What Was this Pointing Man?

Ok, so this is something that happened to me two years ago, and has been starting back up again. Let me begin two years ago…

So I was living in a basement suite with my boyfriend. We had a huge bedroom with the door opposite the only window. Our bed at the time was simply a huge mattress on the floor to the right of the door. (This is just to give you an idea of the layout).

Anyways, one night I went to sleep and suddenly came awake. I looked up to the bedroom window and saw a man standing outside my bedroom. He was dressed in a plain suit, with pale skin, and a very gaunt face. His eyes sunk into his face, and he was standing very very still… pointing at me from outside the window. I then truly came awake in fright at thought it was just a bad nightmare. That is, until I had the same nightmare again… with him in the same position… all week long.

By the end of the week, I was just coming to accept that this was going to be a reoccurring bad dream when I dreamt of him again, only this time, he was standing right inside my window. This continued again for a while until I would see him standing inside my closet, closer to my bed, to the left. Always, just pointing…

Finally, when I was good and ready never to go to sleep again, I fell asleep. I “woke up” expecting the worst… but I couldn’t see him outside the window, in front of the window, in my closet, nothing. But then, I sensed something to the left, beside me, and I rolled over to find him at the far end of my bed, lying on his side, pointing at me over the matters. I consequently woke up screaming.

And that was the last time I saw him… until 2 days ago. I have once again seen him standing outside my window, and I really don’t want this to start up again. I have moved constantly these last couple of years, and now I’m not even on the same continent as when it happened last time.So this can’t be a house haunting or anything, can it? Can anyone give me some advice on this, or have any idea what this is? Thanks!

Asked by Belldandy

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  1. Hello Belldandy,
    First off, Just a question; do you see the man when your eyes are open or do you feel like it is only in your dreams? This could be a lost soul trying to communicate with you. However, I am not sure why you stopped seeing him for a while and now, just suddenly are seeing him again. My only advice to you is to try using a white light shield, which is on the Web page of Ama Nazra, who is a regular here on this site and here webpage is listed here under friends( Victorian Paranormal Connection) She describes, in detail, how to perform the shield , and I have to say that it does work. The white light shield will hold up for about 72 hours, but if this bugger persists, you may have to use the Micheal Invocation, also on Ama’s page. You can also contact Ama, yourself, from the site, and she can answer any questions you may have as well as better advise you of whatto do. Best of Luck!!! And, hopefully this is resolved soon!!!!

  2. Hello Belldandy,

    I’m the Ama LunaTerra just mentioned. LOL

    My first thought was “I wonder who the ghost thought you were’? Please tell me more about the latest outbreak of visits .. is he still doing the same thing – the same pattern?

    As for why he’s doing what he is doing .. I wonder what pointing meant to him – “I can see you” .. or “I found you” .. or the way my daughter sometimes does it .. points her finger and goes YOU! She generally wants me to pay attention, but she doesnt’ lie on the bed to do it .. he definitely wants your attention, but only he can say why .. unless its simply to scare you and feed off your fear. And I don’t suggest asking him.

    If you just want to help him, the Michael Invocation //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ allows our angels to find lost souls and take them to a healing place. The explanation for how to use it is on the site. If you have any questions, you can write to me here, or from a link on the site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. Hey all,
    Well, the man is definitely following the same pattern. I’ll see him in the same spot away from me for a couple of nights, then he moves a bit closer. I haven’t seen him in a week, so I have no way to tell why this keeps starting up.
    As for why he is pointing, I don’t know for sure, but I absolutely get the sensation that it’s aggressive. Almost accusing. Threatening.
    When this first started up two years ago, I had a friend sleep over at the house one night and she told me the next day she had had terrifying nightmares where she felt like she would wake up in the room to people holding her down in her bed and slapping her in the face. I hadn’t told her about any of this, so it couldn’t have been influenced in her head by my experience. I’m living alone now, so I don’t have anyone else to confirm these kinds of stories, but, was what happened to my friend connected?

    • Hi Belldandy,

      A room full of people holding your friend down, but you only being pointed at in an angry fashion .. do they sound as if they are connected? They don’t to me. What were your friend and you watching on tv before you went to sleep that night? That might have something to do with her dreams? Or the energy of the place might triggers some of her fears, or she might have seen something that happened there one time? You could consider getting a medium in to assess the place, not ghost hunters unless they come with a very good medium, trained in psychic protection .. or do the Invocation I suggested above, and let the ghosts rest in peace.

      Love & Peace

  4. I’m just a lurker here that got caught up reading this and the replies. Just wondering if there is any update to this?

  5. Hi JI!!
    This thread and all the others are updated frequently. it is just not instantaneous because CareTaker is the owner and moderator of this site, is only one person and isn’t on here 24 hours a day. He does at least update daily, so if you keep checking you will find new updates to this and other questions often.

    • Thanks Luna!

    • I noticed that now about the delayed posting. It makes sense. I’m glad there’s some kind of filter to check comments before they are posted. I find this whole subject fascinating. Mostly for personal reasons. My mother used to be (maybe still is to some degree?) into the paranormal. She could talk of similar things occurring to her (though I don’t think she was pointed at). She and I both don’t like the dark and will usually sleep with some kind of light on.

      She and I both suffer from sleep paralysis and can get a number of rather spooky occurrences along with it. I can remember quite a few things from my child and teen years. (No directly visible ghosts usually, but still visions of monsters, OBEs, and hearing things as well as feeling things on occasion during SP episodes.) I’ve somehow overcame most of the fears, and come to accept it to a degree. That said the calmer I am or can make me feel, the less my chance of experiencing something creepy when I am sleeping.

      I prefer to first believe such occurrences to be a more scientific thing than something supernatural, especially with SP. I feel more comfortable that way. Either way I notice the less fear I feel during an attack, the quicker I can wake up, calm down and return to a more peaceful sleep. Even though I view it as something scientific, I still pray to God for protection, so I guess that makes me a believer. I also feel a strong pull away from doing anything that could summon up something creepy. I have my mother possibly to thank for her warnings. Either way paranormal or not it seems the message I get is whatever ‘evil’ is out there feeds off fear. The more afraid I feel, the more it seems I am wishing or imagining something creepy to happen and if I wish or imagine for it by feeling afraid of it, then I somehow just may make it happen.

      • Why hello JI!!!!
        On behalf of everyone here at TGT( as we lovingly call this site, True Ghost Tales!) WELCOME!!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to find the scientific answer to certain things pertaining to the paranormal: you are just using that wonderful brain God gave you to rationalize and reason!! You are also a very smart and clever man to deduce that demons feed (and I mean FEED!) off of fear; demons feed off of all the negative emotions including anger, sadness and depression, and the more you “feed” them, the more they will hang around. Your way of handling them is incredibly brilliant! You have also brilliantly deduced that to ward them off, you need to call to help for protection!! BRAVO!!! If you have a more in depth conversation with Ama Nazra(which I highly recoment!!) you will discover from her just how “right on track” you are and how she can help you “tweak” your abilities!! As far as I can tell, you are on the right path. Also, the other ones to converse with are A.J. Ryder, Siddle and Diana along with myself. Many of us have had experiences that would be worth discussing with you!! And please, don’t be shy to ask us all questions!! You are on a spiritual journey of self discovery and it is one fascinating journey that is worth sharing and discussing with others!!! Best wishes!!! Love and Light! LunaTerra

        • I kind of stopped reading when you said “man” I like to write and many of my characters are male, but I am a 28 year old female, lol.
          I’ll have to read and reply to the rest of your post now that I got that out.
          Okay that done: I read a lot of Ama’s posts. As far out and in the left field as they seem, I kind of want to believe her. Reminds me a lot of someone I met at work. I don’t know if she and Ama would get along per sey, but both are Christians believing they are going out and saving/protecting lost souls in their own beliefs. I try to keep an open mind, though I come into conflict of what I want/believe and what I am ‘supposed’ to believe. I won’t go out attacking anyone even if I may question things. (that whole discussion could easily fill another post.)

          Another coping strategy is sometimes just avoiding it. If I was in the OP’s situation and kept seeing this guy in the window, I would most likely avoid looking that direction and avoid looking anywhere I expect to see him. If I have the feeling something is there, I deliberately avoid looking in that direction. I’ll close my eyes if I have to. I can’t say without being in this person’s mind if that would work or not. I’d also be rebuking it in the name of Jesus and telling it to go away. Then after that distract myself and focus my attention on something other than that thing. Google random stuff seems to work or just land on any page in Wikipedia, lol.

          • Thank you JI, I love the ‘far out and left field’ thing :-) .. sometimes I think I am too. LOL

            Often its really hard to avoid looking at a being that is glaring at you, but if I am too tired to do the polite thing, I have been known to tell a spook to ‘take it outside, or you will be sent HOME’. (Home is heaven, and if they don’t want to go there, I find they disappear rather rapidly .. and then we have to look for them later when I’m not quite so touchy. LOL) More left field for you. :-)

            Love & Peace

  6. You’re welcome. (I guess I can’t reply directly?) I like your posts. They are interesting. Anyways I’m still curious if the OP is still being haunted or has gotten rid of the guy.

  7. Hi JI,

    If its me you are talking to, thank you.

    You can click on reply at the bottom of a message to reply to the person, but I notice that runs out after a couple of ‘replies’, so what most of us do is hit scroll up via the comments until we find the most recent ‘reply’ link and click it, and then our answer usually appears in line beneath the one we want to reply to, or close to it.

    And I would like to know the answer too, but people don’t always come back to see the answer, because it will arrive in your inbox if you tick to be linked to the site, or they read and don’t respond. There are many sites not quite finished that way here.

    Love & Peace

    • Yes it was you I was replying to. I guess the quote inside quote feature only lasts for a few rounds. I am thinking about my mom’s “ghosts” when reading some of these stories. She was haunted quite a bit (or it was SP, but she believed it to be a real demonic force after her). As a kid I was haunted with some of those same sensations, but not quite as severe as what she would tell me. But’ I’m probably better discussing that in personal message than putting her stories on the internet without her permission.

      • Hi JI,

        If you click on the link to my site here, higher on the page on the right under ‘Friends’, you’ll find lots of email links on the pages so that you can write to me privately. Please remember to identify yourself as being from TGT. Lots of people write to me privately.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

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