When Do We Receive Our Souls?

Hi, I’m Janna and a regular on this site. I’m hoping maybe some of the other more knowledgeable regulars or anyone who may know the answer to my question can help me. I’m not sure how to ask so I will tell my story to help better ask my question.

I lost my first child, a son, when I was 26 weeks pregnant. He was stillborn. I have always wondered when does the soul enter our living bodies? Did he already have his little soul or does that come when the baby enters our world? I just want to know for my own piece of mind.

Thanks so much on advance for any answers to my question.

Asked by Janna

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  1. Im going to tell you what some one once told me. I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, and though the pregnancy was unexpected, the baby was wanted. I was at war with myself because I didn’t catch the warning signs in time. one week after the loss, I had a dream that I was with a great aunt who passed away months before my loss. She was holding a little baby in her arms and said ” you can’t touch him, but now you’ll know he’ll be well taken care of.” She said that at the moment of creation every person has a soul. it starts off like a grain of sand and grows with the person. It still hurts two years later, but I know where he is. I hope this helps you. Blessed luck to you.

  2. Hello Janna,

    You are going to probably get a lot of different opinions on this, but this is my experience.

    I have a son in spirit, and I have met one of my granddaughter’s .. she is also in spirit, and neither of my kids is having kids right now .. No, Rachel was supposed to be my daughter, but circumstances didn’t allow it .. so now she’ll come through as a grandchild. Sounds weird even to me sometimes, but it happened, and I still smile about it.

    Michael, my son in spirit, came to visit me when he looked about 18 years old. I had miscarried at a very early stage, but for some reason he chose to stay in spirit, and he’s still there. Its a little complicated, but the morning after the night I ‘met’ Michael, through another medium, my living son (his younger brother) had a jealous tizzy fit on the stairs, but had no idea why he was yelling at me about it at the time. LOL I just laughed and told both my living kids about their ‘older’ brother. My daughter (she’s 25 now) knows about Rachel, who would have been around 9 years old now, if she had been born .. but when I met her in spirit she looked about 25, had flaming red hair and plenty of attitude .. and I’m really looking forward to meeting her when the time comes for her to be born.

    When does the soul enter the body .. I was taught ‘at first breath’, so some spirits do not enter the body that cannot manage to carry them, but wait for a new one to be born, and some enter, stay long enough to change their parents lives completely (which can be in only a moment), and go Home again. And some struggle to be here, but their bodies cannot maintain them, and so they slip away again. It is all very heartbreaking at the time.

    A child is never lost to us. We might not understand why they are not born happy and healthy, but its not meant as a punishment for us, sometimes it is simply a life lesson.

    I hope you find the peace you are looking for.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. Our souls are the very essence of who we are, they are our consciousness. Without them, we would be empty shells, incapable of feeling emotion, love, hope, or faith. I suppose a better question would be, why do we receive bodies? I like to think of them as temporary cocoons that we will shed when this life is over. They’re only part of our journey, but are souls are everything.

    • Forgive me for jumping ahead of you there. I got so intrigued by your question that I didn’t fully comprehend what it was you were asking.

      I believe every soul comes into this world with a specific mission. When that mission is completed, the soul returns home. The holiest of souls only needs to be here a short time and because of that, they may never leave the womb and enter this world. Even though you didn’t get to be with your son here, in this life, when you return home, he will be waiting for you. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that.

    • Great answer, Diana. I agree completely.

      Do you ever do that thing of walking by the mirror and looking at your face and not recognising yourself for a blink of a second .. it could be all these wrinkles, of course? LOL

      Love & Peace

      • Omg…that is so weird that you even mentioned that. I did that this morning, and as I was standing at the kitchen counter cutting potatoes for dinner (just a few minutes ago) I thought about it again. I do that ALL the time! It’s an odd thing, isn’t it? It’s like a temporary lapse in recognition not only of what you LOOK like, but who you are in general. I’ve had moments where it actually made me question my own sanity.

        Very eery ;)

        • To me its because this face is not the one I originally wore, or like all the others inbetween .. sometimes it is simply ‘unfamiliar’. :-)

          Small world .. I wonder what the message was for both of us?

          Love & Peace

          • Exactly! I don’t dare mentions things like this to my family…they already suspect I’m at least part nutter. Don’t wanna give them anymore ammunition so to speak :)

          • That’s ok, Diana. Your extended family here loves you.

            Over this way I am NOT allowed to discuss that STUFF (biblical, for anyone who can’t guess LOL). I still do, but my mother thinks I’m nuts and going to turn into a fundamentalist .. hmm.. fundamentalist what? Hmm… LOL

            Hmm… it must be naptime. I am now yawning .. (grumbles softly, nanna naps AND wrinkles. lol) .. trailing off … into the … distance.

            Love & Peace

      • Ama, this happens to me sometimes too. Its usually my eyes. They look different and darker. Its kinda scary.

        • Don’t be scared, angel. I have hazel eyes, but they often go dark green when I am ‘working’ (doing spirit rescue and stuff like that).

          Love & Peace

        • I am so glad other people experience that phenomena as well. Maybe I’m not as nutty as I thought :)

          • Hey! Mine change colour all the time too … the best one is when someone is trying to see what colour eyes I’ve got and end up saying … “They’re grey … no, blue … no green … no brown, sort of … no ..umm … what colour eyes would you say you have?” Tee! Hee! Hee!

            The worrying part is, I’ve no idea what colour eyes I have either. (looks in mirror) I’ll go with grey …. I think!


        • I feel so left out my eye’s are dark brown all the time.

          • Joel, I have Dark brown eyes too. It is almost a black shade when I look in the mirror. Kinda scary to me, bc I hate that hollow eyed Look they make in some horror movies. I do see white though so I’m not totally evil I guess. LOL

      • I have absolutely done that!!! The funny thing is, I don’t see myself in the mirror, as I am now, but some how, I know that it’s still me!! Could I be viewing myself from a past life??!! I also think, that every now and then, we get a glimps of what our souls really look like! I love that question, Ama!!! That was great!!

        • Yes, LT, you could be seeing yourself as you were .. or worse .. (key dramatic music) … does the lady have wrinkles .. it could be you in the future.

          I found a photo of me from just after I was first married .. I was probably 20? My face shape remains the same, but everything else is crinkling. LOL

          Love & Peace

  4. Thanks for all your answers. I do take comfort in them and like to think we will be reunited when I go home. He was very wanted even though he was a surprise. I had a dream after I delivered him after being in labor two days. I don’t know what it means but here goes. As soon as I had him I was so exhausted I fell asleep, and dreamed that I was crossing a road with a baby carriage. I got to the other side and could not get the carraige up on the curb. I sat there for what seemed like minutes Abd fought the curb trying to get the carriage up to safety. I felt
    panicked. That was such a vulnerable feeling . I was then awoken by my partner so didn’t get to play the rest of the dream out, but whatever I did I couldn’t get the carriage up the curb. I think it is linked to my loss. Does anyone interpret this for me?

  5. Hi Janna,

    Given the circumstance of the dream, I think it was Spirit’s way of saying that the baby’s journey, and yours helping it, was just going to be too hard. Your struggle, to get the carriage onto the other side of the road, was recognised and acknowledged, but .. in the real world, it just couldn’t be .. so your partner woke you up at a very strategic moment.

    Your babe was well protected in that carriage, and I believe you’ll meet again .. either in this lifetime, like me and that red head, or when you cross over.

    Hmm.. my daughter informed me just a while ago that she knows she’s having a red headed baby .. but I never told her the colour of Rachel’s hair. We shall see. LOL

    Love & Peace

    • Ama, I’m sorry for your losses. I think its so neat you have a gift were u know that that your children you’ve lost are okay. It gives me great hope for me too. I love the story about the fiesty red head you will be meeting in your future. Its neat your daughter said that too. :-)

      • Hi Janna,

        Thank you. The truth is – I never quite get over the amazement when something like my daughter’s ‘throw away’ comment happens. I am in awe of my entire life and all my experiences, and I know how blessed I am by God/Spirit. :-)

        Love & Peace

  6. Hi Janna

    Firstly, I am so sorry for your loss. Mine was about 12 weeks into the pregnancy.

    I remember the moment I entered this body of mine very clearly. The baby had literally just popped out of my mum and it was at this point I united with the body. The ‘jolt’ made the baby take its first breath.

    That said, I remember being around my mum a lot beforehand. Watching and waiting.

    I agree with other posters here that the soul of your son will still be around you, growing with you and looking out for you. That is a great comfort.


    • A.J., thank you for your insight. It helps. I’m sorry for your loss too.

      • Thank you Janna and I’m glad that you have found some words of comfort from the contributors to this thread.


  7. Janna- i’m so sorry for your loss. i’m a Christian, and to be honest, i don’t know what the bible says about this subject – but i do know that a very respected Christian minister (Jesse Duplantis) claims to have been in Heaven for 5 hours at one point in his life. He described seeing thousands of children that he somehow intuitively knew were the souls of babies never born, miscarried, aborted, etc… Interestingly he claims to have seen many, many oriental babies, but few oriental adults – a reference perhaps to China’s one-child per couple forced abortion policy. The point is that his experience convinced him that you will indeed be reunited with your baby in Heaven. I certainly hope it’s true! take care…

    • Hi Stan. Thank you and I have never heard your theory of children in Heaven but I like it. Its nice. I really can’t wait till the day I can be with him again. Both of my boys. I have a 14 month old son now, and he’s healthy and happy. :-)

  8. Well, Biblically speaking, people already have souls lined up for them even the day before they were born, not sure, but this has been referenced in Jeremiah (or Isaiah) and St. Paul. The souls of unborn babies don’t go to receive judgement, they are instantly saved as referenced in the book of Matthew. I’m not well versed with the Bible references, but I’m pretty sure it’s there. This is the only answer I can give you and the only source of information I can refer to you since it is one of the oldest reference books in existence today that elaborates on this sort of subject.

    • Thanks Buddy. I appreciate yur answer. It makes a lot of sense, and especially coming from the biblical standpoint.

  9. Sorry. I have heard it happens when a baby is about 3 month and soul is blown in his body.

    • People beliefs are always interesting, Manss. :-) Did the person say where is the soul before that?

      Love & Peace

      • One of the great mysteries is creating a human in his mothers womb (in paranormal manner ) and another is death. Every human’s soul is created by god after his body shaped in his mothers womb (in 3 month age) . God hasn’t need to think or tools or any medium in creation as he has created all universe and existences needless of thinking or tools. God himself says : ” when we decree a thing, we only say: ‘be, ‘ and it is ” .Thus, god creates a human’s soul and below it to his body in his mothers womb and it is outside of we human’s sense.

        • I said exactly the same thing to my family last night, Manss .. the mystery of how a few cells develop into a person .. is breath taking. LOL

          Love & Peace

  10. In my third trimester, my husband and I had a stillborn after a placental abruption…after nearly a decade of infertility.

    It was crushing, simply the deepest sense of loss either of us had ever known. Like you, I never got to hold my child because a procedure called a D&E had to be done in order to save my life.

    I never questioned whether my child had a soul. Perhaps it’s a subconscious belief or that I was blessed to feel her movements and get to know her in a way. But I always knew if anyone of any age has a soul so does every spark of life — no matter how young.

    After our loss, we shared our story online with other grieving mothers and fathers as a means to help them…sometimes just knowing you aren’t alone, that YOU weren’t singled out to suffer helps. A young girl who was 7 months pregnant said she felt overwhelmly drawn to us – to make a long story short, a near 3 year year old, gorgeous little girl is standing about 4 feet away from me watching Dora. :)

    When she was born, I immediately felt like she was mine. I don’t mean I was taking her home, I mean she was MINE as in MY biological child. I was later told by a psychic that the child I now tended to (meaning my adopted daughter) had the soul of the daughter we had lost. I know that sounds sooo crazy! But this woman knew NOTHING about me, lived over 3 hours from me and knew only my birthday!

    I don’t know what I believe fully with that situation – but I do know that our loss brought a brilliant little girl into our lives and we don’t take a second of it for granted. :)

    Blessings & Light.

    • That is a truly amazing story, Robyn, thank you so much for sharing it. I think it shows the determination of our ‘family’ to ‘find’ us, and be with us, when the time is right.

      Love & Peace
      p.s. doesn’t sound crazy to me. I have previously (on one of these multitude of question sites) told the story of a little girl who was waiting, in spirit, for her mother to be ready to bring her into the world. That was a lovely experience too.

      • Years prior to becoming pregnant I did a fertility spell. I created a poppet and asked the spirit of the child who was meant to be mine to find me.

        Sometimes prayers aren’t answered immediately. Sometimes we’re blessed to have a delay even though it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time. After all, I do think God is a bit more wise than us when it comes to knowing what we are truly ready for. :)


        • I think God is too, though I believe it is more a decision of the mother and child as to ‘when’ they are both ready to ‘meet’ on the physical plane. I’m an advocate to accepting total responsibility for everything I create.

          Love & Peace

          • I don’t know. I was pretty ready! Perhaps she was not. Truth is, it was medical negligence that caused the problem….but there is always a spiritual side.

            I had given up on having a child and the little one we adopted certainly needed a loving home. And so, the pregnancy prepared me for being a mother in more ways than I knew existed. And that experience alone may have been needed.

  11. I wpuld like to thank each and every person for ypur answers, advise, and opinions on my question. I find great solace in the insight I have gained from all of you. I really hope I may meet my lil man again one day and its comforting to know there are others out there who have had the same questions when faced with the same circumstances that we had. Thank you all again. Much love. Janna.

  12. I think that god was trying to prepare me for becoming a mother because I probaly wasn’t ready for it.

  13. We like you too, Janna. Hopefully you won’t disappear completely.

    Love & Peace

  14. Thank you so much Ama. I LOVE this website and have been reading it for a couple of years now but only started interacting with eveyone a short while ago. I plan on keeping my routine up of coming here daily. You can learn a lot about different paranormal categories here. :-)

    • Hi Janna,

      I’m a Christian, and my when I was 19, my fiance’ lost our baby in a miscarriage. I’ve always believed she has grown up in heaven. Her name was going to be Elizabeth. That old girlfriend from 1987 is now my wife of 2 years. She understands my love for this 8 week old fetus, I think… Sadly, she was my only child, afterall. :( But! Take comfort, Janna!

      Jerimiah chapter one, verse five: God said “Before you were ever formed, I knew you in the womb.”

      There is the basis of my belief that we are indeed given souls at, or before, conception. Every year, I think how old she is and smile, knowing she was raised in good hands.


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