What Were These Strange Shadow Creatures?

A couple of years ago I was living at my moms house. We always thought the house might be haunted. One night my boyfriend and I decided to lay in the backyard and look at the stars. There’s a big oak tree in the back yard next to the house. I was laying on the ground on top of a blanket and was trying to ajust my pillow.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something moving in the distance. It was two small objects that were maybe a foot tall. They were moving fast… I was laying on my side and follwed there every move. It took seconds for them to run from the house next door to my backyard. Then they jumped in the oak tree hanging on to the branches with long lanky arms.

I went from laying on my side to on my stomach watching them run. The whole thing took seconds! I mean seconds. They dissapperd once they climbed into the tree. I was terrified! I jumped up and yelled i wanna go inside now! I grabbed my bible and just started praying.

My boyfriend said I was just tired and was seeing things. But to this day I remember it so cleary. I wonder what they were.

Asked by Stacie

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  1. Hi Stacie,

    In my experience you saw tree spirits ..elemental beings that some people call fairies. We used to think they were fanstasy creatures, but I’ve stopped and had conversations with some of the older ones, and they are quite fascinating.

    They are nothing to be frightened of, as long as you respect that you share this world with them, and their homes are the trees, bushes, grasses, open plains, mountains, rivers, seas, and the air .. we all take for granted.

    God created many more wonderful beings than we are aware of, in our simple understanding of His world.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

  2. I saw something a few times I can’t explain. Mostly I was in and out of dreams. This time far from my home. A blackish? Orb flew threw my room knocked out my breakers. 2 days later in bed. 4:30 in the morning someone grabbed my leg. I woke. Saw the same orb (about the size of a beach ball) fly out my room. I left out to follow it. Found nothing. Laid down. Fell asleep. Then woke again. Not the same one from earlier. This one held me down cursing me in my ear. I was paralized. I fought from with in till it let me go. Any answers on what this is or am I just nuts?

    • Hi Dylan,

      No, you are not nuts, and nor is anyone else that has paranormal experiences, for the most part.

      What is a breaker?

      Orbs come in lots of colours, but I have yet to meet one where black means evil .. mostly , to me, it just means absence of Light, and that could mean sorrow. Ghosts and spirit orbs tend to hang around each other. There’s some debate to say that ghosts travel in orbs, but I don’t agree with that. I think ghosts can travel just fine by themselves, and orbs are energy human beings create, when they don’t keep a reign on their emotions, postive or negative .. but that’s another story.

      Being held down .. its possible it was a ghost .. have you also heard of Sleep Paralysis .. you can research that one on this site by putting the words into the search box on the top of the page on the right, and read other questions and comments all about it. If it happens again you might consider clearing your energy, but for now, write down the story with the date and as much detail as you can remember, and smile. Nothing truly nasty happened, and a touch of the paranormal can make life far more interesting.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. GNOMES!!! no but seriously it’s probably what Ama said.

    • LOL .. no, no, gnomes are earth elementals .. diggers .. miners for gold .. I’ve never ‘treed’ a gnome. :-)

      Still giggling,
      Love & Peace

  4. Fairies? Never thought of that. But that explanation makes me feel a million times better. Ive been going around this whole time thinking it was something evil and demonic… because I’ve only looked up shadow creatures. Thanks!!

  5. Okay, unrelated story, but deals with shadows. I’ve always seemed to have “creatures” follow me from residence to residence. And at times have felt rather threatened and vulnerable. But my mist recent experiences deal with small shin high shadows that dash in and around corners and doors. I used to think it was my dead black cat watching out for us (he lingered for a few months at our previous home). But now I’m quite sure that it’s not. It was just happening at night to where I could blame it on the darkness of night and being tired. Now I’m seeing them during the day and it has increased from 1 to three. I’m worried for my daughter and myself a I think I tend to feed negative energy. What can I do to understand/ be rid of these creatures? My last major encounter hen I was younger was from a shadow that grew as time passed, followed me everywhere and even infiltrated my dreams as well as cynically taking form of lived ones in my dreams to leave me open to it’s attacks. Any suggestion would be helpful.

  6. Hi Carri,

    The Michael Invocation is the best solution, clears the house of all sorts of negativity, and negative beings. If it is fairies following you, you can also demand they stay ‘outside’. I had to do it at one of my houses, but they are pretty good around here. We have the whole orchard for them to play in.

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is asking, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ (not the word house). That should settle things down.

    Elementals are not harmful, they are just curious about us, and, if we could see them better, we would be more curious about them too .. including trying to cage them (sadly), which would kill them.

    Any other problems and you know where to find me,
    Love & Peace

    • Thank you for your help. So far telling them to stay outside has helped tremendously. I found one playing in my daughters room near a home made wooden baby crib, and when I looke directly at it and said for it to stay outside, I could feel it leave. I like knowing that their are creatures of the old here at my home, just not inside. I think we will spruce up the garden in the backyard and keep the promise I made when we first moved here. Thanks again. I’ll let you know I there are any changes.

      • Gardening .. be careful what weeds you pull. LOL :-) I saw the fairies playing around a weedy patch on a ‘busy’ gardening day, but it ‘had to go’ .. said my mother, even after I told her about the fairies (and that was only a couple of years ago). I pulled the weed up, replacing it with a pretty cement Japanses lantern, but … sometime in the next half hour a much treasured sterling silver ring disappeared from my hand (and it wasn’t loose to be able to fall off). I raced inside and rang two friends who are good at ‘finding’ things (one in American and one in London), and both, separately, sent me back to the spot where the weed had been. Lesson learned, and I never got the ring back. LOL

        One thing my experience with various elements has taught me is to ‘ask first’. Nature is their environment and we are messing it up really badly. We think we own our homes and land, but the elementals prove us wrong, as does Mother Nature (Gaia) because ‘she’ can sweep away our belongings in a moment, just look what happened last year to Japan. When I go to garden now I tell the fairies what I am doing and why, and they let me know if they are not happy about something.

        So Carrie, keep your eyes peeled, and if one of your elemental friends says ‘no’ .. pay attention. LOL

        Love & Peace

        • We moved to out house last year in October and when spring came my husband and I decided to plant to improve on the neglected land. We removed some shrubs from the front and replaced with tall wave grasses that have really blossomed and my husband removed some shrubs from the front. We left the 25 year old ride bushes and I tended them to help them fill out. They have all done quite well. When I finally convinced my husband to let me create a small flower garden in the back we bought our plants from a nursey near the ocean; it is quite lovely.
          When I went to cut into the earth and add new soil to the mix, I saw what looked like a small frightened child hiding around the corner of the house. And since it was in shadow form I knew it was of the earth variety. It seemed frightened of what I would do. If you have ever read the Belladona books then you are familiar with the “wild child” that one of the characters explained as the earth response to change. I took it as that and explained that I know thi land is it’s and that I just wanted to make it much prettier and happy to look at. With a bird bath and all. I felt like it became curious and gave permission. While digging I found small trinkets. An old bead from a child’s necklace, a small toy and so on. It was as if the earth was gifting me.
          Sadly though, the plants were tinder and new an were ravaged by our drought. Most of them died because of the harsh suns unrelenting rays. I stopped tending it, and I suppose that I’d when they started coming in. (I tend orchids and take care of my young daughter in the house which I also think they ate fond of). I have never neglected any other part o the yard more than the back. I think I was largely discouraged when my Japanese maple became diseased and died quickly ( I did not ask permission to plant this one).
          Now all around the area I planted, very tall weeds have been growing. And I mean very tall. If I can not get rid of these I may not be able to plant in the garden again. So if they have been remind to these weeds, do you think they are trying to bring back my garden with the only plants available or is that their way of saying “this is their spot”? I hope they are trying to make the eat if the area, because my husband took a weed wacker to them this weekend. Hmm.

          • What a lovely story, Carri, thank you for sharing it. :-) I don’t think the weeds are growing wild to stop you gardening, but to replace what died, because nature abhors an empty space, and she will reclaim it when its left farrow. Do what you have already done before starting, tell them what you intend to do and then do it. If you step out of line, I am sure they will tell you. LOL You are obviously sensitive to their energy, and they are very good at getting their message across. :-)

            Love & Peace

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