What is a Doppelganger?

What exactly is a doppelganger, has anyone on this site had an experience of one, and how and what are they all about?

Do they really exist?

Asked by pat

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  1. The German word for “double walker”. They’re basically like a paranormal double of yourself, or other people. They look, dress, and act just like a person. They are often know to causing problems for you, especially since people mistake them for being you.

    • And if you see your own, you will die. Having met mine in Sydney many years ago, I am still around, but its an interesting legend .. might be based loosely on ‘crisis apparitions’?

      Love & Peace

  2. I read a few interesting stories in the book titled “GHOSTS,” which was authored by Hans Holzer. That book has several hundred pages, and hundreds of stories.

    In one story, there was a young woman who was an educator. Seems that some of the faculty saw her working in a garden behind the school. Seems she was also seen teaching in a room over-looking the garden, where her double was still working in the garden.

    In another story, some fellow saw his double waiting for the same train he was waiting on. He chased his double but could not catch him. I wonder why the double ran away.

    There was a story about a certain man who was doing business in some other country overseas. His double was well known, and doing business using the same name. When the actual person arrived, he met several people that seemed to know him well. His double had been working there sometime during the previous month.

    Looking back a couple of centuries, there was a story about a man who was being prosecuted for the death of another man I think. It could have been some other crime. Here is the problem. On the day that he presumably commited some sort of crime, his double was also seen in another town some several miles away.

    This caused some controvesy during the trial. There were people who knew him well, and swearing they saw him in one town, and he was also seen in his own town at the same time. I wonder how they settled all of that.

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