What is an EVP?

What is an EVP and how can I get one?

Asked by luna

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  1. Hi Luna,

    An EVP is an Electronic Voice Phenomena and ones goes to a haunted house with a digital tape recorder and asks the ghosts questions and gets lots of nothing, perhaps a bit of noise you can’t hear with your ears, and maybe a voice or two .. again, stuff you don’t hear with your ears at the time.

    The problem comes when the ghost you just connected your energy to, for him to communicate in your little toy, follows you home and then haunts you, until someone like me has to step in and get rid of it.

    My recommendation is DON’T do it. For all the fascination of hearing the dead speak on tape, its not worth it. You can hear them just fine on various internet web sites where the recordings have been uploaded. The activity is a just trouble waiting to happen.

    My opinion,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. EVP stands for ‘electronic voice phenomina’. it’s pretty much an audio recorder, or anything that records sound. i caught an EVP on my cell phone before. you can hit play on a recorder, ask a question, and the spirits will talk.

  3. thanks guys.i am just new in this stuff.

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