What is She Trying to Tell Me?

Ok, my story really isn’t much of a “ghost story” but I do need a answer to my question.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for going on four years. We have a one year old and just had a daughter who we decided to name after his mom. His mom had passed away when he was around 13 years old so we wanted to somehow show appreciation to her. Now my story starts about June this summer when I had bought his mom a urn. (they had kept the ashes wrapped in a bag and kept in a box so it was the least I could do).

Shorty after, I had a dream where I was sleeping, my cell phone had rang and on the phone was a woman asking to speak to my boyfriend, I’ll call him “D”. So I pick up the phone and she says “hi can I speak to my son.” Shocked, I answer back “umm… who is your son? who are you looking for?”

To my surprise, she says “my son’s name is D. This is “Linda” his mom” (Now I have been having dreams like this for as long as I can remember so I know when I’m dreaming something that is not possible or likely. It runs in my family both my mom and grandma and a few cousins have it, whatever “it” is) I really don’t remember what I said next but she just started describing him and telling me so many things so I would believe her. Finally I decide to just give him the phone, but before he could get it, I woke up with the strong urge to tell him his mother just called! He knows that I am a bit weird and always have something like this happening to me, but I couldn’t find myself to tell him right then and there.

I waited a few days to tell him, and he looked as shocked as I did when I realized who was calling. I asked my mom, but she was at a loss for words as well as my granny so I just asked his mom if she could please help me understand why she came to me in my dream. Of course she didn’t come right a way, but a few days ago, my dream started where it left off and he was talking to his mother. When he got off the phone he turned to look at me and when he started to tell me what was said I woke up. I am just lost and really need help! I know she wants to tell me something to tell him, but I can’t figure out what?

I normally figure my dreams out by now but this time is different. I just don’t understand why she came to me? Like he had plenty of girlfriends before me so why am I the one singled out. I don’t find it problem it just bothers me that I am stuck on this one dream… I don’t think she’s saying thank you for the urn because I think she would have said it when she was talking to me. Please any type of advise or idea will help me out! Thanks

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  1. Hello Curios,

    From your story I would have to surmise that you are the first person Linda has been able to get to notice her long enough to get a message to her son that she is just fine. The phone dream makes perfect sense to me, given that we all think that heaven is along way away from where we are right now.

    In the dream your boyfriend spoke to his mother, so honey, he’s already talked to her and doesnt’ need you to be the translator, and you probably didn’t need to know what they talked about, because you would have stayed asleep for that if it was important. We talk to our loved ones in spirit when we are sleep and our minds do not stop our spirits from communicating with our families.

    Stop worrying, everything is just as it should be.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

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