What is the Proper Way to Do/Use the Michael Invocation?

I feel there’s a spirit/ghost whatever you want to call it. I know about the Michael Invocation and that I need to use it, but is there a specific way to ensure the spirit leaves?

I’ve said the invocation already and I don’t think it worked… I changed the word ‘me’ with ‘house’ since I don’t want it in the house.

Does it only work if you’re the owner or can anyone who lives in the house do it? I really need to know.

Asked by Paige

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  1. Hi Paige,

    Did you clear your energy with it first, and then the house? Some ghosts are attached to people instead of buildings.

    I usually describe how people should say the Invocation when I suggest it. Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what is being asked .. it is a request .. and then say it out loud – and mean it. I also sometimes suggest people say it three times in a row, because that builds the strength of the request (if not gives them the giggles, and that is good energy too because it helps to conquer fear), particularly if they are not sure it will work. We undermine ourselves through our fear of it ‘not’ working .. the ghost will latch onto that belief and try and use it to argue with the angels who are standing right there waiting to say “hello! see the nice lady .. she says you have to leave now – so you are coming with us!”

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t own the house, that’s why we use the word Home. You could also say ‘this building that I live in’ if you live in an apartment, or college, or don’t feel the place is not ‘home’ to you. This is about your beliefs, not the ghost’s.

    Why don’t you think it is has left? Are there signs, or is it just a feeling that you have? It might take a little while to stop being frightened that you are still haunted. Sometimes the change in energy in the household will be very noticeable, and sometimes it won’t .. it depends on the nature of the entity doing the haunting.

    And if you are really unsure, after doing what I suggested .. you write to me privately and I clear your house. To do that I will need your full name and address, which is why I say it should be a private request. That allows me to establish an energy connection to you and where you are .. there’s an email link to me on the Michael site ..

    The Michael Invocation has been clearing people and buildings, and vacant land, all over the world for the past 14+ years.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends).

    • Hi Ama

      Is the invocation along the same lines as a Requium? Exorcists use the Requium first and formost – it is a request to leave – before moving to the ‘demand you leave’ stage (exorcism)if it does not not go willingly.


      • Good morning AJ,

        You’ve never read it? It’s a request for certain things to happen to either the person making the request, or the person or property they are making the request for.

        Here’s a requiem .. which is an exorcism (the top section) .. for comparison.


        It acts on the faith of the person doing the praying, which would explain why some exorcisms do not work.

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama

          In your reply to Paige you said

          “Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what is being asked .. it is a request .. ”

          hence my question because I felt it needed clarifying, for Paiges sake.

          C 0f E have a 3 stage’s when it comes to getting ride of unwanted spirit guests, the first is a request (basically, the Requium used at funerals). If that doesn’t work, then they have a second service, which as a firmer “we want you to leave” and finally, if neither of the previous work, they will return and perform the “We insist that you leave” service.


          • Ok, AJ, :-)

            I guess it depends on whether Paige knows what a requiem is? Or an exorcism? The Invocation is not about us forcing anything to happen, but us requesting change to happen around us. It is subtle, gentle and very effective.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama



    • Dear Ama,
      I don’t think it worked because I keep feeling a definate presence around my bedroom, the place it hangs around.I didn’t think about saying the invocation 3 times, although I know the number is a powerful one.Also, I must ask how could a spirit attach itself to a person?But I’ll try to follow your recommendations.Thank you.

      • Paige, is that you?

        A ghost attaches itself to a person through the holes in their energy field (aura), attempting to put tendrils of energy into the chakras. The holes are created through accidents, illnesses, abusive behaviours eg too much alcohol or drugs, or causing ourselves physical harm (which is created by emotional pain). Fears and phobias can also create weaknesses in the aura which can develop into holes. The holes don’t have to be large for it to happen. Ghosts will hang around a person, stealing their energy, for as long as they can. If they can get inside the aura, they will. It’s up to us to stay as healthy – mind, body and spirit – as possible.

        If you still have a problem after doing the Michael Invocation the way I described, write to me privately via the email link and I will sort it out from there.

        Love & Peace

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