What is a Curse and Can it Help You?

Here is a question that was inspired by a discussion on another question where the topic of curses and spells came up.

Is it really a good idea to cast a spell or a curse? Just what is a curse? How does it work and what can one do if a curse has been directed at them.

Is a curse and a spell the same thing? If not are they similar?

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  1. My problem is with the ’3×3′ concept, AJ. That’s where the power of the curse a person wore lands back on the sender 9 times stronger than it hit the receiver. Regardless of whether the sender deserves to be punished or not, the returner has taken the curse energy, twisted it to their own ends, and sent it back. This is not a person just removing the curse and sending it back the way it was, which .. having lived with it for as long as they did .. they know was probably very nasty – no, its a deliberate choice to enact a measure of revenge on the sender for harming them. I know its supposed to act as a deterent .. but to me its just another form of curse.

    The curser is warned if their curse fails they will receive it back and it will harm them. Why do we need to ramp it up to make it worse? Where is the love and forgiveness in that action. Think of the karma involved in creating a curse and sending it in the first place .. or in that case ‘sending it back’. No karma if you just return something to someone who is missing a bit of themselves .. but .. what about all the extra energy .. and where does it come from .. from us, our choice, our will. Suddenly we become the curser …

    I have removed curses from people, but always grounded the energy. It is punishment enough for the person to keep sending energy to a curse that is feeding the earth instead of harming someone. The earth takes the energy and transforms it into Light again – and perhaps the sender is none the wiser, but at least it does no harm.

    Love & Peace

    • Just to remove some confusion, since we are dropped in in the middle of our conversation – AJ answered a gentleman with a question about removing a demon with this Invocation.

      (quote) What can I do to reverse the spell and keep [it] out of my life?”

      Say this …

      Your black magic and your black sourcery
      Are powerless to injure me
      I send thy curses back to thee
      Return I say by three, times three
      Return I say
      So mote it be.

      Whom-so-ever hexed you will have their negative energy (which has shown itself to you as that fluff-ball of a creature)returned to them, where it belongs. (close quote)

      Me .. I then started talking to her about why we have to use an invocation that increases the energy of a curse when sending it back…. hence the first message, and the rest follows -

      Love & Peace

  2. Hi all,

    I don’t get something about all this. So, sending a curse back to get even or rid themselves of it. Won’t the original sender know that and re-direct it back? Or just amke yet another curse at the intended victim? And then there is a huge cycle of destruction, no? .

    Strange concept to me. Like a snowball rolling downhill and lands on both and kills them. Hmmm… definitely don’t understand spells


    • Yes, the sender knows they get it back, because of what it then does to them. And they know who sent it back, because they know where they sent it in the first place. And it could escalate into something truly nasty (or nastier) .. which is why grounding it works so much better.

      I think, what people hope, is that by sending it back stronger it will harm the original sender enough to stop them from ever doing that again. Doesn’t seem logical to me at all.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        I understand what you are saying and, for the most part agree. But the spell-caster are only getting their own energy or curse back, they are not receiving a new one! It is their energy not the returners energy. And only the ‘victim’ can return the energy to the original source via a returning spell, no one else can do that.

        As for grounding, yes a great idea if you know what you’re doing because of experience and knowledge and certainly when removing curses from third parties its the only option. But if it goes wrong (through inexperience for example), there’s a chance that the negative energy might break free from the original source and start running amuck without any control whatsoever. Then the daemon is a right b*gger to get rid of because without knowing who sent the original curse, theres no way of following an energy trail back to the owner of that negative energy.

        Maybe a thread should be started specifically to cover for all these techniques in great length so folks know exactly what to do safely, to lessen the margin for error?


        • Hi AJ,

          Think of the spell .. return to the sender 3 x 3 .. three times three what? At the very least they are getting their curse by three times over. The first one would be their own energy – if there was a hole in their energy, it would be filled. Where do the other two bits of cursed energy come from? Not the original sender, it already has its energy back.

          This is why I say people have to think these sorts of things through very carefully.

          Love & Peace

          • LOL! But Ama, the original creator of the negative energy has the ability to uncreate the hex at any time. They should recognise their own energy if its returned to them, surely – magnified by 3 times or not?

            It is as easy to uncreate your daemon as create one. But do those who only want to create something to do harm to another really not bother learning how to nullify their own energy, just in case it should be sent back to them???? If they don’t then that would be even more foolish than creating something to do harm in the first place in which case, they deserve a piece of their own negitive energy.


    • Hi Keith

      Thats why I don’t do spells … where do you draw the line? When does it stop being right and start being wrong?

      However, if someone hit me, I’d hit them back. But most bullies are actually cowards at heart. Those who cast binding spells for malicious means are not exception. Most bullies only attack those they think they can intimidate. If the ‘victim’ retaliates, most bullies back off and will go ‘play’ with someone else instead.

      I did once get hexed by someone I didn’t know, its just that they spotted me in a supermarket of all places and, seeing what I was, they thought they’d try to break me down so Id become ineffective. It only took about half and hour or so before I started to feel extremely ill. Anyhow, it wasn’t long before I realised this idiot had hexed me, so I sent it back.

      Upon chatting to some psychic friends, they identified this idiot as being he local and high-ranking warlock. Apparantly he did that to everyone he considered a thread!

      It transpired he had a very nasty headache for a few days after I’d returned his energy to him but, after that he was fine. He didn’t hex me again.

      Alas, sometimes you have to fight back and I have no quarms about returning THEIR negativity to them, three fold, if it makes them think twice about hexing people in future. People who probably don’t know how to fight back.


  3. Morning AJ,

    I agree the spellcaster should recognise their own energy and negate it once it returns to them .. but why are they warned of the danger of curses returning if its not going to do them harm? And what is the point of having a spell to return curses 3 x 3 (9 times more powerful) if the original caster is going to recognise it before it hits him or her? To me its not making sense.

    When people read in a book on how to create curses, or the internet, is there also a warning on the page on how to recognise your own energy snapping back and protect yourself from it? Not that I have ever seen. In most cases, we are taught to protect ourselves from other people’s energy. Suddenly we have a brickbat full of our own, magnified by someone’s anger, or fear, because a forgiving person might not send the energy back ‘increased’, hitting us in some vulnerable area … all the more reason for not doing it in the first place. :-) And most people I have talked to who do curses, and I have met quite a few over the years, don’t think first of their own safety when handing negativity out. They don’t expect it will come back at them, and for the most part they don’t realise that it connects them to their victim for as long as the curse exists. Maybe they wouldn’t do it then? Or maybe they are just too angry to think about it. And the ones who get paid to do it? I haven’t met any of them, but I have to wonder how they protect themselves from that much energy, if one or more or a dozen started bouncing back at them all at once .. because people are waking up to this energy now and seeking help.

    From yesterday .. grounding negative energy .. a curse looks like a sticky web to me. When I grounded the energy it dug roots into the ground and drained itself out because that is what I decided to do to the energy. If the person sending it fed it more of their anger, it would keep feeding the ground. If they had forgotten it, I willed it simply to dissolve and disappear. If it had flung loose of the ground somehow it would have returned to the sender, but without the extra energy of a spell, and without my energy connection or the receiver’s. It’s as close to ‘do no harm’ as we could make it.

    Great subject, and great discussion, like usual, AJ. Thank you. :-)

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama and anonymous OP person,

      I am not a witch, so I don’t do magic, spells nor curses as a matter of course. And I don’t because there are too many ‘grey’ areas. But there are times when you have to protect yourself like for like.

      A curse is the result of a negative act. It can not be anyting else but negative. Curses are to inflict pain or anguish on another person for malicious ends. Those who congure up curses at a drop of a hat are hateful and vindictive.

      Spells, on the other hand, can be for the good and well as for the bad. It depends on the intention of the caster and the desired outcome along with the actual outcome.

      “Bouncing back curses” (love that description!)

      If you surround the curse energy with green and pink (or white, like I mistyped) light and return that curse along with healing and love, then what the sender will get is effectively their negativity surrounded by positivity. So, no one is returning their own negativity along with the senders curse to compound that negative energy further. (If the returner wants to do that, they’ve got to do a binding spell of their own. The returning spell is not a binding spell).

      Of course, if the sender has only cursed one person, they’ll know exactly who sent it back and could send a new curse. But, as it too would only be returned surrounded by healing and love again, there seems little point in the sender repeating the possess because it’s a waste of their energy.

      I’m so glad I don’t to spells … too complicated. LOL!


      • Great answer and idea AJ. Hopefully people will learn that if they send a curse they can expect trouble to come back at them. But if the receiver acts from love, they will only have to deal with their own karma.

        Love & Peace

        • Thanks, Ama. And yes, I agree that is the best way to tackle it – through love.

          You know, I believe unbinding spells and exorcisms work on exactly the same principle. The ritual involved is different because we’re dealing with energy forms on different levels, but the goal or outcome is always the same – to send the energy back to its original source where it truly belongs.

          In an exorcism rite, we work through the Love of God to send the energy back to its home. So, by sending back a hex with forgiveness and love in our own hearts, we are effectively doing exactly the same thing, only on a different level.

          When involved with my first exorcism, it was fear that was the driving force behind it. Thank God for that Rose Quartz given to me by Paul. It helped with the ‘love’ thing no end.

          Thankfully I learned after that God-awful experience that actually, it is much more benefical all round if love is always the driving force instead of fear or hatred. After all, if it were not for love being the foundation of the Rite which we administer, we would not be able to send the fallen back home to God where they truly belong. And that is the most rewarding and joyful result anyone could ask for, IMO.

          Signing off (lol!)


          • Very true, AJ,

            Love & Peace

          • AJ & Ama

            How I wish I could package ‘love’ and keep it in my pocket so I could spread it around to all and sundry. Not a chance – I, like most people are ‘real’, what does this word love mean.

            Let’s be real here, we are members of the human race and as such, we experience all emotions – both negative and positive. Why should I give way to ‘love’ with whom so ever, when there’s not a chance in hell/heaven that I want this emotion to extend to certain individuals. This kite-flying and a life in cookoo land!!!

          • Why would a person choose to love unconditionally .. love anyway .. allow people to be themselves .. not harbour resentment against them .. not remain angry with them .. not hate them .. let me think .. let me be selfish about this ..

            I would do it for ME. Anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, envy and other negative emotions don’t hurt the other person – they might not even know you are feeling them .. what they do is destroy us! They all burn within us, dull our senses, strip joy and peace of mind out of the world, and cause illnesses. Would you willingly swallow poison to harm another person, because that is what we do every day when we choose to continue to feel all those forms of resentment instead of letting to and moving on.

            Love lets go! Love doesn’t hold grudges, or continues to hate years after an event. Love is not unforgiving.

            And yes, you have to work on doing this, because its not always easy, but the benefits far outweight the so-called benefits you might get from continuing to hate.

            Let’s live in the real world, Pat .. where millions of people are trying to do this every day. They might not succeed, but often they change their lives for the better ‘just by trying’.

            I guess its not your world, the one I live in with the people that would rather love instead of hating, but .. I remember what it feels like to be truly hurt and angry .. and its better to feel love. It doesn’t change the reality of our difficult world, but it makes me little piece of it so much easier to live in. If that’s cloud cookoo land .. here’s me cheep, cheep, cheeping .. as I smile!

            Love & Peace
            Ama :-)

  4. Hi All

    Has it ever occurred to you the curse may have been made using the karmic laws to avenge the cursed individual for something bad done to the curser, in which case would karma allow the return of the curse to the curser – I think not.

    • Hi Pat,

      No, it never occurred to me that someone would use something as toxic and twisted as a curse to ‘teach’ anyone anything. I would have hoped that, having been harmed by a curse, a person might have learned there are better ways to deal with a situation that spit hate at them.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Pat and Ama

        What about casting binding spells for love? A love spell. Would they come under the heading of ‘curse’ because of their ‘forcing one’s will upon another’ nature? Or does the love-spell come in the ‘grey’ area between nasty and nice??

        Love spells are cast to attempt to manipulate one person into ‘falling in love’ with another, even though the ‘victim’ probably had no real sexual feelings for the caster, just faulse feelings as a result of the love spell.

        However, a love-spell can be just as destructive. It can ruin relationships and cause mayhem.

        What do you guys think?


        • I agree with you AJ. A love spell is an attempt to force another person to feel what you want. The problem is, once the spell is cast, how do you know if the person actually loves you at all? I couldn’t live with that thought nagging me all the time. I want to be loved wholeheartedly, not because I manipulated someone into it. And what happens if the spell breaks? How would the receiver act then, knowing they had been forced to act in a way they never wanted to? I think its completely self defeating.

          Love & Peace

          • I agree, Ama. Love should be unconditional … in every respect.


        • A binding spell is not a curse; curses cause harm and the intent behind it is usually revenge, anger spite. A love spell can cause unintentional harm because it messes with free will, but a curse is intent to harm the recipient.

    • No, Pat, it is not Karma, but your own energy, as I stated in my comment further down on this thread.

  5. I believe there is a difference between a spell and a curse.
    As I understand it, not everyone can cast a spell, one would have to be involved in true wizardry and NOT magicians tricks. Also I suspect not all individuals can really be wizards – one would have to be born with certain powers, quite often also this art is passed from one to another only when those powers are recognised by the wizard.

    Wizards or sorcerers also cast spells on behalf of others. In Africa this practice is rife, the spells are cast often in conjunction with wild herbs and body parts of people or animals.

    The most popular spells cast in the part of Africa where I was born and mainly amongst the indigenous people are :

    1. Casting a spell on a rival businessman so that customers will boycott his premises in favour of his/her own.
    2. What they call ‘fix’ their husbands so they do not stray with other women.
    3. Likewise, if a woman fancies a man, she casts a spell on him to leave his wife via a witch doctor.
    4. A witch doctor with very strong powers is able to manipulate energies causing lightning to strike the hut of an individual -causing death. This has been known to happen on a clear day with no clouds or storms about.
    5. A very popular spell is often cast on their domestic employers, so they can get away with murder without getting the sack for incompetence.
    6. They’ve been known to ‘fix’ their properties as pick-pocketing is rife, ie. one’s hand bag, if a pick-pocketer steals a handbag which has been ‘fixed’, when he opens the bag, an illusionary snake visible by all around – pops out and, the bag is thrown down immediately.

    There are scores more types of spells cast, these are only examples so one can distinguish a spell from a curse.

    I believe anyone can curse another person without having wizardry powers – always verbally. A curse is more often than not, angrily uttered and is usually wishing another bad luck or ill fate, the list is endless. Does it work? Most certainly it does. Can one withdraw the curse when calmed down? I think not, once the ‘words’ are angrily uttered with passion, meaning and desire, there’s no stopping the Universal laws.

    Has anyone got other ideas?

    • Hey Pat,

      Just back from a weekend playing with various ghosts and I am bone weary, but trying to clear a few messages before I fall into hed.

      A curse is a spell. A spell is a set of instructions, sometimes with ingredients for a potion, sometimes its just energy work. A curse is the same.

      What I wonder, where love spells are concerned, is that if three different women fall for the same man at the same time, and all three go to the same ‘witchdoctor’ and ask for the same love spell (which is cast each) – which of the three spells will work and why? And what happens to the man, his free will right to say no to all three of him, and stick with the woman he actually loves (if there is one)? Was he a sheep who has no will of his own? Why would anyone want a ‘pretty’ man with so little character that a spell like that (or three) would work? But that is a few stray thoughts .. LOL

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        Hands up, I have cursed in anger years ago and my curse came to pass with precition, the curse did not return to bite me and I know it will not ever. Although I was asked by the person I cursed to remove the curse, but I said it was out of my hands. However, something good did come out of the curse, the person concerned changed beyond recognition and has become quite religious and works for the good of all those who need help.

        • Hi Pat,

          How do you know it was your curse that changed them? Do you live in their pocket? What else happened in their lives? And how did they find out you had cursed them .. you had to have told them, or someone else did? That’s supposed to empower the curse, so why didn’t it work? Did someone remove it and ground the energy in some way, as I do, so that you were not harmed by the backlash?

          That you refused to remove the curse, after you were asked to, shows an unforgiving nature. You will still have to make amends for the karma from the curse, and from the refusal to forgive. Karma is not guided by human emotions. It works for the balance, not for you in your human form.

          The person who went on to be a better person because of the things happening in his/her life, has shown the world their strength. To take adversity and pass through it so well is wonderful. You may choose to decide your curse made this happen .. but there’s a whole lot more involved than simply that.

          Take the curse off now. It obviously has no value anymore, unless you are still angry with the person, then it only has value to you. It is no longer harming the person you set out to harm.

          I would be thinking about my karma in this case. The person is obviously trying to work through theirs.

          Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        The witch doctors (ngangas) get paid for throwing the bones and casting a spell – regardless of the number of women chasing one man. They’ll probably all work if his (muti) medicine/spell is powerful. Does he care? – no – he pockets the money that’s what he’s paid to do. However – the ‘pretty’/weak man is in the pound seats – isn’t he. A full English breakfast, a delicious salad for lunch and a tasty hot curry for supper – that’s it in a nutshell.
        :-) :-)

        • And then there’s the discussion about ethics .. and what all those love spells do the man. If they work he’s then torn in pieces emotionally, loving three different women, and maybe even torn in pieces literally, when they find out about each other? And would the witchdoctor survive three very angry women? I wouldn’t want his/her job. I have too many ethics and morals. And then there’s karma reflected back from all the harm that was created by the spells. No thanks. LOL

          Love & Peace

          • I agree, Ama! It is BIG TIME ethics when you mess with another’s free will, and many who curse others know nothing of the ramifications!

  6. “And most people I have talked to who do curses, and I have met quite a few over the years, don’t think first of their own safety when handing negativity out. They don’t expect it will come back at them, and for the most part they don’t realise that it connects them to their victim for as long as the curse exists. Maybe they wouldn’t do it then?”

    Never truer words typed, Ama!! But doesn’t that sum up vindictive people in a nut-shell – curse-casters, or not? They’re so focused on causing others harm, they don’t bother spending a little time on thinking about what might happen if it goes pear-shaped? Anger can be so blinding!

    A very good point, Ama.


    • They end up harming themselves, in the long run, AJ.

      Love & Peace

  7. Hi AJ & Ama

    I don’t and have never made cursing other people a habit, fortunately for me, i found there are more effective methods of dealing with people who cause unnecessary/unwarranted emotional injury to me and my family. By the way, I believe in fairness and justice and always try to do unto others as I would unto myself, I find it is the best way to live one’s life. However, I do know without a doubt that my methods work because they are ‘specific’ and to do with balancing the status quo if there is a need, and it works 100% for me – which is a clear indication to me, I am vindicated, so do not suffer guilt in the least.

    Do I believe the 1st curse I put on an individual was initiated by my angry utterance? Yes – without a doubt. It was made in pain, anger, belief, conviction and with utmost determination to the individual concerned on a face to face basis. The curse was very specific. I forgot about it and moved on with my life – only to have a visit from this individual years later, pleading with me to remove the curse. I was somewhat surprised as at the time I didn’t realise it would come to pass. The individual gave me a full account of the ensuing developments after the curse – which had become unbearable. My curse descended upon this person with clear vengeance. That was when I realised the power and implications of a curse such as mine.

    AJ and Ama, how do/did I feel about it. Vindicated. If this person didn’t deserve this severe punishment (and believe me – it was severe), it would not have happened in such a progressive manner, intensifying with time. I told you my answer – It is out of my hands and only you can change it around.

    Recently, I was told because of the individual’s unbearable circumstances, the only course was a complete life-change with a religious organisation which was all embracing – thus peace, love and happiness. I would like to visit Africa and pop round to see this individual – I’m certain I would be thanked heartily. But then you both know it wasn’t me who should be thanked as there a ‘Greater Powers’ in play.

    I should mention here, this and other related occurences have made me experiment on my theory and, without a doubt in my mind, I feel justified in being who I am and no finger wagging or pointing in my direction will alter my views and my beliefs. I am who/what I am.

    And Ama, I stand by what I said, there is a clear distinction between a Curse and a Spell, I cannot cast a spell as I’m not a sorcerer, but I can effect a curse, we all can.

    • Hi Pat

      If you don’t mind me asking; what on earth did this person do, that vexed you so much in the first place?


      • Hi AJ

        It’s all done with, dealt with effectively by ‘The Powers that be’ with a perfect result and therefore over with as far as I’m concerned. All’s well that ends well. :-)

        My apologies AJ for not acknowledging your email sooner – re answer to your question from God. I spend some time pondering your experience – I even thought of the Holy Trinity – three spiritual persons entwined in one God. What do you think?

        I also have to say without detailing, your wording – describing certain aspects of the experience rang a very loud bell.

        • No probs Pat – no need to apologise. I don’t expect replies, in fact I’ve still got to reply to a few emails myself. (Sorry folks – I’m not ignoring you – lol!)

          “I even thought of the Holy Trinity – three spiritual persons entwined in one God. What do you think?”

          I’m still pondering over it if I’m honest – lol! – but the Trinity did spring to mind.


    • Hello Pat,
      There is NO difference between a curse and a spell; only the intention behind it. How do I know? I used to practice Wicca and have cast spells before. And you DO NOT have to be born a wizard or anything like that(that is only in Harry Potter) I have effectively cast spells that have come to fruition and None that ever affected anothers free will as you have. In your instance, YOU punished this person, not the powers that be.It is YOUR ENERGY you are using, not God’s. Sorry to inform you of this, but it’s the truth. It saddens me that you feel no remorse for what you have done and I say YOU not the powers that be. In fact, it is the powers that be, or Karma that will end up righting what you’ve done in this life or the next. Karma has a way of righting things without you ever having to lift a finger; the fact that you took matters into your own hands and cast a curse(in anger, which is really a bad thing!)you will have to payback that Karma in this life or the next. You are an adult and know what you are doing, but I am not sure you comprehend the full effects of those actions. Wiccans have their own law of, “If it does no harm; do what ye will” because you WILL suffer Karmic repercussions.

      You use words like vengeance and vindication and little of the words forgiveness and compassion and you see nothing wrong with harming others who have wronged you, and I see something very wrong with that, I am sorry to say. I pity you, because one day you will have to suffer worse than what you have inflicted on those who have wronged you, because Karma never forgets and is not selective. You may believe God or Karma is righting the wrongs for you, but, in actuality, you are taking matters into your own hands, and in turn, actually are no better, if not worse than the person who wronged you. I pray that in this lifetime, you find a way to learn to forgive, because you WILL have to repeat all of this and find a way to in the next life.

      • Hi LunaTerra,

        Phew!!! That was harsh!!! :-(

        We must agree to disagree on our interpretations about a spell and a curse and by the way I know nothing of Harry Potter as I’ve not read any of those books nor watched any of those movies.

        On the contrary – I feel no remorse whatsoever as I personally have not harmed anyone – and just remember every finger pointing in my direction has three pointing back.

        People are being legally punished on a daily basis by other law enforcing/abiding human beings – thus:

        - death sentences for senseless murders
        - prison sentences for a plethora of heinous crimes
        - killings in wars where humans decide action
        - sackings from jobs
        - punishments for those who steal from others
        and so on and so forth.

        Is that not human beings taking matters into their own hands and punishing the perpertrators?? In there a difference LunaTerra??

        There’s a job for you and all other Self Righteous Gurus, who have seen and done all and have all the Godly answers. Get yourselves an effective placard and stand outside court houses a make your statement OR stand outside no go criminal areas and preach to those who make it their life long career harming others. Just remember for every finger pointing in my direction, there are three pointing back. You get my drift?

        Here is an independant and poignant saying – take note.

        If another wrongs me – Shame be to them
        If they wrong me a second time – Shame be to them
        If they wrong me a third time – Shame be to me

        The basic law of humanity – I don’t do turning the other cheek only a fool allows that to happen.

        • You know, Pat, that raises a lot of questions for me. First thought though ..

          It’s a great pity that the basic human law can’t be ‘love one another’. It’s not good when we set ourselves up as judge, jury and executioner. What happens, as it does with the legal system, when we find out we are wrong? Yes, there are villains out there that you and I can do nothing about, but why set ourselves among their number by holding grudges and being unforgiving? It’s part of our spiritual growth to recognise that, under different circumstances, we might be no better than those people we are condemning, or cursing.

          Why do humans live in a state of fear and anger?
          Why is love the hardest emotion to give, and to accept?
          Why is trust no longer seen to be valuable?
          Why has honour been thrown out the window?
          Why do we seek to harm, instead of choosing to forgive?
          Why do we glory in overpowering another’s will through things like curses? Aren’t we simply asking for the same treatment in return? How does one evil outweigh another?

          When we do not forgive others we destroy ourselves. Love heals, anger and hatred eats away at us, and turns us very bitter and empty inside. It takes huge strength of character to find love for others in adversity, but people do it all the time these days, thank heavens.

          If someone wronged me a third time I would be wondering why I was still hanging around a person that had deliberately chosen to hurt me twice.

          Love & Peace

  8. Hi Ama

    Sometimes one is in an environment with others and can do nothing about it, it doesn’t mean one is hanging about with them – that’s life. I have a very simple and effective philosophy in life – pluck out the thorn in your side and throw it away – hence contentment.

    A mountain has been made of a mole hill in our most interesting discussion on curses and spells – yet I’ve enjoyed participating in this provocative debate which reveals a lot about the charactors involved and Ama and all – I’m still smiling :-) and still unrepentent :-( though NOT lugging anger, vengeance and negative emotions about with me and am miles away from self-destruction. I’m just very human and certainly not a saint.

    I’m surprised you pose all those (Y) questions – all those traits are human traits and are happening every minute of every day around us, that’s part of the hazards in life’s obsticle race which have to be dealt with in the best way we know how.

    Hopefully this ends the demonisation of moi. :-)

    • No one is demonising you. Pat. And the questions are there in hopes people will stop and think. They need to be answered by each and every living person. We need to learn what drives us, what haunts us, why we act to ‘harm’ others instead of seeking a path of peace. Humanity is falling to pieces. We seem to run on war, hatred, prejudice, fear and greed, among other negative things. If people won’t speak up and ask others to look at themselves as well .. we’ll just keep sliding down the hill into ‘hell’.

      Harming others and feeling justified to harm others, for whatever reasons, is a self-protective measure. Kill or be killed. Is that another mountain or a molehill? Yes, I’ve taken the example through to the extreme, but if we don’t learn to empathise with others, to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’, before lashing out .. we are no better than animals. Simply put, when we curse others, we are actually cursing ourselves.

      We are supposed to be intelligent beings. We have great teachers who talk about LOVE first, and not doing harm. When we ignore their words, or only give them ‘lip service’, which means quoting to each other but not actually living what they say .. we are hypocrites.

      And then there’s the energy side of things – we are spiritual beings having a physical journey. Yes, some of us have been around a whole lot longer than others, and I don’t mean in human years, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t learn to interact with each other, based in Love. Curses are not love. And they are definitely mountains, they harm the sender (and the person who acts for them), and the receiver. For every person we hate, and continue to hate, or feel anger or jealousy or fear towards, we are eternally connected to them. We have to ‘feed’ the emotion within us to keep it alive. We have to feed it poison, and we poison ourselves in the process. The thorns you speak of, pulled out and thrown away, are still attached to you even now, by thin cords connecting you both to the person and to the past event that caused it. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend people learn to cut ties to the past, and release the event .. through forgiveness and acts of restoration. We free ourselves to become the people we truly can be. Otherwise we are simply walking over and over the same ground, thinking the same poisoned thoughts as we keep the negativity alive within us.

      This is a mountain, Pat, it’s not a molehill. It’s the mountain that binds people to the karma wheel, it’s the mountain that makes people continue to act from fear and hatred, which only adds to societies collective (energy) problems. A smiley face can be easy to put on, but poke the person very hard and you’ll find a cauldron of anger underneath. I know this for a fact, having lived it for a while when I was younger, and helped people empty the cauldron when I was working in my healing centres. The accumulated negative emotions create illnesses, like ulcers, cancers, skin ailments like psoriasis (sp?), and depression (and more). Learn what caused the cauldron and empty it, and people make miraculous changes in their lives.

      I am not one voice in the wildness crying out loud, there are millions of us saying this very same thing. It’s a great pity people are determined to keep their hands over their ears and refuse to hear us. We are empowered by Love, not pain. Once a person has the courage to pass through the pain, the difference is breathtaking.

      Love & Peace

  9. Hi Ama

    Humanity was falling to pieces right in the beginning when Cain killed his brother Abel, it’s not a new thing.

    Of course Ama, I was being demonised, read yours and Lunaterra’s comments again – not that it bothers me in the least, self styled, self righteous people like you and Lunaterra are walking this earth in their droves. You keep using the word ‘fear’ and ‘hate’, that’s a very strong word and quite laughable when attaching it to me as I have ‘disliked’ BUT never ‘hated’ in my life.

    I have this to say, we all have a conscience and how one uses this gift is up to the individual, I have lived long enough to know what is right or wrong, I don’t need self appointed soul savers to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do to save my soul.

    By attempting to influence the people and, by that I mean the will of those who are vengeful/unforegiving transgressors, are you not imposing your will, which I was accused of doing by effecting a curse/punishing an individual for unmentionable deeds perpertrated on me and numerous other innocent people? The individual concerned learnt a very good lesson in life. Was it not your very remarks in another post where you question why some people only learn lesson through adversity?

    You are forgetting another thing Ama, we were created in the image of our creator and have inherent emotions which are normal for humankind, some people control these emotions better that others – so what?

    Ama, I am very satisfied with my life presently thank you very much and, if any tweaking needs doing, it’s my job and nobody elses.

    I would read your latest reply to me Ama and really think deeply – it really boggles the mind!!!

    • I meant to add Ama, it must be said and said very loudly, the pair of you are wolves in sheeps skin – You Ama, for claiming to be a saviour of haunting ghosts/spirits, when the truth of the matter is you are dabbling in something which is forebidden a NO NO and most unsavoury. On the other hand, Lunaterra admitted she dabbled in wicca (I gather this is some sort of sorcery/witchcraft) and admitted having cast spells. What does that say about the pair of you? I will not elaborate as it is not my place to critisize this unsavoury behaviour by the pair of you.

      It would be interesting to hear what others have to say about this.

      • Hello again, Pat :-)

        Hmmm.. that explains why I sometimes want to howl at the moon? :-)

        I didn’t realise you were Christian, Pat. I thought you believe in aliens?

        What do our differing beliefs say about us .. that we act from Love, for Love, and from ‘if it harm none ..’.

        Walk a mile in my shoes.

        Love & Peace

    • Hi Pat,

      I very carefully read over all my comments a number of times before posting them, which is why spelling mistakes are very frustrating. I stand by every word I wrote. I have written on the same themes any number of times over the years, on this site, and many others.

      Asking people to ‘think’ before they act is not making them ‘do’ anything. Cursing them with magic that ‘forces’ them to do what you, or someone else, wants, is.

      I haven’t forgotten the God of Love we were created by, Pat. A child acts from fear and pain, we would hope the adult would have learned enough from their childhood to know that harming others is not the solution, particularly when we harm ourselves in the process. God is not the reason that we act. He gave us free will, to make our own choices. If you want to use the bible, Jesus said ‘turn the other cheek’.

      Here’s a thought – prove you were the one who changed that person’s life by taking the curse back and seeing if the person continues the good behaviour. (Call it a woman for easier typing ..) If she made the changes because of the curse, she may well go right back into the old behaviours. If she did it for herself, she’ll stay the same person she is now.

      I am glad you are satisfied with your life, and of course you will do the changes .. but judging by this comment, and the other one .. I certainly hit a nerve or two.

      And I didn’t write a thing about saving your soul. That’s between you and God.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (happily walking with the ‘droves’) :-)

    • Hi Pat, Ama et all

      I’ve been following this thread with great interest.

      “I have this to say, we all have a conscience and how one uses this gift is up to the individual”

      Pat, you are absolutely right; we are all individual and deal with things in our own way. We have to be true to ourselves, after all. So, whilst some fight fire with fire (tackle it head on in equal measure) others will fight fire with water (turn the other cheek).

      Who is right and who is wrong? Well, neither actually. Every situation has to be addressed on its individual merits. Some times it is better to just walk away whilst, other times it is for the greater good to stand up and ‘fight’ it head on.

      Although Ama is extemely passionate about what she believes in and can appear at times to come across as attempting to ‘bending wills’, I personally don’t believe this is the case. Ama, like you, are both forthright, outspoken people. You are both passionate about what you believe in. And do you know what? That is a good thing, not a bad thing – for both of you.

      As I said, I have really enjoyed following this thread. It is good to know there are folk out there who are still willing to speak their minds and stand up for their beliefs … even if they end up opposing each other in the prosess.

      AJ (Devils advocate)

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