What is the Doctrine of the Trinity About?

Do you believe that there are 3 seperate deities? Or are they all one and the same? Are Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit the same “entity” or are they different?

How did the idea of “3 in 1″ come about and how did it become a part of Christianity?

According to the doctrine of “The Trinity”, God exists as three persons but is one God, meaning that God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have exactly the same nature or being as God the Father in every way. Whatever attributes and power God the Father has, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit have as well. “Thus, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are also eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinitely wise, infinitely holy, infinitely loving, omniscient.” From – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity

Asked by Ted Heard and CareTaker

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  1. As for the Trinity that idea came from the ancient Babylonians and was common in many so called pagan religions before Christianity.

    I do not see a trinity in the Bible. I see a God with different facets and/or functions and abilities. Describing God as a trinity is an arbitrary human thing.

  2. Hi Ted,

    No, God and Jesus ben Joseph are not the same being. To start with, as CT says, God is not a person, and never was. Jesus was born of Mary and her husband Joseph. The ‘virgin’ birth concept was added to the bible later. We know this because Mary was not related to the ‘House of David’, which Jesus was stated to be descended from (very important to fulfulling all the ‘messiah’ prophecies) .. Joseph, however, was related. So the only way the Jesus could be ‘of the house of David was through his living human father. So yes, Jesus was a living person, and we have proof of his existence. (BTW, the church fathers tried to wind Mary into the family tree much later, but it got disproved rather early on).

    Next question: Who was Christ … If you had asked ‘is God and Christ’ the same being, I would have said maybe. LOL In my opinion, Christ is the action part of God, called Ruathe (I am doing a mental blank on the spelling?)(the breath of God). In Genesis it was Ruathe that swept across the world creating everything, an action later attributed to Christ .. so perhaps they are one and the same being, which makes Christ also the Holy Spirit/Ghost.

    Love & Peace
    A M A

  3. Ah .. the trinity. This is how I see it ….

    I made a comment on the trinity not existing on one of my theology assignments and was quietly slapped and told ‘if you are going to take something away, you have to replace it with something else’. Huh?? The lady was right, if we poke a hole in doctrine (church teachings) we have to fill it, in case (or until) someone recognises it doesn’t need to be filled??).

    Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

    Father = God,
    Son = Jesus the Christ
    Ghost = .. ghost is a lost soul who hasn’t gone into heaven yet. LOL (Now that’s me being pedantic).

    Let’s reword it –
    Father, Son,
    Holy Spirit .. the action part of God. The bit that ‘does’ things.

    Shall I pontificate or extrapolate. (Sorry, giggling here. I am taking the question seriously Ted, but one of my angels is grinning at me, and I always grin too. It’s really hard not to LOL).

    Let’s step back a bit. The God bit is pretty self explanatory. The ‘son’ bit .. well, that position is filled in church doctrine by Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit is the Breathe of God, but as I said earlier, so is the Christ .. so let’s take the Christ bit off Jesus and Jesus becomes a man .. he started that way, the Christ energy only descended onto him at his baptism, and he was 30 then. Where was it the rest of the time?

    So we have
    Man (humanity) and
    (Holy) Spirit

    But then God and Spirit are the same being .. so can you see what I see .. there is no Third being .. and therefore no ‘Trinity’ (which means 3).

    Love & Peace

    • Hello all,
      When I stumbled on to this site looking for ghost stories for Halloween, I didn’t think or consider anything about religion. Then I start reading these comments, different subjects about the bible, beliefs, etc. Not to bash on Christianity, but it’s quite confusing. The whole trinity thing, I live where the majority is Catholics. I read on the back of their cars, or signs on the marquee, “Jesus is God, read your bible.” Now you’re saying that’s not the case. What is it y’all have that the Catholics don’t?
      Also one thing I don’t understand is the whole Christ thing. Christ wasn’t Jesus’ last name? It meant something? If it meant Jesus had Holy Spirit, wouldn’t anyone who served God, like prophets have Holy Spirit too? Wouldn’t they have Christ on their name? To me, the way I understand it is, the Father is God. Jesus is the Son, different person from the father. Holy Spirit is God active force, or power. I don’t know, am I not getting it?

      • Hi Ted

        You’ve raised some good points and questions.

        First off, I’m not a Christian, I rejected the Christian teaching aged 5, so I come at this whole Christian Doctrine thing from outside the box.

        Jesus Is God
        Yeah …….. umm …. I don’t get that! Jesus, was a great healer and teacher. He was a wise MAN. A prophet. An inspiration. Jesus gave us a different way to ‘see’ God and to live our lives. But, as far as I can tell, there is little of Jesus’ ‘self’ in the doctrine which Christian’s are taught. You’ve only got to read some of the comments by the fundamentalist Christians who post on here to realise that there is a lot of hatred in their hearts. These folk condem all those to hell, who reject their own interpretation of the Bible and their own version of Christ. Nice! What happened to compassion? Jesus was full of that. Jesus did not condem a Gentile to hell – he helped them. Jesus certainly never said – change to Judism, or I’ll not lift a finger to help you. So what went wrong? Why don’t Christian’s (religious doctine – no individuals) actually act and live like Jesus did? Why don’t they actually follow his example? I can only conclude from this, that those Christian’s assume they have bought their ticket to heaven, so damn the rest of us to hell – a selfish attitude if you ask me!

        Jesus had Holy Spirit
        Yes! You’re right and so did all the prophets have the Holy Spirit with them, both those before Jesus and those since Jesus. So why aren’t they also refered to as having the Christ force? Well, to me that’s simple – Christian’s decided to put Jesus up there on a level with God. Christians actually made an idol of Jesus! I can remember sitting in Church, aged 5, wondering why the ‘bloke in the black frock’ was making such a fuss about the ‘poor man nailed to the cross’, when it is God who is most important. It was as if the doctrine had side-lined God, in favour of Jesus. My thoughts on that matter haven’t changed, and I’m now 44. I still think God is where we should all be looking and that Jesus and all those other wise people like him, simply helped teach us to see.

        Father Son and Holy Spirit
        I agree, Father (God) is THE most important, devine spirit. Jesus was a great voice for God here on this earth and Jesus (like the other prophets) was a true and loyal ‘son’ to the ‘father’. The Holy Spirit, to me, is the ‘voice’ we all get from time to time. Some might call it your conscience, others (like me) would describe it as a guide, or guardian angel – a devine being sent from God to watch over us, help and advise us. In effect, Gods active force, like you stated.


        • Thank you for clearing up that certain aspects of this question up. It doesn’t seem that complicated once you break it down. Why is there still so much confusion? It seems that is a lot of confusion in religion. I guess this is going to lead into another question so here we go. I have buddy who is a “Born again Christian.” I’m thought it’s basically the same thing as a regular Christian. Anyway, I thought as a Christian you needed to get baptize. Well he never got baptize, and said “I don’t need to be baptized to be save my God.”
          I’m thinking if there is no need to get baptized, why do churches do it? Didn’t Jesus get baptized? He should be the last one to do that, since he is the holiest person ever on Earth. Is “Born Again Christian’ just an entirely different sect from regular Christianity? Does that mean I’m saved since I’m not baptized, and try to be a good person?
          Can anyone answer this?

          • According to the preachers of my childhood baptism isn’t a necessary part of Christianity, but it’s supposedly the first step of obedience to God. The baptism process is supposed to be symbolic of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Kind of like the symbolism of Holy Communion where the bread and juice are meant to represent the body and blood of Jesus.
            “Born again” supposedly means that the person has cast away their old life and started a new life as a christian. Any christian could claim the title born again, but not all do. I think the ones who use the born again title are just doing it for emphasis. But I’m cynical like that.
            In my opinion, as long as you are a good person, do what you believe to be right and live your life with honor, you don’t need to worry about anything. I think “salvation” is a largely meaningless term. It’s a religious concept, not a spiritual concept. Religion is a show we put on for other people. Spirituality is between you and your Deity.

          • Hi Ted

            Your comment about Jesus being baptized, despite being the Holiest man on the plant, is a great quandry to ponder on.

            My thoughts are this: baptizm was and still is a very important part of the judaic religion – just as it is in the Christian religion. The act of baptizm symbolizes a unity with God. A blessing, if you like – like a gentle kiss on the forehead from you father? But it is just a symbolizm of acceptance, loyalty and devotion, not an automatic right of passage. There are, after all, plenty of baptized people who go round killing or harming others (just think about the IRA!) for their own selfish, evil ends. Just because the IRA publically proclaimed that these acts of violence were on ‘religious’ grounds, doesn’t automatically make it an act with Gods blessing. The same can be said for any actions of ill intent by anyone, regardless of their religious pursuation.

            Born Again
            My mum and dad became ‘born agains’ but, as I understand it, they said they were born again because, for years, they were lapsed Christians. When they decided to start going back to Church, they were confirmed. So, their explanation was that they became active Christians again after years of not going to Church and it was that, which made them Born Agains.

            Do we need to be baptized to be saved?
            No! Of cause not. There are many different kinds of religions and belief systems. Most folk, even athyists(!) live Godly lives. In other words, they are fundermentally good people and I am sure God looks favourably down upon them, regardless of whether or not they make a big show about their religious convictions. God resides in our hearts (Faith) and not in our heads (religious), after all.

            As snowWolf said “Spirituality is between you and your Deity” and that is a very true statement.


          • Hello again,

            Born again … actually its ‘reborn to the faith (or God)’ or some-such words. And a person has a ceremony, I believe, to ‘confirm’ this rebirth .. another form of ‘confirmation’. :-) And yes, and no, they are not a special group of Christians .. they often just think they are.

            I think the reason Jesus was baptised (washed with water) was to cleanse him (body and spirit) of impurities before the Holy Spirit overshadowed him. Is it the Muslims who wash their hands, feet and face before going in to prayer? And I recommend people wash themselves to remove negative energy .. showers are good, bath is good too, but I think people should bath twice if they really want to really get clean. The first time have sea salt in the water. Salt is a great cleanser and protector. The second time is for relaxation.

            According to Christianity, you are ‘saved’ as long as you have Jesus Christ as your “Lord’, and follow the teachings of God. I don’t remember reading you also have to be baptised. I think that’s more a gesture for the church to see you are sincere in what they want you to believe.

            Love & Peace

        • Hi AJ, you said

          “Christians actually made an idol of Jesus!”

          Right. Jesus, Mary his mother are statues in the churches that are supposed to have no idols, and the Pope has place of honour on the wall .. and they turned Mary Magdalene into a prostitute. Personally, if Jesus followed Jewis customs, he would have been married pretty early on .. long before he reached the age of 30 .. so who was Mary M actually? :-) She obviously was very close to Jesus.

          Love & Peace

      • Hello Ted, thank you for the fun questions. Everyone seems to be enjoying them, having read the whole site. :-) Here’s my take. Hopefully it will not add to your confusion.

        Jesus Christ = God. Just to start with, Jesus was not seen as the Messiah when he first started preaching. He was one of many prophets, including his cousin John (the Baptist) around at the time. We don’t have any facts that he was in fact God, in any form, we only have belief – if a person is Christian, which I am. Do I believe Jesus was God before his baptism, no. Afterwards .. if you believe the bible, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove ‘came over him’ and he became both Man and/of the Spirit, and so he was acting ‘for’ God, but since he spoke of God as his Father (a separate being), in the beginning … I have always questioned who decided Jesus said he ‘was’ God.

        So, Jesus was the son of Mary and Joseph – the virgin birth was added to the bible later. His name would have been, in english, Jesus of Joseph (Jesus Ben Joseph). At 30 he was baptised by his cousin John, which laid down the foundation for Christianity to baptise their followers. He was ‘crowned’ by the energy of the Holy Spirit, as we all are when baptised, also know as being ‘Christed’ (or christened).

        Now .. in my opinion .. having been baptised, and had both my kids baptised .. what baptism does is change the energy structure of a person, it lightens it, which, on a metaphysical level helps to repel evil energy. It is a blessing, and we do it for children to give them some protection from that evil (old legend but still pertinent today). It lasts until we are old enough to make choices for ourselves and then we are asked to confirm our choice to follow God (kids were seen to be ‘grown up’ very much earlier, in biblical times, than today.) So the Christian church, Catholics certainly, ‘confirm’ (confirmation) the baptism is a person’s choice at around the age of 12 or 13 years. Can we all be called ‘Christed’ because of our baptisms, if we have them .. I think so. We are all sons and daughters of the Creator.

        Your view of the trinity is the classic version taught by the church .. Father – God, Son – Jesus, Holy Ghost (Spirit) .. the part of God that acts .. the angels are a part of that energy. They act on God’s commands.

        Love & Peace

  4. Thank you snow-wolf,
    Your comment is appreciated. Still, in a little confused. If there is no need for baptism why do it? Why did Jesus do it? If its “of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.” Christians are Christ followers, shouldn’t they follow his example. I mean Jesus wouldn’t do something just to do it right? I remember when I forced to go to Sunday school; we had to read this passage from the bible off a piece of paper. The Lord’s Prayer. Basically the lady said, “Here boys and girls, Jesus is showing us how to pray.” So obviously the baptism should be important…right?
    Another thing, you’re saying that as long as I’m a good person I have nothing to worry about. My history teacher from high school was an atheist. He’s the coolest guy ever. Goes out of his way to help anybody. Part of every charity drive that the school held. I don’t think anybody had a bad thing to say about him. You said “I think “salvation” is a largely meaningless term. It’s a religious concept, not a spiritual concept. Religion is a show we put on for other people. Spirituality is between you and your Deity.”
    He doesn’t believe in a high power, or deity. Is he going to miss out on the spiritual salvation?
    I think religion just gives people another reason to look down on people. My buddy who’s a born again is a nice guy. Always ready to lead a helping hand and everything. He doesn’t force his beliefs on people. I know not every Christian is that way. A lot of them are very judgmental. I hear how his friends talk about people. I have a friend who is a homosexual. Nice guy. I’m not gay, but I have no problem associating with him. Those “Christian’ say some of the nastiest stuff to him. It sucks for him. Sorry people I’m just venting. Going back to the questions, Can you see how baptism and salvation thing doesn’t make sense when looking at what the church speaks, which is guided by God. Then compare it to what people say.

    • Well, you got the wheels in my feeble little mind turning lol. Many of the modern christian practices have non-christian/Pagan roots, and I wondered if maybe baptism did as well.
      It does.
      Baptism was practiced by the followers in Mithras in about 67 A.D., 100 years before Christianity began. The Hindus have been practicing baptism for at least 4000 years. The Greeks and Egyptians practiced baptism before Christianity started. Baptism was around long before John the Baptist, way before Jesus took the plunge.
      I suppose Christianity adopted baptism for the same reason they seem to have adopted many Pagan practices- it’s easier to convert people if your religion has some familiar features. That’s the reason the Church began celebrating Christmas (Yule) and Easter (Ostara.) They couldnd’t stop the Pagans from celebrating their festivals and practices, so the Church just adopted those festivals and practices and gave them a shiny new name. Made the religion more appealing if the people didn’t have to give up their existing practices to convert.
      As to Jesus wouldn’t do something just to do it, well, he was one of many baptized that day. Maybe he was doing it just to do it. It was a way for him to interact with the people he was teaching.
      Why churches put such an emphasis on baptism, when it seems denominations baptize for different reasons, who knows? I really think after all these years, christians just do their rituals out of habit and dogma. I don’t think most Christians really understand why they follow certain practices, and their not even knowing why they do it is what causes the hostile attitudes most Christians have when asked about their faith. They just don’t know, so can’t give an answer, and go to the standby “take it on faith!” The only people who could answer why Christians place such an emphasis on baptism is Christians, and they can’t answer. Not unless you count mindless dogma as an answer.
      As to atheists missing out on spiritual salvation, no. I don’t belive they do. I believe that everyone, including atheists, have a relationship with Deity. Deity takes many forms, from the christian God, to Zeus, to one’s own inner morality. The atheists of this world have simply chosen personal morality as their Deity.
      And I couldn’t agree more that religion is just one more reason some people use to act superior. I was sent to a church-school for high school. I’ve been looked down on by the best the fundamental, literal interpretation christian world has to offer. I’ll take logic and reason over blind faith anyday. After all, logical people are too busy looking for logic to condemn others to hell.

      • Hi SnowWolf, you said:

        “I really think after all these years, christians just do their rituals out of habit and dogma.”

        There was a time, during the training before I was Confirmed as an Anglican, that the Minister took me through a document .. the Catecism, I think .. (been a while) .. and one of the questions was ‘N or M’? I can’t remember what I was supposed to answer. This is a very old memory. LOL Anyway, he was a very helpful man, so I asked him what N or M meant and why I had to answer one or the other, and he had NO idea. I am still curious to this day.

        So, that, among other things, makes me agree that lots of the Christians reasons for doing things has been lost through time. That’s a real worry.

        Love & Peace

        • Whoops .. just found it. The internet is a wonderous thing .. can’t say the same for my memory .. LOL

          What is your Name?
          Answer N. or M.
          Question Who gave you this Name?
          Answer My Godfathers and Godmothers in my Baptism; wherein I was made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of heaven.

          So if my godparents were alive .. would they know what it meant? The Anglican Catechism is dated 1662. Hmm…

          Love & Peace

  5. It’s a mystery really.

  6. Well, I AM a Christian, and have been for many years. I’m what is referred to as a “Mature Christian” – not because of my age (52), but because I have studied the bible, attended church, attended Christian-based seminars, read dozens of books about Christianity, participated in study groups, and developed, over time a thorough and deep understanding of our intended relationship with our creator. And, I’ve got to admit, that I’ve never heard some of the ….. let’s call it, creative, story-telling that I’ve read on this site today. I’m sure that no one that posted on this story before me is an expert on God, or the Trinity, or the Christian faith, and you really shouldn’t be misleading people with misinformation and in some cases, just downright BS. If you knew anything at all about the Christian faith, then you would know one very basic tenant – there is one sin (disobeying God) that God has siad he will not forgive – I’m positive that not one of you knows what it is – so I’ll tell you – blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Denying that the Holy Spirit exists or demeaning the Holy Spirit’s purpose in this word certainly do qualify you for having committed the sin of blasphemy. You may be fine with incurring the unforgiving wrath of an all-powerful creator – but you are also misleading others into committing the same sin – thereby condemning their souls (and yours) to an eternity of seperation from God (that is the real torment of Hell). But, hey – you’re so sure that you’ve got it right – you’ve bought into some dribble that you read in some “new age” paperback that you bought on the sale rack at Borders – well, i would say may God have mercy on your soul, but…it’s way too late for that. For other unsuspecting innocents, please don’t come to this or any other website looking for words of wisdom to rescue your soul from hell – get a bible, read it, go to church, spend a few years really studying and learning about God and Christianity and you’ll get all the answers you need.

    • So…what is the doctrine of the trinity about and why is baptism important?

    • Hi Stan,

      I haven’t noticed anyone denying the Holy Spirit exists, or its power and wonder in our lives? Personally, I’ve read ‘hundreds’ of books about the Christian Bible, and the Bible itself, in many of its conflicting translations, and about the history of the Christian church (which certainly did not live us to the rule ‘love one another’), studied Theology at University (where they didn’t teach us that ‘blind faith is the only answer’), attended Christian based seminars, and a great many churches, most of the Christian, and funnily enough, have a deep relationship with our Creator, right now .. I don’t have to wait until I am dead to have it. And yes, I have questions, opinions and ideas, that don’t fit in with Christian dogma, but no, I am not going to hell for it .. and haven’t been smited for any of it yet. And I am 49 years old.

      What we ALL have is opinions based on our learning from whatever sources, books or direct experiences with God and unseen. There is no perfect book about God. You can get into this debate if you want to .. personally I love discussing this subject, or you can go and read all the debating we did on //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-fallen-redeemed/ I think we covered most topics there with the last gentleman who gave up in frustration when he finally realised he can’t force us to change our opinions just because he didn’t agree with them. Most of us don’t FEAR God, but we appreciate that you are concerned for our souls .. you don’t have to be. We are Mature people too, and can take responsibility for our own thoughts and opinions.

      Wishing you a lovely day,
      Ama Nazra

    • I would have to completely disagree with you there, Stan.
      But let’s be honest, most folks on here knew I was probably going to. I can not abide God being spoken of with so much negativity and hatred.
      Oh, and “referred to as a ‘Mature Christian’”…you are so humble and modest!!!

      I share a lot of opinions and views with the folks you just verbally flogged, so please include me as your target…you’ve disrupted my vibe and my ego wishes to rebuttal.

      Spend a few years studying?
      I was a Christian for over 2 decades of my life. Grew up in it, studied it….did missions work, lead youth group… I did not learn enough, it was too myopic and fragmented for me…..I am spiritually insatiable….something God gave me. It’s a gift and a blessing.
      And I still have only scratched the surface, so I’m happy to report I’ll be communicating and learning with God until my last breath…then hopefully I’ll pick up again in my next incarnation.

      “I’m sure that no one that posted on this story before me is an expert on God, or the Trinity, or the Christian faith.”

      Wow! I’m so glad you are an expert! Because I have a verse you’ll probably know really well.
      And I quote YOUR bible (Luke 18:9-14)

      9 To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

      13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

      14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

      You know what? I’m done….I’m tired of people like you trying to drain my energy, my peace..
      I was trying to keep it cool…then I made the mistake of reading your entire hate speech a second time……..so let me just leave you with this:

      If Christianity is exactly as YOU say and believe, and all the judgemental people that share your devotion and dedication to overshadowing Agape with the heavy hand of fear are all waiting for me in heaven…….I want NOTHING to do with it!!!
      I’d much prefer being chucked into the lake of fire, because that would be God’s choice, and I would consider it mercy from the dark landscape you paint.

      Additionally, this is too much negative energy…..so I promise from the bottom of my heart (and the top of it) that if i ever see anyone else post anything starting with phrases like “Well, I AM a Christian” and “Mature Christian” then later generalizes others to be “New Age” when they quite obviously know so little about the term that they think it’s synonymous with Gnosticism, Zoroastrianism, Paganism, Taoism, et..al …….I will not read it. It’s counter-productive to what God is currently teaching me….patience. Which sadly, you have temporarily defeated for the evening.


      • Ah Siddle .. get your wife to give you a hug from me.! Please don’t stop talking, I enjoy your stuff so much. :-)

        Actually, I was ‘part’ of the New Age industry for many years .. or they thought I was. Basically it comes down to belief in angels, being able to talk to dead people without fear of going to hell, and not following Christian dogma slavishly – or that is what the majority of people thought who didn’t really know. There are some really lovely people in there .. who have, for the most part, followed their parents in abandoning the god of the Christians for those who teach Love and Peace, unselfishness, kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, openmindedness etc etc. This doesn’t include Satanists, but even they believe in God .. they just root for the opposite team. Yes, there are also some truly weird and confused people in there, but they too try to do no harm. Most true believers have their hearts in the right place, usually their mouths, they are so concerned for us, and I do appreciate that they are … now if they could just learn their feet should be on the ground .. maybe we’d listen?

        Ah well, humans .. gotta love ‘em. LOL

        Love & Peace

    • ” ….some dribble that you read in some “new age” paperback that you bought on the sale rack at Borders ….” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Brilliant!

      That said, I’ve yet to read a post on this tread from a New Age-er. In fact, have any new-age peeps actually posted anything on this site at all? I don’t recall….

      And, as SnowWolf also asked for clarification from an expert; ….So…what is the doctrine of the trinity about and why is baptism important?


      • You know, A.J. I was actually thinking the same thing.
        If you’re out there, Jane or Joe “New Ager”, and we just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, then this would be a great time to step in. :)

        I have to be honest, I’m completely confused by the concept of “New Age” anyway. So, I googled, of course, because I could not find it on the sales rack at Borders….apparently they have closed! But an expert told me I could find it there!!!!! :)


        The New Age movement includes elements of older spiritual and religious traditions ranging from atheism and monotheism through classical pantheism, naturalistic pantheism, pandeism and panentheism to polytheism combined with science and Gaia philosophy; particularly archaeoastronomy, astronomy, ecology, environmentalism, the Gaia hypothesis, psychology, and physics. New Age practices and philosophies sometimes draw inspiration from major world religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese folk religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism; with strong influences from East Asian religions, Gnosticism, Neopaganism, New Thought, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Universalism, and Western esotericism.[8] The term New Age refers to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius.[1]

        Ok, so I’ll admit I wouldn’t be a good candidate, because there are some things listed there I may not buy into…..but that’s fine. I see a trend. Someone studying every world religion, belief structure, science and spiritual notion possible, in an effort to find truth and enlightenment. Sounds familiar enough.

        • Hi Siddle

          Great post, Siddle

          “Someone studying every world religion, belief structure, science and spiritual notion possible, in an effort to find truth and enlightenment.”

          Umm … yeah … the way I see it, that just makes a person a student. I studied RE at school, which included all the main religions … but I’m a follower of none. I also studied maths, but I’m no mathematician. .

          There’s nought wrong with a curious mind but curiosity alone does not make a person into the thing they are curious about. So, those who label anyone on here a New Age-er really doesn’t know or understand the concept of the New Age Movement at all. I certainly don’t fit the New Age remit either – on any level.


  7. Hello Ted, i also have studied the bible because as you said yourself, it can be very confusing. but i will give you a little help to point you in the right direction. i’v read a lot of these posts and each has merit, but the only true way for you to get the understanding you deserve is to go into your room by yourself and get down on your knees and start a prayer (conversation) with God and ask Him for understanding of his word so that man can not mislead you. I am a person that does call myself a christian ,but a believer in God, the same God that ABRAHAM,ISAAC and JACOB prayed to, i do believe that Jesus was sent by God, but is not God. (yes i believe Jesus is the SON of GOD) As for the Trinity, try this , GOD THE FATHER , Jesus the SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT. 1. MARK 1:9-11. 2. LUKE 22:41-44. 3. JOHN 3:35. 4. JOHN 5:30. 5. JOHN 17:1-5. ////// 6. JOHN 14:25-28. //////////THE HOLY SPIRIT IS YOUR CONCIOUS WHICH TELLS YOU WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT OR WRONG AND THERE YOU HAVE PEACE AND COMFORT///// YOUR COMFORTER !!!!!!!!!!!! NOW you pray and ask GOD to show you his active word in what i just gave you ……… MAY GOD BLESS YOU !!!

  8. The early christian church was divided on the topic of whether Jesus was God or just the son of God. During the Council of Nicaea,

  9. it was made part of the church teaching that God, Jesus and the Holy ghost were one and the same. They based this on what the apostles had taught.

  10. The Trinity
    God-Yaweh-Creator of all things-loving and almignty
    Jesus-emmanuel-God with us-He was God on earth, sent by God to live as a man-was 100% man and 100% God, died human death on the cross (even though He did not have to, He wanted to for our sake) as a once for all sacrifice for all sin of all mankind. If one believes and accepts that He was God on earth and that He did die for us and was ressurrected and returned to God at which time He sent the third part of the Trinity,
    The Holy Spirit-to live in all believers as God in us to lead us through building a stonger relationship with Him and preparing us for eternity in Heaven
    How do I know all this, He lives in me.

    • JK.
      So your saying you believe in the trinity? I’m sorry, I didn’t understand any logic in your explaination at all. Even explaining the trinity concept doesn’t make sense. The fact that your saying that God died and was resurrect is blasphmy. Again, I apologize but my God and your god must not be the same. I serve the God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, has no beginning or End. Also I don’t know what lives in you, but it’s certainly not God.
      Maybe you should take another look in your bible. Next thing you’ll claim is that the Devil is god, since he’s refer to god of this world in the bible.
      I encourage you, yourself to read the bible. Don’t allow anybody maybe those at your church to mislead you.

      • Wait a minute. How can you sit there and tell someone that God doesn’t live within them? Just my own opinion but I think you need to back up on that one and try not to be so judgemental of others – especially when you barely know them if at all. Maybe YOU should take a look in your Bible too :)

        Also – I do NOT believe in a trinity. The entire concept of the trinity is pre-Christian and was added to Christianity by Romans hundreds of years later….

      • DK, be nice. God lives in everyone, just because some people don’t realise it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

        I don’t believe in the trinity either. It’s only ‘inferred’ from the writings in the bible, not an actual fact, and makes no sense when everything else is about ‘duality’ (male/female etc).

        Love & Peace

  11. my apologize for the “Also I don’t know what lives in you, but it’s certainly not God” comment.

    Im imperfect and my emotions sometimes get the best of me.

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