Why Am I Hearing Voices at Night?

Some nights, before going to sleep I can hear in my mind voices of people. They are usually just a part of a conversation or a sentence, they sometimes don’t make sense and it’s often hard to make out what is said. Only rarely do they ever speak about me. they have never directly spoken to me even if I try to speak to them in my mind. Also, I can rarely ever remember what is said the next day.

It only happens when I’m about to sleep, I looked it up on the internet and other people experience this as well, some try to explain it and just dreaming or your own thoughts but I was wondering if it could be anything paranormal?

Asked by Violet

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  1. Hi Violet

    I sometimes get the sound of people talking too. Sometimes I get music and sometimes I get singing. Though with me, it can happen and not just when I’m about to drop off to sleep.

    I am a medium, which means I can converse with, see and ‘feel the vibrations’ of spirits. I’m also clairvoyant, so can pick up on things which have been, but the ‘essense’ of which remains – past events, for example.

    It may well be that you are naturally very psychic. You are either picking up on something which has been (like a a re-run of a film), or you might be picking up of spirit chatter.

    Do you like in a busy area, or do you live somewhere quite quiet?


    • Thanks A.J.
      I’ve had music and good thoughts – I know when this is a positive force communicating with me. I write poetry and songs and I often just hear music in my mind or the words so I write them down. I don’t know if I’m channeling or something, but lately it’s like because I’m sensitive to that all this negativity is coming through.
      I feel like there’s a presence in my house also so I just want it to be gone.

  2. I’ve had the same exact experience too, more then ones actually. I never really understood what they were saying, sometimes it would sound like more then one person. I would just try my best to ignore it because I would get scared.

  3. It may very well be the beginning of some sort of spiritual harrassment. , If you don not want to hear these voices or the situation to deteriate, the very next time you hear the voices simple say out loud or think out loud in your head, “God rebuke you in the name of Jesus”. I would be very suprised if you ever hear them again. Do this tonight and post on here and give us the results. You could help others a great deal that have the same issues. Please whatever you do, do not communicate back with it other than what I wrote above and ket us know.

    • Jk, I have a question, and I mean no disrespect in asking it, its just that I am truly curious. Do you ever worry that when you are “rebuking” things, that you might be sending away something that was sent to you by God? How you can you be so certain that all these things are evil? What if they’re not at all?

      I just wanted to reiterate that my comment is not intended to disparage or mock anything that you’ve stated. I’m just really interested in faith from your perspective, as it seems so different from my own. Basically, I just really want to pick your brain :)

    • Hello jk
      I’ve been getting these voices on and off for about 5 years now.
      I asked God to stop the voices which worked for a while. then they come back, along with a load of nightmares. I believe God is in control of everything so for some reason he is letting me experience this.
      I do feel I have a demon around me and they affecting my life I just wish I could get them to go away.

  4. Hmm… I’ll make JK happy and not go metaphysical here. LOL

    Hello again Violet,

    If you just asked a questions about ghosts, you are clairvoyant, and as AJ explained, that might be why you are hearing voices. It could be ghosts, guides or spirits. That having been said ..

    Here’s another explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia In the state between sleeping and waking we often see and hear odd things .. they are called hynogogic images, or sounds. Lots of people get them and its nothing to be worried about.

    Ok, I changed my mind, having just reread JK’s message .. unless what you are hearing is something frightful or nasty, it is unlikely you are being demonically harassed. While I think calling on Jesus, when you feel frightened, is a truly wonderful, and helpful, idea .. don’t start expecting something nasty to be happening just because you ‘can’ hear things. It could just all be completely natural and nothing to worry about.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here under Friends)

    • Thank you, I looked hypnagogia up and that does match what I see and hear. I do also see shapes, colors, patterns, faces, people and things before falling asleep but they are all disturbing.

      Some of the images I saw included an old woman with no eyes pointing at me, a devilish face, an ugly gollum like creature with green skin and huge eyes
      oh and I get this horrible feeling of being weighed down, not in a physical way but inside of me (or my soul/mind) i feel all this weight and pressure. I’ve had that since I was about 5 years old.

      • Have you every watched horror movies, or seen advertisements for them on tv, or read comics with those sorts of images in them .. and then there’s halloween, with all its ‘images’ as well. Our heads are full of crazy images, some we don’t even realise we have seen. Our minds then take the images, throw them together in different ways, and give them back to us, sometimes very strangely.

        Or it could be a ghost, or worst .. but .. you are not expressing any of the reactions to a truly nasty situation .. so I’ll go with my first suggestion .. but add ..

        Consider doing this: This Invocation is also a prayer. Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what you are asking help with, and then say it out loud. It will remove from your energy all sorts of nasty entities, and very ordinary ghosts .. and help settle things down around you.


        Any questions, you know where to find me,
        Love & Peace

  5. I would be much happier if you would stop mixing christianity with the metaphysical. It is all spirituall but some of the stuff you mix in is a abomination to God. You can save the all that I know is what that darn book says. No the Holy Spirit guides me as well and if God sees it as an abomination and the Holy Spirit prompts me that it is wrong then I know it is wrong. Since you are free to do as you wish, my requeest is moot but do think about where all the information comes from that yoou write on this site. I am just trying to keep the christian perspective here before someone else makes a mockery of it.

    • Hi JK,

      When God steps up and tells me what I am saying is abomination I’ll believe it, but until that happens I’ll continue to talk about what I have been taught in my way, the same as you talk about yours in your way. I am sorry that annoys you, but since you are on a paranormal site, one that defies the teachings of the bible ‘do not associate with soothsayers’ etc, you’ll just have to put up with what we do.

      Metaphysics is part of Christianity .. you call it miracles, some people call it magic. When you take the power of the Christ out of Jesus, and you do that by ignoring the God energy that he is and pretending it shouldn’t be called metaphysics or magic, you are left with Jesus the man pretending to be representing God. I don’t believe that, and neither do you.

      You don’t like the language – do what you do and ignore all of us. But don’t be surprised when I jump in and point out where you contradict yourself, or where you see demons where there aren’t any. I don’t believe God wants everyone to be terrified of demons, or God itself. A healthy dose of awe is a good idea, but seeing demons in every teapot .. is counterproductive. Haven’t you noticed the crap on tv and how its desensitizing people to the dangers of the unseen world? And the church seeing demons everywhere, or pretending not to, is just confusing the heck out of the ordinary folk. God help me .. yes, I do say it and mean it .. God help me to explain better.

      If mixing a little metaphysics with the biblical helps people to understand the ‘whole’ of God’s creation, and not just the limited stuff the church wants people to know .. perhaps we can keep them safer? They are not finding safety in the church JK. Have a hard look around you. More people are being harassed by demons, and there are more ghosts around now .. and they are not bound to one place, or trapped the way they used to be. And its not the metaphysical folk who caused it .. no .. its happening regardless of us trying to stop it .. and I don’t notice your church, or any other, leaping in to save people .. hell no, they stand back and still say ‘its your imagination’, or ‘you are insane’ .. or go see a psychiatrist .. so back to the metaphysicians people come looking for help .. and they find it.

      You don’t like it, right now I really don’t care. More than ten people rang me or wrote to me last week, and only one of them is left on the ‘to do’ list .. I worked my ass off, in the name of God, and you think God thinks I’m an abomination? How could I do what I do for people if I was? Wake up!

      Ok, dropping the temper tantrum now.

      And going to make dinner,
      Love & Peace

      • i mean no disrespect to anyone it s just my thoughts and how i feel.

        im sorry for stepping in on your conversation, but i have a few things i would like to say. first off i would like to say about contradiction’s if you look at things in the world and life in itself. we live in a contradicted world with things that have nothing to do with the other but yet still in the mix together some how if you dig deep enough.

        ill get to my point you cant just look at christanity and think thats that. in the bible itself you can find many contradictions or you could say god grew as times changed. either way it still doesnt change the fact he says we have free will but yet people will still see what he says is an apcolypse. he says he will take his believers away first but then stress over it and you are a sinner.

        i belive in god that he is there but i belive that everything people talk about theres a half truth to that it’s like this (belive half what you hear and everything you see). why i say that is so that you understand im not saying the bible is completly false but thats like saying i dont belive in ghost but im on this site. so the half truth would be a lie if you can understand that. im simply saying to understand whats not know you must first understand what you know. you cannot look at life for one angle same with paranormal and religon.

        so jk if you think someone is trying to displace the bible in a way you dont belive just think like another person would because nothing is ever on point or the same. amy i see you have alot to say and i do not disagree with all things you have to say. but i do want to say about when god says to you then you will believe. who’s to say what is an abomination and isnt because in a christian view god created all. so do you really think even a tough loving god would call making of his an abomination. i notice you were saying it in a sarcastic way. even still if you think about it with diffrent points of views, with and other than christanity it could turn to a good debate.

        im sorry if i sound like i was rambling or in anyway sounded disrespectful i did not intend to do so.

        • Hi Mike,

          This is an open forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of whether we agree with it or not. Your answer was not disrespectful, so don’t worry about that either.

          I wasn’t being sarcastic .. just frustrated. LOL I like JK’s zeal and I understand it, I just find a closed mind a frightening thing. And no, I don’t think God would call any of his creations an abomination, and since he created everything, in my opinion, he also created all our thoughts on the subject .. there’s an old saying ‘there is nothing new under the sun’.

          And yes, the whole subject of the bible could be a great discussion .. but the only folks who want to discuss it are the ones who want to tell those of us who question it that we are going to hell for our beliefs.

          Wishing you a great day,
          Love & Peace
          A M A ..

  6. I want to add.. the past few days before falling asleep and just after waking up I see faces in my mind, they look kind of nasty

    I took a nap before and before falling asleep I became aware of a spirit hovering above me.
    and a few days ago, I woke up and saw a face staring at me next to my bed. No body, just a face.
    What I see never lasts long, only a few seconds at most.
    I would also like to point out that I’m suffering from depression at the moment too, maybe this is something to do with it.

    I really need help with whats happening, thanks

  7. I can’t say that is a paranormal occur surely because it is only a sense without any proof . it may be an internal dictation or imagine . in other word one night may ,you have supposed you heard the people voice then next nights you have repeated that imagine again and it has stamped in your mind every night . And may it has a nervous or mental reason.

  8. I have heard conversations also like you. sometimes it is family members talking from far away. I think they call this remote viewing. but I only hear the conversations. it is odd. other times it is spirits talking or demons. it is scary sometimes. what time is this happening? haunting usually happen at 3am. Sometime I can also see remote viewing like I will view a picture or watch tv. then I fall asleep and see it playing out. It is like I am viewing something. then most of the time what I dream about and view come true. Like I may watch Cnn and see a country. then I fall asleep and see war or a great flood. most of the time it comes true. this is called remote viewing. but some people can do remote hearing I think.

  9. I have voices too. I found that mine was like your experience. However, it kept me up all night. The voice was clearly an adult female, and it wasn’t my dad talking nor my sister. My mother died when I was very young. I don’t think it was her, as I was not In my house when I heard it. I can’t tell what it was saying. It was loud enough, bit it was muffled. This was a one-time experience and I haven’t heard it since. I think my story matched up with many others closely. Before you claim demon, I don’t believe in demons. Yes, I believe in God and the devil bit I also believe that got keeps us safe from demons. I think there are ghosts though, after this experience. Also, it was like a conversation but I only heard the one woman. This is the only point were my story differs from Others. I don’t know what it was. But it’s okay with me weather it was a ghost or not. I hope that your not scared of these experience because I think that you should try to maybe communicate with the spirits.

  10. I hear voices also. but only in a haunted location or I can hear remotely. Like if my family comes over to visit. then they drive back home then I will hear them talking almost 65 miles away. it is so strange. I can also view remotely sometimes. If I go to sleep thinking about something then I will dream about that person and the events usually come true. A little girl at my daughters school died of the flu. she was about 9. I worked 2 weeks in a row. then my ex husband was visiting me. Since I was sleep deprived a little and stressed. I fell asleep and saw the little girl come to me when I woke up. She was dressed in white just starring at me as a ghost girl. I also hear voices if I am sleep deprived. or stressed then I can hear spirit voices on occasion. I think these things are in another plane. somehow we tap into that plane. Well sometimes sleep is connected to that plane. that is how I have talked to deceased family members just by accident. so maybe that is what you are doing also.

  11. I was awakened early this morning by a voice I believed it was male.It said “Well hello there” I woke up and assumed my husband had spoke and i asked him 2 times “why would you say that to me?” he was sound asleep.Later and I think was hours later when the alarm went off and I realized what had happened. I’m very intuitive.Meaning I have dreams that are at times like premonition of sort.Maybe that isn’t the right word.I’ve also had lights that are beautiful flashing at times when I’ve closed my eyes .I am not asleep when this has happened to me.Anyway please help me understand what I heard.
    Thank you,

  12. Hi Gina,

    From my point of view, given I am clairvoyant (see things) and clairaudient (hear things) you heard a man speak who might have thought he had your attention. Did you go straight back to sleep? Part of the clairvoyant gift is precognitive dreams (dreams about the future, or the present). None of it is harmful, its all a gift, also a challenge at times, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

    You might never hear a ghost again, but if you do, just ask your guardian angel to ‘find’ the ‘voice’ and ‘take’ it into healing. We don’t need ghosts hanging around us. We have enough to deal with in the real world, and they need to find peace and healing and not try and connect to the living to feed off their energy.

    You can find out about me here on this site, by clicking my link under Friend,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • Ty very much Ama & yes I did go back to sleep. I do want to understand .I will take your helpful advice. : )

  13. I see faces when closing my eyes sometimes. They are random and usually not scary, sometimes demon-like. This is not an in-between thing and I’m only just lying down to go to sleep when this happens.

    Also, I hear what sounds exactly like a radion station sometimes. It’s clear to me that it is music for some time and then even a radio host speaks. Now I know this sounds INSANE…but it’s true. It isn’t scary. It doesn’t really bother me anymore and isn’t all that frequent. But I do know it isn’t a hynogogic hallucination. I just draw serious energy of all kinds. Wish I knew why!

    • Hi Robyn,

      Some of the faces that people, that are ‘demon-like’ are actually elementals (nature’s kingdom). They can look a bit weird and creepy but they are not nasty, simply curious and living by a whole different standard of what is ‘right’ behaviour to them, but not to us.

      The radio station .. I hear it too .. I ask my angels to ‘tune me in better please’ because the static is annoying, as are the whine and buzz .. and then there are a few words, sometimes, but not as often anymore. I just smile.

      As for music, I have it 24 hours a day, and I’ve ‘heard’ it all my life. My mother says as a tiny baby she would find me humming in my cot. Used to freak her out until she got used to it. LOL

      As to why? It could be your nature? It could be your energy frequency .. working on higher or lower bands (frequencies). You might literally be ‘hearing’ a radio somewhere. Is it clear enough for you to check it out?

      Love & Peace

  14. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a true demon. To me, that would be pure evil and since I can’t imagine what that might be like – I must have not ever faced it. But I have have some pretty nasty disturbances from spirits and one entity that I somehow know has never been human….it was the worst. But I’m careful what I call evil, if that makes sense.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who hears what I’ve learned to lovingly call “Ghost FM”. :)

    This music is definitely a radio station and I’ve even gotten the feeling that it’s something not from this current era, but can’t confirm it since I really can’t make out exactly what is being played or said. It isn’t really fuzzy for me, it’s muffled vs. static. It’s almost like it’s behind a wall or something. I can rule out hearing someone else’s radio though – where I live it’s so rural that isn’t possible.

    I’ve tried to rule out every other explanation as I always do when something out of the ordinary happens. At one point, I thought it was my aquarium water level getting low and the water rushing in was creating this sound that I was mistaking for a radio. And believe it or not, the sound of the water from the pump falling into the tank sounded similar once it traveled down the hall to my bedroom. However, when I refilled the tank it didn’t go away and I no longer have the aquarium now and the sound is still there. I’ve yet to find another explanation. In the end, I’ve just accepted it as spiritual. It is what it is…lol.

    I know I have guides or angels, but I’ve no idea who they are and have never been able to identify them. Wish I could…when I do, I might get a bit more clarity as to why I have the gifts that I do(though sometimes they seem like curses!) and what I can do with them to help others. Astrologically speaking, I’m a Cancer – so helping people and nurturing is what I do. :D

    • Hi Robyn,

      If you had ever actually met a demon you would have no doubts about it. There are many astral nasties out there, that act demonic but they aren’t, they are just nasty human created beings.

      I hear voices in water all the time. I am rural here in Australia and I love the rivers. I don’t fish, but you’ll find me on the bank with my toes in moving water and just listening. Nature is marvellous.

      Guides and angels .. write to me privately and we can discuss it. You’ll find a link to my site at the bottom of this page Victorian Paranormal Connection ..

      Love & Peace

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