What Was the Swirling Smoke Looking Thing?

I clean a house three days a week, six hours a day. Last summer I saw this large swirling white heavy smoke circling around a light in the front hall I looked away and looked again it was still there than disappeared. I have seen this a couple of other times in smaller forms.

The other day I opened the dish washer to see if I should run it and this white smoke, mist came out of it and I stuck my head close to it and smelled it and it smelled like burnt ashes and I looked close to see if there was a fire or something like a chemical reaction and the dish washer was almost empty. I closed it and opened it it was still there and then it disappeared. I am always alone when this happens.

The women’s husband past away several years ago and I believe it is him. I am not afraid but it does freak me out. Can you shed some light on this and explain the smell; what can I expect next? Today I opened the dish washer and it had the same smell, ran the dish washer and it was gone. But, like I said it happens when I am alone in the house.

Asked by Judy

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  1. Hello Judy,

    I have to start with questions.

    Spirits and ghosts can struggle to take on human form, and so end up looking like a whirl of smoke, or a circle or other shapes.

    I am interested to know why you think you know it is the lady’s deceased husband, apart from the obviousness of his dead a few years ago. What other signs has he left of his presence? Is the lady dreaming of him? Burnt ash, was the man cremated? Or a firefighter? And why do you think the being was inside the dishwasher? It’s a funny place for a human, even a ghost, to hang out. And why do you think the ghost is trying to attract your attention – does your boss not believe in the paranormal?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friends)

    • Dear Ama, I do not know if her husband was cremated; she very rarely speaks of him and when she does it is always nice and interesting. She has a daughter who is a drug addict and is in bad shape running her ragged. She is not allowed to live there but she looks after her and knows the deal with her and yes her daughter is is hard on her. Her bussines she has she has to stay on top of and she is a dynamic women with aches and pains and is generious to a fault, but not really. I highly respect her. She has heard a lrge noise in the kitchen and saw nothing and it happened to me also after she mentioned it to me and i am always alone when things happen. i have looked in the dishwasher since and it is nothing but stainless steel and hasn’t happened to me since. I do not have a clue why this is happening.
      Thank you again for your comment.


    • Hi Ama and Thank You for your response. My boss does not believe in the paranormal. I don’t know if he was cremated. When she speakes of him it is always interesting and nice. She says she doesn’t dream and her husband wasn’t a firefighter. I don’t know why this is happening to me. I love this lady as a super person and her family is special to me we all seem to have a very close bond. Maybe he is just joining in… I don’t know.
      Thank You Again,


      • Hi Judy,

        The smell of burning ash might be a way to identify the ghost, but if its not the husband .. it could be anyone. I don’t think burning fuses smell the same, so as long as the dishwasher is still working just fine .. no problem there. Also, ghosts come and go. They are no longer bound to places that they had emotional connections to. The big swirling mist being might have moved on now, and you have seen other ‘people’ instead.

        Why you .. because you can see it and sense it, and ghosts love the attention. It means energy to them. They feed off energy.

        So .. have you asked your boss what burnt ash might have meant to her husband?

        I don’t think that what is happening to you is harmful, but if a cross makes you feel better .. a small one would work just as well as a large one.

        Perhaps you might like to go and read about ghosts and hauntings on my webpages. There are some techniques there for helping them cross over.


        Love & Peace

  2. Hi Judy

    I agree with Ama, questions need to be answered.

    I have one additional question to ask;

    Is the wife (your boss) in good health or has she got a long term illness?


    • AJ, Thank You for your response. My boss is always flying by the sit of her pants up for long hours and than down for the count. She has problems but is “The Ring Leader” in everything she does. I wouldn’t say she isn’t ill she eats healthy for the most part does vitamins but is very stressed and active. She is taking on alot.
      Thank You again,

  3. These smoke things sound paranormal to me. They are trying to come into this world. There must be a portal somewhere in the home where they are coming through. It is an opening that allows the spirit world to come into our world. Since the woman’s husband has died 2 months ago this may have opened a portal. He may have some unfinished business that he can only communicate with you since you have a psychic ability. His wife possibly does not have this. put on a cross for protection.

    • Carri, Thank You for your response. As far a a port hole goes. She doesn’t believe that I saw a large swirling smoke circling her fowyer when I saw it she dismissed it. I looked twice and saw it disapear. She told me she heard a large bang in the kitchen and saw nothing and there was nothing ouside the kitchen window either. I have heard something along the same lines also in the kitchen. The dishwasher was strange and I have looked at it closely since and it doesn’t make sense to me. Do you think it is bad? I have a large cross but will put it in my pocket if you think that is a good idea. i have seen on occassion white smoke out of the corner of my eye. Thank You again for your posting.


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