Who Are These Spirits?

I would like to know how would you find out who is in the house if you got spirits?

The reason I’m asking is because at night i will go lay down and i can hear music playing and i use to fuss at the children then when i check on them they were a sleep. Now they are gone but i still hear them.

My TV would turn on at night plus every once in a while i can feel someone touching me even in the day light i would look around but nothing i just like to know who it could be with us.

Asked by JoAnn

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  1. Hi JoAnn,

    Get in touch with a medium, a person who speaks to ghosts and spirits, and ask him/her to come to your house and tell you about your visitors. Some charge for this service, some don’t. Also ask the person to help the ghosts/spirits ‘cross over’ (which means ‘go into heaven). Ghosts are lost souls who need to find peace and healing. It might seem fun and interesting to have a haunted house, but those beings haunting the living are draining their energy from them, and can influence their moods in very unhappy, and unhealthy, ways.

    Under NO circumstances use an ouija board. It opens your house to all sorts of nastier visitors than ordinary ghosts.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

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