Who Murdered Harold Ames?

I am now 65 years old and no stranger to the paranormal. I have experienced almost everything under the sun. From apparitions, voices and so forth.

A few years ago I had a dream about a young women being assaulted in her apartment, in my dream she wanted me to report to the police but I had no idea where or when it occurred.

About 3 weeks ago I had a dream about a tall gentlemen with silver hair. He was thin in statue and spoke very soft and slow. He wanted me to know that he was murdered and did not pass away from any natural causes. The dream was so real that I felt that I was actually standing in a room with him. He was older maybe about 70.

There has been previous dreams of murdered children, killed in a school shooting. It is unnerving because I do not know what to do for them and I can not understand why am I the one to always carry the messages.

If anyone have anymore info feel free to share. I think the school shooting was in L.A and the assault was in Berkley California but I’m not sure.

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  1. Hello Delores,

    I know its a challenge when the dead come to visit. But to me it doesn’t matter as much about who murdered someone, as to where the ghost went when s/he stopped interfering in your dreams. I am very sorry Harold was murdered, but we cannot help lost souls if they do not know the details of their own demise, no matter how much we want to .. or can we? Oh yes .. we can remind them that they have guardian angels waiting to be seen by them, and those guardians can ‘help’ them find the answers to all their problems and questions. That’s what I generally do when someone wakes me up with words “I died 15 minutes ago”. Or the little boy who starved to death in the bottom of an elevator shaft. Or a multitude of others.

    For the lady you saw in the past, you can ask your angels to FIND her and TAKE her into healing. Just remember as much as you can of the dream, because they will then touch your memories, go to the event in time and space, and have a chat to the lady. Once they are Home (heaven) ‘who’ injured them becomes less important than ‘who’ they are now, and their future in our Quiet Place.

    Love & Peace

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