What is Haunting My Son and Me?

My child said a grandma monster brake into his window. I know my homes haunted but by what is my question? It only centers itself to me and my son I’ve had awful dreams one i will speak about but it terrifies me.

My sons woken up came in my room terrified. Shaken and could not talk. I’ve had someone standing in my door way lights off but it was darker then the black room.

So what could it be i can get more in depth if asked. Thank you, krissy.

Asked by krissy

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  1. I’m sorry Krissy, but that is really not enough information to be able to say ‘what’ is haunting your house. Could you please give me descriptions of your dreams are, or what your son is seeing?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Well my dream was of me losing someone im alone (mimd you have had dreams like this before scarey to the point i wake up and cant move this one was worse)lights go out and you cant turn them one im searching running but cant move all of a sudden im in a room very real to wear i pinched myself and it marked me. I was looking at a girl who was screaming in pain then her body spilt open again very real and the scariest creature is laughing and said im here b****!!! A day later my name was screamed. Ive heared growls but it stopped after a cleansing but after the cleasing a bulb shattered over the mans head that did it. After that things became nice still a tad active but nice. Now its starting but in a new way attacking my child and scratches on me

    • Hi Krissy,

      There are too many different images there to be able to pin down whether its a pack of ghosts, or something else dredging up frigtening images from your mind. Do you watch horror movies?

      I think I would arrange to have the house cleared again. If you are vulnerable to being able to sense negative energies, its important to keep your house clear.

      You could arrange for a minister from your local church to come in and bless the house, and you, or ask a medium to come and clear it, or you could use the Michael Invocation to do the same. You’ll find it on this page up near the top right corner, above the advertisement. It changes the energy structure of the house, and people, to make them less inviting to haunting beings. It can be done at any time you are feeling uncomfortable.

      Also .. learn to use white light shields (they are the link above the Invocation). They will protect both you and your son and are easy to use. It is a request for help and doesn’t rely on our energy to be maintained.

      If you have any questions you can ask them here, or through an email link on either site.

      Love & Peace

  3. Thank you very much! Well all girls on my mothers side are very sensitive my grandmother myself and some how now my son (first male born in 42 yrs!!!) Always girls. So ive been followed and im usually very detailed but thos one is puzzling me!! Ive done a few extra things holy water smudging i have had the home blessed i do pray everynight it just wont go but i should tell you i live by a graveyard i kno i have passer by that stay a bit but leave after a few days i see them but i cabt se this one i just freaked out my 2 1/2 yrd ols can discribe it to a tee! Im not a movie goer aswell the just dont interest me. Were would i start to find a few meduim(ive heard if they are free there powers are very true and mean to help you in any way) thank you

    • Hi Krissy, (and everyone)

      Your comment brings up an issue that bothers me a lot. Whether I should get paid for the work that I do. Let me explain ..

      Not everyone who charges for this work is a villain. Yes, there are liars and cheats and people who can’t really do this stuff, but pretend to – but the rest of us, and there are lots of us, have to eat. What do you do for a living? Are you paid an hourly rate? I don’t have another income, and I spend hours every day helping people all around the world for free, with knowledge or energy, so I truly appreciate when they pay me. Donations are always wonderful. And I ask for money when they want me to visit their house, rather than just doing the work from home.

      That being said .. finding a good medium. These days the local paper might have them, or a new age store in your area, or ask around and see who people recommend. Then ask to meet the person before they do the work, or at the very least talk to them on the phone and see how you ‘feel’ about them. You might feel they aren’t genuine, so don’t invite them to the house. Ask up front how much they charge and why. I charge $50 as a base fee, most of the time. That covers petrol, depending on how far we travel .. yesterday we went an hour away from home to spend almost an hour talking, closing an etheric gate that the family didn’t open (which costs my energy), and then driving an hour home again. Three hours work, after petrol .. I got about $10 an hour, and because I am short on energy today because of the work yesterday, I will not be clearing anyone’s house today. I choose not to charge for that, though I know people who would consider it in the fee, because we all get tired. In comparison, I charge $60 for readings, and they might take an hour, so in house clearings I am short-changing myself. LOL Oh well.

      Some mediums come in and do grand rituals, or smudge for you, or talk a lot using words you might not know the meaning of. Ask them to explain it all. I walk into a house, smile at folk, say hi to everyone (checking out their energy as I do so), wander around the house and yard and check out that energy, and then while I am chatting to folk about what they have been experiencing (and answering questions), I ground the energy of the house, and them, and clear whatever bit of nonsense is ‘floating about’ .. without fancy anything, including jargon. I don’t make a splash, I don’t make a fuss, and I don’t wear weird clothing. LOL Some people are disappointed by that, but mostly they are just grateful the whole problem has stopped. And once I have been to a house I never need to visit again, even if I have to clear it again. The pattern of the energy is locked in my memory. Very convenient. :-)

      So .. this work is employment just like working in a supermarket, but it is far more specialised and the good energy workers spend years learning what they know. There’s another question for them when you talk to them .. how long have you been doing this work? People also ask me how accurate I am (which is a good question) and how often houses I have cleared get rehaunted .. well, that one is not up to me. I can teach you how to keep your house clear, but if you, or another else, won’t keep the ‘doors’ closed, its not my responsibility to do it for you. I had one lady who didn’t mind the ‘neutral ghosts’ hanging around, she even enjoyed it, but the really nasty ones came through the same door the neutral ones did .. and she didn’t want that one closed. Where did that leave us .. her ringing me nearly every day for months demanding I remove the negative ghosts but not the others … in the end I refused to help her. How much is enough? And I was doing it all for free. Eventually we can hope we all learn from our mistakes?

      So .. here’s a suggestion about the graveyard. Go and stand in the middle of it and do the Michael Invocation for the graveyard and the surrounding land. If anything is hanging around there, the angels will find the people and clear them out .. and anything else. Hopefully that will settle the house down as well. I find, in most instances, that there are not a lot of ghosts in graveyards, but if people visit their relatives, there is a lot of negative emotion (pain, grief, fear) that draws other entities, and they might be bothering you.

      Love & Peace

  4. I should add i have been waking up recently with fresh scrathes in places i can not reach to perfect for a finger to do and to think for a knife there perfecr im on day 4 and have them all placed on my back and odd spot on my shoulders.

  5. Lol alright! Its what i heard from a medium as a child my grandmothers goes to her but shee passed away. She may have just felt that its a gift that should come with no charge nice lady though! Lol yes i will have to try that in the grave yard see whats going on i may kbow someone who could help im just a bit nerves bring a (as she calls he self) witch or pegan into my home but shes more intune then i am but thankyou anymore things happen or dont work i will post again for any more insight! Thankyou

  6. I understand, Krissy, I always check out anyone before they enter my house. I’ve talked to people in the driveway if I am not happy with their energy. :-) Witches practise herbalism and magic, they might be Wiccan (which is a belief system like Christianity and Buddhism or many others), and Pagans often have an even broader belief system, but I find most people are delightful – or they might not be. You’ll have to decide. If you are not happy with the person when you meet them at the door, say ‘thanks for coming’ and don’t invite them in.

    Wishing you a lovely day,
    Love & Peace

  7. Krissy…can you move? Either way living by a graveyard is bad Feng Shui…

    And Ama, you provide a service, like anyone else…you deserve to be paid!…perhaps a sliding scale for those truly in need, but you have to eat too! If you are sincere, and acting with integrity, there is no reason you should NOT be compensated for your time, energy, experience, etc.

  8. …and down to brass tacks, it doesn’t really matter ‘what’ it is..it’s bothering you, making your life difficult, stressing you and your kids…no matter what IT is, it needs to be dealt with, and you need to get rid of it.

  9. Well i had that women come into my home and sage smudge and blesd whatever she could do. My problem she has peeved it. It just wont leave the women said i have been followed my whole life by “it” and its going to be hard to rid. But i am releive to know my son can sleep safe but. I cant say the same for myself. I heard it laugh last night other strange ranting noices and sounds i couldnt make it out but all i could do was pray for an angel which helped. So what do i do now?? My dog is very close to me always actaullyy she wont leave my side which is not normal for her. My question whats next i wanna rid this thing but it just seems to grow sttronger?? I have also seen an outline of it very tall skinny but dark over the foot of my bed. My bf does not beileve in this so he calls me crazy but its nearing him to. Im getting fed up.

    • Hi Krissy,

      Have you done the Michael invocation I recommended earlier?

      If you have .. write to me privately and we’ll sort something out. My email link is at the bottom of the Michael page. Please identify yourself clearly.

      Love & Peace

  10. Hey Krissy,

    Can I offer this? The message in my email, is not up on this page, so I’m hoping I’m responding to the correct place/message.

    You said you had a person come to clear the house, but it’s made it worse. I’d like to offer you a perspective here, as I think YOU may be too in the forest to see the trees.

    I want to remind you, again and again, that you are NOT the victim, and you are the boss. Hold that stance. Imagine this thing you are dealing with is nothing more than a difficult child, person, etc…and treat it as such. Your FEAR feeds it…so you need to get yourself in a powerful stance…try very hard NOT to tune into it.

    For example…a child acting out, that knows it gets more attention when it does, will act out more…so don’t feed this any fear, or give it more attention that possible.

    You need help. Not sure from who, but may I suggest a priest. The people from the show Paranormal State and also that guy from the show about Haunted Objects, can’t think right now…but they both work with priests if you can’t find one locally.

    I’m hot and cold on psychics. I lived in a haunted house, perhaps the thing in my current house has been following me for years too…but I’ve saged, prayed etc…it gets less noticeable, but it never really leaves…so if you can at least make it dormant…and get some peace? and I’ve added, over the years, crosses, a Catholic Scapular, other objects, etc…

    I have been daily saying the Michael prayer from this site (thanks Ama)…I also have a prayer that I do nightly when I remember…I just ask the holy spirit to come into my house…I visualize the beautiful LOVE white light streaming into my home…and I ask it to enter into every little crevice in my home, in between the floor boards, in the attic, in the cabinets and to surround and protect all my family members…AND to surround, encapsulate and nueter anything negative or evil.

    I am also going to pray for you when I pray for my home…providing I have your permission to do so. May I suggest you ask friends, family and/or your church if you belong to one, to pray for you and your home as well?

    Sending you love, courage and strength,


  11. The show I was talking about is called “Haunted Collector”, you can watch for free on Hulu.com…BUT the guy that hosts the show is a demonologist and worked with that one couple…I can see their faces, can’t think of their names, suffice it to say, perhaps you need a demonoligist, rather than a pychic?

    Call in a specialist.

  12. John Zaffis…I’m sure you can contact him, he must have a web page, OR perhaps through the SyFy channel.

  13. He gives a phone number on his website under the “need help” link…

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