What Does My Dream About Being a Wolf Mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago. I have been trying to figure it out since I had the dream. I have it recorded in my dream journal. this is what I wrote in the journal:

It’s dark out, and there is snow on the ground. I’m a wolf. Me and about five other wolves are standing at the edge of the woods. All the trees are dead, (because it’s winter.) and we are stalking our prey. Our prey is about ten teenage boys playing football. They are in high school. The only light they have is one of those lights that are usually at football and baseball games, they are really bright. I could only see one boy’s face, but he was far away, and I only saw half of it. He had shaggy, light brown hair, that almost completely covered his eyes. He had high cheek bones, and a pointy chin. I looked back at the other wolves, who were huddling together, staring at me, and smiling. I looked at the football players again. I trotted to an opening in the woods, so I could see the football players better.

That’s when I woke up. It bugs me that I don’t know what this dream means. Wolves are my absolute favorite animals, but this is the first dream I’ve had that has anything to do with wolves that I remember.

I recently found out that my mom’s psychotic boyfriend, is my biological father, if that helps out at all. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could mean? If you do, help me out. Thanks.

Asked by Pantera

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  1. Hi Pantera,

    Is this the same dream from the other day?

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Pantera

    [I recently found out that my mom�s psychotic boyfriend, is my biological father, if that helps out at all. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could mean? If you do, help me out. Thanks.]

    Ah! Yes! The wolf within. I think you’ve answered your own question here … you are afraid that you’ve inherited your biological fathers ‘nasty’ genes. You are worried about unleasing any dormant psychotic tendancies upon the world. You are concerned that you will turn out like your biological father.

    Well – wolves are actually intelligent creatures. In dreams they denote wisdom. Look into the eyes of a wolf and you will see what I mean … go on, find a picture of one on the internet.

    Do not concern yourself about this dream. You are wise enough and strong enough to act upon any ‘natural’ urges by controlling them …. if indeed you have inherited your dad’s behaviour traites … which might not actually be the case anyway.


  3. Ama, yeah this is the same dream. A.J. Ryder, thank you so much. that really helped. but since i was the wolf, does that mean i’m wise and strong, or does this mean something else?

    • Hi Pantera,

      Yes, AJ gave you a great answer! I thought the system was repeating itself for some reason, which is why I asked.

      Love & Peace

    • Hi Pantera

      You are the wise one here … you are drawing on your own wisdom to help with the situation that is troubling you.

      This is something I pulled off the internet, concerning dreaming of being a wolf (its the first one I came across, but it’s relevant to you, so ….)

      “Wolves can be a positive symbol. If you appear to be a wolf or the dream has a very natural feel to it then the dream depicts your own struggle against the forces lined up against you. The wolf can depict your own desire to be pure and honest and take on the natural challenges the world presents you. You identify with the wolf and its ability to survive and the dignity of its behavior.”

      In other words, stop worrying. You are fine.


      • interesting. I’ve been kind of watching this topic because wolves appear in my dreams too. Most of them have been very peaceful. I couldn’t find any interpretation that really matched. Most talk about their wild and fearful nature.

        One dream I was riding on a wolf. We were leading the pack to some beautiful frosty scene with mountains. Another dream I was a small child stranded in a wintry snow-covered forest. I was about to freeze to death and a gray wolf came and slept near me to rescue me. When I woke up in the dream she was gone. I spent the rest of the dream fruitlessly trying to find that wolf. That particular wolf hasn’t appeared in any dream since then.

        • HI JI

          I’ve never dreamt of wolves ………. I’m feeling somewhat left out now. LOL!

          You’re wolves, I would say, are about your spiritual wellbeing. You are being well looked after amongst ‘the pack’, by the sounds of it. They guide you well.

          Wolves are very much ‘family’ orientated and cooperate with each over well. Family bond is strong with the wolf. And they’re smart animals too!

          It may be the wolf is your Totem (or power) animal? It might be worth doing some research into Native American spirit animals to see if your dreams make more sense to you?


          • I did look up totem animals. I find it very fascinating, but I can’t really say I’ve seen the wolves enough. It sounds like a totem animal would consistently appear in dreams. I’ve had a few wolf dreams, but I have had other animals appear too.

            Some time after I read about totem animals I had a dream where i was being followed by a crow or raven. It landed and transformed into a Native American man. He told me I don’t have a particular totem animal and that I have the ability to turn into any animal I want. But then he did something strange. he laughed menacingly and told me he was a spy for the evil government that was going to try to capture and kill me. He then transformed back into a raven and chased me for the rest of the dream. I don’t know what to make of it. I’m really confused. If he’s not some kind of guide than what was that man’s role in my dream? To frighten me? Sent by the enemy?

            That said, I do seem to have the ability to be different animals in my dreams, though it’s not like I can transform in any dream. It seems I have to start the dream off as an animal or have a dream that allows it to happen.
            Pigs, horses, eagles and dragons have also appeared in my dreams. I’ve also dreamt of insects. Ive also been those animals in my dreams. The horse one was especially vivid. I was some kind of dragon-horse, a lone remnant of a sentient species that died off when the humans came into existence. (somehow the narrator in the dream explained it in a story book format that there were two sentient species and only one could exist, so the humans were the ones that took over (because they were violent enough and could kill off the other.) What was particularly vivid was a scene when I was galloping through a field and could feel my hooves and legs touching the ground and the grass brushing against my legs.

          • Hi JI

            Ooooo! You have some good dreams!

            My power animal is a snake, but I’ve never drempt it. But then, that might be because I know it is there. It arrived in June this year – it slithered across the floor then coiled itself around my body with its head sitting on the crown of my head.

            I used to get a lot of dreams about a crocodile though – I used to stand on its back and holding ropes (or reigns) to steer it. Once I’d realised it was my power animal at the time, I stopped dreaming abou it.

            Power animals are all about your spiritual journey. Maybe the Native American was a depiction of you’re own reluctance to allow your spiritual self to develope? What are you scared of?


  4. Hello Pantera,

    Could your dream be just that,…. a dream. I dreamt about my cat telling me she hurt her toe. Weird huh. Cat’s can’t talk or have toes. While that’s an interesting dream, like your. My point is, dreams many times are meaningless. My dream doesnt mean that my cat can secretly talk are anything. Just my two cents.

  5. thank you so much A.J. Ryder! that really helped! :) and Social-D, maybe that dream about your cat means that the cat, or you, would get injured soon. maybe not even you or the cat, maybe somebody in your falmily. i think dreams always mean something, even something little. we dream 1/3 of our life. i think dreams could be what will happen to us in our life. i think your cat dream meant something.

    • Hi Pantera

      You’re most welcome & I’m so glad I was able to help you.


  6. I meant to add with that dragon-horse dream, I looked like a horse with sometimes a dragon-like head and sometimes just looked like an ordinary horse, scaly body and small bat-like wings. It looked more oriental in style than western. If you can dig up any information on a dragon like that and what that would pertain to my dream, I’d sure like reading about it. I’ve tried looking up “Qilin” but the creature wasn’t as stocky and was more horse like.

  7. wolf in dream is the sign of a known person in home or office or such places and also if one has has a dreams which a wolf attacked and ate him/her it means he/shy shall divorce and it is the sign of distant.

  8. thanks

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