What Does it Mean to be a White Light?

About 2 to 3 years ago, I had a very close friend named Nick, and his room mate (Brian) was a very spiritual person. We would have very long discussions, and Brian would give me spiritual guidance as well. He would tell me how he can transcend time, he would constantly rearrange his living room for a new flow of energy, he would move his plant according to where it said it wanted to go. He was the first person to show me how to do tarot cards, and even gave me my first set.

So this brings me to my question… what does it mean to be a “white light”? After a conversation, he asked if try to speak with the spirits that surrounded me. I told him he could, and he told me about one of my past lives (I was a mother in Africa with many children), and he said I was a “white light”… that spirits were attracted to my light. I guess you could say my question is more how can I benefit from this? Nothing horribly strange has happened to me. Small strange things, but nothing malicious. But I am, honestly, a little frightened by it all. I just don’t want to let the wrong thing in. But I would like to have a better understanding of myself. Also, if I do start to explore, would a spirit guide be helpful, and how do I contact mine?

Any suggestions or questions would be greatly appreciative! Sorry if this is too long of a question!

Asked by Sara

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  1. Hi Sara,

    White Light or Bright Light? I sometimes tell people they are a Bright Light .. and yes, we do attract ghosts, because they need to feed off the energy of humanity to stay lost between heaven and earth.

    White Light is the Light of God/Spirit. It is pure, clear and healing. It can become many colours (think of a rainbow) and is expressed with human beings through their chakras. If you don’t know, they are the spiritual energy centres within the human body and aura. There are 7 main body ones, 3 major external and hundreds of other smaller ones. They govern the flow of energy within us, that keeps us alive, just as the food we eat also fuels our bodies.

    The Light can also be used to create a shield to protect us from unwanted beings, such as the ghosts. This link takes you through to my page about psychic protection and white light shields. http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html If you have any questions, after reading the information, you can write to me from there, or through this site.

    Now, what were you frightened by? Perhaps some of us can explain things to you?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • I think, there are several questions on this site where you should just “copy and paste” this answer too! LOL!!! The demons/spirits do seem to be busy lately!!

      • Hi Luna,

        I think there are any number of questions on this site I could copy/paste my answers into. Mind you, its a big site to read when you are worried about something and impatient for an answer.

        Love & Peace

  2. Hi Sara

    “White Light” is quite a broad form of terminology, but generally means GOOD.

    For example, sending an earthbound soul to God would be termed “sending them into the light”. Or, when testing the spirits to see if they are of God, you would ask them if they represents Gods Light.

    The colour white in situations such as these denotes purity, clarity, protection, God. Jesus is often depicted as having a white halo around his head, for example – again, this denotes purity and a person acting for God.

    This being the case, by your friend stating that you are “white light” means that you have been given a gift by God – psychic ability.

    Spirits of all pursuations are attacted to the light that eminates from a psychically aware person – a bit like moths are attracted to a flame. The art, for any psychic, is knowing how to shut yourselve down psychically (turn down the light) when you are not using your gift for a purpose.

    There are a number of ways to do this and there a plenty of books out there which give practical advise on this subject.

    A temporary way to ‘close down’ would be to place yourselve in a bubble. Imagine a speck of white light in the centre of your heart. Then, expand that light outwards, so that it fills your entire body, and continue to push it out until it is a few feet outside your body. You may want to place a gold cross on the top of the bubble, above the crown of your head, to seal it – but this is optional. Bubbles last between 6 – 12 hours but nothing ‘evil’ can get into the bubble during that time, so you are safe. If you ever feel unsure about anything, just construct a bubble around you.

    More perminant ways to ‘close down’ unless you want otherwise, is to learn to balance your Chakras (Hindu). This takes some practise but well worth getting into the habit of doing. Controlling the Chakras means that you’re not sending out flares of light willy-nilly, rather controlling your energy flow. Some people carry Chakra stones around with them all the time, to help maintain that balance.

    Did your friend offer any advise on opening up and closing down??


  3. Thank you very much for telling me and telling me wha that meant! I’m 12 years old and my mom got this reading and it said I was a phycic and also said I am a “White Light”.So now I know what my meaning is and When my mom was 11 years old heer father shot himself and when I was 1 years old she had never explaned to me what had happend to him but some how I knew what happend!Ama you sound like a very interesting person and a nice woman!!!

    Kaytlin From Montana

    • Hi Kaytlin, thank you. :-)

      You are a ‘whitelighter’ .. that’s the new age term for it. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, honey, really enjoy your life. Learn everything that takes your fancy, try to do well in school. I know it can be boring, but we need the foundation stuff for later on in life. Have fun, fall in love, get married have kids .. experience LIFE .. and later, if its your calling, you might do the odd and wonderful the way some of us on this site do, or you might not. That’s up to you. Any problems or questions, you know where to find us,

      Love & Peace

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