first time. Leave it for tomorrow and try again. It might take three times for you to relax enough and just allow change to happen. Stop telling yourself you can’t and ‘I never will’. You will.

    Workshops are all very well, but I find they tend to undermine the people who are not sure of themselves, and while some people get a genuine connection, others are simply inventing things as they go along.

    Love & faith,

  2. Hello Tara!!!
    We all here enjoy chatting with your Dad!! My answer to your question; as Ama said, your guides don’t chat, they guide and speak to you when needed. i have found this to be true. My first contact with one of my guides was in 2003. I had been practicing Wicca at the time and had cast a spell. That night i had the most vivid dream of standing on the shore of an island with a robed blonde woman standing with me, an erupting volcano in the background and a strong gust of wind lifted me up into the air and over the water. I could hear the blonde woman(my guide) say to me, “Aim for land!! Aim for land!!” She wanted me to direct myself somehow back towards land. All elements were represented; earth, air fire and water. My message from my guide was not to get swept away, but to keep my feet on the ground. You see, your guides/ angels will speak to you when it is needed and when you are at a pinnacle point in your life chart/path. I have heeded this message and can see how, those pertinent works have come into play in my life. Have patience and follow Ama’s instructions; if your Angels and guides have a message for you they will convey it, but not necessarily by actually speaking. They do communicate through thought form or telepathy, so what they convey to you may come across as a random thought in your head or a “gut instinct” Best of luck!! Luna

    • Oh and by the way, Ama, the spell was to bring a certain energy towards me and I did not send anything out to anyone and also I do not practice anymore, as I do realise the ramifications of casting spells. ;)

      • I am happy about that LunaT. Even something we think will do us good, might not in the long run.

        I am not advocating stopping magic completely, I am just wanting people to be very careful what they ask for.

        You know the old saying “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”.

        Love & Peace

  3. I appreciate your answers. however, I find that they contradict what the books about guides and angels say they do for people when asked. Its not true that guides speak to me when needed. Since childhood, i have had 3 nervous breakdowns and no guides came to my aid, nor did they help me find the help I needed. I am very sad to know that I don’t have what it takes to understand guiadance and I now feel more alone than ever.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      What do your books say guides do? I have read hundreds of books on the subject and they all say much the same -

      Since the work of our guides is subtle, and surrounded in rules, most people have no idea when they help or don’t. That doesn’t mean they aren’t helping .. they can only act for us when we allow it, and not everyone can consciously hear what they are saying. Also stress, when we are totally focused on ourselves and live in fear, will cut off their voice .. because we stop listening, not them stop speaking.

      Do you trust your gut feelings, Anon, do you follow hunches? Have you ever walked into a place, not felt safe or comfortable, and walked out again .. and no, I am not talking about hospital type places, but people’s houses, or the supermarket .. or the street? Have you ever paid attention to a ‘feeling’ about someone, and found out later you were right about what you were feeling? All of these can be your guides talking to you. They are called ‘a small quiet voice’ .. very small and very quiet, because inside your mind is your ego .. a lion’s roar of noise that cuts across everything else.

      You are not alone. You are never alone. Your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder. He’s not going anywhere, anytime, but to hear him you have to seek the peace within yourself .. he can’t hand it to you on a plate, much as all our guides and angels would love to give us comfort .. they are bound by the laws of non-interference.

      You might have said, before you came into the world, “I can handle this lifetime myself” .. or that you wanted to. We blame our guides for not speaking, but .. its our choice.

      Talk to your guardian angel. Call him Michael. It’s the name of the group he comes from. Ask him, quietly, to help you to listen, and help you to hear .. and then .. do something about the emotions you are feeling – depression, fear and anger, if you are feeling any of those, will give the voice of your ego the upperhand in your mind.

      I know its a challenge, and you might think it too hard, but try anyway. Act with a bit of faith, and if you can’t the DECIDE you can hear your angel. And stick with the decision. And then don’t jump with fear when you do. They are always loving, always kind and supportive. They never say anything harmful. Any other comment is not them.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

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