Why Am I Chased by Demons in My Dreams?

I keep having these dreams that I am either being chased by demons or they are trying to ask me to join their side and it is starting to scare me. I have tried dream catchers, the rosemary thing, and praying at night and none of that helps what should I do?

Asked by Desiree Northrup

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  1. Hi Desiree,

    Playing devil’s advocate here, but how often do you watch horror movies?

    My advice is to keep saying ‘no’ when you are asked to do something you don’t want to. You don’t have to change sides. Human beings are born into the Light, and remain in the Light unless they choose not to be, and it is a choice.

    Please check out my webpages for white light shields and personal shields – they do help. http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html

    And if the problem persists .. there are other solutions.

    Keep it simple,
    Love & Peace

  2. I went to a religious boarding school when I was 11 years old, We were all in the female dorm room and having a nap in the middle of the afternoon. We slept on the floor as to not refiddle making the bed. I had a slight dream/daydream that there was a whirl of color like a that thing in the galaxy sucking like a wormhole? something like that, there was a voice coming from it, i basically saw with my own eyes, either dream or no dream I knew it was real but brush it off as unreal. It said come and join us, come and join the darkness. In the same place while we girls were in a round circle talking about just things, where there was no wind in that place, no windows were opened. Suddenly I felt a whoosh beside me and the full blast of wind knock down the broom off the floor with a big thud like something hit it. That’s a story. And by the way, I try never to even WATCH “ANY” horror movie AT ALL! My brain creates things or imagine things or see things I cant EVER imagine how to explain to anybody ever! >.< Had sleep problems at night back then and always miss school and sleep all day to avoid the noises and visions at night that jumps onto my eyeballs for no reason.

  3. If your gonna use a “light” shield for a dream of demons chasing you. Generally speaking dreams of being chased is over feeling guilt over something. Maybe your feeling guilty that you could be a better person than you have been.

    Actual demons dont really chase they more or less torment and drive you down make you weak and before you know it your done. Better chance its a matter of guilt somewhere in your life maybe for unpure thoughts or guilt.

    Them asking you to join their side is pretty vague and im sure your dreams are more indepth than that.

  4. Ok I’m starting to ask myself questions about my dreams, I have weird dreams but I had a dream last night that made me think. It was very long for a dream. I dreamt I was home and an unknown guy came to get me to escape because a crazy guy was attacking our town but as I was going outside cats just jumped on me and wanted to kill me but as I saw there eyes I felt like if they were possessed by demons. I didnt want to ask questions to that weird guy so we went close to a grocery store and then we were stuck there because a crazy man was keeping hostage a bunch of people from my town and some people I didnt know but some I did so I wen to sit with them and tried to help them not to be scared even if I was but then the crazy man that was keeping everybosy hostage said my name and said i was the one he was looking for. so i started elaberating a plan with people to make everybody escape this place but at the same time there was a guy that I know that was there and I had something for him. As we tried to escape the crazy man appeared in front of me and said : your staying with me. and I saw in his eyes that he was a demon or something so I was like oh darn what did i do fir a demon to run after me but then i hered a voice in my head that said use my power. so I through lighntings at him I thought i was going nuts in my dream but then as I fought and tried to help other people to escape an angel or something like this appeared and said you did your part now its my turn ill finish this and then he killed the possessed guy. everybody went back home and then I went back home and my brother was possessed and told me im not leaving you. so what did this crazy dream about demons mean?

  5. Hi Vicky,

    Same question for you .. do you watch horror movies? Everything we see, and we see far more than we actually consciously realise, during the day becomes objects and events that can appear in our dreams. When we are thinking through events in our lives they may also appear as dreams. There are many sorts of dreams, good, bad and ordinary .. and some of them are basically called ‘hero dreams’ .. where the dreamer becomes the person who saves everyone, through their own efforts, or through self-sacrifice. If they cannot do that while awake, they can satisfy some part of themselves in their sleep.

    Your dream, to me, doesn’t have the classic markings of a ‘haunted’ experience, but instead feels like a hero dream, with a horror movie twist. You saved the people in the first dream, the bad guy is dead .. but when you get home, there’s something nasty waiting inside someone you love.d

    At this point in time, I would not worry about the dream. But .. and I say this to everyone … if you are watching horror movies, stop. What the mind can imagine so too it can create .. and we have enough negativity in the world already. We don’t need more.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection – here under Friends)

  6. In my case i’ve been having demon dreams for the last 3 or 4 weeks. The problem is , he keeps coming back , every night. I have proof that he comes because when I wake up my door is always open , no matter how hard I try to close the door , he opens it and haunts me. These doors can NOT open on thier own and they are heavy and can not be moved easily. I verify every night just to make sure that it’s well closed and when I wake up , my door is open once again. He paralyzes me in my dreams and this particular person is very angry at me since most of the time he swears at me and drags me down to somewhere I don’t want to see. He also seems to want to drain some kind of energy out of me. The most recent dreams that I had was on January 14th , he came in my dreams but this time he brought a visitor. A vistor from the 17th century Id say from his haircut and what he was wearing I am pretty sure he was a 17th century figure The whole situation has been going on since I am about 12 but recently it has happend to many times for me to count.

    Next time he comes around , I am going to demand answers. This is not about horror movies or false visions. He’s real and if he wants me , trust me he’s hit the wrong person too many times.

    This is my story , beleive it or not , offer me solutions , this is bewteen me and him.

    • Anonymus – Did you happen to notice the rules by the comment box? NO PROFANITY

    • Hello Anonymous,

      Try this instead of confronting the entity and feeding it more of your energy.

      On the top right of this page, just under the advertising, is a link to The Michael Invocation. It will clear whatever is bothering you out of your energy, and then out of your house. The instructions are on the page. It’s very easy to do, and will save a lot of time and effort. When you feel anger towards a dark being it feeds on it and tightens the connection between you. It’s not worth it and just makes it harder to get rid of the next time. Save yourself a whole lot of effort …

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends).

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