What is this White Face with Yellow Eyes?

All my life I’ve had premonition dreams and seen stuff, but recently I’ve been seeing something evil. He lurks in the dark and watches me. He has a white face and yellow eyes. His eyes shine so bright. I can’t even sleep in the dark anymore. And now he appears in my dreams. He used to be just a shadow.

He makes my mother and I see horrible things… like ourselves hanging and others hanging. One time it had cut on our shower and choked my boyfriend in the shower. What am I seeing?

I can’t even explain the rest. Someone please… if you have an idea, just please tell me. Because my boyfriends even seeing it in his dreams now. What is this?

Asked by Kiersten Jones

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  1. Hi, donno why i just felt like saying this, but the thing you are seeing is evil. Have you recently shifted or what? Because i don’t think such kinda think happens so radomnly. You must consult someone profeesional.

  2. Well this thing had been following me around since I was 8 years old…when I was about 14 years old, it started to make scratches all over my back. It said my name a lot too. When it all first started…i would have dreams of it burning my mother and visions of people committing suicide. My mother and I had moved to Salem, VA at that time. It just seems it has gotten stronger and worse over the years.

  3. Hi Kiersten

    My name is Ama Nazra and I’m a spirit rescuer and a demonologist, and have dealt with these types of beings for many, many years.

    I can suggest three solutions, the first is to have your house blessed by a minister from your local church, if you go to one. The second is to have a medium come to the house and clear the energy for you, that should remove the entity. The third is this Invocation, designed to clear houses and people.

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ Read it through to get an understanding of what it is requesting, then say it out loud. Then change the third line to ‘remove all attachments to my home’ and say it again. You can ask your family members to say it for themselves, if you think its suitable.

    If you have any questions, you can contact me through here (my link is under Friends) or from email links on my site.

    Love & Peace

    • Excuse me but as i decided to look into elementals a little bit further I ended up here and would like to know more about them. For example, why is it that you are able to percieve them and i am not?

      • Hi Jessi,

        I think it comes down to what I decided I would do in this lifetime .. and being able to see elementals, ghosts and other beings, was one of those choices. Perhaps you did not make the same choice? Or you might grow into the ability?

        Only you can answer your own question.

        Love & Peace

        • I was watching an episode of paranormal witness in which an alleged poltergeist was portrayed to be plaguing a family in california and thats basically what brought me here. People brought in to investigate said they were dealing with an elemental, according to one family member. See I’m not to aware of the nature of these entities. Also do they have any connection with the “little folk” edgar cayce was said to have seen when he was little because im vaguely reminded of them. Are they the ones that are said to guard nature?

          • Hi Jessi,

            I would be interested in how the people defined (or described) what an elemental is. A poltergeist is a collection of energy, usually without meaning for true form, and their energy causes all sorts of disturbances. Elementals definitely have meaning and form and yes, they were know as ‘wee folk’ or ‘little folk’ by many countries around the world, particularly Ireland .. I think? They were also called leprecauns or fey. The elementals guard nature, and encourage it to grow, etc. And they can be very protective. I have never heard of a poltergeist being protective.

            Love & Peace

          • Elementals come in various forms. One of their sub categories are the “wee folk”, included are fairies and other entities that guard nature. Elementals are said to be older entities, unlike poltergeists that are often believed to be caused by built up evil energy or hostile ghosts of the dead. Elementals are from nature, there are often times they are mistaken for demons since some elementals share strikingly similar traits as demons. This type of entity is also known to be highly territorial and they would do all they can to protect their territory from invaders.

  4. hmmm… i think i may have seen this being before. he went away after i used ama’s invocation. it will get worse if you dont do something, even if it isnt the same being it is close enough though mine was faster.
    p.s. thank you ama

    • You are welcome, Joel,

      Love & Peace

    • See?! Another testiment that Ama’s invocation works! But, here’s a hint; this invocation comes from the Angels and Ama has tweaked it! :) The Angels are ALWAYS with you and ready to defend and assist you if only you should ask; they are servants of God sent to protect and guide you.

  5. “Boyfriend”…..Woe…. this is how much hateful phrase and is how much sinful coupling and who that try display this crime as a common tradition has gone how much into darkness

    • Sorry Manns – but you’ve lost me!! What did you mean?


      • A.J
        I confess what I said was a sudden emotion storm but was a storm of light world. So let me explain ……. I agree with wedding that is done between a man and his wife in churches and by churches responsible like minsters. I agree with wedding that is done outdoor the churches based on Christianity rite, law and ground rule. I legalize these marriages and recognize that man and woman are lawful couple. but I question A.J what is the meaning of ” boyfriend ” in current west traditions ? seek for this phrase in bible or other Christian books then tell me can you find out such manner? seek for in society history of old Christian peoples in across the world can you find out a trace of such freedom and connection between boys and girls as the writer of this post talk very easy about a boyfriend under shower ? Do you know some natural phenomenon and disaster that descend are due to such freedoms !? we must not be inattentive about god,s wait and politics what we observe of that natural occurrences in world is more usual and light than god,s great anger appearance . A.J , I really don’t want and purpose annoy anyone but let me say what is necessary to be said ……… I don’t want lose you A.J and also ask, how you judge about me without I have express any wrong sense ?

        • Manns,
          I have to admit, I’m a little lost too.
          Am I to understand you are questioning (ok, more upset about) the fact that the OP talked openly (and unashamed) about her boyfriend being cut in the shower? I don’t think that was the point that required focus from the post.

          If you are implying that great destruction and suffering can come from a man and a woman being together in any capacity before marriage, I will disagree….but let’s be honest, it’s most likely because I’m a non-Christian westerner.. However, I also just don’t personally believe in this, myself. You may call me evil for that….heck, I’ll even whole heartedly agree if that increases your overall joy. Sure, I was told relations before marriage were wrong from my church pastors. And I have a best friend from Pakistan that had an arranged marriage and believes fully in following every custom to a “T”, and I respect the hell out of that….so I’m not taking this as lightly as it may appear.

          In the Bible, no, I have never seen the terms “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”….but I wouldn’t discount the idea that during the times of Moses or even Christ himself, there weren’t others out there, like me, who wanted absolute and full control over who they are with and when, and to call them my “boo” (western slang for boyfriend/girlfriend). That’s a personal thing. Culture is powerful in any society, but there are always those who feel constrained by those cultures and laws…..I’m one of them.

          I’m NOT attacking your stance, I’m just curious if this is exactly what you meant. It’s an interesting point, but also very curious why it has upset you so much.

          Let me put this one other way:
          I believe you and I have had some very interesting conversations. I respect your opinions and your beliefs, Manns……How do you feel about me? Is it similar?
          Now, would those feelings change knowing that I lived with my girlfriend for 3 years before we got married by a non-Christian celebrant, outdoors, on a beautiful Sunday?

          My point is, I don’t think destruction comes from this and I don’t think it’s hateful to God, if God is ABOUT love to begin with. You may think that I’m a sinner for this, and that is fine….that’s between me and God. Likewise (and said before) I respect your view on this whether we agree or not.
          I will still enjoy writing you and reading your responses. I will still hold you in esteem….I will simply be sad it effected you, so.

          Had I not taken every route I took to get to this “me”, I would not know my wife….that means everything in the world to me.
          Much peace and love, Manns

          • Arg…..and sorry I keep spelling your user name with two “n’s”
            I mean to say Manss, but I often spell it wrong.

            This time, however, I blame A.J. She said Manns…so I did the same. :P

            Mostly I keep making spelling, grammar and content mistakes today, just ask Ama….so I may call it quits until tomorrow……

          • Siddle , I wish send a illustrative reply but I don�t find any inner motive to write anything about this subject I don�t know why but may this shortcoming of sense be due to different viewpoint about this theme and I think what I expressed at first was wrong and it must not be said . if some part of this post was unpleasant for me I could leave it and go to another authors posts . Anyway , let me don�t continue this argue Siddle because I don�t like your happiness about my writs be diminished and you suppose I am an extreme person. Just know , there is very detailed mysterious in God�s tradition that most of people no aware about those.
            Thank you for your kindness about me and also modifying my user name. if you are interested know , my real name is Mansoor


      • A.J , I think one day you will return to my comments ……LOL

        • Hello, Manss (Mansoor) —Yay, I did it right this time! :)

          You said “….what I expressed was wrong and must not be said”….please never feel this way. This is your viewpoint, and this is great. Please have no regrets. My happiness is NOT diminished, and I don’t think it ever would be from something you said. As I say to you: I like our conversations…even if we don’t agree, I still am very happy to speak with you. Please, no need to apologize or correct for that feeling.

          I was just curious, based on your view, if this was allowable perception for an individual, instead of a general viewpoint for all people/religions/cultures.

          So, thank you for your reply. And I am sorry my reply to you seemed strong. But I agree, this subject may just be too culturally different to discuss through comments (would probably be better in a personal conversation).

          This is ok with me, because we will have other posts, in which you and I can discuss/debate.
          Thanks again, and have a great day!!!

  6. An interesting account. Your description seems similar to the pale face creature I keep running into in other scary recounts, but yours have yellow eyes. This entity seems to thrive on people’s fears and making them afraid by showing them visions of death and or by manifesting itself visually. So far there is not much information about how people get this entity attached to them, a Vietnam war veteran recalls that he started seeing this similar entity after he got back from service. It is possible that a person with a traumatic experience attract this type of entity. Have you encountered something traumatic during your childhood?
    You can try one of Ama’s procedures to try and drive it away, also one thing you must do is not to be shaken by it, don’t be afraid and face your fear because this entity is thriving from your fear and the fear of the people around you. You can try the bubble of light protection technique, it can help you protect yourself from it as well.

  7. It sounds like a demon to me. He is also invading your dreams. put on crosses. talk to the Catholic church. pray to Jesus for help. I have seen black demons but not one like the one you have seen. religious articles through your home would help some. Mother Mary, Jesus anything like that. Holy water.

    • Holy water helps, just make sure it’s authentic and not just tap water. Every time this demon appears just give it a whisk. But be warned, it may retaliate, if you ever dare engage in conflict with it make sure you’re prepared for a very bumpy ride.

  8. Yes, there was a traumatic incident in my childhood. And no this has nothing to do with having a boyfriend…this has happened since I was very young. Thank you all for the input. Hopefully I’ll get some answers and be able to protect my family from the thing that has been haunting me for a very long time

  9. Well…now its getting worse I’m afraid. I had a dream two nights ago. I was in the dark and something grabbed my arm and it hurt. Then it started to break my fingers and I screamed, but it just laughed and I saw its yellow eyes…i woke up from the dream and a bruise started to form on my arm…It also threw itself against my bedroom door one night while it was shut. And I’m upstairs with it all by myself. I can’t even sleep in the dark anymore. But now it messes with me, even with the lights on.

    • Hi Kierstan,

      Did you use the Michael Invocation I recommended back at the beginning of this site? Just checking.

      Love & Peace

    • Yes, Keirsten, You really should do the Micheal invocation, if you haven’t already. You are invoking the aide of The Arch Angel Micheal and his class of Angels. They are the protectors and the one’s who war with the demons. Ama works with the Micheal on a daily basis and has cleared many homes of lost souls and demons. She knows what she is talking about!! Use that and call a local pastor or priest, if necessary before it gets worse!!! The Micheal also bring the lost souls into healing and remove them from you home and your energy!! And the invocation works!! I’ve used it!!

      • I don’t think that thing is a lost soul. Rather, it seems more like some sort of demon. You can try invoking the power of Angels to aide you. It must be very terrifying for you , but you must be strong and keep your faith to God strong as well. I also suggest you seek professional help, if you are dealing with a demon you’ll need all the strong help you can get.

    • Kristen , I say seriously , If I was there would saved you from him simply . but sorry…. I am far away.

  10. Thank you all. But this is now scratching my back. Im scared. Im afraid and confused. Its really starting to break me…

  11. My boyfriend and I keep seeing a shadow in our shower. It would make one sudden move and stay like that till we leave the bathroom. At first I thought it was my imagination then I thought it was my boyfriend coming into the bathroom but when I looked no one was there. Last night when I asked him if he ever say it he said yes many times like me. He first thought it was his imagination, and then another times he thought It was me. Some times I see a blurry light in our living room while im cooking but just thought it to be my imagination till last night when my boyfriend told me he sees the shadow in the shower too. What can this shadow be or this blurry light?

    • Hello SCM,

      That’s not a lot of information to be able to say what is visiting in your home, but, from what you don’t say, it doesn’t sound harmful.

      Sometimes people are haunted by ghosts, and sometimes a being called a ‘shadow person’ decides they might be interesting to watch, and they hang around for a while.

      What is a blurry light? Does it look like a cloud, with an internal light source? Can you describe it a bit more for me?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • The blurry light is something like a cloud. it looks something like how gasoline looks on water, or a very fainted time pannel like in the gost movies.

        • I don’t watch ghost movies, SCM, reality is weird enough without help. :-) Still sounds like a ghost to me. What do you want to do about it?

          Love & Peace

          • Will we never tried to talk to them or communicate with them in any way. we does just try to ignore them. and pretend that they are not there. I dont know if they intend to harm us or they just stock in our house. I dont know what we should do. What do u think.

          • Have your house cleared. There’s a variety of ways of doing this. Ask you minister to come and bless your house, if you go to church, or ask a medium in to talk to the ghosts and get them gone, or you can use this Invocation to clear the energy.


            Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what it is asking, and then say it out loud. That should settle things down.

            Love & Peace

    • I find something strange about your account, you mention there is a shadow in the bathroom then in the living room is a light apparition of some sort. To me these things are two different entities, one is a ghost and the other is more likely to be a shadow person. Does it give off a heavy of unsettling atmosphere? Does your head feel pressed like being squeezed, or are you finding it hard to breathe when these apparitions appear? If you feel those, it maybe something evil, I suggest that you don’t try to approach it or mess with it. If you don’t feel anything strange and the apparition only appears and disappear, you can either learn to live with it (if it’s harmless) or burn some incense to shoo it away.

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