Who Are the Little people that Live in the Closet?

I remember it like yesterday, I was spending the night with a friend and we where 3 young girl`s in one bed.
(age 10) It was late and all was asleep.
I slept on the out side of the right of the bed
I woke to a feeling that someone was looking at me. I opened my eye`s to see a little man, about 60cm high, he had a pointed hat on, the colour of green and red.
He was not young,but not old either. Had a beard. Eye`s where blue.
He was only cm`s way from my face, I closed my eye`s and afraid, very a afeard, I opened them again to see him still there studying me, seemed to be very interested in me for some reason.
I then saw him run into the closet and close the door.
He was not alone as there was other`s in the closet that I saw.
I did not feel any negativity, but I was afraid all the same.
Who is this little man?
Dose anyone know?
Am now 50 and this little man is still with me. At lest I think so, as I feel a little place on my bed as if he has sat down beside my leg, most night`s.
Would be very interested in knowing who he was and why he is with me all theses year`s.
But I do not see him anymore, just feel him.
And yes I still don`t like open closets.
Thank you for reading

Asked by Chris

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I love fairies. I’ve had many experiences with elemental beings, in houses and outside in the yard, and in the Australian bush, and they have never been threatening or frightening .. grumpy yes, but only when its justified.

    Your elemental friend, I would tell him to go back and live with his own family. He really shouldn’t be following you around. He’s an earth elemental, going by the description, and will have a family of his own. Perhaps he thought you needed his help back then, but you are grown up now.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

    • When I was little my Mom would catch me sitting inside my closet…which strangely had a window in it. I would be talking up a storm to something just outside the window. When she questioned me about it, I always told her I was talking to the garden fairies…Granted I don’t remember any of this but, ever since I’ve had this insanely intense interest in them.

      People might call me crazy but, I really believe they exist on some level.
      Anyway, Just thought it was neat that you mentioned fairies as it’s not a very common for people to really discuss them for fear of being labeled a loon :)

      • I’d swap your closet for mine, Diana. Mine was an old wooden one, half hanging, half shelves and drawers, with a door with a mind of its own. I had to make sure it was locked every night otherwise I couldn’t sleep. It was just plain creepy. LOL

        Love & Peace

        • I had one like that in my first apartment. The closet door would always open at night and the light would turn on. Got so bad I started sleeping in the living room..but after awhile I got sick of that and decided I wasn’t going to be pushed out of my bedroom from a minor annoyance. I started talking to whatever it was each time I would heard the door open. After about a week of mindless chatter, the door stopped opening. I think I may have driven it away simply by annoying the sweet pickles out of it. :)

      • hi do you know if any little people live like in the movie the secret world of arietty this is from the year 2012 but i know u r not going to read it. i have always wanted to see one that is why i am gonna start making a little house for them. did you know that if a borrower is seen they have to move because they can be killed did u know that

        • Hi Anonymous,

          You are right, I don’t know the book or the movie. The borrowers legend is based on elemental behaviour. They live best out of doors. If you want to make them a house, do it outside.

          Love & Peace

    • dear ama,
      im guessing u are the owner of this site and you have knowladge about paranormal activities

      • Hello Kushal,

        No, Caretaker is the owner of True Ghost Tales – and he’s a very good host and let’s me talk a lot. :-)

        I am the owner of Victorian Paranormal Connection and another site called Sacred Gates, and another called Heirarchy of Heaven .. and a few blogs .. LOL All of which keep me very busy. :-) You can access them all from the link listed under Friends.

        But yes, I do have some knowledge and experience of the paranormal.

        Can I help you?

        Love & Peace

  2. It’s David the Gnome! Sorry I just had to have a laugh.

  3. possible evil demon. maybe Leprechaun are these things. possibly take a picture when you feel the spirit.

    • Hi Carri,

      After 40 years of no misbehaving, I don’t think it would be a demon. They don’t have that much patience.

      Love & Peace

  4. Thank you Ama, “earth elemental ” Oh wow I`ve been blessd,
    I will ask him to go home tonight.
    And let him know I don`t need him…
    JI ,,why do you feel the need to laught, I don`t understand….. Not that it`s a problem.
    And if I can give you a laugh then it`s all good.
    Carri why would you think it`s evil demon ? He has been with me for 40 year`s and never ever done me harm. Your reasoning don`t make sence.
    I have no need to take a pic, I know he is with me, and that`s enough.
    Please forgive my English.
    Thank you, love and pease to all.

    • My first thought what you were describing was a gnome, then I thought about the TV series I watched as a kid. Except he was a friendly creature. I had a better, more logical answer but I erased it and went with the joke.

      Anyways does your vision seem grainy in the dark? Like looking at at a photo taken in the dark (grainy spots?) I’ve lived with something like that all my life and in the dark that grainy static lights up and can produce shapes and images, sometimes very vivid. As a kid I was terrified of what faces and images I saw in the air. I later found out about visual snow and it seems to be a visual form of Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I never was diagnosed with it, but it was the most logical explanation I could find to explain what I have been dealing with since I was 5 years old. I seldom sleep without a light on. Now if you’re seeing things in the full light then that may be a different story.

  5. Hi Chris,

    There is nothing wrong with your english .. :-)

    The David the Gnome quote comes from a kid’s TV series I used to love (I watched it with my kids), so I know its not meant with any harm. David was a very wise gnome. :-)

    JI, its good to laugh, but as you can see, if someone doesn’t understand the joke, there’s no fun in it. Gotta be careful, not just with ‘what’ we say, but ‘how’ we say it. (hug)

    Love & Peace

  6. JI no harm done…Just not seen the TV show, so didn`t understand. Am glad to give you a laugh though.
    No I saw him just like you would see and talk to a friend beside you. He was only cm`s from my face.
    But like I said I haven`t seen him again, just feel him, Heard him.
    Ama, he don`t seem to want to leve, I have ask him to go home, and told him I have no need of him.
    But now the TV is going on and off of it`s self. Strange, is it him ?
    Dose it take time for him to go home ?
    Thank you and go in love and pease.

    • Hi Chris,

      How long does it take to move house? First there’s the packing .. :-)

      If you seriously want to move him on, when he’s reluctant to go, I would use this Invocation that I have to ‘insist’ it happens. If he’s still there afterwards, he is not harming you, and then its more like a struggle between two friends, both of whom think they own the place. He may also consider he is protecting you from something.

      http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html This invocation remove negative energy beings, but doesn’t touch those who do not mean us any harm. If your TV visitor is a ghost, and not the elemental we think him to be, then this will send him/her into healing, which is the right place to go when our lives on earth are over.

      Do it first, and then perhaps you could ask the elemental to help with the rent? :-) There were customs in our prehistory, where having an elemental in the house was actually a protection against all sorts of things, like snakes and other, more unseen, entities. It’s very early in the morning, and no breakfast yet, and I can’t remember the exact details .. but do the invocation and then you will be sure he’s not a problem.

      Love & Peace

  7. PS,
    JI am sorry you are liven with this problem and hope it work`s it`s self out soon for you.

  8. Chris – I recently read in the Bible (old testament) that there are such a thing as ‘field spirits’ While reading this I concluded that this refers to the lore we all have heard about including Lepercauns – fairies etc…If you google ‘field spirits’ it will probably find the verse in the bible that refers to this – if you are interested…

  9. Hello Chris!!!
    Yup!! Sounds to me like a Gnome; an Earth Elemental. I do not think it means you any hard and, after 40 years, appears to be merely curious about you. It is totally up to you if you wish him to leave, but, if he hasn’t harmed you by now, I doubt he’s going to. As for your fear, I think it is because of the unknown; most of us are scared of what we know nothing about. Not all elementals mean you any harm. I have had shadow beings visit me, and no harm came to me but I did ask it to leave because it frightened my 5 year old daughter. I also used Ama’s White light shield, because at first I did not know what it was. But, with most of these Elementals, just asking them to leave should be enough to make them go away, if that is what you wish.

    • Sorry. I mean to say “harm” in the second sentence. oops!!

  10. Hi all.
    Ama, I will do the invocation and see what happen`s. But if he really want`s to stay that`s fine. I really just wanted to know what he was, why he is with me.
    And thank`s for the laugh. lol
    The gost that come`s every year around Christmas, I would like her / him to find pease, and not in my home. lol. So I will say your invocation to night.
    Diana, Your not alone in believeing in them.
    Maddie, every interesting, I will take a look for sure.
    LunaTerra, I have no fear of him as I know he will not harm me, and to tell true I think I would miss him if he dose go…lol
    Thank you everyone.
    Peace and Love

    • A gang of us here would love to know the result please, Chris. LOL

      Love & Peace

  11. Perhaps it was a Leprochaun or an Elf and maybe a Troll? I was abou to say Smurf.

    • A smurf? Hmm…I’m pretty sure the little blue guys (and the One gal) only exist on TV. Would be cool to see one though :)

  12. Hi Ama.
    I said your invocation and the gost is no longer with us. A very big Thank you….
    I got this really strange feeling when I said it, light headed, tingel over hole body, and a relief that I can`t explain.
    I wan`t to give it afew day`s to make sure.
    My earth elemental how ever is still with me, and that`s find.
    If he feel`s the need to stay, there must be a reason huh.
    And am at peace with him so all is good.
    But would be very interested in the ” customs in our prehistory on elementals ” if you can remember.
    Thank you for your time, you have been more than helpfull.
    Go in peace and love.

    • Hello Chris,
      The Micheal Invocation is pretty incredible!!! I had to use it once when I was parked next to a car, in the bank parking lot, that was covered in satanic symbols(I am guessing that it was owned by a Satanist.) I was immediately prompted (not sure how or why) to do the Micheal invocation. I could not remember it in it’s entirety, so I immediately said, “Arch Angel Micheal, protect me and my daughter, and I immediately felt safe. It’s amazing how it works! Also,, her white light shields work really well, too!!! Ama knows her stuff!! LOL! :D

  13. Hi Chris,

    It was Alice Bailey http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Bailey who wrote a lot of very interesting information about fire elementals, http://www.light-weaver.com/fire/toc.html. There is a lot to read and some of it can be quite confusing, given the time period it was written in. I think your visitor is an earth elemental and I will have to scroll the pages to find the information, if I can, it doesn’t seem to be all posted here. In the meantime, if anyone wants to spend the time hunting, and finds it first, please post the link. :-)

    Love & Peace

  14. I have saw the same thing before. This was about 12 years ago in northern Michigan, about 12 miles outside of the town of Mio, in the national forest. Me and a friend of mine, had been up camping with our girlfriends for a week in July. One night, we had left the campground to go to where some other people we knew were staying at, and we were on our way back to the campground we were staying at. This was about 10 or so at night, and we were driving a dune buggy, so it is basically open. We were going about 35 MPH, not that fast because hitting a large animal at high speeds in a dune buggy can be hazardous to your health. Anyways, the road we were on at the time was surrounded on both sides by thick cypress forests, and was about 100 feet from side to side. Well my G.F, in the passengers seat, looked over to the left hand side of the road and screamed. I slammed on the brakes, and looked over myself. And there right next to the woods, was this little guy about maybe 3 foot tall or so, wearing what looked like, the old-school German wiener-schnitzle outfit–you know, the green little pants like things with the suspenders and the little green hat and a white shirt. I shit you not, this little guy was standing there perfectly still. I thought it was just a statue or something, so I laughed and told her, “its just a statue”. So said “no, I watched it walk out of the woods”. So the Dune bug had been completely stopped for a few moments, and I went to get out and walk over to it. I was actually going to grab it and take it home, because this thing was creepy as fuck looking. As soon as I hopped out of the D.B, this thing took off running across the road, to the other side. It moved faster than anything else I have ever seen. It moved at un-human speeds and cleared the roadway in about 2 seconds. It was moving so fast, that you could barely see it. It scarred me so god damned bad, that I fell over, trying to scramble to get back into the D.B.!! Anyways, I got back in, fired it up, and got the fuck out of there as fast as humanly possible!! I have never seen anything like this in my life, and thought that I we were the only ones to ever have seen anything like this, until I read this story just now. This thing didn’t appear to be malevolent, but I think that it fallowed us back to the campground, because the other members of our group had said that they kept seeing it for the remainder of our stay at the campground. As a matter of fact, we left 3 days early, because everyone thought that something bad was going to happen if we stayed any longer. This is a completely true story, and I swear not only on my own life, but also on my only child’s life too!!!!.

    • Hi Chris,

      The ‘lady’ I met, in the bushland of rural Australia was about four feet tall, dressed in leaves, and her skin had a clear bluish tinge to it. She was very powerful, very ancient, and very bossy. She gave the man and I a lecture about not chopping down trees that were ‘still living’, and we agreed! When the man later broke that agreement, a BIG tree branch landed on him and pinned him to the tractor he was sitting on. Was it her doing? Well, I know they had been very angry with us when we first made the agreement, so anything is possible. It’s wise to be cautious of the elemental world. Humanity has proved it has little or no respect for nature .. and they know it. Nature is their reality, and we are simply their ‘illusion’, much as they are ours. LOL

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  15. Hi Chris.
    Can understand the fear you all felt. But really no need as he would not harm any of you.
    He was more than likely just curious on what all of you where doing.
    peace and love

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