What is Happening Every Night Around 3 AM?

Over the past year, we have had a coat hanger thrown from the wardrobe, wardrobe doors being banged, like a penny on glass, lights going on and off, TV being moved, glasses being lifted from a footstool and placed on the floor, all happening around 3 am, glasses were at 11 pm.

The strangest was being woken at 3.30 am with music blaring, harp music with birds singing. My partner went downstairs, a white light was shining in the office, could be seen through the glass door, when my partner stood in front of the door, there was a major flash and everything stopped.

We now have had loud banging, the metal gate outside being banged, the mirror in he bathroom being pulled over to sit at one side. Now 3 am this morning the mirror has now been pulled of the wall and dropped. I know it didn’t just fall out as the fixture holding it was lying to the left hand side of the basin, no way it just fell out.

We have already had a clearing, that lasted a few months but we are now back to square one, any ideas on what to do? I am not scared, however I am being woken up at around 3 am every night, I am shattered!

Asked by Lesley

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  1. 3am is when the paranormal activity happens. the demons are mocking Christ who died at 3pm. look it up on the internet. your place is haunted.

  2. Hi Lesley,

    Who did the clearing and what did they use to do it? Not the name of the person, but their qualifications. Yes, ghosts will come back, or new ghosts move in, if the site is situated over a leyline, or an active paranormal area. It’s a real pain when that happens. People have to continually clear their houses, to keep a little peace .. but .. hauntings also depend on the attitude of the people, because ghosts may pass through a house, but they only stay if they can feed off the emotions of the living. If living people think its fun and entertaining to be haunted, ‘but don’t want the ‘bad’ ones’ (and that is a quote!), they are still going to get ghosts of all different attitudes. What they need is to close their house to all entities whether they think them fun or not.

    To that end, my webpages have information about psychic protection and houseshields (which are energy shields to disconnect your home from troubling energy lines). You can find them by clicking on my link (here under Friends) and following the instructions on various pages, such as ‘why we need psychic protection’ which leads to White Light and Energy shields.

    If I can be of any assistance, you can contact me here, or from my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  3. Well, lore says that Demonic activity is strongest at 3:00 A.M. You should consider if there is a demonic entity in your home.

    • Do demons follow all the different time zones and do they adjust for ‘daylight savings’ time?

      I really don’t think that demons or whatever they are have any concern whatsoever about what time it is on an arbitrary clock.

      • OMG!! CareTaker!! LOL!!! You had me rolling on the floor laughing with that one!!! In all seriousness, though, those in the Spirit realm, be it Angel or Demon, do not exist within the same time constraints as we do. They only exist in the “here and now,” so they really aren’t checking their watches and saying “it’s 3am; it’s time to haunt.”

        • The truth is, I think, that people are quieter and more attentive when it is dark and especially late and silent (like 3 am perhaps) and so they are more likely to notice (or imagine) something happening. “Things” in the spiritual realm have no interest in clocks and calendars and such like. Of course there is the residual type haunting which often does follow a timeline or schedule but thats a different thing.

          • How do we know that the spiritual realm has no interest in time or calendars? Have they completed a survey recently? What we do know for certain is information obtained by excorcists during excorcisms. The spirits associated with Satan relate everything possible as the opposite of those things that represent God or Jesus. The upside down cross, the goat as opposed to the Lamb, hate vs love, pride vs humility, etc.. 3 am is the opposite of 3pm when Jesus is said to have died on the cross – therefore, to a demonic spirit, 3 am may very well be a notable time of day. At least, that is the accepted model within the Catholic and Protestant churches.

          • Good morning Stan, interesting answer. :-)

            ‘We’, some of us anyway, who can talk to our guides and angels, and spirits, ‘know’ because they have told us so. These are Light beings, not demons .. I don’t recommend anyone associate with demons, or believe a word they say.

            Here’s an example of ‘no time passing’ after you are dead. I ‘rescue’ lost souls (ghosts). I used to work with a group, we had a Wednesday night ‘rescue circle’. One ‘lady’ (I use that term lightly because she was such a bitch!) we connected to had been dead at least 600 years, but she still thought it was her ‘year’ (of death) and wondered who we were and what we were doing in her kingdom (what do the feudal Japanese call their territories??). Oh man, was she a charmer .. think ‘snakes’. It took a great deal of effort, on the part of all 10 of us, to convince her she would be happier not repeating old nasty behaviours .. and get her and her followers to go into the Light. The interesting part was that she became aware of our surroundings enough to ask what we had done with her furniture .. and demand we return it. LOL

            The angels live in the here and now, and God is omnipresent .. which also means ‘here and now’ (and everywhere and everywhen). Humans, on the other hand, were created to live a linear existence .. from beginning to end .. over and over .. but that’s another story. LOL

            Love & Peace

      • They must adjust for daylight savings time, CT. Personally, I must have met an american one, because it was the middle of the afternoon .. but that’s a story not worth repeating. LOL

        3.00am. The body’s circadian rhythm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circadian_rhythm is at its lowest ebb between 3 & 4 am. Nurses are trained to go around and wake up terminal patients at that time, because so many people will simply ‘slip away’ (die). Waking them up reminds them they are still part of their bodies.

        Also, most people who have been astral travelling tend to return to their bodies (even if they go ‘out’ again) around that time, to strengthen the connection. Good time for nocturnal visitors, particularly if they have ‘followed you home’ .. grumble. LOL

        Our bodies naturally briefly ‘wake up’ and go back to sleep all night long, and we don’t notice it, but if a person is waking up when something drags them into full wakefulness, or if they are worried about something which does the same, it can be difficult to get back to sleep. And if they are frightened it can be worse still, because we go from the peace sleep to an adrenalin rush … Also we can get into a habit of waking up about 3.00am or 3.30am .. and, having done it, I know how ratty I am in the morning.

        The process is completely natural until something happens to disturb it, and us .. but you will probably find, after the house has settled down, that you go back into normal sleeping patterns, and sleep right through to morning again .. if you did that before.

        Love & Peace

      • CT,
        Thats too true, and so very funny. I think she watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” once too often maybe.


  4. Have you felt anything when these things have happened? Have you felt any negative energy or perhaps anything radiating from any of the (hot spots) in the house. Have you felt anything at all when these things have occured, a cold spot, a percieved pressure change, anything?

  5. If objects are moving and you are hearing bangs I doubt it’s your circadian rhythm. That would be more along the lines of night terrors not this.

    Are you hearing growls and scratching in the walls or ceiling as well? Have you seen any dark figures?

    Has anyone woken up with scratches on them they don’t know how they got?

    The 3:00 am thing (sometimes 3:33 am) is consistent with demonic activity. Not always though. I have seen, as well as heard about, it happening at other times of the day and night. The demonic aren’t bound by time but they do like to operate in a manner that mocks God and causes the most amount of fear and confusion.

  6. I would move. But, i would also get a blessing.

  7. I hope you’re safe,

    Zainab, peace.

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