What is the Meaning of Life?

I know this question isn’t one that has a definitive answer one way or the other but, what is your take on the meaning of life? What was the purpose of our creation here on earth?

Asked by Diana

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  1. we were meant to be slaves that was our sole purpose on earth but after that came and went now were not sure but just keep living on and on and reproducing til we become over populated and then die out.

  2. Me seems the meaning of life is finding the way ,moving toward perfecting and becoming a full human . A human that is god,s purpose.

  3. My take,

    God wanted to learn about itself, and so created beings from which to learn – we are one of that group of beings created. We come into the world to learn about Love (God) in all its many forms, and in our journey teach ourselves and others. We are both the student and the teacher. To me it makes sense of everything I have lived through in this lifetime, and all the others.

    Love & Peace

  4. Hello there, Diana!
    I believe the meaning to our existance is to grow and learn. You see, I believe in reincarnation, and have since I was a young girl. I believe we are hear to learn life lessons and to set things in to Karmic balance. What i mean by this, is that we repeat out lives hear on Earth to learn and get things right as well as to right any wrongs we may have done or even to be repaid for wrongs done to us. It is all part of the grand sceme for us to better our spiritual selves as a gift to our creator. That is my take. I am sure there will be more with other opinions!! :D

  5. may be we have to try and find out.all the best

  6. perhaps we are not supposed to know the meaning of life until we die, even then we may not know, either way u should focus on the people closest to you and be a good person and raise your children right and give love to those that deserve, make your own meaning for living

  7. I have really enjoyed reading the varying opinions that you have! I realize that its a question we cannot truly answer until we have left this life but, it’s one that I think about quite frequently. I imagine that some of the opinions here are shaped by your life experiences so I wanted to say thank you for letting me have a little peek into your lives. Additionally, I know that questions pertaining to spirituality are not easily answered, and require a bit of thought and reflection, so thank you as well for taking a bit of time from your day to answer my question :)


  8. Ok…..it’s killing me. Nobody is going to say it? really?

    Diana, the answer is 42.


    (sorry Diana, I take this seriously, so thanks for in a sense “closing” this discussion. Otherwise I would have written a novel that most in their right mind would stamp TL;DR…..So, I’ll settle for the wisdom brought to us by the late Douglas Adams)

    Great question….if it continues, I’ll add something more meaningful, I promise….I was simply tardy to the party.

    • That was my first thought too!

      • That was my first thought too .. but then I wondered if it was 47. LOL It’s been a while since I read the books. :-)

        Did Diana actually close the discussion? I think not ?? What say you Diana?

        Love & Peace

  9. I believe everyone here is right in some form or another with there responses. I’ve often longed for a definitive answer to help bring clarity and everything together-much like that highly sought after theory of everything for theoretical physics- but of course I’d end up disheartened. Even though I might never see the day when I’ll know for sure I should trust that that isn’t reason alone to stop trying.

    I think I can relate to the number of people here who believe in reincarnation to some degree, being that when I stumbled across it in the way that I did it just suddenly seemed to click and make sense. It’s easy to believe in reincarnation when one wonders, “Well why was this person born into unfortunate circumstances and this other one here born into those more favorable?” Your present life would find itself a consequence to the previous incarnations

    • …lived before. The only thing this leaves you with however is with a greater need to take care of the responsibilities of this life because(unless you’re one of those who has been able to acquire insight into your previous incarnations) you wouldn’t be able to tell whether karmic law would see you have benefits through your efforts solely stemming from this life or if it was an attribute learned in a previous sojourn. The version I came across, as I’m aware some of you hold, is that God arranges with you specifically prior to being born what family would be ideal for you to be born into so as to best resolve your karmic debt. Apparently our goal is-as many of you’ve already implied-to eliminate our debts and then be fit to reunite with God once again.
      These things especially many of the concepts found on this site seem ok at first glance but you should beware of dabbling into things in a wanton manner. It’ s helpful to keep an open mind in regards to approaching things in life but don’t go all New Age and what not all of a sudden.,

      • …either before you’ve completely checked out everything that church for instance has to offer. Stand for something you know why you stand for rather then start adhering to things by whim and finding yourself not knowing where to stand at all. I don’t know whether to believe in the horoscope, or man, or these theories of alternate dimensions, or those theories that pose we’ve been visited by aliens during ancient times, whether to believe in consulting with deceased spirits or things of that nature. But when you find that a prayer has been answered by God one night and all it takes is one what should there really be left to do?

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