Why Are They Called Satanists?

I know some people who call them selves Satanists. I asked them why they wanted to follow Satan and I was told that they dint believe in Satan at all. To me that just didn’t make sense.

One girl tried to explain to me why they were called Satanists after whom they claimed to have no connection or belief in whatsoever.

So yeah, I suppose my question is why do they call them Satanists if they aren’t following Satan?

Sent in by Ben (in Georgia)

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  1. Umm.. They do worship Satan, that is just what they say to make themselves seem, I don’t know..not so bad?? I remember watching a TV show where the author of the Satanic Bible said that they didn’t worship Satan, it was more like they thought God shouldn’t tell them what to do, and so they would do what they wanted. Nothing was good and nothing bad, just do what you feel like. Sort of like, Satan wasn’t a bad guy, he just didn’t want God controlling him.

  2. We have an article here on the subject:


    I have asked the same question myself. Why would an organization name itself after something they claim they do not believe in or follow? That one simple question stumps me. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

  3. A lot of people do that for the shock value, or to rebel

  4. Hi guys,

    Here’s a little psychology for you.

    Just think how dramatic it sounds to say you ‘worship Satan’. It’s a title, just like saying you are Christian. It makes the person feel powerful to say they worship ‘the devil’, but the devil’s name is not Satan. He’s just one of many demons. But people fear the devil by the name of Satan … and some people like other people to be frightened of them .. or in this case ‘for them’.

    Love & Light

  5. Ama, you took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree more. Some people are all about shock value, they love to ruffle the feathers of more conservative folks. I find that to be a little inane myself but, eh, to each his own, I suppose.

  6. There are always different “versions” of a religion. There are indeed satanists who do believe and worship Satan. However there may also be sects that see things differently. look at how many different types of “Christians” we have today…Pentecostal..baptist..etc.
    I do agree however that a lot of people, particularly younger people will claim this title to seem “cool” or “dangerous”. And that simply isn’t a very wise thing to do. for if you call upon something enough times…you may just get an answer….

  7. Hi Diana, inane is right, but also just plain stupid.

    Denise, I agree. The ‘old’ saying is ‘be careful what you wish for .. you might get it’ and when it comes to naming demons .. when you say the name of a demon you draw its attention towards you. So-called demonologists who go spouting names at me just annoy me. They think they are so ‘cool’ because they know them all, and what the demons can do FOR a person. I would be more worried about what they will do TO a person who invokes them out of sheer bravado. I think people should count their blessings that they don’t come the minute they are named. It’s not a game, or a joke. And wearing a Tshirt with ‘I’m a demonologist’ on it doesn’t qualify you as one, no matter how much book learning you think you have.

    At the present moment many people are having problems with incubus and succubus and we do not have a solution to get rid of these entities, but we are looking for one. These beings are usually, going by the attitudes and belief systems of the people they have attached themselves to, not invited in. Somehow the door got opened, now we need to learn how to shut it. That’s the work of a demonologist, not invoking them, but getting rid of them.

    I shall now crawl down from my soapbox. LOL
    Love & Light,
    on a beautiful autumn morning in Oz,

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