What Was that Growling and Clawing Under Our Bed?

Last night I was asleep my wife reached over and tapped me twice square on the tip of my nose and then lowered her arm. I assumed she heard something outside. The wind was blowing wildly and the wind chimes were rattling around. As soon as my eyes opened I said, “oh that’s just the wind.” When I looked at her to say it again to reassure her is where this gets all weird…

I turned over to look at her and what I saw was 2 images of her at the same time, one she was sound asleep eyes closed no facial expression, but at the same time it looked as if she had an expression on fear on her face with her eyes wide open. This vision seemed to have had a “flickering effect” much like drawing on several pieces on paper to make a animation effect, like a stick figure animation etc. but imagine putting the same stamp in the same place on every other page “the stamp being her sleeping face” the animation of the fearful face.

I looked her over very closely (yes it was still dark in the room). I looked closer still and I asked her, “Are your eyes open or closed?” no response… then she grabbed my shoulder and at the same time… I heard a grumbly growl and clawing on her side of the bed – but also underneath us – as if the dog was trying to crawl under our bed but it would not fit. I said, “Oh that’s the dog.” But I looked and then I noticed that the dog was on the other side of the room laying on her bed asleep. So I concluded that this is way too weird so I must be dreaming this. I then slapped my own face “hard” to confirm to myself that this was all just a vivid dream and not reality. I felt the slap and then what I feared most was confirmed. It was not just a dream. I was fully awake! As I realized this, I heard a low tone of voice grumbling and speaking/ whispering from the baby monitor.

Dream or not, I ran up stairs to my toddler’s room, it was freezing cold in his room, I pulled him out of his bed and carried him downstairs to our bedroom. I grabbed the bible and placed it over my chest, his chest, and my wife’s chest and I said a silent prayer.

Next I got up again and went to the kitchen to get something to drink since I was awake and a little bit thirsty, I noticed the time was very close to 3 am (the witching hour) than I grabbed our cat and placed him on our bed… this had spooked me so I felt like reading some of the bible. I read a page or two flipping around looking for some kind of connection in a passage, but nothing really stood out. I prayed again during this time… when I finished reading, and searching, I closed my bible and I noticed that the wind had stopped, and the wind chimes where no longer clacking around. All had become still. So I went back to bed.

Now I can justify maybe the sound on the monitor was some kind of cb interference… it has happened once before, but never at this new house. And maybe the whole wind thing was just coincidental timing, because it did rain last night. But I cannot explain what I saw when I looked at my wife (the flickering faces), nor the growling and clawing from under the bed… it is not possible, that the dog was able to do that and somehow get across the room and be sound asleep faster than I could turn my head and see her there. Within a millisecond, without having to pass by me. Also I know it wasn’t the cat first of all because the cat has no claws, secondly because this was a much larger animal clawing, and a much deeper growl sound, and third because the cat was not even near our room, when this all occurred. I placed the cat in our room just to have everyone of us together.

I don’t know why maybe it would be better so that I could evac us all at once should things become accelerated. I’m frustrated because everyone I talked to just blows this off and tells me it was all just a dream, my dad told me not to tell anyone because they would thing I’m a loony or something. And I talked to a pastor and he said it could have just been something I ate before bed, and to talk to a dream interpreter / counselor there, but it also wouldn’t hurt to have our house blessed. I know what I heard, and what I saw, and everyone just pooh poohs it… no one believes me, and I’m telling the truth… it’s so frustrating what do I do? I don’t think it’s healthy to hold it in, and to doubt my own hold on Reality. I can’t explain it, it is what it is… maybe I better off just dismissing it… but I know what I had heard and seen really happened, and I just can’t explain it..

Asked by Mark

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  1. Hi Mark,

    My name is Ama Nazra and you can read about me from a link at the bottom of this page, under Friends. What you described is not uncommon in a visitng ghost experience. No, you are not nuts, and not imagining things, weird stuff does happen .. and the first thing an average minister does is deny it. I understand why. It might never happen again, but it doesn’t help the sufferer to feel they are not believed.

    Let’s see what I can explain?

    To start with, someone definitely wanted your attention, unless your wife is in the habit of tapping you on the nose. When you looked at her, in a state of half asleep, your natural resistance to seeing anything odd was not as focused as usual, or your energy was still heightened from the sleep, and you saw both her, and probably a lady ghost ‘overshadowing’ her, or if they were perfectly alike, you might have seen her spirit returning to her body after astral travelling .. but in that case, why the tap on the nose? I would go with a ghost. Does your wife have any family in spirit that looks a lot like her .. perhaps a twin sister, or an aunt?

    You can actually slap yourself while dreaming (in the dream) and feel it, but we’ll leave that alone. I think you were awake too, and the slap would have snapped your spirit nicely back into your body, which, if the sounds were coming from the void (the place between heaven and earth), would have put a stop to them. Instead, the entity, or entities, seemed to have moved upstairs, and so I’m glad you went and got your son. Is his room often that cold or was it just the weather?

    How long after this happened did you wait before going to the kitchen? I think things must have felt more settled by then?

    The weather could have been localised around your house, or astral, in the sense that only you could hear it. The chimes are sometimes a sign of something weird going on, but usually people don’t own any when they hear them. I would say that it is more likely that the wind dropped then with the coming of the dawn. World energy does change around three or four a.m.

    Prayer changes the energy structure of the person, the person being prayed for, and the rooms both of them are in. Prayer is used by the church for many purposes, including giving healing to people far away from the prayer group. It is a wonderful tool for change.

    Also, between the hours of three and four a.m. the human body is at its lowest ebb (energy) and people will often simply let go and pass over at that time, which is why nurses go around the hospital waking up terminally ill patiences during that hour. That they do this is a fact, and that patients do die more often during that hour is also a fact. On a metaphysical basis it is when people start to return to their bodies after astral travelling to various locations around the planet and in the heavens. We re-anchor ourselves (not that we were ever truly disconnected) and then often they go out again for a while, and people will talk of having their most ‘vivid’ dreams between four and six a.m. It is not the witching hour, which to my understanding is more 11.30pm – 1.30pm. After that even most haunted houses get a little quiet for a while.

    So solutions .. have the house blessed. You have the offer, I would take him up on it. Don’t care that he appears not to believe you. He offered, so, in fact, he does believe in ghosts and things, and more than likely believes you .. but churches have their policies ….

    Or .. you could use this prayer that was created to solve all sorts of paranormal problems. It is called the Michael Invocation and you can find a link to the site here on this page, up on the right, just above the “Newest Questions” headings. Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what it is asking, then say it out loud, and really mean it. Ask your wife to do so too. Then .. change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ (not the word ‘house’) and do it again. It has a great track record.

    If you have any other questions you can write to me here, or from an email link on the Michael site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. that is scary. i would of freaked out… good idea to read the Bible, continue to read it, so it know you believe in our Father. God Bless you and your family… i will pray for you and your family.

  3. Mark, I’m sorry that you and your family are experiencing this, it sounds not only terrifying, but frustrating as well. As a husband and father, I empathize with your need to feel as though you are in control of your own household and can insure the saftey and well-being of your family. I have not a single doubt that you witnessed and experienced everything exactly as you’ve described. With 30 plus years of experience and research into the parnormal in my past, I’ve seen and experienced much worse. You said you were reading the bible. It is noteworthy that you reached out to God for protection during this encounter. You were absolutely correct in doing so. What you experienced could not possibly have been physical or caused by anything that exists in our physical world. That leaves only one other source – spiritual. I’m a Christian, even though I wasn’t always one, my experiences have calcified my belief and my faith. As a Christian, I believe that God is all about love. He loves us as his children, because, in essence, we are his children and he is our spiritual father. Because God is love, the last thing you can expect from him, in a spiritual sense, is fear and frustration and angst and anger, and any other negative emotion. So, if you believe in God, you must also believe in Satan (I hope you do) – Satan is also spiritual, but as a created being, he has very limited capabilities. He has to resort to trickery, deceit, lies, and negative things like fear, anger and frustration to work his deeds in our lives. What you experienced is, in my humble opinion, most likely demonic in origin. You didn’t identify yourself as a believer, but it doesn’t matter, we are all succeptible to evil and attacks from Satan (believers are his favorite target). The question is, have you done anything to invite the attack? You can invite evil into your life by a variety of activities or even very strong emotions that last a long time (unresolved anger, jealousy, hate, envy, etc..). Demonic activity can be invited through any contact with the occult, wicca, witchcraft, seances, any attempt to contact the dead, OUIJA boards (it’s not the game itself, it’s the activity that it is used for), physical or emotional abuse, addictions to drugs, alcohol or pornography (Satan will attempt to capitalize on any addiction – it is a point of weakness for most of us), making pacts with the devil, etc.. It can also be the result of our ancestor’s participation in these same activities (sometimes called a generational curse). This may be a one-time occurrance, but i doubt it. Chances are it has happened before and you slept through it. Chances are also good that it will happen again or even escalate into something else. My advice is to rid your family and your home of anything that might act as a magnet for demonic activity, read the bible daily, pray daily, and if you are a true believer, you will have the authority to deal with most demonic activitiy yourself – you have more power and authority (through your faith in Christ) than they do. Alternatively, google “deliverance” ministry to find someone in your area that can help you. Demons and evil sprits are not something to be trivialized or toyed with. let them into your life or the lives of your wife and child, and you could pay an eternal price. Good luck, and I will pray earnestly for you.


    • Hi Stan,

      I agree with a lot of what you said but I have two frustrations – the whole ‘give away everything you own that is of any other country, or religion’ and ‘it will go away if you have a prayful household’. Ghosts and other more negative entities can attached themselves to practically anything. They are not more inclined to grab say, a beautiful statue of Buddha .. who taught love and peace .. than a mirror someone spends too much time in front of. They seek energy, and to create fear, and they can also inhabit a Christian Cross, or one of those ‘bleeding heart of Jesus’ pictures that Catholics often keep on their wall. Where ouijas are concerned, the things should be burnt! You can think of them as a gate, or a baited hook on a fishing line. Emptying your house of anything the Christians don’t approve of, is only proving that you fear what is haunting you, and in doing that you give it power. Pity we can get a few more ministers who will simply bless things that people have as ornaments instead of seeing them as potential threats.

      And then we have the prayer-filled house. Do you know how many good Christians have problems with ghosts and demons? Far more than the average layman who never goes to church .. so filling your house with prayer will lightened the energy, but ghosts and demons remain .. that’s because they are attached to a person, in most cases. I am not saying don’t pray, because it is consciencious prayer that helps to set a person free, but there’s a lot more involved in that ‘freedom’ than desperately trying to keep your house prayer-filled. Sometimes a demon is sent packing by the pure and true love a parent for her/his child, they don’t have to be a minister, they just have to have faith.

      Some deliverance ministeries are very good, and some just make a whole lot more trouble. I want to know why, if God works through all of them, people aren’t set free every time?

      Love & Peace

  4. Hi Mark :)

    First: I am sorry for what you went through! Those things are NO fun, huh? I have my own personal erxperience with a demon/darkness much like yours, but it attached itself to me and over a period of months and went through the same thing with my church pastor, only he was too afraid to help. I almost died. Yes, I am a very strong and truly faithful servant, and I will not lead you astray. There is only one way to deal with it. One. I’ll tell you in a minute.

    Second: Satn… granted, I don’t know you or what you learned over your last 30 years of studying, but it has mislead you in reality. I’m glad you responded in wanting to help Mark, but a lot of what you say was definitely not the case in my real-life experiences with the spirit demons…and exactly how God, family and our undying faith dealt with my attached demonic spirit. Some of it is spot on as well, though. The only problem that I REALLY have is that if Mark begins to believe demons come because a person drinks, or gets frustrated, has unresolved issues, etc, etc, it actually can invite Satan??? Family curse??? NO. This is SUCH a dangerous advice. Why? One, it’s simply not biblical. Two, because you put more fear upon Mark in your statement….and, if he does those things, it will only entertain this spirit to ‘play’ even more. He more than likely did nothing wrong at all. I, however…did. But it was my growing faith that invited the darkness in. I was healing from a wreck and I was overconfident in my recovery and challenged the devil to stop me, because I thought I was so, so faithful he couldn’t touch me…and I was boastful. Never be boastful in God (scripture). I’m very concerned what you wrote could lead YOU into a dangerous situation as well. I hope what I’m about to tell Mark rests upon your ears, mind and heart as well. I’m not a better person than anyone else, but I am better qualified to help Mark. No offense :)

    ok, Mark. On to the business at hand. Been there. Scary as hell – literally! What you report is in line with my experiences, and like I said, don’t be discouraged. One way. One simple, but strong way to rid yourself or house from this nasty thing.

    ***Pray. Mean it. Pray the right things. Pray invocation of Micheal, the archangel. Pray, out loud, the Lord’s Prayer. End every prayer ‘In the Namer of Jesus Christ The Lord. Amen.” Pray psalm 23 aloud as you walk through your house. You must have no fear, only strong faith that the Lord will do as He tell us He will do in the New Testament. He will throw them out – not your friends, the spirits! hehe Your fears WILL be replaced by confidence by faith.

    YOU can rid your house, family of this spirit with strong faith in the name of Jesus. You don’t need a priest, minister, although they are a bonus -IF they have faith!!
    I was abandoned by my own Southern Baptist minister. He was scared, which astounded me! There are so, so many that when faced with real evil, they run. Where’s the faith? Seriously? I don’t get that – all they need, and you too, is strong faith. You can learn to grow it immeasurably, too :)

    A few weeks after that it got so bad because it was left there to grow off my own fears and weakness, physically and emotionally. As far as my soul? Oh how hard I grabbed Gods hand and squeezed tightly!! The more I fought, the more it kicked me down. These things WANT to wear us down, make us suffer and then do what they do; drive people apart, destroy families and souls. They want us to give up, then give in. (BTW, drinking a few beers doesn’t invite evil. I found that after it was all over, I needed a few weeks away from home, went to a friends house and… drank some beer! But that’s just me. lol).

    One day, I was laying on the couch sleeping, restless, sweating, flailing arms. Mom (folks were my caretakers until I recovered fully from wreck injuries – 12 years, God love’em!) Mom couldn’t stand what was happening to her ‘baby’ of 30 years and got up, came over, placed her hand on my head. Then she bagan to pray, and pray. She’s never told me what she prayed, but it worked. I awoke as soon as she was done and didn’t remember any of it for 3 months.

    I did remember after that 3 months. The most horrible things imaginable, from seeing myself hanging from the ceiling fan by a rope, to horrible faces, flashes of, well…demonic evil, death, guts, you name it. I almost killed myself, but thanfully, God pushed us on :)

    Go ahead and do the prayers as soon as you are in the right situation. Surround yourselves, family, in the Shield of Gods Armor and be comforted. You faith must never wane. Then, you will HAVE to keep and grow that faith from thereon, as you know what is real.

    Mark, I apologize for the way my paragraphs flipped around from thing to thing, but I was writing with urgency.

    Your Brother in Christ

    • Ama,
      I need to share sometime in email ALL that happened in those months. Attempted murder, all of it. I never speak about those things to anyone, but it shows just how powerful these dark spirits are, for sure! :) You will be astounded I lived. And, Ama, thanks so much for being here to help these folks, and me! I now deal with my resulting gifts very well, comfortably… just like God intends :)


      • Anytime, Keith and you are more than welcome. I like watching you ‘work’. LOL Things happen for a reason. Your experiences will help others within the Christian faith understand that it can happen to them too. So many think it can’t. Me, sitting here on the fence between Christianity and the multitude of beliefs that encompass the ‘new age’ people, can only reach so many in both. The Christians tend to believe I’m too newagey, and the new age think I’m too Christian. LOL But I keep trying.

        Love & Peace

  5. Stan,
    Curious as too what you’ve done over the last 30, investigator, ghost hunter, preacher? I’d love to know more, and I’m sure you know much about things I do not. No one has all the asnwers, afterall! lol Thanks for sharing :)


  6. Thank you all for your responses..I’ve researched a bit on the subject ..and here’s what I think.. I’ve always frowned away from most of the ‘occult’ but “I seem to be a magnet for wierd stuff”–Many people have and still do tell me that. I havent’ done anything evil nor have i Toyed with anything supernatural…The only thing remotely off the norm i do is tai chi–and I even take that with a grain of salt…it’s either real or not…I believe that it is, but I don’t nor have I ever believed anyone can change the weather etc.etc. I know that alot of it is palor tricks (i.e. breaking the fourth brick down only, is done by placing a small pebble center and on top of it…) But it’s not all fooey either some people are the real article and can do things that boggle the mind… Here’s the thing my wive used to be involed in the occult, she did own a ouji board, and tarrot cards etc.etc. But she hasn’t done that stuff for years and we threw all of the stuff out when we got married 7 years ago. I would not have it, my mom’s aunts had a run in with the paranormal messing with that and they both became nun’s when they grew up. So I promised my mom that i would not mess with it. I did once and i had a bunch of my friends that did it with me falsely accuse me of horrible things. So I left thier apartment and I’m glad i did- becuase if there was anything really coming through it was something bad, becuase it was telling outright lies.

    I do believe in Jesus Christ by my own choice..to sum it up..I had an experience when i was a teenager I died and left my body…and angel assended down to me..big white flash.. (everything i saw at this point is in blue and white, much like a black and white tv but it was blue and white) my bed was in the middle of a field with tall grass and small hills much like in kansas but i knew i was in heaven, glowing people we’re standing around me and my bed in the middle of this field, they were holding hands in a circle. I could not make out theire faces it was like staring at a light bulb and trying to read the wattage info when it’s turned on. i heard haunting andd beautiful music where there was no instruments other than the human voice, it was like an orchastra but each note was a different person’s voice, “ahh-ing it’s small part perfectly in time and in key with other voice’s / notes entering- overlapping- fading etc.etc. so that it made music like an orcastra. all of a sudden a man with long hair and a beard–which seemed be more in ringlets– he was not a blackman nor a whiteman , he looked middle eastern, much like ‘klinger’ from the old TV show Mash, with wavy / curly hair–big curls not small curls. i remember his nose being bigger than I expected too. Anyway, it was Jesus. He leaned over my bed in this field, with the glowing people holding hands, it wasn’t like the circle ever broke so he could approach me it more or less just shifted. He somehow came thru the the circle of people and he was on the inside of the circle and he leaned over my bed, he tucked his hair behind one ear, he smiled at me……. then he put one of his hands on my forehead and the other on my stomach, –Big white flash– I woke up in my bed without even a stuffed up nose…Totally healed! TotallY Healed…That experience is what had made me a Christian.., not indoctrination…no evanglists etc. etc. I believe that the real Jesus was vastly different than the Jesus we ‘re told of in most churches…. I believe he had great knowledge, and abilities…but also he was more like a regular guy than this almost cartoonish character that the church has seemed to have made him over hundreds of years of self interest, propaganda, and agenda’s, greed, justification of wars, and various self rightegious acts. For example everyone loves Jesus today and oh he was such a nice boy…etc.etc… well Imaging going to your church during a service and right in front of the entire congregation you stand up and tell the person that is preaching that they have it all wrong, and that they really don’t understand god, and they arguing and making stronger points than they can backed by the word of god found in scripture.. imagine doing that…would everyone like that? would everyone think of you as such a nice boy if you did that? how would peaple respond to that? –well thats what he did.. and I really can’t imagine everyone taking a liking to it. I see the real jesus more like a radical sage/ mystic/ wiseman, and the messiah, but he was Far more down to earth… Often i wonder when he said “it is not what goes into a man that makes him unclean, but it is what comes out of him that makes him unclean” that he was talking about more than how silly it is not to eat bacon for religious purposes, but rather – more or less saying ” hey it’s not what you hear, but rather it’s what you say that tells me about your chracter” tha I also believe in My parents at the time allowed me to believe whatever i wanted to , and at the time it happened i was looking into buhdism.. But That is who I saw on the otherside it was Jesus! He is real like it or not believe it or not, He is more real than we are…it is like we’re the halograms and he’s a real life solid object.

    supernatural weird things.. the most recent was why i started this thread…a few moths ago I had a nightmare where i screamed in my sleep…which is very unuasl for me….I fear nothing, truly .. I will go outside in the night and confront the odd bumps in the night in my underwear..why? becuase if it is a burglar i don’t want them to have an opportunity to get away if i stop to throw on some pants. That’s the kind of guy i am. I can i don’t jump during scarey movies or anything. I really don’t fear anything or anyone of this earth. But i had this horrible vivid dream where this black smoke like demon that looked like a 15 ft tall / all black evil skeleton / black smoke thing–it was all black the bones all black–and it was part of or had this black smoke around it… It woke me up in the middle of the night. It held up the decapitated head of my toddler son, and it laughed it hen floated up to the ceiling above my bed, and held one hand out towards me, which seemed to paralyze me, I struggled to try to attack it, while it did that it started to attack / kill my wife right next to me, with the intent of making me watch her die before it was going to kill me last… I woke up screaming a crying scream…it was embrassing and my wife teased me a little about it and i was embrased…but i just chalked it up as a bad dream….now i’m thinking It may be something more…I will fight it, and i wouldn’t care if it only threatened- only me, but it crossed a line if it is threating my baby and my wife. I swear I would gladly spend all of eternity fighting evil and hunting down demons and devils and evil things if it would ensure the safety of my loved ones.

    And a few years ago another weird paranormal thing.. I say this becuase alot of weird things happen to me…I say weird – paranormal in the sense of catagory 1 – a weird thing and category 2 a paranormal thing…becuase i do not believe all paranormal things to be weird..nor all weird things to be paranormal…

    but i lived in an apartment i dated a girl who messed around with occult and she was not a good person.. she like black magic etc.etc. but i was young and dumb single guy at the time and our relationship was steamy. she was bad news and i wised up and dumped her…but shortly after ..i was awoke in the middle of the night by a whisper in my ear…all it said was my name…but it was right in my ear…and there was no one else in my room…and the feeling it gave me was not good… now i can explain most of the events as dreams, etc.etc. sleep paralasis — etc. but the event that occured a few days ago most definately was not a dream… I was awake…my wife has never tapped me on the nose before to wake me, she will normally shake my shoulder.. and I’ll investigate whatever the sound is…she has no memory of the event, she says that I woke HER up by getting up and running upstairs. I got my son and my wife and all of the animals into one room so that I could keep track of them and that if any other sounds happened i would know and they would too if it was something else coming from somewhere else. My kitchen is inbetween my son’s room and our room so anything would have to pass by me before it could get to them, and hopefully i would be able to notice / or confront it or warn them, or evacuate them, should anything else occur. what is so fustrating is that everyone wants to tell me that i ate something bad that night, and they want to dismiss it as just a bad dream etc. BUT it was not a dream, I was awake I moved around the house , it woke people, the objects i heard i heard when i was awake, the objects i moved were moved. and looking at what i’ve researched i would conclude that it is very possible that I am just now recognizing that I have been the victim of some kind of demonic harassment. Not a possesion or anything, but more like harassment…And it would explain why i always seem to have bad luck, and why bad guys decide to attack me as a random guy,(luckily I knw alot of kung fu and sometimes i think maybe it’s just bad luck or maybe god helps me alot, or even maybe God send the bad guys my way so that I will beat them up …IDK.. But I have alot –too much– and too many really really weird and odd things happen to me , like a random rock falls of a berm and breaks my leg, just when i start to get into shape, etc. etc. and thats okay I don’t really mind it too much, but it’s become really old and I won’t have anymore of it, especially now that i feel it seems to be threatening my wife and my son, both who can’t fight back as well as i can… What do I do.. what do you guys think about all of this? —Thank you and God bless and send–positive things your way guys for trying to help me.

  7. Mark is that you? I think it is… please verify for me, ya didn’t sign post. Oh, you’ve been exposed to some serious stuff, but you never agreed with it. You do love Jesus and I have a feeling there was/is yourt protection, just like you said :)


    Is that you, Mark??? :)

  8. Hi Mark,

    Tai Chi is an exercise program .. there’s a more military version, but its generally not taught in parks. :-) Nor am I aware of them splitting bricks with it? I read some more and realised you know martial arts, that’s good, but its not good to use with demons.

    I love your vision and your view on the Jesus. I also met him in a vision, when I was 17. Amazing! I work with Michael angels, they are soldiers .. I ‘kick a*s for a living’ is what I usually say when someone asks for what I do, if they catch me unawares. The look on people’s faces is a real giggle.

    Yes, you’ve had some harassment. The dark is having great fun causing all sorts of little problems right now, and I wish they would stop. It makes more work for all of us who can make a different, or try to. Learn the Michael Invocation I gave you. Keep it handy. Give it to other people, it works. It clears all sorts of small problems (dark energy) from your home, and yourself. Get your wife to do it too. Do it for you son. Put a rest to the dreams now.

    And no, God doesn’t send villains to beat you up, or be beaten up by you. God is about love, not war. They might be attracted to you because of the negative energy in your aura .. so change the energy with the prayer. It might even change your luck, but I believe our ‘luck’ is based more on what we allow ourselves to ‘have’ in life, than anything that is done ‘to’ us.

    Love & Peace

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