Why Am I Having Horrific Dreams and Strange Feelings?

I have recently started having extremely odd and sometimes horrific dreams. On top of that I heard people singing or different sounds doors open, coffee pot turns on.

I have also been feeling as if I am drawn to certain places or things that I have no idea about. These things only happen to me.

I have even slammed on my breaks on a busy interstate after dark because I saw a man crossing the interstate and nobody else saw him.

What could possibly be happening to me?

Asked by Barbara

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    Did these things also happen to you when you were a child? Have you had an accident recently, or a hard crack on the head, leading to unconsciousness? All of these events could mean you are a medium, and that your gifts have just ‘kicked in’ again.

    What happened in the dreams that make them so horrible? You might be seeing what the ghosts around you experienced as their deaths? But I cannot know until you give me an example.]

    You might also find you are clairsentient, which means you feel things about people, and places, and are drawn to certain areas because of something that might have happened there, both positive or negative.

    Could you give me more information please.
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  2. Wish I knew. Its been happening to me for years to the point I’m questioning my sanity and awarness. Pleas if u can give me a description of your dreams I. Would love to see if there close to mine.

  3. Wat were the dreams about

  4. There could be a number of causes.

    Have you ever been involved with or dabbled in the occult?

    Do you, or anyone you are living with, engaged in heavy drug or alcohol use, or pornography?

    Have you recently gotten anything like a tribal mask, figurine or talisman around the time the dreams and phenomena started happening?

  5. Well, everybody has past lives, so that could be why you feel drawn by things. But if i were you, i would get a blessing around your house. And as for the man… Don’t follow him or anything. That could be dangerous.

  6. I understand what you mean about being drawn to things. I often feel this way myself. The smallest thing can set off what feel like memories to me, only they can’t possibly be my memories because in most of them, I feel a lot older than I am in reality. And sometimes they are disturbingly detailed in nature. I don’t talk about it much because, people tend to think things like that mean you’re crazy. Its not as if I’m obsessed with them, in fact I’ve gotten so used to it that more often than not I just sort of mentally file it away and do by best to forget about it. Even something as benign as a smell can set it off. I have this really weird one that was triggered by a fur coat…something I would never ever have anything to do with as I am a huge animal lover. Sometimes I wonder if I just have an overactive imagination or maybe I might be a little bit of a nutter. Joking aside, I do understand how utterly mind boggling it can be.

    What is it? I have no clue, I wish I did. There are so many things in this world that just don’t make sense. Yet. I think at some point its all going to make sense, I just don’t think we’re capable of understanding that part of the universe right now.

    • I keep a journal, Diana .. or actually, I email myself with all the odd things that come to mind, or that I see or experience .. its amazing how much I have forgotten over the years ..

      And smells are known to be a powerful ‘memory’ tool. :-)

      Love & Peace

  7. i had a dream i was driving down the road it was so vivid and we were turning and we crashed it was very stormy

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