Who is this Tall Thin Man?

So I’m not exactly sure how to start…

For the past few weeks I’ve been having nightmares. Unlike the usual ones, there was always this tall skinny man. He didn’t really have a face, which scare more than my dreams usually do. I began to make little doodles of this man… and I remembered about an incident when I was younger. My mother let me watch the first Jeepers Creepers movie and she said I had a nightmare about him watching me… something tells me that it wasn’t a nightmare nor Jeepers.

I recently became afraid of the dark again, that’s when my youngest brother [7] told me a few days ago, that he couldn’t sleep due to a man with many arms tapping on his window. I guess I really came here for a question: Who is this “man”? Please tell me.

Sent in by Izzy

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  1. Izzy,
    Could you please explain what you meant by “he didn’t really have a face”?
    Was it distorted? Was it static, or did his face change?

    I know this is a really odd way to respond, but did he have any of the following characteristics?
    1) Does he wear all black, or have you ever seen him wearing dark seal hide clothing?
    2) You said he didn’t really have a face, but did he have eyes? If so, did they look like clouds replaced his irises? (meaning did it look like moving storm clouds in his eyes)?
    3) When you see him, do you experience coldness, or see snow/blizzard?

    I ask because I have a lot of recurrently themed dreams (I say theme because I never repeat actions….just places, dream objects, personalities, etc….). I am often visited by a tall lanky figure. He’s exceedingly pleasant, but creepy in his stature. He has storms for eyes and seems very wise….but also a bit condescending at times. He has been one of my greatest mentors in the dreamworld.


  2. I’ve been seeing him since I was 2…. He’s nice.

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