What is Astral Traveling?

A question I have is what is astral traveling for and why does it happen?

Asked by John

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  1. Hi John

    Not being an expert in the subject of Astral Travel and not having knowingly experienced this phenomenon/practice, one can only state by repeating experiences which one has read about.

    Briefly, I understand certain individuals are able to or have found means and ways of separating their spirit from their body whilst still on this earth as living beings. The purpose of this practice is to travel from A to B having left behind one’s laboured body. The spirit of these individuals supposedly travel in and between various realms of the spirit world brushing shoulders with entities of all kinds in these worlds.

    This practice is very dangerous for obvious reasons. I cannot understand why any living person would want to put themselves at risk in this manner. We have been bestowed with a beautiful physical world this Earth whilst we are physical beings, there is ample scope for spiritual travel in the afterlife.

  2. Hello John,

    As human beings we are made up of three parts, our mind/ego, body and spirit. Our bodies need to sleep, but our spirits don’t, so while our bodies sleep our spirits (still connected to our bodies by a silver cord) are capable of leaving and going into the planes of heaven where there are great schools, or to go to other places around the earth, and some people venture to other planets. My most memorable story is of having gone to the Great Wall of China, from Australia. Before I had that experience I had really wanted to go to China, it was on my ‘travel list’, but after it, the next morning, I crossed it off because the desire was gone. I have never wanted to go there since.

    People can train themselves to travel. There’s plenty of information on the subject on the net, including how to do it. It can be fun, fascinating, and sometimes scary. Use commonsense. We would not be able to do this if we were not supposed to. We are all very well protected.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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