What was that Black Figure with a Hood?

A while back I got very big into cutting myself due to my depression. I cut myself for about 10 months. Well about the 2nd month I started feeling as if something was watching me.

One night while sitting on the bathroom I cut myself way too deep. All of a sudden I saw a black figure with a hood on, and white eyes that you could almost see through with tiny black pupils. The feeling of this entity scared me half to death. I closed my eyes and as I opened them it turned and walked away.

That night was the last night I saw this entity even though still was cutting. My question is what is this? Has any one else ever seen this? And why did it visit me that night?

Asked by Brianna

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  1. im sorry that something soo horrible has you to hurt your body. In my honest opinion, it was satan himself. I have had an experience when something was watching me, i could see black smoke like bubbles on my kitchen floors. then they would leave, or i could feel a presence over me. he wants you dead

  2. Hello Brianna,

    Pain heightens the senses, and so, perhaps, for a moment you saw the entity that was encouraging you to hurt yourself. Although real world problems were the cause of your choice, and I do hope you are getting some help there, other world beings can influence us to harm ourselves, and other people.

    The hooded beings .. there are many possibilities. Some people might consider them demons, some shadow people, and some entities from other dimensions who are curious about humans. At present no one seems to know for sure.

    If it ever comes back, stop what you are doing immediately, and go away from the situation, preferably among happy, busy, people. You might also consider reading this Invocation and keeping it around, in case you feel the need to use it. It clears our energy.

    http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html if you have any questions you can talk to me here, or email me privately. My site is Victorian Paranormal Connection .. at the side here under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  3. hi… im emily.
    i think that whaat you saw that night was… was death itself. face it. death wants people dead. he IS death. if you cut yourself way to deep, he might have wanted to… collect you.
    if you were expeariecncing a lot of pain, he might have wanted you to do more. i think he may have wanted you to kill yourself. he was trying to scare you, maybe, or egg you on. listen, im only 11, so this might not be taken seriously, but please at least try to listen.
    i know a lot more than you think i do.
    trust me.

  4. In my experience ‘death’ is an angel, kind, gentle and loving. The image that modern society has of death has been blown up into something to be feared because most people do not know what happens after we die. But death can be a gift, when it brings release from pain and suffering, it is not cruel. It might happen unexpectedly and in shocking ways, but the person who has died is not in usually in pain .. only those who stay behind see it that way, as they suffer the grief of losing someone that they love.

    When you believe that death is the end of everything, and that a person does not continue on as a spirit, then yes, it is frightening, but if you hold a belief in the continuation of the soul .. just look at all the ghost sightings, and stories of visiting spirits, etc .. you might learn to look at death as just a doorway we step through to eternal life.

    Love & Peace

    • i agree with all of my heart, that death can be a good thing. life cannot exsist without death. but when you stare death in the face, you no longer know what to think. the way i see him, he has dark, round, enddles eyes that go for miles like empty pools of blackness. that was all i saw of him. and then he just left. vanished without a trace. but now that you say what you said…

      what did i see that night?

      • Hi Emily,

        I have stared Death in the face and I was never frightened. Perhaps it is because I believe in life eternal, but she wasn’t wearing a hoodie at the time. (small joke :-) ) Perhaps we all see what we think we will see?

        The hooded figure seems to be becoming very popular as a nasty character these days. I have heard of them with white eyes, totally black eyes, and red eyes .. the similarity is in the hood. Given that thugs in the street are also wearing hoodies these days .. I don’t know which came first .. but they do tend to make people feel frightened.

        A ghost might choose to appear that way, knowing that you have a belief in Death as a hooded figure. As I said in the first answer, it might have been a demon. We do get glimpses of these things, what we do not want, is for that visitation to happen again.

        What were you doing when it happened to you?

        Love & Peace

        • i was trying to fall asleep on a bus and i saw it standing across from me. no one else did, though. it was… strange. mine wasnt wearing a hoodie eather (continued joke), it could have been a normal person aside from two things : 1, it had holes for eyes, and 2, i was the only one who could see it. you ask why i thought it was death?
          i got off of the bus, and an hour later, i heard a report of someone on the same bus dieing on the same day. scared me, a little, anyway. i was mostly astounded.
          you know?

          • Hi Emily,

            Holes for eyes could mean the person who died was blind or had lost their eyes in an accident – so their ghost appears as how they think they look. It is not until a ghost is rescued that it stops living the nightmare of its death.

            And the other person dying on the bus .. did anyone look frightened when you got off, or got off in a real hurry just when you saw the figure? Death will appear to the person going to die (and you didn’t) .. not just ‘anyone’, but I think you have the gift to see ghosts and probably spirits .. so it wasn’t Death in my opinion, it was just a lost soul.

            Love & Peace

          • gee.

            no one really looked that freaked out on the bus, as far as i could see.
            and youre probably right.
            and one more thing….
            what does it mean when the ghost walks off of the bus with you?


          • Hi Emily,

            It probably means it was the ghost’s normal stop to get off the bus, and it might not even have seen you?

            Or .. did it follow you home?

            Love & Peace

          • yea…. why?

          • Because ghosts can attach to a person’s energy and make them very tired and sad, or angry .. whatever emotion trapped them when they died. It’s better we don’t take ghosts home.

            Love & Peace

          • well then that actually makes sense.
            i felt really, REALLY misrerable when we got off the train to when we got home.
            man i hated that. it wore off in a few hours, but i wondered what really had happened.
            are you in the buisness of psycics?

          • Hi Emily,

            Do I tell fortunes? Not very often. I used to have a healing centre, but mostly my work was as a counsellor to the people who came to see me. I am an energy worker in many ways, most particularly a Reiki Master Teacher. But what I really am is a Spirit Rescuer, aka ghostbuster (since that is the popular culture term for it) and a person who helps others with paranormal problems.

            Love & Peace

          • wow. thats cool. where do you work? i’ve always been interested in this sort of thing.

          • I often work from home now, Emily. Or I can hire a room in town. My ‘calling’ has led me in other directions, and I only get people coming to me who need my particular skills.

            Geographically, I am just outside Melbourne, Australia.

            I have webpages you can read – http://www.sacred-gates.com is the front door. There’s a link to one section here on this site under ‘Friends’, the other you’ll see when you go to the page above.

            Love & Peace

          • have you ever heard of John Pothiah? i’m going to go to that link.

        • No, I haven’t heard of John Pothiah.

          I hope you enjoyed the pages. If you have questions, you know where to find me.

          Love & Peace

  5. Brianna, please do not cut yourself. my 16 year old daughter tried it and was hospitalized. she is ok now. I must warn you this entity was of a demonic nature. I saw this type of entity years ago near the location where my brother died in a car accident. It is called the Stickney Mansion in Woodstock Illinois. My brother was beaten and 2 months later died in a car accident in 1984. While driving to McHenry County College in Crystal Lake Illinois near Bull Valley I saw this black Hooded figure. I was completely horrified. I saw that the location was near the seance house of the Manson. which was close by a church and close to wear my brother died. I know this thing was evil nature. I have seen other types of these things throughout my life in haunted locations. black hooded figures have been sighted all throughout the world. you may want to google that information.

  6. The Demon Walking Near the Stickney Mansion is my story of the black hooded figure I saw near the mansion. it is a known haunted location in Woodstock Ilinois. Usually when I get depressed I can see entities of an evil nature also. black clocked figures. so I try not to get so depressed.

  7. The Demon Walking Near the Stickney Mansion is my story of the black hooded figure I saw near the mansion. it is a known haunted location in Woodstock Ilinois. Usually when I get depressed I can see entities of an evil nature also. black clocked figures. so I try not to get so depressed. ok dont kill ur silfe if u do u will go two hell an u want two go two god not hell soo ya it wil lbe like killng a baby dont

  8. what you saw was a demon it is not uncommon at all,but it id dangerous just dont pay any attention to it and it will go away.My mother see’s demons and she always ignors it.

    • That’s good advice seeing as they like to prey on our fears. Demons get what they want from us when we let them frighten us; it seems to give them power over us. That is not something we want.

  9. Depression is a you-know-what. I don’t know what you saw, but, maybe the fact you saw it could give you some hope? It tells you that there is more out there than just us, that you’re here for a reason and we are more than the nasty problems we have on this earth. That’s how I would feel about it anyway.

  10. Sometimes ghost with no eyes are demons. I have seen them in my haunted mobile home. There was a rotting stench, a roaring of a wild beast. Then I saw demons flying through the air. I heard Lucifer storming through my home. I also was suffering from seizure activity. That was when the enemy tried to take over my soul. The enemy would always come on a Sunday. my car would break down before church. Every Sunday something would happen to prevent me from going to church. We saw a lot of demons flying around with no eyes. some were little girl ghosts. then I heard whispering voices. I would see these ghosts even in broad daylight. I became very depressed. I finally moved and most of my depressed feelings left me.

  11. I do not really know what you have seen. However, I have on several different occasions seen nearly the same figure you speak of, however, this figure in the hooded cloak had very deep red eyes. It was sitting at the edge of the bed between a friend of mine and myself during a sleep over. My friend noticed it, she then slowly pushed me to wake me up and then I saw it for myself. We both were frozen in place. We wanted to look away, but we could not do it. This is back when we are 15. As I got older, I was working the midnight shift at a nursing home. I was a nurse. I have always felt that it was “haunted” but the midnight shift just made things more edgy for everyone. One night, one of our beloved residents passed away. I noticed something of a dark smoke above her doorway, then it kind of floated briefly, and then went into the hall and formed into a this black hooded being. Myself and two other staff members were in awe. We stood there just watching this creature as it glided across the hall and disappeared into a room. One of the staff took a photo but it just looked like smoke and her picture was upside down. From time to time, I have seen this being. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. I was just fortunate enough that I was not the only one who witnessed it.

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