Why Am I Having Visions of Being With My Ex?

My ex and I broke up a year in a half ago and he is engaged with a new girl. My ex and I were together for three years, then he called it quits.

All my visions that I had in the past came true, but now I’ve been having visions of me in an operating room and him walking in holding my hand. I was having a c-section. Also have visions of me being pregnant and us being happy again.

It feels weird after these visions because sometimes they are so strong, I feel my heart racing almost if something pulling me towards him. But when I do talk to him he doesn’t want to be bothered.

This has been going on for almost a year. Why am I having these visions if he doesn’t want to be with me? Why are my visions so strong that I feel that I’m still with him as if I am the girl he is with now? It feels like an out of body experience sometimes.

Asked by amber

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  1. you need to walk up to him, and tell him about these visions. and when he tries to walk away, or doesnt listen, you need to say what’s o your heart. tell him about these visions, and tell him how you really feel about him. hope this helped.

  2. Hi Amber,

    Let me tell you a small secret .. well, its not really a secret, because all my friends know, but I once loved a man who didn’t love me, and I could see us having a baby (and he knew it too, we even, separately, chose the same name for her – before he chose to break us up (bless him for that)) .. I even met the girl spirit one day, when she came to tell me it was ok she wouldn’t be born to me, she’ll be a granddaughter instead. Odd, but true. For a few years after we broke up I would still have those dreams and feelings and regrets for what didn’t happen, for what ‘should’ have happened .. but we all have free will, and sometimes our lives go off down a different path, and we run away, or even walk slowly, from one possible lifepath to another. It’s just the way things go when two people each have free will. The toughest part is knowing you have to let go .. but it all becomes much easier once you do.

    So the time of when Rachel was supposed to have been born came and went, and she would have been about nine now, if she had been born, but I no longer have a wish for that old relationship, because I opened my heart and let a new one come in, and this man is very different, and far more wonderful, than that first could ever have been. But I had to let go of the old for the new to come in .. and that is what I am recommending to you.

    Probably, in your old life plan, you and that man were meant to be together now, with a child, but your life paths diverged in an unexpected way, and, while your spirit knows this, your ego is struggling with the process of letting go .. and so it is trying to remind you of what ‘might’ have been .. because you are now ready for the someone new to be there. Our egos are helpful, but they prefer to control us, rather than us controlling them. It’s up to you now to accept this new reality, tell your ego its time to expand and be really happy again, and let love flow in. It will.

    Why are your visions so strong .. because you are making them that way. Your conscious mind might not be, but your ego is controlling your subconscious mind, where the imagery for our visions come from. Yes, I can see visions too.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

    • That just made a whole lot of sense. I once loved my ex so much and wondered some of the same things as Amber. Thanks for clearing that up Ama.

      • You are welcome, Janna. I always knew there had to be a good reason for that old relationship, and, over the years, I have found lots of them.

        Love & Peace

        • Hello Ama!
          I think I mentioned this a while back on another thread, but since you have read Newton, you will recall (and sorry for the paraphrasing….been a while since I read it) there was a story of a man, who was a marathon runner in a past life. When put into regression his life review was displayed before him. He remembered the life where he was running….then (can’t remember if it was from the running, but thought he had an aneurism) he died…when he was met by his guide the first question the guide asked was: “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be getting married today!!”

          I find this to be quite liberating. I like free will….I don’t like an undefined destiny. In a reality driven by probability, it just doesn’t make sense to have a singular path.


          • Hello Siddle,

            I remember that story. :-) And I agree there is no single path, that used to bug me when I did readings for people and some of them would come back and grumble that it didn’t happen the way ‘I’ said it would. Then, of course, being me .. the greater poker .. I would ask ‘did you do this and that, as I said’ and the answer was always ‘no, I didn’t believe you so I did something else’. What did they expect? We all have the right to say no to a lot of what ‘might’ be possible in our lives .. we do it all the time.

            Love & Peace

  3. Amber,
    First off…just some observations in your post:
    You said:

    1) “My ex and I were together for three years, then he called it quits.” (so this was not a mutual decision.)
    2) “Also have visions of me being pregnant and us being happy again.” (emphasis on the “happy AGAIN” part)
    3) “It feels weird after these visions because sometimes they are so strong, I feel my heart racing almost if something pulling me towards him. But when I do talk to him he doesn�t want to be bothered.” (do you try to contact him often? What do you mean by “doesn’t want to be bothered? Meaning he won’t even talk to you? Or doesn’t wish to discuss this? Or just because he is engaged to someone else and it’s awkward for him.)
    4) “This has been going on for almost a year. Why am I having these visions if he doesn�t want to be with me?” (Your perception might very much be getting in the way of your own internal procedure for dealing with unwanted results….you ask why YOU would have visions if HE doesn’t want to be with you (the two may be related, but I see very little correlation, personally).

    So, based on your verbiage, I’m sorry the break-up was one-sided….it seems a lot like you never wanted to separate, but he did. That’s tough. No human I’ve ever met has any morsel of insight that will make that realization hurt less…..and not at all to step on Ama’s toes, as I think she said it all above: Desire and free will are not linked in the ways most people want (nah, that wasn’t as good as how she said it, but you get the point without me trying to steal Ama’s thunder). :)

    I was engaged once before. We broke up 2 months before the wedding. We weren’t ready, but we WANTED to be ready. I dreamt of her for years afterwards. We are talking full on lucid dreaming where we are discussing the relationship in detail, but our logic in the dreamworld seemed so much more fitting. At one point in the last dream, she looked at me and said, “you know, this was never supposed to pan out, but I love you. Our work is complete and now we are better prepared.”
    She was right (well, dream “her” was right)…..sometimes what we think is “the way it’s supposed to be” is really just a waypoint. I know for a fact that if I hadn’t gone through my fair share of good and bad relationships, I may not have been prepared for my wife…or I just plain wouldn’t have met her. (And yes, that very much includes girls I wanted to be with that didn’t want to be with me!)

    My normal recommendation may not fit here. You also used the word “vision” quite a bit….if this at all happens when you are dreaming, then I highly recommend lucid dreaming. Maybe you are still trying to make peace with the fact you two are no longer together….or perhaps it’s your higher-selves (could be soul in general, or subconsciousness, depending on your beliefs) trying to reach out and make peace with each other. Point here is, you may not have many answers until you are beyond feeling “wronged” by the relationship ending (if that’s the case….I say respectfully).

    Since we are on the topic of “visions”, may I ask what that word means to you? It has a lot of weight with your post. Do you mean visions that take over your sensory perception? Visions that take over your minds-eye, or do you mean vivid/lucid dreams? Sorry, I can’t help much on visions…haven’t had those since I was about 6 or 7…..but dreams……dreams, I can definitely discuss. Sorry to ask like that…I’ve just recently been burnt by similar discussions when I thought vision meant “vision”, but instead meant dream. Sounds like you have full blown visions, but I just want to make sure I understand the nature of “visions” from your perspective.


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