What Was the Mark which Cain Received from God?

What exactly was the recognizable mark which Cain received from God after he was banished to roam the earth after killing his brother Abel? The mark somehow was a protection against being killed by (the others? out in the wilderness). But what was it – does anyone know?

Asked by pat

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  1. The only ancient Hebrew symbol for protection I know about was the tav (or taw). The Greeks call it Tau and it’s supposed to look like the letter ‘T’ or ‘t’.

    Not sure if this was the mark connected to Cain though. Sorry ..

  2. Hi Ama,

    :-) The mark was most certainly some sort of protection. When Cain expressed fear that(‘anyone who meets me can kill me’, The Lord answered him thus “No if anyone kills Cain, Cain shall be avenged tenfold” so the Lord put a mark on Cain, in order that anyone meeting him should not kill him.) genesis ch.4 vs.13-16

    Contradictory because later on in Exodus ch.21. vs 12-14, In ‘Laws concerning acts of violence’ the Lord states clearly that if one intentionally kills another, the killer should be put to death.

    • Hey Pat,

      Oh yes, contradictions .. one rule for all of humanity, and another for those ‘the Lord’ has marked as his chosen. I would have been avoiding Cain, though he does have my sympathy, because he was not a nice person. But then neither was ‘his’ God. He played Cain against Abel. Yes, Cain should have been strong enough to say no, but where is the righteousness in that ‘god’s’ behaviour? Wasn’t Jesus supposed to ‘lead by example’?

      Another point in favour of it not being Jesus’ God.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        These traits displayed by the biblical ‘god’ were some of the most unattractive found in humankind today. But then we were made in their image and likeness.

        This brings me to the topic of (‘god’ so loved the world, that he gave us his only begotten son – Jesus’). This same ‘god’ regretted creating man at one stage and resolved to wipe them out – which ‘he’ didn’t quite succeed in doing – in the flood. This is a clear indication how dispensable we really are. – sad but true. :-(

        Did you name your ‘god’ and, Jesus’ father as EL? – could his full christian name have been ENLIL? If so, perhaps you should read ‘The Lost Book of Enki‘ by Zecharia Sitchin – he has some very interesting theories. :-)

        • Hi Pat, :-)

          Yes, the OT ‘god’ cleaned house, according to the Bible, leaving only one family to carry on the negative genes of all the others that had gone before. However, Noah’s family did not have a wide enough gene pool to not breed to recessives (deformities) within three generations, which you would think any aliens capable of traversing the universe would know, so a story like that had to be an allegory, not a fact.

          And I don’t believe that God sees any of us as being without true value, since the angels love and support us all equally.

          Jesus’ God is my God and Jesus called him EL from the Cross. “Eli, Eli, lema sabachtani”. It’s in the NT in the original languages. Some bibles have it in Hebrew and some have it in English.

          EL and Enlil are not the same to me, and I have read Sitchin’s work. The gods might have been aliens, but unless they are spirit beings now, I don’t personally belief so.

          Love & Peace

  3. Well, I see you guys are still hard at decieving people about God and Christianity. It is evident that I don’t have enough free time to rebutt these untruths (is that a sign that I am on the right side). Almighty God does not need me to set you all straight, He will enjoy this one himself.

    • What was the mark? Do you have any ideas? As far as I have ever been able to research no info is given as to what the mark was. Very curious indeed.

      • I’d like to know what the mark was too, CT. I haven’t been able to find a description anywhere?

        Love & Peace

      • Hi Caretaker,

        My husband seems to think it may have something to do with a race of men who do not or are unable to grow a beard. He thinks he may have read it somewhere years ago. (That is the mark which ‘The Lord’ put on Ca-in.

    • JK, you always make me smile. :-) I agree that God has made your life busy ‘especially’ so that you couldn’t find the time to come and tell us how wrong we are about Him, and everything people wrote in the bible. :-)

      God is welcome to join the list anytime he wants to. Hmm… didn’t JC just answer a question about bigfoot yesterday? LOL

      Sorry you can’t come out to play today,
      Love & Peace
      Ama :-)

    • Who said we were targeting “specifically” Christianity? I question everything, especially things that seem to be contradictory. I seek knowledge and understanding. God could have made us a bunch of “drones” that just followed commands like a bunch of ants, but he didn’t. He made us rational beings with the ability to question and reason anything. Why would he do that if all he wanted us to do was just follow orders? I think, God wanted us to seek Him out and find Him and make a conscious choice to follow Him, by using our rationalization and questioning until we uncovered the truth of Him and found Him with our hearts and minds. It is your opinion that we are spreading lies and misconceptions about God, but do you really know? Do you even question? The Bible was penned by Man. God himself did not come down, pick up a pen and start writing, there for I question anything that was penned by a “flawed” creation; MAN. We are only trusting what other men have written and have no concrete proof that the Bible was actually written by God.

  4. JK :-):-(

    We are all still fumbling in the dark – at least I am and perhaps others are too. “The Powers that be” must be having a ball listening to our debates and wisdom or lack of.

    I believe we will only know for sure in the afterlife :-) – I’m quite happy to wait for any surprises.

  5. Like I said, keep it up.

    • Keep what up? Who are you replying to? If you dont have any input on the question why do you want to take the time to type in 6 irrelevant words? You are welcome to do that but I am just curious as you normally have plenty of input on any discussion (which is a good thing)

      • The joy of alias’, CT .. are we sure its even ‘our’ JK who is writing? I agree, he usually says far more.

        Love & Peace

    • And that we will, JK. I, myself, do not believe god gave us free will or the ability to rationalize if he did not intend for us to use it. I would rather question everything and draw my own conclusions than just “believe” something because I am told to. Sorry. That is how I am made and that is who I am I will not change for anyone. I am proud of how God has made me. My questioning, I feel, has lead me CLOSER to God, not the other way around. God is not a book; there are more to the wonders and mysteries of that which is God than you can find anywhere in ANY book. The book alone does not paint the who picture. You are welcome to believe what ever gives you strength in this world, but equally, so am I and anyone else who chose to question the existence of God or the validity of the Bible. If someone is strong enough in their faith, what we say will not shake them. So, thank you, JK, for your permission for us to “keep it up!” So we shall, not that your permission was ever needed.

  6. Hi All,

    Eureka!!! :-)

    I paged through my copy of ‘The Lost Book of Enki‘ by Z.Sitchin and re-read the chapter which narrates the story of Ka-in (Cain) and Abael (Abel). This information was taken from ‘The Eight Tablet’ and recorded in ancient Sumerian writing.

    Please bear with me as I’m trying to include as much relevant info in the smallest amount of space :-)

    This is what it says:-

    “…let Ka-in’s life be spared, to the ends of the Earth let him be banished!……. In Eridu {The 1st settlement on Earth, established by Ea (who was the 1st born son of Anu, half brother of Enlil, leader of the 1st group of Anunnakai to arrive on Earth, the fashioner of mankind and its saviour from the deluge – his name ENKI “Lord Earth”)}
    …judgement upon Ka-in by ENKI was pronounced: Eastward to a land of wandering for his evil deed Ka-in must depart, that his life must be spared, he and his generation shall be distinguished!

    By Ningishzidda (who was the Son of Enki, master of genetics and other science) was the life essence of Ka-in altered: that his face a beard should not grow, Ka-in’s life essence Ningishzidda changed”.

    It would appear Ka-in’s genes were tampered with by The Lord Enki’s scientist son. So we look to the East and look at the race which cannot grow a beard ie. Could it be the Japanese???- perhaps they are the decendants of Cain.

    • Hmm… I didn’t realise the Japanese men couldn’t grow beards, or not much facial hair, but then it seems their race is not particularly hairy anyway? And it seems neither are American Indians and Australia aboriginals (that one I know) .. are they all genetically related .. I can’t find any good webpages on the subject?

      Very interesting.

      Love & Peace

      • I dont think the Japanese are unable to grow beards

        “Why is facial hair so rare in Japan? Some Japanese guys have problems growing a full beard, but it is more a case of image. For example, bushy beards are still usually a sign of radical politics if not actual communist party membership…” http://japanexplained.wordpress.com/japanese-men-explained/

        Thats just one of many articles I found which indicate that they can and often do grow beards

        • I agree, but it seems they are far less hairy than most. It would be interesting to look at their genetics and see why, given where japan is in the world and the fact that they get snow .. I keep thinking about Mongolians .. do they have beards? Mental blank. LOL

          Thank you
          Love & Peace

          • From what I read it may have some genetic cause but it is mostly because of culture and choice – I dunno really read about a lot of Japanese and other Asians who grow full beards

        • Thanks Caretaker

          The questions and answers were very informative, especially as my knowledge on Japanese people is very limited.

  7. Thanks Ama & Caretaker,

    I’ve never seen a Japanese man sport a beard and thought perhaps genetically they couldn’t. So we look elsewhere – the Aboriginals – mmm mmm – they are South and not East yet some of them seem to have blonde hair – how did that happen? As you are Australian Ama, perhaps you can tell us :-) . What about the original red indians in South America? I’m thinking about the Western films with the Apache etc, they had long hair but no beards and they have a history of white ‘gods’ who came from the sky in flying machines and taught them means and ways to survive and build impressive empires.

    • Hi Pat,

      The aboriginals of Australia are mostly brown haired, its only when their ancestors bred with the invaders (caucasians – white folk) that they ended up with lighter coloured hair (not counting albinos who can be born into any culture). Anthropologists say that the Aboriginals actually originated on the Indian continent and only migrated here via land bridges during the last ice age. The American Indians, likewise, travelled south over the Bering Strait from Russia before populating North America. People migrated all over the place before the seas rose again.

      I don’t think using an American Western as a reference point for whether the American Indians had beards or not is a very good idea. Those Indians in the movies were only representations of what western folk wanted to believe about them. Try doing some anthropological research on the internet if you are interested in the subject to get a clearer view. As to their legends, I haven’t researched them, so I don’t know what they did or didn’t believe. The trouble with trying to interpret a primitive culture from thousands of years ago is that their stories, usually oral, have been changing over time (if they have living descendants), and we can only use our own beliefs to interpret their drawings and writings.

      I’m an advocate for inventing a time machine and going back to checking. LOL

      Love & Peace

  8. I have to agree with most of what AMA says.And I also do not believe my Creator would have ever pitted man against man never.That would make him evil.I do not understand how any religious person of today can not see that their holy books cause trouble and encourage men to not treat women fairly ect…I know for a fact that I am a creator and I would never want one of my children to kill one another never.So I have a hard time understanding religion period.I am so thankful that their God passed me when he was passing out faith because I sure do not have that ability and I never did even when I was a kid in church.I thought there was something wrong with me because I could not believe the crap they were trying to hand me.In one sentence they say we are all brothers and sisters but in the next God is ordering the deaths of the Canaanites.These people were brutalized by the Israelite s because God said they were less important than the Jews and should have their land stolen from them.That just does not make sense to me.The Bible is not the word of God verbatim as some Christians think.I would question every single thing in it.

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