What is this Feeling of Being Watched?

For the longest time I have felt like I’m being watched and I can feel a presence and it feels super negative. What is it?

Asked by Chastity

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  1. Hi Chastity,

    Your description is too brief to be able to answer what it might or might not be. It could be something spooky, or a local cat, or your imagination.

    So please tell me when you feel it, where you feel it, how it makes you feel, does it change the temperature of the space you are in? Is it around all the time? And why does the presence feel negative?

    I am not denying it is happening, I’ve spent too long ‘rescuing’ people from negative beings to doubt what you are sensing – but I really need more information than you have provided.

    You can check me out – my link is on the right there under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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