What is the Bottomless Pit of Revelations and Where Does it Lead?

I read about this in the book of Revelation (Revelation 9:2). Also, it is stated there that some creatures will exit from it, including their leader.

How can they stay in something without a bottom? Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. Hi blacktiti89

    Has deep space got a top and bottom???? :-)

  2. Cute questions, Blacktiti89.

    Being rather logical I would say that the pit had shelves or ledges all through it, which gave the entities something to sit on? :-) They could easily fly out from there, or climb. Think of bats and monkeys in caves, they live ‘on’ the walls.

    Where does the pit lead? First I would ask if the pit actually existed? I do know of a ‘pit’ or tunnel, whose entrance is in the desert near the pyramids in Egypt. I rode a camel out into the dark night, with a small group of equally facinated travellers, and we stood over the top of it and felt the hurricane of wind flowing over us from inside the earth. Truly amazing. No screams or moans were heard, and breeze felt lovely and cool (egypt, even at night, is HOT in October). I also know of a story, from Russia I think, of some people who was mining who heard horrible screams and moans coming up out of the pipeline they had sunk into the ground looking for oil? Or was it gas of some kind? Escaping steam under pressure will make very strange noises at times. Throw in a good dose of superstition and anything is possible.

    Revelation uses the imagergy from previous OT prophets to either scare the early Christians into following Jesus, or as a commentary of what the writer (whom we actually don’t know was a John) hoped would happen to Nero, and anyone else who persecuted the Christians. It’s a fascinating work of art, but like any artform, doesn’t necessarily have any basis in fact.

    ‘A’ beast is supposed to come up from the bottomless pit (11:7), according to my translation of the Bible (NOAB), can’t see anything about a ‘leader’ or other beasts though? The locasts might have come from the pit, but its written here they came ‘from the smoke’. The guy who wrote this must have been really angry.

    I really must reread that book. It’s been a few years since the last time. :-)

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Actually Ama, Revelations was not intended to frighten non-believers and other persecutors of the church but rather to reassure true believers and the children of God that their labours and hard-times in life aren’t in vain and that their hard-work will soon pay off

    • Perhaps, Toni, but we actually have no idea what ‘John’ was trying to do when he wrote the Revelation. We can only speculate. Given that most ministers I know use the book to place frightening images of what ‘is’ going to happen to anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus’ teachings, specifically Christianity’s version, in an unknown future, I don’t think my ideas are too wide off the mark. And its Christian theologians who teach it was a commentary on what was going to happen to Nero and other persecutors of the Christians at the 2nd coming, which the writer, and other Christians, were expecting almost immediately.

      Do you really think a God that teaches ‘love one another as I have loved you’ would present us with images of fiery pits and punishments as an outcome of a life filled with pain and fear, inflicted by other humans, which forced us to stop believing in Him, or Love of any kind? Personally, I don’t think God is that cruel.

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Toni,

      Not only was it intended to frighten the non-believers but also to frighten the believers and keep them on board.

  4. I hate to get logical, BUT, just because something does not have a bottom, does not mean it does not have a top…most likely IMO a metaphor, or maybe a pit with demons in it…either way, I’m not going near it…LOL

    Ama BTW, I’ve read that there is also a natural well under the Great Pyramid…and also one under the pyramid of the sun in Mexico as well…(pyramid of the sun having the same size base as the great pyramid at Giza)

    I’d like to think it is not bottomless or filled with bad guys though.

    • Hey Myssy,

      Please .. be logical .. I always try to be. :-) The thought of a well under any pyramid worries me, particularly in sandy soil .. one good earthquake and it might all tumble down! That’s me being logical. LOL

      Love & Peace

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