What is an OBE Out of Body Experience?

Do you believe an OBE is truly an “out of body” experience? Have you ever had an OBE?

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. my outer body experience happen to me 29 times out of my life and i am only 38 years old what i saw on the other side i was walking threw every one that was here my brothers and sisters my mom and dad they couldnt hear me but i told them how they were sleeping but when i was walking around in the house i could see them but there was this blue light all around me no matter where i went but there was someone standing in that blue light but befor i could say any thing i was back in to my body from this day on now that i am 38 it never happen again. but let me tell u i was scared.

  2. Good morning everyone,

    An OBE is when your spirit leaves your body, only you are conscious of what is happening at the time. My most memorable one is going ‘overseas’ for the first time. I had always been interested in China, particularly the great wall. One night I found myself standing, with many other people, at the foot of it. They were in the process of builiding it. So, not only did I go a long way in distance (from Armidale NSW Australia), I also went back in time. In the morning, when I woke up, I no longer was interested in visiting China?

    BTW, it can also be known as astral travelling .. and some of those folks go to other planets as well.

    Absolutely fascinating.

    Love & Peace,

  3. I had a beautiful out of body experience at the age of 6 or 7. I found myself sitting on a tree stump in a forest, surrounded by so many gorgeous animals. I distinctly remember this beautiful squirrel sitting on my lap. The colours of the trees, grass, flowers etc were so bright. It is very difficult to describe the depth of the colours.

    I have never forgotten this wonderful experience.

    Love and Blessings to all

  4. I had an OBE at 19. saw darkness all around me. my boyfriend sleeping next to me. soul floated above my body for hours. it did not return to my body until the sunlight came at the motel window. my brother died in a car accident a week later. The OBE must have been warning me of his death. I haven’t had one in over 25 years since the day in the motel in 1984. maybe the motel was haunted guess I never will Know.

  5. An OBE is an experience associated with Astral Projection. It’s the idea that you’re soul has left you’re body for whatever reason, whether that be intentional or as a result of he bodies death/near death.
    Most people claim to see the roughly the same things, some see Heaven or Hell. Other’s just see a white tunnel and have an overwhelming sensation of peace or sometimes love.

    Theres a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that an OBE is usually a hallucination caused by the death of brain cells, drugs being used by doctors trying to save you, or just a result of immense pain. Most OBE’s occur during a severe Cardiac Arrest (an incredibly painful experience, likened to having an elephant stand on you’re chest). However some people have counter argued that immediately after death there is no brain activity, so a hallucination would be impossible, after the point of death and up to the point of resuscitation.
    Although some people claim to have left their body during surgery and watched the surgeons work on them.

    Astral Projection is when you consciously decide to leave you’re body and wander the “astral plains”. The Astral Plains are often described as being a spiritual place on earth, as one can not enter the after life until the body is deceased. Again usually linked with a dream or hallucination.

  6. Hi Big Jim,

    Everything you mentioned in the your middle paragraph is about Near Death Experiences, not OBE’s. Out of body experiences happen to people when they are sleeping, or because they have learned to do this voluntarily (astral travelling). It has nothing to do with death or dying, and is not an hallucination. Yes, people on drugs can hallunicate things, but shaman often use drugs to enduce these OBE’s and do some really good work for the people they are trying to help when they are among the spiritual planes.

    Just wanted to clarify things
    Love & Peace,

  7. Hi Ama.

    I see what you’re saying, and you’re right a lot of what i said is related to near death experiences. But thats because they are (in my opinion) the most credible.

    Moments after death experiencing something is far harder to explain, when the brain is inactive how can anything be faked or induced in any other way?

    With regards to the Shamans, i am aware a lot of “Shamans” or magic workers of some kind used drugs. For example the native Americans, who often consumed the herb Salvia, a form of moss that grows in the new mexico sort of area. Salvia in my country (the UK) is currently a legal high, very popular amongst teens, and frankly any experience achieved using such methods destroys its credibility. Because its just a trip. You try fasting for several weeks then drinking mushroom tea, you will meet God that i promise you.
    And when people are sleeping? Thats just an incredibly vivid dream, i’ve dream’t that i was wandering around my house in the dark before, i also had terrible night terrors as a child, my mum tells me i was screaming and telling her i saw demons and distorted faces and all sorts. But thats all they where, night terrors.

    I do happen to believe in ghosts, the soul, and life after death. But i think to scientifically prove these things, we need to move away from the methods that can be so easily explained.

    All the best,
    (i hope i haven’t seemed rude or dismissive, i just enjoy a good debate!)

  8. i really think the outer body thingy means life just dont end there it keeps going its like when u a tree down another takes its place same thing as god will give u another chance on another life form but maybe i could be wrong tho………….. like to have more in put on this topic…. ty for your time alllll

  9. Hi BigJim,

    I love a good debate too. Problem is all these subjects are subjective, and we havent’ found a really good method of proving all this stuff exists – perhaps we are not supposed to? But – is a belief in the supermatural, and all our experiences, some incredibly vivid, and some incredibly painful, just the imagination of every culture on earth and millions of people in them .. hmm.. perhaps that is a step towards proving they are real? LOL

    Have you heard about the scientist who was weighing people immediately before they died, and immediately after – the result of the experiment is believed to be that the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ weighs about 4 ozs.

    I agree that NDE’s are more credible than OOBE’s but … its all subjective, and a lot of what people ‘see’ in both relates to their belief systems.

    But no, its not always a very vivid dream when people go astral travelling in their sleep. I know about lucid dreaming, and its a whole different energy. My trip to China changed my life in a lot of ways, and I physically never left my bed. LOL

    Salvia, here in Oz, is a very tall flowering plant .. I would never consider smoking or eating it. My mother, the family horticulturist, says they are poisonous.

    And the ghosts and demons I saw at night as a small child .. they were ghosts and demons, not night terrors. I still see them, from time to time. We had that scholar ghost in the hall just a couple of nights ago.

    I think its good that we cannot ‘answer’ everything spooky that happens in our lives. It reminds us that there is ‘something’ more out there, and perhaps, opens people’s hearts to possibly of change …

    Love & Peace

  10. “possibility of change” .. you can see I am tired today.

    Love & Peace,

  11. You’re right Ama.

    I agree that life is far more exciting not knowing the explanation for every little thing that happens. And it wouldn’t be a matter of faith if we knew for sure.


    Heres the Salvia i’m referring to. (Dont worry moderator, theres no porn or viruses in that link).


  12. Hi BJ,

    And it would take all the ‘fun’ out of it. I love to speculate, I love to learn, I love to change .. run from it like crazy sometimes LOL … but in the end, all I try to look for is the magic (God/Spirit’s love) ..

    Love & Peace,

  13. I can only remember this happening to me once. I was maybe 6 or 7 and I ended up at K mart watching my mom buy Christmas gifts. The same ones I saw her buy were the same ones I opened Christmas day. Thing is, my dad had one of those crazy Christian friends. The ones that throw themselves down and “speak in tongues” and act crazy in church and when I told him about it, he freaked out. He said something about it being Satan trying to steal your soul. Since then, every once in a while I will feel like I am floating when I am dreaming. I can see myself in the dream almost reaching the ceiling of wherever I am and BAM I wake up. It’s so strange, but I think what he said affected me on a very deep level and since I am just too scared to go through with it. I hate that because I am very curious and would love to astrally project but the same thing happens every time, the big whoosh in my chest kind of like the drop on a roller coaster and then I’m awake….

    • and yes teresa i..keep making myself wake up as i get a lil nervous its crazy stuff me. its like a huge facial telephone!

      the only thing is is it now or then the time space you land in. hhhmmm! x

  14. Hi Teresa,

    I agree that a decision we make as a child can really affect us as an adult. That is why its so good that we can recognise when we have done this, and change it.

    You can tell yourself things like – you will not become as odd as your dad’s Christian friend by allowing yourself to astral travel again. That might be the key to unlocking the fear behind your belief. I know it might sound odd, but who knows .. give it a try and see what happens. BTW, when your body is truly asleep you astral travel anyway. What you want to do is allow yourself to remember, and participate consciously, in the experience.

    Love & Peace

  15. ive just staretd having them and i can do it volunterily…yeah im freaked but i think i even went to mares…now the other people wont leave me alone.lol!! so whne i dont want to do it…they pass through to say high and chat…! i even saw imps and sprites in the magnetic storm!
    im asking for more advice as this is strange and i dont want toc ome across anything bad or do anything im niot meant to b ut at the same time who created the ban on sumthing that isnt meant to exist to say i mustnt do it….! anyways…safe flying troopers. x

    as long as nothing selfish or over powering is made i just like meeting people. :) x x

  16. hi everybody,
    there is no such thing as an out of body experience,
    its been tested by inducing the effect on patients,
    and then putting large pictures and numbers on the floor.
    if the patient’s actual consciousness really floated above their body,
    and they could see details of the room,
    then the patient would be able to later tell what images and numbers
    were written on the posters laying on the floor.
    Can you guess the result?

    Lastly, the brain can continue to have “dreams” for hours and hours after the bodily functions cease. Your brain might dream for days after you die.

    Also, in objective reality, there is no such thing as a spirit or a soul.
    These are only subjective descriptions of human behavior.

    good luck with “reality”, yes, it sucks, don’t we all know!

    • I dont believe it either. I believe that “Out of Body Experiences” occur within the mind and not outside the body. I have even had a very profound OBE myself yet I still believe I was never actually out of my body

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