What Was Calling My Little Girls Names?

I recently heard after 12 am my little girls name clearly. It was a little girl calling her name Serena over and over and over again repeatedly.

I started to pray for my daughter and my sons. In the blood of Jesus. I kept saying in the blood if Jesus with prayers and I heard a bark. And the calling went away.

I spoke to my neighbor if she let her dog out. She responded no. The dogs were sleeping. I asked my daughter this morning if she heard something she said yes. She heard the same calling her name out.

Then I see the grim reaper passing my room to look at me than walks toward my kids room. So I get up and go inside their room an pray.

Asked by Lorena

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  1. Hi Lorena,

    My name is Ama Nazra and you can read about me via the link here on the right under Friends. I have questions.

    How old is Serena?

    What did the grim reaper look like, and did he have a sickle?

    I hear my name called from time to time, usually in the supermarket, but I have been woken from sleep by it from time to time, when someone is trying to get my attention. How many times was her name called?

    Are you very close to your daughter? Has anyone among her friends, or your family, died recently? Depending on her age – someone might be trying to get her attention – to give her a message about their life after death, and caught your attention as well, through the emotional tie you have with her.

    I think you did well with the praying, because it changes the energy of the household, and yours. It’s very good. I am not sure what the bark was .. it might be related to the situation, or could just have been a stray dog somewhere.

    Love & Peace

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